New Job Pt. 03

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Chapter 5

My alarm woke me up at 5:30 with a major hard on so I knew I was good to go in an hour. I took a shower, got dressed and had a quick meal again before I headed to the home where the bachelorette party was. When I arrived, I saw many cars parked out front. I had a feeling there were going to be over a dozen women inside, all waiting for me to show up. Talk about pressure.

I heard laughing and loud female voices coming from inside. When I rang the doorbell, I heard a few scream and say, “he’s here,” and then they went silent. A minute later, a nice looking woman around 40 opened the door and looked me up and down.

“Can I help you,” she asked, playing coy.

“Ya I’m here for the party…….the agency sent me.” I said hesitantly.

She giggled and opened the door the rest of the way and said, “Of course you are, please come in.”

She had me follow her into a large living room and talked as we walked, “I’m Bonnie, Stacy’s mother and this is everyone,” she said, motioning to all the women sitting around the room.

I counted 15 I thought and most of them were young with only five older, including Bonnie. On the table, floor and around the room were opened presents. All of them were of the intimate type. Lingerie, adult toys and even some bondage stuff had been given to the bride. Bonnie went around the room and introduced me to every one of them, starting with her daughter Stacy. I knew I would never remember all the names, but it gave me a better opportunity to count them and see what I had to work with.

I specifically had my eye on Stacy, her friend Mindy and Mindy’s mother Susan. The total count ended up at 17 women. I didn’t think it was going to be possible to please all of them. I remained standing at the front of the room and after the introductions, one of the older ladies, Jodie I think, spoke up.

“So we hear you are very well endowed young man. Is there any truth to the rumor?” she asked.

I could tell they weren’t going to waste any time getting to the good part with that question first, so I went with it. “Why don’t you come and find out.” I said.

She smiled and looked to Bonnie for permission. I turned to see what she would say as well.

“Now just wait a second, this is Stacy’s party. She gets first dibs if she wants, she’s in control,” Bonnie said.

With all eyes on Stacy, she stood up and I got a better look at the young bride. Damn, her future husband was a lucky guy. She was around 5’6″, with long brown hair, gorgeous face with beautiful blue eyes and a hot little body. Her perky young breasts were high on her chest and natural. She was going to fit nicely in her wedding gown, not to mention all the tiny little outfits lying around the room.

She walked over to a package on the coffee table and pulled out a foot long dildo she was given.

“This says it’s a foot. So if what they say is true about you, it should match your ‘cock’ perfectly,” she said with a nasty little twist on the word cock.

The ladies laughed. She smiled walking towards me with the toy waving in her hand.

“Be my guest,” I said, looking down at my crotch.

As she got closer, all the women sat forward in their chairs. Many came closer to get the first look at me. Stacy ran the toy down my chest and over the lump in my pants and went down on her knees. She began working on my belt. I felt my dick becoming excited and growing already. She undid the belt, the button on my pants and slowly unzipped them, with all the women waiting in anticipation. My loose pants dropped to the ground and my cock got harder in my boxers. Some of the women gasped already, before even seeing it, because it was making a large bulge.

Stacy hesitated, seeing my dick move behind the thin material. She looked up at me with wide eyes. I smiled down at her. I could sense she was a little nervous now and hadn’t believed the rumor was true. With her only 20 years old, I suspected she wasn’t that experienced and hadn’t had anything near my size in her young pussy.

“Do it………Do it……….Do it,” a chant started around the room with one of the older ladies starting it.

Stacy was under pressure now and my cock was still growing. She grabbed on to the bottom of my loose boxers and with one hard tug she yanked them down. Gasps of surprise and awe filled the room as my large half erect cock was revealed to all. It bounced upwards out from my body and continued to rise slowly as Stacy just stared at it.

“Well shit girl, touch it or do something,” Jodie exclaimed from behind her.

Stacy flinched and some others laughed. She finally moved and brought the toy up next to my increasingly higher penis, comparing the two. She held the toy with one hand and grabbed my shaft in the other.

“Holy shit! He’s actually wider than the toy, and just as long,” Stacy exclaimed, not being able to get her hand around my wide shaft.

She dropped the toy and put her other hand on my rod, causing me to grow even harder. Her soft hands felt good around my dick. Ataşehir Sınırsız Escort Moving both of them together, she stroked my shaft downward, then back up slow and deliberate, like a machine. I saw her look up at her mom with a need full look and Bonnie came to her rescue.

