New Life

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New LifeOur New LifeA husband reveals his desire to crossdress and is met with unexpected enthusiasm from his wife. She changes his life in ways he had never dreamed possible and creates a life for him where he is totally helpless and dependant on her.I was halfway between sleep and fully awake effort to breathe. It is being done for me. I can hear a mechanical sound that coincides with every breath I take in. A click starts it and then the whirring sound of an electric motor running.The first few times I awoke to this sound I went through a period of confusion and it still affects me that way but to a lesser degree. I know the sound is the motor operating the bellows of the Iron Lung I am locked inside. The feel of the leather straps holding my arms and legs tightly to the cot inside the steel chamber and the tight collar surrounding my neck only reinforce what I already know. I can also feel the collar pull away from my chin when the bellows draws the air out of the chamber and causes air to rush into my lungs. I finally open my eyes and there is no surprise that all I can see is the ceiling and the end of the steel chamber that holds my body with only my head protruding through the collar that provides the airtight seal so the lung can breathe for me.I turn my head to the right and see Renee right beside me. She is looking at me and I can tell by her expression that her Milking Pants are functioning also. I watch a moment as the collar rises and falls around her neck as the pressure in the chamber rises and falls.As the Iron Lung allows air to flow from my lungs I can speak and I say, “Good Morning my love”.As soon as the machine reaches another exhalation cycle she replies, “Good Morning Teresa, I love you”.I try to reach out and touch her but the leather straps hold my arm tight. We sleep in an Iron Lung almost every night but it is still a bit of a surprise every morning when I wake up and realize I am locked in this steel prison. I don’t understand why this is the one thing I have so much trouble accepting because our bodies, or some part of them, are always locked in some sort of prison, be it steel, fiberglass, plastic, leather, heavy boned fabric or some combination of the above. Our bodies are not our own any more. We belong to our Mistresses to do with as they desires and their desires are bizarre and varied. Their total possession and control of our bodies is never more overwhelming than when we are being milked and that process is proceeding at an increased pace now.The suction is pulling my breasts and genitals into their chambers more quickly now and with more force. It is no longer just a gentle tug but a rapid and strong force that immediately slams and holds them against the rigid walls as the electricity flows through in strong and vibrating waves that cause my body to arch and lift off the cot and only the heavy leather straps keep me firmly tied to the cot inside the steel chamber.The Iron Lung continues to force air into my lungs as the muscles in my chest and groin tense uncontrollably. At first the cycles between my breasts and cock and balls lengthened stimulating each for a longer time before switching to the other and the strength of the stimulation grew gradually stronger. But now they are both running simultaneously at full strength, my whole body is locked in their electricity’s embrace. The vibrators on my cock and in the butt plug are running full strength and my whole pelvis is locked in their vibrating grip.My eyes are locked on Renee and hers on mine. We are both about to cum together but strapped to a cot in a steel chamber instead of in each others arms as we so fervently desire. We are never allowed to touch each other except when ordered to do so by our Mistresses. When they do allow us to touch it is always for their convenience or to heighten the terrible frustration we feel. They strap and lock us together for long periods but it is always only to increase our yearning for each other.We have spent nights with our bodies strapped together and our cocks in each others mouths but our Mistresses have done it in such a way that neither of us receive any satisfaction and only crave each other more. The first orgasm has built within to where I feel as if I am about to explode. The seed deep within me feels gigantic as it begins to force its way through my cock. It feels as if my cock is many feet long as my seed is being dragged from me and the forces behind it are growing stronger and stronger. I have been on the very brink of orgasm forever and there is nothing I can do to bring it to completion as Mistress controls me through her machines.I can only talk when the Iron Lung is pushing air into the chamber holding my body and forcing air out of my lungs. On the next cycle I murmur, “Renee, cum with me my darling.”I hear her whispering, “I am cuming with you my dearest Teresa. Only with you lover.”My seed finally explodes from me and I shout, “Renee.”I hear her repeating my name over and over as her pants bring her to a simultaneous orgasm. My Milking Pants suck my semen from me and whisk it away through the tube connecting them to the vacuum pump that powers Renee’s and mine. In only a few minutes I feel the gentle suction pulling my breasts into their domes as we start again from the beginning. I wonder how many times they will force us to ejaculate this morning.This is only way we have been allowed to ejaculate in a little over two years. It is the only way I can achieve an erection or ejaculate due to the Estrogen I have been taking for those two years. Today is to be my last milking. I go in for surgery this morning. Everything or the last two years has been aimed at this surgery that awaits me. After my surgery I will be able to make love to Renee the way we have dreamed of for these last two years, if only our Mistresses will allow it. That’s right, two years. The last two years has been the realization of dreams that have been a major force in my life as long as I can remember.sleeping in an Iron Lung and being milked by our Mistresses are just a small part of the life I now live. It is a life made up entirely of feelings, both physical and emotional, that are the result of the total control they exercises not only over our bodies but also of everything we do every minute of every day. Renee has been a part of my life from the very beginning of this two years and neither she nor I know if it was an accident or was part of our Mistresses plans from the beginning. It is an unusual arrangement but in many ways neither of us have ever been happier and what more can any two people ask of life than mutual happiness.We are always encased in some sort of personal prison, a locked chastity device of one type or other encloses our genitals at all times. Except when we am entombed in our Iron Lungs or bathing we always am encased in some combination of tight corsets and braces or other