New World Beasts Pt. 01 Ch. 09

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The four of us enjoyed the beautiful daytime sun for a bit before heading back to the lodge. I was still reeling from the joy of watching my brother fuck my son while I fucked his. He and I sat next to each other at the picnic table, and I laid my head on his chest and enjoyed the moment of closeness. In front of us, Mike’s son Tyler still lay on the table, his ass still dripping cum. Leo had climbed up on top of him now to make out. He’d adapted his kissing style to better suit his cousin, using more force and taking control. It was good to see him learning. Tyler was thoroughly enjoying the makeout session.

“Kids, huh?” Mike remarked. “Nonstop libidos.”

I reached under the table and felt his half-hard dick. “Pretty sure you could be up for another round, too.”

He laughed. “Yeah, probably, but you have a long few days ahead of you. You’ve got to go around and whore out that skinny little ass of your son’s to every man back at camp. You can’t be focused on your own needs.”

“Ha. Yeah, I suppose so.”

As we headed back to the lodge, I could tell Leo was nervous again. I walked beside him and put my arm around him, trying to think of some comforting fatherly words. It seemed like one of those situations that words failed.

We passed the kitchen as we entered, and found my cousin Richard mixing himself a drink. Richard was a few decades older than me, which meant that by human terms he looked just a few years more. His hair and beard had gone mostly gray now, something that started happening when he turned his first son. He looked amazing, though. His skin tone was naturally darker, and he’d been out in the sun getting a nice bronze tan. He was one of the chubbier men of the family, with an enviable gut. He looked up and smiled when he saw us enter.

“James! I heard it was your turn to sew your seed and bring us a new son to the family.”

“You heard right, you dirty old man.” I greeted him with an embrace and a kiss, then turned to introduce Leo.

Leo went straight for Richard’s armpit, and the two spent some time appreciating each other’s scent. Then Richard took Leo in a tight bear hug, and locked lips with him.

“Phew,” said Richard when they pulled away. His hands were now tightly gripping Leo’s ass. “You’re a real stud, aren’t you Leo?”

Leo blushed.

“I’ll be getting better acquainted with you later,” Richard smiled, patting Leo’s ass as he walked off with his drink.

I smiled at my son. “See, you’re doing great. You’re going to have a lot of fun.”

He nodded shyly, and we headed further inside.

We entered the main room of the house- a large hall framed in heavy wooden beams and well-lit with a wall of full-length windows. pendik escort Leo was in shock at what he saw.

The room was full of couches, chairs, slings, and a few king-size beds. They were arranged haphazardly around the room, and got moved around according to need. There were about three dozen men in the room, and most of them were fully engaged in various sex acts, sometimes in small groups.

It was easy to see at a glance that they were all family; they were tall, thick, furry, bearded. There was some fascinating variation based on who the men had been before they changed, but now we were all kin. And all of them were in the throes of our rutting season, desperate to keep pleasuring each other as the full moon approached.

Fathers were playing with sons, brothers with brothers, cousins with cousins. I could even see my uncle Luther enjoying a blowjob from his grandson Cody.

Leo was obviously trying not to stare, and I felt bad for him. He could surely see and smell the family resemblance, but until he was introduced these men were strangers to him.

We had to start somewhere, and I was pleased to see my father sitting alone in a chair, taking a break from the action. He looked over and saw us, and beckoned us to come over.

I approached him grinning with pride, my shoulder around my new son. He stood as we approached, pulling himself up to his full impressive height. He was fully bald now, and mostly white-haired from ears to toes. He had serious brown eyes with heavy brows, which reminded me so much of Leo’s.

“James, my boy,” he said, pulling me in for a kiss. The musky scent of my father was overwhelming. The taste of his mouth was so distinct and so perfect. There weren’t a lot of men taller than me, but I had to look up to kiss my father. Nobody could ever make me feel like he does; I wanted to melt in his arms like I was newly-turned.

My father broke the kiss and turned to my son. “And you must be Leo. Will told me you were coming.” He lifted his arm, and Leo dove right in with his nose.

They spent a little longer getting acquainted with each other, and I could tell Leo never wanted to pull his face away from that beautiful armpit. I couldn’t blame him; I’d spent many nights sleeping with my face buried there.

“Grandfather,” Leo said, finally pulling back.

“That’s right, Leo. I’m your grandpa Gene.” He stroked the back of Leo’s head gently, smiling.

“Grandpa Gene,” Leo confirmed, smiling back.

And then my dad leaned in for a kiss. Leo had to crane his neck. Watching them gave me shivers; it was the consummation of what I’d done. I’d made a son, just as my father made me.

When they pulled back, dad stroked Leo’s face softly. It was so gratifying to see rus escort the tenderness he’d once shown me passed on to my son.

“Have you been giving him all the lessons he’ll need to learn?” my father asked me.

“Of course, just like you taught me. He’s just getting started, but he’s a quick learner.”

