New Years encounter.

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New Years encounter.I was in Sarasota, Florida on New Year’s Eve. I was stationed in the Bahamas with the Navy and had come over to Florida with my friend Wayne for after Christmas leave. We were to be back on the 5th of January.Wayne’s parents had moved to Florida while he was in the Navy. My folks had driven down to spend the holidays with me. Wayne and I had planned to go out partying that night. After a false start by going to a bar that was a gay bar and only realizing it after we had paid a cover, we ended at another bar partying with two school teachers on a crowed dance floor with a great band.Wayne dropped me at our hotel and we said goodnight. After Wayne drove off I decided that instead of going inside and calling it a night I was going to walk the short distance to the ABS I had seen down the road and see if I could swallow some sperm there. Being crammed in to a crowded party bar and all those hot sweating bodies bumping against me all night, I was horny as fuck.I took off walking along the side of the road way making my way to a glory hole haven. I had not walked but just a short distance when a van pulled up beside me. The driver was a good looking clean cut young white guy about my age. He had on a shirt and tie and dress pants. He offered me a ride and since it was cold as fuck out, I jumped in. He asked me where I was headed and I sheepishly told him to the nearby ABS.He looked at me gave me a shy grin and said why didn’t I just ride around with him. He needed someone to talk to. I took what I thought was a hint and said okay so we took off. If I hadn’t been intoxicated and horny for cock I would have never got in to a van with a stranger late at night but to be honest, he was hot and fucking cute! We drove around and I told him what I had done that evening, partying in a club with two strange but gorgeous school teachers from düzce rus escort Ohio.He said he had went to Disney World in Orlando with his girlfriend and two other couples from his church. He had drove them all there in the church van and had just dropped them all off when he had seen me walking. At this point I am thinking there goes my night. This guy is a bible thumper and was going to witness to me or something. I mean he looked that part. He was clean cut short hair, had on a shirt and tie and dress slacks. He was even driving a church van!I asked where we were going and he said he knew someplace we could go and be alone to talk. We drove down a dirt road and it ended up by the beach. t was pitch dark out no lights around. I was horny my cock was hard in my jeans and wanting some room for relief, so I slowly unzipped my fly and took my cock out and started slowly stroking my cock jacking off. I thought in the dark he couldn’t see what I was doing.He sat there for a while in silence looking out the front window at the waves breaking on the shore. He offered me some gum and I took it, chewing it to give me some moisture in my mouth. We had the windows cracked and you could hear the surf. After a few minutes he looked toward me and then he unzipped, took out his cock, and slowly began jacking his cock.So there we were two strangers sitting quietly in a van by the ocean jacking off. I could smell his musky aroma and mine too. I was emboldened by the alcohol and being horny for the taste of cock, I quietly told him that if he got back on the bench seat behind us, I would suck him off. He sat there stroking his cock looking directly at me and then turned and did as I suggested.I turned and moved toward the back, got on my knees on the floor in front of his open legs and bent down to face his cock. He had pulled düzce rus escort bayan down his pants and boxers. There standing up from his loins was for my enjoyment at least nine hard, cut inches of delectable thick cock! Damn! I tucked the gum under my tongue, leaned over it and kissed the head and slowly ran my tongue around the head.His mushroom head was swollen and pre cum glistened from the piss hole. I opened my mouth and wrapped my fore finger and thumb around the base gripping it tight and just inhaled that sweet meat down my throat. I rammed it down engulfing it until my lips was kissing the base and my nose pressed against his taut stomach. Sticking my tongue out I licked on his ball sack.I just stayed there and enjoyed his length and girth in my throat. I breathed in his male musk and tasted his salty ball sweat. I just could not believe my good fortune and how this night was turning out. Suckling his meat shaft with my throat muscles I began to massage his huge balls. I just relaxed my throat and used my extended tongue to enjoy the length of his cock pumping in and out . As I bobbed my head on his cock I could feel his mushroom head throbbing in my throat tickling my tonsils as it stroked in and out of my mouth..Slowly I stroked it up and down my throat occasionally pulling out to wrap my lips around his mushroom head and running my tongue around it and nibbling his piss and cum hole. I passionately sucked and licked his cock wanting to taste his hot cum as it shot down my throat. I orally enjoyed his manhood and I knew from his shuddering and moaning he was enjoying my mouth pussy. I tucked my hand under his ass and balls and felt around until I found his asshole.Cupping his balls in the palm of the other hand I plunged my finger deep up his ass and tugged on his ball sack. He moaned rus escort düzce softly, he had ealier grabbed the back of my head and now he was shoving his cock down my throat and began to throat fuck me. Shortly his nuts swelled up and he started to pump hot cum out of his cock head and shooting it down my throat.For what seemed forever he pumped sweet loads of his sperm down my willing throat. I was in cock sucker heaven! Finally, he stopped and just sat there his head hung back and breathing hard. His cock began to get soft. I told him he had the sweetest cum I have ever tasted and thanked him for the pleasure. It was a privilege to suck such a cock. He looked down at me still between his legs and smiled. “Now it is my turn to suck cock”, he said.We switched places and damn he was such a needy talented cock sucker. He was a good as I was! After about 15 minutes of him edging me and with my balls aching and swollen, I finally pumped my load down his throat. He swallowed every loving spoon full. Relieved and satisfied we both zipped up and he drove me back to my hotel.In the parking lot we sat there and I told him he was the best cock sucker that I had ever had suck my cock. I was never going to forget our brief moment of mutual male passion. I leaned across the van to bring my face close to his. I grabbed the back of his head and kissed him hard and passionately driving my tongue down his throat in gratitude. We made out for a few minutes there in the parking lot. At some point my gum I had under my tongue ended up in his mouth. We laughed about it and I told him to keep it and chew it on the way home while thinking about our experience.I knew it was late and I had to leave so I reluctantly turned away and opened the door to get out of the van. I stepped out on to the pavement and holding the door open I turned and said I did not even know his name. He smiled at me and with that cute grin he said. “Dick is my name. Dick Sucker”. “What is yours?” I stood there looking one last time at this gorgeous guy. “My name is Pete”, I told him. “Peter Puffer.” I closed the door laughing and smiled at him as he drove away. It was the best New Year’s Eve I have ever had.

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