ingenious device our Mistresses have designed and had constructed to assure we am totally under their control. I should also mention that we are always dressed as women and I have what I feel are the most beautiful pair of 42DD breasts imaginable. Renee is larger than I and her breasts are 44DDs and are magnificent.As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by anything that enclosed or limited and controlled the human body, particularly my body. I had always dreamed of what it would feel like to wear a suit of armor, space suit, diving suit, leg or back braces, corsets, girdles, bras, etc. I had even wished I would get Polio and have to be put in an Iron Lung and then have to use leg braces. I used to sneak into my mother’s things and put on her girdles and bras. I made leg braces from my Erector Set and I devoured any pictures I could find of braces, armor and diving suits or pilot’s pressure suits and space suits.I also discovered that I had pretty strong transvestite tendencies. I loved to dress as a girl and the sight of breasts on my chest sent shivers all up and down me. I didn’t want to be a girl. I just wanted to look like one and feel the weight of breasts on my chest and look down and see them on me. Padding to swell out my hips and buttocks sent similar chills all through me and of course a very pronounced swelling of the cock that I massaged as I fondled the breasts I longed so to be real.I managed to hide these feelings fairly well and then in college I injured my back in a fall while rock climbing and the doctor prescribed a rigid back brace and then an orthopedic corset. My dream had come true and I was never without a brace and corset again. I didn’t wear them all the time but my back was always “acting up again” and I would wear the brace or corset for a while until I got a little tired of the tightness and chaffing and would put them away until the urge hit again.I completed college with a degree in engineering and married the girl I met in college. We were both engineers and soon both had good jobs and were on the way to what most consider the good life. We decided that we enjoyed the things a good salary could buy and that c***dren were not a part of our future. We spent 30 years chasing the “good life” and enjoyed the benefits that came with it but something was missing for us. We played around with bondage quite a bit and I even dressed in a corset and a bra a few times for our love making and it seemed to be alright with her but it wasn’t near the turn-on for her as for me.We joked about the fact that I was definitely the submissive but she didn’t seem to be interested in being the Dom. She never does anything halfway and now I’m sure that was the problem. She would have to be totally the Dom or not at all.Everything changed about three years ago. I had a heart attack. I had total cardiac arrest 8 times and they all thought I wouldn’t make it but I did survive and surprisingly was left with little heart damage but was left with arrhythmia problems. The doctors tried all the medications but eventually had to implant an Automatic Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator (AICD) to assure my heart would continue it’s normal rhythm. It worked and still works great but the doctors strongly recommended that I not return to work.We discussed it and decided that not only would I retire but she would also. We would have a house built on the 200 acres we had purchased in the mountains a couple of hundred miles north of Los Angeles and move up there. We had enough saved and invested that neither of us would ever have to work again and we could start working on what would make us truly happy. I thought I knew what I wanted and I know now that she definitely knew what she wanted and was just waiting for me to broach the subject.A couple of days after we decided to retire and move I finally got up the nerve to tell her what was on my mind. I started by telling her how much I wanted to dress as a woman. She surprised me by replying that she knew that and had only been waiting for me to tell her my secret. We discussed it for a while and she said she didn’t have any problems with it but did I actually want to be a woman.I told her that I didn’t but I did want to have real breasts and at least try living full time as a woman. She said that I had better make up my mind because it would be hard to live as a man with breasts. She had a good point there and I told her that I was sure I wanted to live as a woman from there on. She smiled and said that was fine with her but she had a few conditions. Her conditions surprised me and made me realize she had actually been planning this for quite a while and had done a lot of research.. They were: I would remove and keep removed all body hair. I would allow my hair to grow and style it in a feminine style. I would wear only skirts and dresses, no pants. I would wear stocking or pantyhose at all times. I would let my nails grow and keep them at least 1/2 inch long and manicured at all times. I would have 42D breast implants and surgical figure enhancement. I would have my larynx tightened to give me a higher pitched voice. I would have my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips tattooed, permanent make-up. I would wear a corset at all times, a true rigid corset and not just an elastic girdle. I would wear a chastity belt at all times and only she would possess the key.The last 5 really threw me a curve. There would be no going back and My comfort didn’t seem real high on her priority list. Besides, I had never heard of a chastity belt for men. She informed me that a man in Germany made a stainless steel chastity device for men and we would have one made by him. At the same time we went to Denmark for my breast implants, larynx tightening and the other surgery that she said she would explain at a later time. She had already contacted the clinic in Denmark and the chastity device manufacturer and we only had to set the date for our visits to them both. She informed me that none of the conditions were negotiable and after I agreed to the first ten she had a few more. She didn’t want to throw too much at me at once. I had 24 hours to make up my mind.I lay awake all night thinking and while the idea of not being able to go back was scary the thought of really living as a woman and especially seeing and feeling real breasts on my chest left me no choice. The chastity belt idea was something I didn’t even know was possible but the idea of being locked in with her having the only key was exciting to me. I managed to wait until we sat down for breakfast to tell her my answer was definitely yes, to all her conditions. She gave me a smile and a nod and then said she wanted to get on to the rest of my fetish dreams. She said she had another set of conditions and they were a little more stringent and if I didn’t agree to them unconditionally the first ten were void and our marriage with it.She had agreed to my