“Here sweetie, let mommy show you how,” Bonnie said.

She knelt next to her daughter and took my cock from her. She put her left hand under my balls and with her right she began stoking it much smoother, like a pro. Once she demonstrated that for a few seconds, she moved forward and put my head in her mouth, moving her tongue around and over the sensitive tip. I moaned feeling her warm mouth.

She definitely had talent. She took me deeper. Some of the girls gasped again as Bonnie took over six inches in her mouth and stroked at the same time. She worked my cock for about a minute, twisting her head, using her tongue and playing with my balls all at the same time.

“Now you try,” Bonnie said, taking me out of her mouth.

Stacy smiled and tried to imitate her mother’s talent. She placed her hands just like her mom and had the stroking down pretty good. But when she tried to suck me and take me deep, she gagged with only 3 to 4 inches in her mouth.

“Shit, he’s so big. Way bigger than Brent,” she exclaimed.

This brought laughter from all of her friends. She realized what she had just revealed about her future husband.

“Well this is good practice then sweetie, try again,” Bonnie said.

Stacy put my head in her mouth again, sucked it hard and then slowly took more down. She did better and it felt really good. She never got as much as her mother did, but she seemed to catch on quick and began working my cock in her hot little mouth while her friends watched. I took off my shirt and had all eyes on me and Stacy as she gave me head in the middle of the group.

She went for about five minutes and then stopped, looked around the room and said, “Who wants to try now?”

Arms shot up from around the room, but not every one of them was raised. Stacy picked one of her friends, a small woman, Tanya was her name. She came up to me quickly and dropped to her knees on the carpeted floor. Stacy moved over. Tanya grabbed my large cock and with a smile on her face pulled me roughly towards her. More laughter erupted. I looked down at the dirty blond head and tiny woman about to suck my cock. She was cute, about average for the women in the room, but she had cock sucking experience. Tanya went right to town with a messy, violent technique that made me rock back and forth and moan from her intense sucking and use of her teeth. She didn’t want to stop, but Stacy picked someone else after another five minutes. When Tanya finally released my cock, it was red and I had scratches on my ass.

One after another Stacy picked another woman to come up and sample my hard cock. Luckily for me, the pause between women calmed my cock down enough that I was able to last. Of course some women were better than others. Unfortunately, Mindy wasn’t one of the girls that wanted to try me out but her mother Susan was. I came the closest to cumming with her hot mouth down on my cock. She was a really attractive older woman and had an amazing oral talent that tested me to the brink. I think she knew how close I was, because she quit before Stacy picked someone else. She rose up and ran her hand up my chest and stood on her tippy toes and whispered in my ear.

“I know you enjoyed that big boy, and that was just a sample of what I can do,” she said.

A shiver coursed through me. My cock jumped with excitement from what this woman was capable of. She smiled up at me, grabbed by hard cock one final time and sat back down. Hands went up for Stacy to pick the next lady.

The rest had their go with me but none of them did as well as Susan and weren’t much to talk about. I mean, it felt good but I was a long way from orgasm.

“Anyone else?” Stacy asked.

When no one raised their hand, Stacy turned back to me and sampled one final time for another couple of minutes, getting her ‘practice’ in I guess. She learned quickly. I could tell she had watched the other woman and learned a few new moves. One of which was sucking hard and letting my cock pop out of her mouth with an odd sound. It felt really good as well. When she finished, she got up and walked back over to her chair and left me standing there with my hard cock wet and throbbing, naked in the room of women.

“So, what is next ladies?” I asked, after a moment of silence with all eyes on me.

They turned and looked at Stacy. She went red, not really knowing what to do. I walked over towards her, kicking my pants and boxers away. As I got closer, another chant began and this time it was down right nasty.

“Lick her, eat her, fuck her good,” over and over, started by Jodie again.

In front of her chair, I knelt down and put my hands on her ankles and began sliding upwards on her bare shaved smooth legs. They were sexy and long. Ataşehir Suriyeli Escort She had them crossed with a skirt on. The chanting got louder as I moved further up and tried to unfold her legs but she resisted. I knew she was scared.

I stopped and said over the chanting, “Not yet huh? Well why don’t you pick someone then.”

