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New generationHe talk with such a calm voice and precise choice of wordsi was a third of is age, yet i felt like he understand me more than anyoneIn a week only id be 16 and it will be legal for me to…..suck my math teacherhe talk about it so casually with me by snap chat , i was dying to be 16 and older enought to have sexhis storries about how hard it was to like guys when he was young and how lucky we are now with society accepting it more than ever. just made me want to suck his cock more , my first ever , wondering how big and nice Joseph isOn my birthday morning right after kissing mom and going out my summer work back pack on , on the corner of a street , nervous and looking for him He pick me up in his big white ford trucki smile wide at him already bulging his sweat pantsgetting in his car and never looking back”good morning Alex you slept well””yes thanks””dont be shy its your big day today i promise ill let you have fun with it””its waiting for you already”i shook touching it , taking him off his pants looking at Joseph , very hard and large black cock”omg””its big ””yes boy . iam big and hard for you birthday boy”i look at him in my hand touching stroking , discovering the warm feeling in my handsi went slowly lower and lower until i kissed him, once, twice my mouth open getting his bbc head inside ”mmmmmmmmmmm”his bbc was in my mouth finally, sucking my nice math prof bbc”go slow like that, suck me like a big lollipop ”i love it, i love his big lollipop , my little head working up and down him drivingJoseph was in heaven driving home with the little birthday boy, his ex student now going to college was becoming a very cute grown up , he coudnt resist when he ear the rumor of me being gay, he had to ”discover” about it2 month of txting and it was timetime to help his little boy experiment his desire, help him become a good cocksucker , so young and needing a daddy, how could he have resisted….in the bright day of summer , driving feeling like a king, his bbc bahis siteleri licked and suck by the small boy pink mouth he was living close , helping my head up , we were home he said getting out and following him, smilling like a mad lil boy who just discovered a secretwalking to his place and locking the door behind , he look at me smilling wide, both alone and no one to stop us”my god Alex i wanted you to suck my cock all these years”he lift me, my legs around him kissing me with his tongue walking in his place with me hug to him , floating in daddy armJoseph , 52 was in heavenhelping me to his shower room a very big shower with multiple sprouthe undress me and i felt so shy , my little 5 inch was hard and wet”cute little cock ””dont hide it, here go in the shower sexy boy”he undress quick, he took a small box with him and let it on the shower bench getting the bottle of shower gel close to me and i was massage moaning under his touch , his nice big hands covering me in smooth geli felt so shy my sall cock getting soap up ”dont be shy , i like your little cock””turn around ””get on your knees ass up”he cleaned my lil ass i look at him with a razor and he casualy shaved me”good boy , let daddy shave you , cute and smooth , its much better you will see”he shaved me off , even my legs , the small amount i have now gone, my arm lift and getting shaved off it alllooking at him manipulate me, his bbc dangling around hard like a rock as he shave his boy up all smoothand i was too stupid to react when he pull my hands up getting a chain thing i didnt see from the shower sprout rail in disbelief he was snapping cuffs linked by the daisy chaini was arm spread like a star by the chains ”wait Joseph what are you doing””daddy is teaching his boy ”i started moving helpless on the floor looking at him open the mystery box infront of meseeing inside the box, a chastity pink cage with sissy written on and a big pink buttplug ”no no no omg wait Joseph wait noooooo stop omg no no no no”i canlı bahis siteleri was hard my 5inch coudnt fit in the cage i tried to convince myselfhim dropping the box the buttplug in his hand ”please please i just want to suck you please awwwwahhhh my gooood oh my god its too big its too big”bzzzzzzzzzz”wait wait no awwwwww ahhhh my go its sooooo bigggggg ahhhhhhh ahhhhh im not ready im awwwwww””call me daddy boy”slap slap the toy literaly slaped back in place, i moan in chain ass open by this vibrating big cock plug , it vibrated out of place Slap”ahhhhhh daddyyyyy”the toy still not keeping it place i was slap on my poor white ass by my math teacher”little white ass need daddy good teaching”slap”look at you you are getting soooo small”slap ”you gonna be fitting in your lil cage boy”slap slap”make your daddy proud of you ””ohhhhh look at that its starts to stay in ”slap”awwwww daddyyyy””keep it in bad boy, bad lil faggot boy keep that plug in you”slap”right in there oh yes ,that pretty lil white ass i dream about since you first bend over my desk to ask me stupip question”Slap”awwwwww daddy pleeeeassse””i must have dream a thousand time of you taking my fat cock on my desk infront off the whole classroom”slap”daddy big black cock stretching you up infront of all your lil friends”slap ”you are mine Alex, this is all daddy property”SlappppSlap”get in that cute pussy ””right there right there good boy”it stayed in place i was plugged and looking at my lil cock now super small”daddy please ”my god i shook as he put it onthe plastic ring soon snapped with the coverlittle pink sissy cage between my legs”good sissy boy, look at how small you are””compare to this big cock , you sucked so well””here show me again ”he unlock my hands i was help down and he feed me the bbc”good good way better now””you suck way better plugged up and caged up like a good sissy””there you go accept it its ok, daddy is here for you now””you suckkkk good like this canlı bahis yes ass up ”slap”oh this stays right in my lil son so daddy can fuck you later””daddy awwwww””shhh back on my cock baby””yes give that cute mouth to that big hard black cock””yes boy open up like this look at me pretty white boy””look at daddy, look at me like that , i wanna see your pretty face as you learn to suck”Slap ”get back in there ””awwwww ””yes feels good in your pussy boy, vibrating good in you as you suck cock””so pretty ”i was mouth open looking at him make me into a sissy and i coudnt stop him he got me doggy ass up sucking and used to my ass being plug the sweat vibration did felt goodas i make his bbc disapear in my mouth starting to enjoy my ordealhe slap my toy i me and started to be impatient”its still not staying in , come here”i was walk out and dry up before i got to his roomi was standing up in cage and trying to keep my plug in or ill be fuck he saidboth my hand keeping the vibrator in daddy sliding me in very cute little panty my toy now kept right inside as he put me a little pink night dress and walk me to the living room”you wanna watch the last avenger?””uh…ok”cuddling my head on his belly my ass rubbed he watch the movie rubbing my head moving his bbc in me slowly lovely as i watch the tv mouth open his hipse moving just the right way making me feel hot ”you feel good dont you””yes i do daddy”’mmmmm””good boy ””you are so pretty like this ””thank you”’mmmmm”i lost track of the movieit was just a try to see if i was ”ready”he hug me and i fell on his bbc impaling my open butt , my head tilting om his shoulder moaning him looking at me kissing me ”you are mine you know that?”fucked up in my tiny consenting assmoaning loud his warm cock owning my inside i bounced slowly moaning, all in pink panty on the side fuck like a cute sissy”im going to cum Alex im going to cum and you will be my sweat Alexandra ”i giggle as he exploded, i saw stars and cum myself in my small cage daddy holding my hipse making me bounce full of his cum for a while after he suddenly got bigge rand cum againbefore plugging me back up , now fitting so well in place cuddling with my daddy ”you are mine forever ”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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