desire to live as a woman and now it was only fair that the woman gümüşhane escort I was going to become live by her terms. She handed me a sheet of paper with more conditions on it and these had little to do with my living as a woman but spelled out what was required of me as her slave. They were: I will address her only as “Mistress Monica” or “Mistress” and I will speak only when she has given me permission.I will instantly obey all orders of my Mistress with no question.I will willingly allow my Mistress to dress me in and/or attach to my body any clothing, device or apparatus she sees fit.I will willingly allow my Mistress to place my body in any device she sees fit.I will never suggest or request I be dressed in any clothing, device or apparatus not ordered by my Mistress.I will never suggest or request that any clothing, device or apparatus ordered by my Mistress be removed from my body.I will never suggest or request that my body be placed in, connected to or attached to any device not ordered by my Mistress.I will never suggest or request that my body be disconnected or removed from any device or apparatus ordered by my Mistress.I will allow my Mistress to place any device or apparatus in any of my body orifices she sees fit.I will never suggest or request that any device or apparatus be placed in any of my body orifices not ordered by my Mistress.I will never suggest or request that any device or apparatus ordered by my Mistress be removed from any of my body orifices.I will ingest, allow to be forced into any body orifice or injected any substance my Mistress sees fit.I will allow any substance to removed from any body orifice my Mistress sees fit.I will willingly submit to any medical procedures deemed necessary by my Mistress.I agree that my failure to follow any of the above rules will constitute failure on my part to fulfill my part of the contract and my Mistress may punish me in any way she deems appropriate.After I read and re-read the list several times she asked if I agreed. I asked what types of devices and apparatus she was referring to but she wouldn’t tell me. Her only response was that surprise would add to the anticipation and she knew enough about my interest and desire to feel my body confined and restricted to guarantee that my wildest dreams would be fulfilled. I took the pen she held out to me and signed the form as chills ran through me.She took the form and said now it was time for us to get to work. She had already made an appointment in two days with a doctor to give me a full physical and we would be leaving for Europe in two weeks. Now she had to meet with the contractor to finalize the plans for our new house in the mountains. Had I been maneuvered into something she had been planning all along. I probably had but it sure seemed like the answer to a lifetime of dreams.She was in and out constantly the next couple of days and if she was at home she was on the phone most of the time.She chased me out of the room whenever she was on the phone so I had no idea of who she was talking with or about what but it obviously concerned me and my new life. The two days passed quickly and it was time for my appointment with the doctor she had made the appointment with.We entered the office and she told me to have a seat while she checked in with the receptionist. I was now calling her Mistress Monica and not speaking unless given permission so I nodded and found a seat while she went up to the window. There were only women in the waiting room and they all seemed to be in pairs or maybe couples would be more accurate. I was the only man in room. One member of each couple never said a word and seemed to be very submissive to the other.A couple of the submissive ones gave me a look that seemed to convey sympathy but the other women looked at me with smiles. Not friendly smiles but something more like they knew something. It seemed like we waited forever and as I watched the other women in the waiting room my initial observations were confirmed. One member of each pair of women never said a word and the only things the other said to them were orders like “Sit up straight” or “Straighten your skirt”, things like that. These were all Mistresses and their slaves and the more I looked I became certain that all the slaves were actually men or had been men at one time.The nurse finally came out and called us in but I couldn’t help notice she called mistress’s name, not mine. She led us down the hall to an examining room and motioned us inside. Addressing Mistress she said, “Have her strip to the skin and hop up on the table. I’ll be back to get her into the stirrups.” The room looked like a normal examining room but the table looked far from a normal examining table. I was used to seeing the stirrups on an examining table folded up and out of the way but these were not only up and ready for use they were much more elaborate than I had ever seen. They had long shiny steel troughs that the patient’s calves would lie in and several heavy padded leather straps that obviously would hold someone’s legs firmly in position.There were also numerous more of the same type straps attached to the top of the examining table. Mistress turned to me and said, “Well, get undressed. Everything comes off.”I quickly stripped off my clothes and when I hesitated at my underpants Mistress just said, “Everything!” Once divested of all my clothing I stepped up on the stool and sat on the end of the examining table. The vinyl covering was cold on my bare buttocks and I sat there shivering, more from nervousness than from the cold however. The nurse returned in a few minutes and I wanted so badly to ask her for a gown but Mistress had not given me permission to speak and I didn’t think I would be given one anyway. The nurse didn’t say a word to me but motioned that I lie down on the table and move up a little so my head was right at the top end of the table. She was a model of efficiency as she lifted my legs into the cold steel stirrups and strapped them tightly into place. She quickly placed the other straps attached to the table around my waist, chest, forehead and two around each arm. I was helpless and more than slightly terrified at she went down and adjusted the stirrups higher and farther apart. I have never felt more exposed and helpless. The only movement I was capable of was the shivering that had become even more violent and cold had nothing to do with it now.The nurse turned to Mistress and said, “Dr. Powers will be with you in a few minutes.” She motioned at me and added, “She’s going to be a cute one with the proper training.” My mind was racing and I think that was the first time I actually realized what I had agreed to let Mistress do to me. After what seemed like hours Dr. Powers finally came into the room. I wasn’t at all surprised at this point that the doctor was a woman and a very formidable appearing woman at that. It was obvious by the way she and Mistress greeted each other