Dad nodded. “Allright then. How you do you feel about a demonstration, Leo?”

Leo nodded emphatically.

Dad sat back down in the armchair, his legs spread. “Okay, you two. Why don’t you both show me what you’ve learned?”

Leo and I were both on our knees instantly, where I happily showed him the joys of my own dad’s cock. He nuzzled into my dad’s inner thigh while I showed him how I licked and nibbled on the shaft, and flicked the head with tongue. Dad’s erection rose quickly. His cock was long and thick, definitely not for beginners. While my son watched I demonstrated how I slid my lips slowly down the shaft, not rushing it. When his bulging cockhead hit the back of my throat, I stopped and took a few breaths before moving on.

When I managed to swallow back the whole thing, I heard my son breathe out a “wow.”

Nothing felt like home like having my lips wrapped around the base of my father’s dick, his pubic hair tickling my nose, breathing in the musky scent of his crotch.

I slowly slid back off of him, savouring the drop of precum he’d left for me on my tongue.

I looked up at him with adoration. “I love you, dad.”

“I love you too, son,” he said, leaning forward to give me a kiss. His tongue followed the path of his cock, sliding back and forth over my tongue. I could never get enough of his taste.

“Your turn, son,” I instructed Leo, putting my hand on the back of his neck and gently pushing him toward my dad’s crotch.

Leo did his best to follow my lead, using his lips and tongue to explore up and down the shaft of his grandfather’s cock before wrapping his lips around the head and sliding slowly down. He was doing great, especially considering it was the largest cock he’d ever gone down on.

When he reached the point where dad’s head hit the back of his throat, he really struggled. I could see him fighting not to gag.

I put a reassuring hand on his back. “You can do this, son. Keep breathing through your nose. Take your time.”

After a few moments, Leo managed to stop gagging, and slipped forward slightly. He gagged again, paused and caught his breath, then slid forward again.

Finally, he was able to bury his nose in dad’s pubic hair just like I’d done. I was so proud; I looked up at dad, beaming. He nodded in approval.

We got to work on pleasuring him. We took turns sucking and deepthroating his cock while the other would work on his balls, or his sancaktepe escort inner thighs, or reach up to play with his nipples or spend time with our lips locked to his.

I generally preffered to dominate other men, but when I’m around my father I’m putty in his hands. All I want is to please him. Bringing him a new grandson to pleasure him played into that desire. I watched Leo go down on his grandfather with joy, knowing I’d done well.

I had both of my dad’s thick balls stuffed in my mouth, swirling them around with my tongue, when Leo really started to go to town. I could tell my father was starting to get close.

“Hold on there boy,” dad said, his hand on Leo’s cheek.

“Am I doing okay, grandpa Gene?” Leo asked innocently, his hand wrapped around the base of dad’s cock.

“You’re doing fantastic. Really well. I’d love to shoot my load in your mouth, I bet you’d swallow the whole thing down.”

“Yes, sir!” Leo said, smiling ear to ear.

“But that would be a waste,” dad continued. “You need my load somewhere else.”

Leo happily got to his feet and jumped up on his grandfather’s lap, straddling his legs. I loved how eager he was.

He grasped my dad’s cock and led it to his hole, slowly descending on it. I knelt down behind my son to watch closely.

As much as I’d stretched my son’s hole with the help of my brothers and nephews, it wasn’t easy for him to take my father’s cock. The head pushed against his hole, stretching it even further. For a moment I didn’t think he was ready, but then he opened up and my father slid gently inside. Leo gasped and his eyes rolled back in his head as he lowered himself further.

I wrapped my arms around Leo, so proud of him, and started kissing his neck. “I knew you could do it. I’m so proud of you, son.”

Now that I was holding him so tight, I started moving my son’s body slowly up and down over my father’s cock. They both seemed to enjoy that; I saw my father nod as I started to build a tempo. Leo was moaning, thoroughly enjoying it.

It didn’t take long of this for my father to get close to orgasm. He let out a long moan.

“I’m gonna come,” he hissed.

“Yeah, dad. Give my boy your seed.”

“Yeah… are you ready for my load, Leo?”

“Yes sir. I want it. I want your cum inside me.”

I heaved Leo up and down more quickly on my father’s cock. Watching this bring him to orgasm was amazing.

He grabbed Leo by the waist, and thrust himself up into him. He leaned back hard in the chair, and let out a low growl. Then the damn burst; in a flurry of half-human noises and pelvic spasms he let loose inside his new grandson.

As Leo collapsed on his grandfather’s chest I felt a rush of pride and love for both of them. With my dad’s seed inside him, Leo was now bonded to his grandfather forever.

While the two of them recovered, I couldn’t help but to suck the last few drops from my dad’s cock. The mingled tastes of my father and my son together were mind-blowing.

“Thank you, daddy,” I muttered as I rested my head in his lap to drink in the scent of him.

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