The chanting stopped and hands rose again. I wasn’t surprised to see all the older ladies had their hands up, including Bonnie. Only two of the younger girls, one of which was the crazy sucker Tanya. Stacy looked around the room, obviously relieved to be off the hook. She took her time. I was hoping for Mindy’s mom Susan, but she finally picked a lady named Kim who actually had a daughter here with her as well.

“Wonderful! Can Makessa join me as well?” Kim asked, looking at her daughter who had not had her hand raised.

“I guess if she wants to,” Stacy said.

“Oh she wants to, don’t you Makessa?” Kim said forcefully.

Makessa was a shy tall and lanky girl that had never volunteered to suck me either. I didn’t think she had even seen a penis before in real life. She sat up in her chair when her mother spoke to her. I could tell she was afraid of her.

“Umm, okay sure mother,” she said timidly.

I walked across the room towards Kim. She smiled up at me and took my dick in her hand when I got close enough.

“Come here Makessa, you need to get this over with. You’re already 21 for hell sakes and never sucked cock.”

Laughs spread through the room. Makessa looked humiliated, but stood up and walked over to her mother and me. She was really tall and really skinny and looked very clumsy as she tried to avoid the toys and boxes on the floor. She stood next to me and fidgeted with her loose blouse as her mother began to demonstrate again how to give a blowjob. My cock grew very hard again with the sucking and stroking. A minute later, it was the rookies turn to try.

It was awful. My cock actually started to shrink, she did such a horrible job. But it would grow back when her mother would try and show her again. Back and forth they took my cock. One was good, the other awful. I endured it until her mother gave up in frustration.

“Okay, Makessa that’s fine dear, lets do something else now. Maybe our young stud will return the favor to us both,” Kim said.

“Sure, who’s first,” I said, glad the awkward blowjob was over.

I figured Makessa wasn’t about to strip down and let me eat her, but her mother probably was. I was right. Kim was frustrated. The party had taken a downward turn and she was going to get it going again. She stood up, pushed me back a little and began stripping right in front of everyone. She was tall as well, but had more meat on her than her daughter. Her body wasn’t bad, but not great either. The rest of the ladies in the room went silent at the sight of this older lady naked. Makessa was red and totally embarrassed.

“You know ladies, if this is going to be any fun I think you all should follow Kim’s example and get a lot more comfortable,” I spoke up, trying to save the appointment.

“You know he’s absolutely right!” Bonnie spoke up. “We all know why we’re here and I for one am not going to waste it.”

I turned to look at her. She began to strip down as well and this I had to see. She was incredibly sexy for a woman that had a 20 year old daughter. Her breasts were enhanced and still defying gravity. Her body was tan and toned from the salon and fitness center. She had a shaved muff. I wanted to walk right over and feast on her.

Slowly other women, mostly older, began to strip down as well. Tanya, the wild one, was out of her clothes so fast it was scary. She was tiny and had little round tits that were probably only an A cup. She had shaved her pubic hair into a lightning bolt. I was going to have to watch out for her I could tell. All of the older women were naked. When I turned and saw Mindy’s mom Susan, I about died. She was fantastic with huge tits and a smoking hot body, even better than Bonnie’s. She saw me staring at her, bit her lip and stuck her finger in her mouth, running it down her body.

“You like what you see, don’t you big boy? You want to suck on these and fuck them,” she said, grabbing her jugs and lifting one of them up to her mouth.

She licked the nipple. As it hardened, I just stood there with my cock oozing and harder than ever. Fuck, she was hot. She more than made up for the average and below average women in the room. The older ladies laughed as she teased me, but Mindy and her friends rolled their eyes and were horrified about the way she talked.

Only two of the younger women had stripped down. Tanya, who now had found a toy from the table and was sucking it deep and playing with her left nipple. The other was a girl I had forgotten her name. She was just plain looking with average breasts that already sagged and fell to the sides of her too much. I could tell she was wild though. She had a piercing in her navel and clitoris hood. Ataşehir İranlı Escort She liked Tanya’s idea and actually stood up and went over to join her.

“Well okay the rest of you younger ladies can just watch I guess, until you decide to join us,” Bonnie said, staring right at her own daughter.

Stacy shrugged her shoulders embarrassed but folded her arms in defiance as well.

“This is fine actually. I’ll see to you seven first and then maybe the rest later,” I said, letting Stacy off the hook.