that they had met before and it was soon obvious in their conversation that they had discussed me and my future at length. I was trying to listen carefully to their conversation but they were speaking softly and I was only picking up occasional words, words like corset, braces, restraints, chastity belt, milking, Iron Lung and Cuirass, curare. They had been completely ignoring me until Mistress looked over and realized I was straining to hear their conversation.She said, “Maybe we had better talk somewhere else where she can’t hear us.” The doctor replied, “No need, I can take care of her eavesdropping.” She came over to the examining table and I could hear her open one of the drawers and rummage around a little. I heard the drawer close and when she lifted her hands she was holding something made of black leather. At first I thought it was a bag or case of some kind but it had straps with buckles and pads all over it, a row of lacing on one side, steel rings attached in several places and three long tubes running from it. One of the tubes ended in a bulb like on a blood pressure cuff.It was about the size of a human head and as she stepped to the head of the examining table the realization hit me that my head was soon going to be inside whatever it was.She unfastened the strap across my forehead and slipped something soft into each of my ears. Before I realized what was happening in she had lifted my head slightly and slipped the leather hood or helmet over my head. She moved it to around a little until there were openings over my eyes and mouth. I could feel something on the inside poking at my nose and she fooled with it a little until I felt two tubes pushed into and up my nostrils. She turned my head to the wall and I could feel her tightening the laces that now ran down the back of my head. It was actually very comfortable, a layer of very soft leather lined the inside and it felt like there was a layer of padding between the soft inner leather and the heavier outside layer. As she tightening the laces from the top down it molded itself tightly to my head and face and finally over my chin and to my neck. I felt her tie-off off the laces and then she turned my head back to where I was staring at the ceiling again. I could feel her attaching something to the sides and top of the helmet, probably straps from the table, and when she stepped back a little I was unable to move my head at all. She reached over and pulled something over my eyes and soft pads pressed softly against my eyes as I felt her buckling another strap at this side. I was now blind and deaf and was surprised to feel something touching my lips. Something was pushing against my lips and when I opened my mouth slightly her fingers forced it opened further and something soft and rubbery was pushed into my mouth. It felt like a heavy deflated balloon. It was pushed deeply into my mouth until I felt more padded leather pressing against my lips and her fastening another strap at the side my face alongside my mouth. I explored with my tongue trying to push this invader out but it was obviously strapped firmly in place. I was still exploring it with my tongue and had decided it wasn’t so bad when it started to inflate.Now I knew what the ball on the end of the one tube was attached to and what it did. The balloon continued to inflate inside my mouth, pressing my tongue tightly against the floor my mouth and filling my mouth completely and forcing my cheeks tightly against the leather helmet covering my head and face. The tubes inserted in my nostrils allowed me to breathe relatively easily and I was not actually uncomfortable but felt so isolated and vulnerable to whatever Mistress and the doctor decided to do to me, a feeling I would grow to know only too well.I have no idea how long Mistress and the doctor talked before the doctor’s attention was finally focused on me. As I lay in my silent darkness, immobile and helpless, my apprehension left me and was replaced by feelings of calm and well-being. I had agreed to let Mistress control my life and it was becoming obvious how seriously she was taking that responsibility. She was going to make dreams I had nurtured since c***dhood into reality and all I would have to do is relax and let her do it.I had almost drifted off to sleep when the feel of a cold stethoscope on my chest brought me back to full consciousness. The stethoscope was soon replaced by rubber gloved fingers exploring and massaging my breasts and nipples. It felt very good and my cock immediately responded to the sensual inputs. The fingers moved down my body and were soon holding and exploring my genitals. I felt a gloved hand holding my testicles as another wrapped around my now rigid cock and squeezed it tightly. She began to pump me and almost instantly an orgasm began building within me. I could really get to like this sort of doctors examination. I was within seconds of cumming when the hands released me and were replaced by something ice cold. Something ice cold was covering my whole groin. The shock was tremendous as my genitals tried to shrink to nothing and escape the cold.I was trying to recover from the shock when I felt the section of the examining tables supporting my buttocks drop away. From the waist down, I was now supported only by my legs strapped firmly into the stirrup assemblies. I felt more than heard the soft humming of an electric motor and the stirrups began moving even higher and further apart pulling my pelvis up and spreading my buttocks apart. The heavy belt around my waist presented the rest of my body from lifting and I was grateful for the heavy padding as it tightened around my waist. The movement of the stirrups finally ceased but now the whole examining table seemed to be tilting, lowering my head and raising my pelvis. I knew the rectal portion of my exam was coming next and was probably going to be a little more extensive than the prostate exams I had had in the past or even the search for polyps my doctor had undertaken a couple of years ago.The ice pack, or whatever, was finally removed from my groin and immediately I felt the rubber gloved fingers exploring my rectum. They had been well lubricated and one thin finger slipped relatively easily inside of me. I could feel it exploring the walls of my colon and then pressing and examining my prostate. It was withdrawn and I was just thinking a “that wasn’t so bad” when it returned with one or two of its neighbors pressing for entry again. My rectum rebelled against this larger intruder and my sphincter muscles clamped tight denying entrance. I tried to relax as the fingers pressed hard trying to force their way in.They disappeared for a few seconds but were replaced by something hard and very cold, obviously made of some sort of metal. The pressure against my rectum was firm and unrelenting until my sphincter finally relaxed and allowed entrance. escort gümüşhane Once past the initial barrier it slipped easily and deep