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New Rapper & Femme BottomLachelle Green hung up the phone with the video producer and checked her youngest two c***dren’s math homework. The woman in her early 30s was not only a single mom & homeschool teacher, but she was also the manager for her oldest son’s increasingly successful rap career and a powerhouse negotiator. She had her first when she was s*******n. While most would have written her off, she went about arranging for daycare provided by her grandmother and graduating as her high school class’s salutatorian. From there, she had a full ride scholarship to Cal State – Fresno and obtained a degree in business. Lachelle had gone on to work in banking, get married, have her other offspring, and suffer the death of her husband. The answers looked correct.Lachelle sent a text message to her sixteen year-old rapper son who had recently signed with Bigg Homie records. This was his second record deal as the first one had gone badly because he was entering puberty and his voice was changing. His rhymes were completely legitimate, but his sound was quite awkward. Now, all was good. She asked to come down to the two-bedroom suite that she was sharing with his two siblings. To be as economical as possible they usually sought out one of TownePlace Suites by Marriot in the area for them and the entourage to stay. He replied back that he would be there shortly.Cedric, or Ced Swagg as he was called, knocked at the door. His mother opened up. The five-foot-nine-inch, slender, ripped, artist walked inside.“Hey, ma,” the deep-voice greeted her.“I just got off the phone with the video producer,” she replied.He grinned with his braces-covered teeth, “Oh fah real. What he say?”“He got the dance team you wanted for the shoot. But they’re only available next weekend.”“Let’s do it!”“Hold on, boy,” she scolded him. “They need us to fly them out to the location and pay for the rooms.”“So what’s the prob, ma?”“That’s a lot of money, son! I think they were hot on the show, but I don’t wanna fly out the coach and twenty dancers. My suggestion is that we do antalya escort the coach and six of them.”“You do got a point, ma. You always know best. Let’s do that – six dancers and the coach. I want dem six on point.”“Excellent! I call Marquis back now. Go see your brother and sister! They miss you.”Ced went over to were his siblings were located. They laughed as he tickled them. Then, he turned on the PS4 and they began playing LEGO Dimensions – one of the few games Lachelle felt was age appropriate for the youngest of her brood.A couple of hours later, they ordered Chinese. Ced left after they had eaten. His mom always let him have his own room – even though he was legally younger the most hotels allowed to do it. She would fib and say the suite was only a meeting space for the team. And, no one wanted to deny the famous rapper with over thirty million YouTube views and forty thousand Instagram followers. It was a good arrangement.Ced crawled into his bed and thought about the beautiful girls coming from Phenomenal Envy Dance Studio in Dayton, Ohio. All of the dancers he had seen on the reality competition show featuring hip-hop majorette squads were bad as hell. He drifted to bed as he had an early day for his gym session followed by hours of working out and completing online courses for his diploma. He knew his mama didn’t play so he wasn’t about to be late.A week and a half later, the day of the new shoot was here. The dance squad was in place. All of them had in long yellow and black weave as ordered by Ced’s ‘momager’. They also wore denim daisy dukes, black fishnet tights, gold bedazzled Chuck Taylors, and red midriff tops. Ced donned a large platinum and diamond chain on top of his oversized T-shirt, baggy jeans, and Timberlands.The chicks did their buckling, hand motions, stretches, J-settes, and death drops to all the right beats. They were on point.The shoot was a success from everyone’s perspective. Ced Swagg convinced his mom to let him take the dance troupe to dinner at the end of the session. She relented on the fact escort antalya that one of his bodyguards could go so he could ensure the up and coming star would not get one of the teenagers pregnant. The group went to a chain steakhouse in the city. Ced had his front man give the hostess a fifty dollar tip to ignore the dress code and get a table immediately. The young woman greeting guests was happy to place them before others. They were seated. Ced Swagg told them to order whatever they wanted. Most of the girls ordered surf & turf combos. Ced had a burger. His security guard ordered a steak. The team’s coach picked a Greek salad. The conversation was lively. Ced ignored his mom’s demands of a bill less than five hundred. He was going all in. Only his security man and the coach were of age to drink and he made sure the waitress kept them full of spirits. In the end, the night cost him nearly five large on his AMEX.Ced, in an act of smartness, decided the security man and the dancers should take an Uber back to the hotel so they arrived safely. He suggested he could drive the coach back because he had not been drinking. Everyone agreed. Ced pulled up the app on his iPhone and waited with the group for the driver to arrive.Once everyone was secured in the Suburban, he led the coach to the silver 2103 Lincoln MKS he was driving. “Man, I just wanna say thank-you for everything you did for me by bringing yo’ squad out here to dance in my vid,” Ced confessed with his deep voice.“Thank you! We really appreciate the exposure,” replied the coach who was wearing black tights, a big red tee, and those same bedazzled Chuck Taylors.“It’s straight! I owe you the big ups fah real. You came through for a young nigga tryin’ tah make it today!”“Oh yeah. No problem!”“Can we take a detour to my hotel? I gots a li’l extra payment for the group over there.”“If you’re sure, then yes,” replied the drunk thirty-three year old.“You ain’t gon’ tell my moms or no press and shit, right,” Ced checked.“Naw. We cool. I swear.”“Fah real.”“Yeah. I’m serious.”“Okay antalya escort bayan cool!”Ced pulled in the parking lot of his hotel. He handed a keycard to the coach and said, “Go in to Room 127. Text when you shut the door, but don’t put the latch on.”The dance instructor shot back, “Okay!”Ced got the text. He exited the vehicle.When Ced opened the door the coach was sitting on the couch that was in the room.Ced announced, “Let’s have another drink.”The older coach slurred, “I’m already lit. I don’t need another. Plus I really gotta get back to my girls.”“Oh I feel you. Well, I can’t drink in public. Let me get one and we can blaze sum before you go.”“Alright! A quick blaze.”Ced pulled a bottle of Vodka from the fridge in the room. He also extracted a container of orange juice. He fixed a drink and checked to make sure if his guest was good. The coach said another would be fine. Ced cracked a window and pulled out some weed. He blazed up and took four long puffs, then passed it to his visitor. They drank and passed the loud back and forth,Now, they were both high and drunk.Ced Swagg said, “I asked fah yo’ team cuz I wanna fuck you.”“Stop,” cautioned the thirty-three year-old effeminate man.“Sixteen is legal in this state. I been hooked on you since I seen you on TV.”“Wait?!?!?”“Here! Look at my phone!”Ced Swagg as produced as website saying he was legal in this state.The coach who was five-foot-eight and thick built with a purple Afro relented.“I told you,” Ced stated. “What’s yo real name?”“Demarrion,” the high sissy replied.“Let’s do dis!”Ced rolled over. His eight inch dick was bone hard. Demarrion stuck it in his mouth. He slobbered all over it.Ced announced, “I’m ready tah fuck!”The dance coach bent over the bed on all fours and shook his ample ass in the air.Ced moved behind. He stuck it in. “Hell yeah, bitch,” he howled. “Take this dick!”“Fuck me,” the shorter, curvy bottom cried out.“You like this dick?”“Hell yeah!”“That’s right! Take this young dick!”“Fuck my faggot ass, nigga!”“Mmmmm. Hell yeah!”The pair changed positions over and over. They drank more of the Vodka and orange juice. They also blazed between rounds. They fucked continuously until the sun came up.Demarrion awoke.His movement shook the bed.Ced Swagg said, “Get in the shower and I’ma get a Uber for you.”

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