I turned back to Tanya and her younger friend again. They were already having a good time. The girl I didn’t know had taken the toy vibrator from Tanya and was fucking Tanya with it now and rubbing her little clit. Tanya had her legs up, bent at the knees, squeezing both of her nipples and beginning to moan. I smiled and turned back to Kim, who had sat back down and had her legs open, slowly playing with her own clitoris. Her daughter sat next to her, put her head down and didn’t want to watch.

As I dropped to my knees, the four other older women gathered around me, started touching my body and grabbing at my cock to suck on it. I leaned forward and started licking Kim’s pussy and clit, enjoying the four pair of hands all over me. Kim moaned as I ate her. I looked around occasionally, to see if I could see Bonnie or Susan. I had no idea which lady was sucking me until Susan. She was easy to tell because she was so good at it. I ate Kim and the other four enjoyed my cock and body until I got her to orgasm.

“Oh shit!!! Fuck I’m cumming!” she screamed out for all to hear.

Some cheered. I looked over at Makessa as her mom’s body went into spasms from her orgasm. Makessa was actually watching now, but when she saw me looking she hid her face again. Susan had my cock at the moment and it felt incredible, I didn’t want her to stop but someone else took it from her again. I kept munching on Kim. She grabbed my hair so hard it hurt and pulled me toward her.

“Fuck me big boy! I want that huge cock now!” she screamed.

I smiled up at her. The ladies down below let me up and gathered around the chair Kim was sitting in. I stared at Susan’s huge tits again and Bonnie’s as well, briefly. Grabbing my hard cock, I moved forward and guided it into Kim’s well eaten vagina. I buried more than half of it inside. She threw her head back in a loud yell. The ladies around her began playing with her tits. Two others had their hands on me still, grabbing my ass and rolling my balls in their hands as I began to move back and forth inside of Makessa’s mother.

I looked at Makessa. Her mouth was wide open now, watching my large cock make its way in and out of her mother’s body. From behind me I heard Tanya moan. I turned to look at the action. The other women had taken the vibrator out of her pussy and were fucking Tanya in the ass now, squeezing her little clit in the process. I smiled, turned back to Kim and shoved another couple of inches into her. After another couple of good thrusts, Bonnie grabbed my cock and pulled it out of Kim. She took it deep in her mouth and sucked all Kim’s juice off of me.

Shit, the difference in sensations between oral and vaginal was amazing. I just stood there enjoying it until Bonnie stopped sucking and returned it back into Kim’s body. I started moving again, checking out Susan’s hot body while she worked on Kim’s boobs. I was pretty much in heaven, surrounded by all these women. I knew this was the best job decision I had ever made.

“Don’t hold back stud! Give me everything you have!” Kim yelled.

I obeyed. After Bonnie let go of my shaft, I shoved the remaining inches of my cock inside of Kim, all the way to my balls. She took me like a pro. Makessa gasped in shock, seeing all of me disappear now. I looked over at her and could see her nipples hard and pressing out on her shirt. She was enjoying watching her mother get fucked. I could see her inhibitions falling.

“Stacy! You’ve got to see this, come over her dear,” Bonnie said, as she watched my cock spread Kim’s twat wide open.

Stacy appeared next to her mother soon after. I looked down at her as she watched me fuck Kim. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was partly open. She looked hot as hell as she watched.

“Isn’t that amazing? She’s taking everything he has. Look how it spreads her really far at the end,” Bonnie said.

Stacy just nodded, continued to watch and unconsciously put her hand on my hip. I looked at her again. She was excited, with rock hard nipples like Makessa, and biting her lower lip.

“Do you want to try him dear? Bonnie asked.

Stacy came back to reality and removed her hand, looking up at me shyly.

“I don’t know, maybe some but not all,” she finally said.

I rammed my cock in especially hard right after. Kim screamed as she started cumming again. Her pussy convulsed and I felt it get really wet inside of her.

“Okay sweetie, whatever you want,” Bonnie said with a smile.

She grabbed my cock again on the outward motion and pulled me away from Kim’s quivering pussy, taking me in her mouth and sucking once again. My entire cock was covered with Kim’s secretions. Bonnie used them to stroke my cock as she sucked as much as she could. I was doing better than I thought and knew that the two earlier encounters were helping me last a long time.

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