inside me but once inside it began to spread apart, stretching me painfully. I don’t know what it was but I suspect it was a tool I have seen used for women’s pelvic exams. It continued to spread apart until it felt like I was being ripped in half.I was trying to scream for her to stop but the gag filling my mouth prevented anything more than unintelligible grunts. It finally seemed to collapse back down to its original size and was quickly withdrawn. My relief was short-lived as something else almost immediately pressed against me and began to slip inside. At least it wasn’t cold and seemed to be slightly soft, rigid but with a soft surface. It was large and stretched my sphincter painfully but after a large part of it was inside me it seemed to reduce in diameter and as my tight sphincter slid down the smaller portion it actually pulled it deeper inside me and held it there.It must have been completely inside me because I could feel a larger portion pressing against the outside of my rectum. I should have known better but I had begun to relax a little when I felt it growing inside of me, it was growing in diameter and length both. The smaller portion passing through my sphincter stayed the same size so the larger inside portion effectively locked it within me and as it grew in length it pressed firmly against my prostate.All this activity had defeated the effect of the ice on my cock and it was once more hard and rigid. Now I felt activity there again, something was being slipped over my cock. It was not tight, in fact it barely touched me as I felt it descending the length of my shaft. Something soft was now pressing against my groin around the base of my cock and enclosing my scrotum. I seemed to be inside a tube of some kind, barely touching the hard walls of the tube. I felt a strap being drawn around my hips and two others between my legs and they were fastened together in the back. Whatever this was it was now strapped to me with my cock trapped inside.Now I felt a sucking sensation pulling my cock deeper into the tube surrounding it. The ring around the base and of my cock seemed to be getting tighter, definitely tighter, holding it firmly but comfortably. As the suction pulled my cock it I became erect and it soon was its full size and I felt my cock head being against what I assumed was the end of the tube. It enclosed the sensitive head tissue snuggly. I didn’t have long to wait to see what came next, a very gentle tingling was traveling the length of my cock between the head and the ring at the base. It felt like a very mild electric shock. It was very pleasant and then the same feeling of an electric shock and a gentle vibration started in the plug pressing against my prostate. That was even more pleasant. I had never felt anything like it and it was marvelous.It wasn’t going to take much of this to bring me to orgasm. Not much at all. The strength of all the things being done to me grew as the feelings inside of me grew and as I exploded in a glorious orgasm the suction in the tube grew very strong sucking the semen from me. All the actions turned off and I lay spent and exhausted but before my cock could even begin to shrink they all started again at the same low-level they had started at before.I didn’t want to cum again but I wasn’t being given any choice. This was my first experience with forced multiple orgasms or what I would come to know as milking. I was milked three more times and it took much longer each succeeding time. I was left totally exhausted and emotionally perplexed. Now I knew what it was like to have someone else physically controlling my most intimate actions and it both terrified and excited me. I was vaguely aware of the milking apparatus being removed from my cock and the plug in my rectum deflating and being withdrawn from me. When something else pressed against my rectum I was able to immediately relax my sphincter and allow it entry.It was much smaller and I hardly noticed its presence after the previous objects. Something seemed to inflate on either side of my sphincter sealing it securely in place. I had no time to ponder what it was before I felt something flowing into my bowels filling them with warm fluid. The flow seemed to continue forever, first filling me and then causing my abdomen to distend as the volume exceeded my normal capacity. Cramps filled my abdomen as the fluid flowed through me and sought out every tiny area of my bowels. The flow finally stopped but there was nothing I could do to relieve the pressure and weight of the fluid filling me. Whatever the device sealed into my rectum was it not only allowed the introduction of the fluid it prevented its expulsion. I was uncomfortable but it was a somewhat unique and certainly new a feeling. I wasn’t certain if I hated, liked or was merely neutral about the feeling. Before I could decide a valve must have been opened because the fluid started flowing out of me again. I had no control over the flow and it was so fast it felt like it must have been being pumped out of me. I was soon empty and felt the device deflate and be withdrawn from me. It was immediately replaced by something else larger in size but smaller than the previous objects that had filled me. It also seemed to have a narrow spot that caused my sphincter to actually hold it within me and a large flange or something I could feel pressing on the outside of my rectum.Fingers again gripped my now flaccid penis and something was being inserted into it. As it was pushed deeper and deeper into me a burning pain accompanied the realization that I was a catheter. The catheter was soon all the way into my bladder and I felt my bladder empty. The catheter was left in place so I assumed it was a Foley or in-dwelling catheter that would probably be with me for a while. I felt it as the tube leading into my bladder was moved and then something slipped over my cock and lay on my groin. It felt like it may be made of a heavy rubber and was cold against my skin. It didn’t just lay there for very long as I felt a very wide belt being wrapped around my hips and fastened in back. It was very wide, reaching from my waist down over my hips, and tight. It got even tighter as straps or laces were drawn tighter in the back.Next I felt fingers pressing my testicles of up into the recesses of my body and held there as a portion of the belt was drawn tightly down between my legs, it continued up through the crack between my buttocks over the plug in my rectum and was secured to the rest of the belt in the back. Fingers gripped my penis again and pulled it down between my legs. It was pressed into what felt like a trough made of the same cold rubber and something was wrapped and fastened over the top holding it firmly in place. It was very tightly held in place but obviously in some sort of receptacle designed to hold it as it didn’t feel as if it were being crushed. The whole arrangement was very tight and semi-rigid and while I couldn’t call it comfortable I did like the feeling. I had the feeling again that it was something I would have to get used to as it would be with me a long time. The examining table returned to level and the stirrups lowered back to their normal position with my buttocks once again resting on the surface of the table. I drifted off to sleep as the most recent occurrences were repeated over and over in my mind. The straps holding me in the stirrups and to the table being released woke me up. Someone lifted my legs out of the stirrups and helped me into a sitting position on the end of the table. I was so exhausted I could barely sit upright but the same hands helped steady me. The gag in my mouth deflated in I felt the laces of the helmet being loosened. The strap holding the gag was released and it was pulled from my mouth and the pads covering my eyes were also released and removed.It was the nurse helping me and I could see Mistress and the doctor on the other side of the examining room talking and putting things into a medium-sized suitcase. The nurse pulled the helmet from over my head and handed it across the room to Mistress who placed it in the suitcase. The doctor said, “She can get dressed now,” without ever turning to look at me. I stepped down off the table and was a little wobbly but started across the room to get my clothes and get dressed. Whatever they had encased my groin in was still there and each step made me more aware of it and of the plug up my ass.I looked down but couldn’t see much and then noticed there was a full-length mirror on the back of the door. I stepped in front of the mirror and got the first look at what they had locked onto me. Yes locked, there was a padlock dangling between my legs and when I turned around another padlock held a metal flap over however this thing was fastened in the back. My entire groin from my waist down and between my legs was covered completely in heavy black rubber. It was completely smooth with no sign whatsoever of my penis or testicles. I knew they were there, I could feel them held tightly by the rubber but I couldn’t see any indication of them at all. I rubbed my hand over the smooth rubber and couldn’t even feel the pressure of my hand pressing against it. Turning around again I could see a black disk covering my rectum and the strap running between my legs went through a slot in the disk before it disappeared under the metal cover the padlock held over the fastenings in the back.The front seemed to be a cover over whatever was holding my testicles up within me and was holding my penis in such a firm embrace. The only thing marring the smooth front surface was a rubber tube coming out a small hole down low and attached to a rubber bag strapped to my right thigh. I wouldn’t even be able to pee myself anymore, it would just run into the bag on my leg. The sight of the padlock hanging there between my legs where my testicles used to be sent a shudder down my spine. The sound of my Mistress’s voice from across the room cut through my musing is, “Quit admiring your new chastity belt and get dressed, we have a lot yet to do today.” I took my clothes down from the hook on the wall and began to get dressed. Mistress interrupted as I started to slip my briefs on, “You won’t need those, ever again. In fact today is the last day you’ll ever wear men’s clothing of any kind.”She and the doctor continued their conversation as I got dressed in and I could overhear bits and pieces of what they were saying. The doctor seemed to be doing most of talking and I can still remember her words almost exactly: “She certainly knows now who that little thing between her legs belongs to. You have all of the equipment we used today and the table and other things will be delivered this afternoon. The table will be identical to this one and should work for most of the things you have to do. Helen will be by about 8 this evening the to help you get her setup in the tank for the first time in case she gives you any difficulty. I think I gave you prescriptions for everything that requires one. The rest of the things you can get from that list of suppliers without a prescription. Be very careful with the curare and make sure you have everything setup and ready to go before you inject it. I don’t know anyone who has started with such full immersion into the lifestyle from the very beginning but I don’t really think you’ll have any problems and it will probably be easier in the long run and her adjustment more complete. Be sure to bring her back when you return from Europe. I’ll be anxious to see the results.” I didn’t understand everything I heard but it was obvious to me that I wasn’t going to be allowed to slip into my new life gradually. Maybe the doctor was right and it would be easier this way.I vowed to myself that I would co-operate completely with Mistress in everything. It didn’t appear that I really had much choice anyway and this was what I had dreamed up all my life, what I had dreamed of and much more. By the time I was dressed Mistress was ready to leave. She told me to carry the suitcase that apparently held everything that had been used on me today and who knows what else. It was very heavy and the knowledge of what it contained weighed even heavier in my mind. Mistress stuffed a stack of prescription forms and other papers into her purse and she led me out the door, down the hall and into my new life. Every step I took made me aware of the stiff rubber prison locked around my groin and of the plug locked deep in my rectum. They were the physical reminder of what had been done to me today and that this was only the beginning. Mistress didn’t say a word to me until we were getting into the car and then the only thing she said, “The first thing we have to take care of is obviously your appearance. We certainly can’t buy clothes to fit THAT shape so we’ll take care of that first.” I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by “THAT shape” but I didn’t have long to wait as it was only a short drive before we pulled up in front of the shop that had always fascinated me with its window displays.The displays and the sign on the front of the building had caused me to stop in front many times and fantasize about the treasures inside. One of my greatest fantasies had been to step through that front door and be fitted with the products they specialized in. The sign read “My Lady’s Body Boutique” and below the name it read “Mastectomy Products, Surgical Supports, Custom Bras and Girdles, Custom Corsetry.” I couldn’t believe what was the happening as Mistress got out of the car and I followed her almost in a daze. We went past the window displays of bras, girdles and corsets of all kinds. The surgical corsets appealed to me most. They were made of heavy canvas gümüşhane escort bayan or heavy brocade fabrics in white and pink with laces and straps everywhere and garters hanging from the bottom. Some only went from the waist to high on the hips but others went from just under the breasts down over the hips and actually covered the tops of the thighs. One even covered the breasts with heavy straps running over the shoulders. There were also corsets that looked like the ones I had seen in pictures from the Victorian age.They were beautiful but there was no way my body could ever have a waist that small. I wanted to just stand and look forever but I realized Mistress had opened the door and was actually going in. She turned and looked at me, her expression telling me to follow. I followed her through the door as if into a dream.Inside the door was a site that took my breath away. It was a large room with displays everywhere of all types of women’s foundation garments, anything and everything imaginable. I tried to take it all in at once as I numbly followed Mistress across the room to where a woman stood behind a glass display case. The case was filled with artificial breast forms of all types and sizes. The woman greeted Mistress and then glanced over at me. She turned back to Mistress and said, “Is this is her?”Mistress replied, “Yes, this is her. Do you think you can do anything was her?”The woman laughed and said, “Of course we can. Let me get Rhonda for you.” She went through a curtain into a back area and returned in just a minute with another woman. Rhonda was quite tall and had an unbelievable figure. She had large impressive breasts, the smallest waist I had ever seen and her hips and derriere were on the small side but perfectly shaped. She greeted Mistress and then walked over to me. She looked me up and down and then told Mistress, “Oh yes, we can do wonders with her. Let’s get started.” She led us down a hallway and through a door that was labeled “Corset fitting room No. 1.” It was about the size of a normal bedroom, quite large for a fitting room and the walls were covered with mirrors. The only furniture was a desk and chair on rollers. In the very center of the room was a most unusual feature. Hanging from a large hook on the ceiling was an electric cable hoist, like you would see in a factory to lift heavy objects. Suspended from the chain hoist was a wooden bar several inches in diameter and about three feet long. Attached to the ends of the bar were two short lengths of chain and on the end of each chain was a heavy padded leather cuffs.Directly beneath the bar a large steel ring protruded from the floor through the carpeting. I couldn’t imagine what these things were for but after the days previous of events I felt pretty sure I would find out before long. Rhonda went over to the desk and said, “Have her remove her clothes, all of them.” I was getting used to people not talking to me and referring to me as “her”, so I began to strip. I couldn’t find a hook or anything to hang my clothes on so I just piled them in a corner with my shoes and socks. I was a little surprised that I didn’t feel embarrassed stripping in front of Rhonda. Of course my private parts were completely covered but I would have thought I would have been in embarrassed for her to see my new underwear.I guess the events at the doctors office and the way people were treating me as a non-person removed some of my normal inhibitions. Rhonda came over to me carrying a tape measure. I could tell she was looking at the black rubber covering my groin and as she stopped in front of me she verified that by turning to Mistress and saying, “I like that. Is everything intact underneath?” Mistress replied, “Oh yes, everything. Just under lock and key.” Rhonda began measuring me and she measured everything, making notes and putting down measurements on a form she had on a clipboard. I could see the form had the outline of a woman’s body with front, side and rear views. It excited me that she was putting my measurements down on a woman’s body. I could feel my cock trying to grow inside its rubber prison but there was no room for it to grow at all and the pressure was very intense.Rhonda turned to Mistress and said, “I know you wanted Ds but really think DDs would look better with her build.”Mistress replied, “You may well be right. Why don’t we try DDs.”Rhonda gave a quick,” Okay. Do you want longline or bandeau?” Mistress said, “Definitely longline.”Rhonda nodded and quickly left the room. She was back in just a few minutes with her arms full of boxes. She deposited them on the desk. There were two square boxes marked “Amoena” and a flat one labeled “Camp mastectomy bra.” The pressure inside my rubber chastity belt was becoming quite uncomfortable and I was shivering with anticipation. Rhonda opened one of the boxes marked “Amoena” and actually stopped breathing a she lifted out a breast form. It was flesh colored and I could see it move like Jell-O as she handled it. It was rounded on one side and flat along the bottom. It extended and tapered on the other side and the top. Rhonda commented to Mistress, “These are asymmetrical, there is a right and left. They help fill out the upper chest and under arm and will look the most realistic on her.” She screwed the lid off a little flat, round container and took out what I could see was a false nipple. It was darker pink, several inches in diameter and had a raised center, about the size of a small marble. She licked her finger and moistened the back of the nipple and placed it on the breast form right at the apex of the curve of the form. She worked the form into a cloth cover and then laid its down on the desk I could see the nipple protruding through the cover and the pressure inside my chastity increased just a little more.She opened the other “Amoena” box and placed a nipple on that one also and put it in a cover. I couldn’t take my eyes off those two forms sitting on top of the desk until she opened the “Camp mastectomy bra” box and took out my new bra. It was white and looked like it would cover my torso down to my waist. I could see it had stiff wires that curved around underneath the cups and cups themselves were smooth shiny fabric with a strip of lace running across them at an angle. It was beautiful. She lay the bra face down on the desk and began to work one of the forms into a pocket built into the right cup. Then she did the same on the left. She picked the bra up by the straps and I could tell it was very heavy with the forms in place in the cups.It seemed to take forever for her to come across the room to me and as she reached me I put my arms out and through the straps of the bra. She pulled the straps up over my shoulders and as she released them I felt the weight of the forms transferred to my shoulders. They were very heavy. She stepped behind me and began to fasten the hooks that would close it tightly around my chest. She started at the top and I felt my new breasts pulled against my chest. As she worked her way down I could feel her fasten each hook and the tightness worked its way down my torso. There were 12 in all. She fasten the last one and stepped back. It felt wonderful but didn’t really seemed to fit quite right.Rhonda turned to Mistress and said, “May I speak to her directly?” Mistress answered, “Yes, go ahead.”Rhonda stepped over in front of me and said, “Bend over until your chest is horizontal.” I did a she directed and when I was bent over she cupped each of my breasts in one of her hands and sort of bounced them up and down. I could feel them settle into position in the cups and when I stood up everything now fit like it should. Rhonda reached up and tightened each of the shoulder straps a little and it was perfect. My breasts were snuggled tight against my chest and I felt the weight both on my chest and my shoulders. The forms were so soft and pliable that they conformed to my chest and molded themselves to my own little breasts and nipples.The bra itself was very tight and the feeling was wonderful. I looked down and could see my breasts with my nipples protruding through the bra cups and when I bounced up and down a little my breasts bounced and jiggled just like the real thing. Mistress came over and looked me over carefully, held each breast in turn and jiggled them a little.She told Rhonda, “Oh yes, the DDs are perfect. Just right for her.” Rhonda thanked Mistress and said, “Now I’ll get her corset and get down to the really serious business of shaping her up. Did you want a busk closure on that and are you sure about a five inch reduction?””Yes, I want it as rigid as possible and I think we can achieve five inches to start with. She may not like it but she’s not making the decisions,” replied Mistress.Rhonda left the room again and I walked over to the wall watching myself in the mirror as my breasts bounced a little with each step. Mistress said, “Enjoy that bounce, once you get your one-piece corsets there won’t be much bounce. The cups will be much more rigid and the whole top of the corset will hold you much more firmly than any bra can. We have to start this way because your one-piece corsets will all have to be custom-made. Now that they have all your measurements they can start on your first one and we’ll have it in a week or so. The others will have to wait until we return from our trip to Europe when the surgical changes to your body are complete.” Rhonda came back with five long flat boxes. They must have been two feet long and about six inches wide and several inches deep. She set them on the desk and took the lid off one and lifted out my new corset. It was white with a pattern of shiny flowers woven into the cloth. I could see many garters hanging from one end and it had lacing everywhere. It was obviously very stiff. Rhonda showed it to Mistress and I could hear her telling Mistress, “We have these made up specially for this type of training. We are able to gain more reduction on girls like yours by using both back and side lacing. Her one-piece corsets will have a similar lacing pattern. The busks are extra heavy and completely rigid on this model and of course the boning is our heaviest. You can decide later, if you want them this heavy on her other corsets. These two are identical so you switch off each day. At least two corsets are required for continuous wear so you don’t have to leave her uncorseted to wash it. The other two are the shorter ones you ordered for wear with her braces. Oh yes, the rubber bathing corset is there also. They’ll need to use that one when they cast her for her braces. Shall we get to work.”Rhonda came over to where I was standing in front of the mirror with the corset. She stood in front of me and reached around me with both hands taking one edge of the front of the corset in each hand and drawing it around me. As she worked I got my first close look at it. The pretty cloth with the shiny flowers was only the outer covering. The inside of the corset was a very heavy fabric. It was as heavy as canvas only very tightly woven and very smooth. It was almost slick. I could see that there was a row of lacing the full-length of the corset in back and on each side. Between the rows of lacing there were doubled rows of boning every inch.The front was like nothing I had ever seen before. The edges were completely rigid, except at the very bottom of the corset. I could see by the stitching that whatever stiffened the edge was about an inch wide and from the degree of stiffness, which I assumed must be steel. The way it fastened was new to me. On one side little metal pegs stuck out on the front surface just in from the edge. They were shiny steel and mushroom shaped with a larger head than body. There were eight of them. On the other side little half round metal tabs stuck out from the edge and each had a keyhole shaped slot in it. Each tab would slip over its mating peg and lock in place. There was certainly no way it would come unfastened accidentally. Below the rigid part three large hook and eyes would hold the front closed.Rhonda pulled the corset around me and hooked the bottom tab over its peg. She worked her way up hooking each tab over its mating peg. The corset wasn’t at all tight on me, just a little snug around the waist, but of course she hadn’t done anything with the laces yet. She bent down and fastened the three hook and eyes at the bottom. The bottom of the corset came down over the top of my thighs. In fact, the hook and eye fasteners were below my crotch. The top of the corset was right below my breasts. It was actually curved a little so the sides came up alongside my breasts and the rigid center section came up between them a little. It wasn’t tight on me yet but already I could tell how rigid it would be. I wouldn’t be able to bend at all.Rhonda went behind me and began working with the laces in the back. She started in the middle and what had been snugness around my waist was soon tightness. She went to the top of the laces next and as she drew than tighter and worked down toward my waist I found it was difficult to take a deep breath. Next she began work at the bottom and it first drew my thighs together and then the tightness spread through my hips and buttocks. I didn’t notice too much change in my groin area but it was already held so tightly by my chastity belt that I didn’t think anything could make that area feel tighter.As Rhonda worked I watched my figure change in the mirror. My waist was slimmer and although the corset was compressing my hips the sliming of my waist actually made them appear more prominent. Rhonda tied off the laces in back and stepped away from me a little. It felt wonderful, my whole torso was being held in the corset’s snug embrace and I loved the feeling.I was trying to imagine how it would feel when she snugged up the side laces a little more when I heard her say, “It’s time to get her hooked up to the lacing bar and start some serious lacing. “I was in such a state of euphoria with my new breasts and corset that I didn’t give her last comment too much thought as Mistress crooked her finger motioning me

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