New Boundaries Ch. 04

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Dana was squatting over Travis; his slender nude body was an aesthetically pleasing compliment to Travis’ more rugged build, the one pale and smooth, the other physically more powerful and rugged, with a skin that had been exposed to tropical suns. Travis’ erect cock: thick and of good, though not unusual length, was poised at the entrance of Dana’s slightly parted rectum. Dana shivered with a combination of fear and ecstasy as he felt the head of Travis’ cock press against his secret opening. Spreading apart his buttocks, he lowered himself carefully down on the erect rod, and it slipped an inch into his anus. He knelt motionless over his master; his mouth was in a soundless o as he willed his entrance to open and fully admit Travis’ cock. The intense sensation as his yielding asshole met with hard dick placed Dana in a delirium of sensation. He served the hardness; his duty was to open himself to his Master’s pleasure.

Little by little as Dana lowered his anal opening, Travis’ cock was entering his ass. Dana was in a heightened state of sensation, a slave to his master; his every private place at the service of his ruler, for him he would perform any act of love whatsoever. He was the slave of the intruding phallus; there was no sex act that would not be available to Travis. Travis felt his cock penetrate into the extraordinary soft rectum of his slave; Dana’s ass was like a ripe fruit, clinging and sweet, hugging the intruder to caress it. The young man writhed and tensed as the cock entered his welcoming asshole. Once penetrated, Travis’ cock was gripped by a yielding yet clinging velvet glove, Dana was completely at his Master’s service; he flexed his anal ring so as to pleasure the cock that filled him, squeezing it and moving up and down on it sensuously.

His ass began to lubricate and his slight movements massaged the shaft inside him; Travis marveled at how his lover’s rear passage always remained so narrow and flexible, despite the repeated intrusions made there. He reached up and fondled Dana’s erect cock, slim and smooth like the rest of him. Dana moaned in the intensity of his pleasure and reached behind himself to part his soft, narrow buttocks and allow the rigid shaft to penetrate deeper. He slid further down until his bottom was resting on the older man’s groin and sat there, shivering in the extraordinary sensation of being possessed. The tight ring of his anus closely gripped the intruding flesh; he began to move gradually up and down, a little further each time, causing his partner to emit a series of muffled sounds of ecstasy. Bending forward, Ataşehir Escort the cock still deep in his ass, Dana opened his mouth and sucked on the older man’s tongue; his slender hand reached back to caress Travis’ testes; the other reciprocated, cupping Dana’s ball sac and squeezing it gently. Dana’s cock jerked and a pearl appeared on the tip.

The two restrained their urge to complete for long moments, holding back on the fierce plunges that would drive them over the edge. At last the desire became too great; Travis’ hips thrust upwards and his cock seemed to penetrate to his lover’s heart. Though the shaft remained firmly gripped in Dana’s extraordinarily satiny rectum, it was as if a space had opened at the head, a well deep inside the young man to receive his lover’s offering. As Travis’ cock began to spurt, Dana arched and cried out, his pretty head falling back as he felt the hot sperm seemingly scorching his innermost self, filling the space prepared for it with its nectar. Simultaneously Travis’ firm hand manipulated his lover to completion, so that his ejaculate shot out onto the supine man’s broad chest. Both moaned with the ecstatic relief; as Travis’ softening cock began to slip from his behind, Dana collapsed onto his Master; laying his head on his chest, and with his tongue began obediently to lap up the essence that had sprayed there. Travis slumped back into the bed; he caressed Dana’s ass and smoothed his hair as his slave lovingly cleaned him up. He kissed the top of the young man’s soft ash blonde hair and whispered affectionately to him.

Dana had been staying at the Culver City house on its quiet tree-lined street for some weeks now. Travis was away on business a good deal, but the boy-girl Adrianna visited frequently, sometimes with her Master Richard, the tall, elegant older Englishman, whose dry wit, warm heart and generosity had quickly won Dana over. Even without these welcome visitors, Dana would have been content; used to be on his own from an early age, he was happy to wait for the return home of his Master Travis, with whom – for the first time in his life – he was beginning to have feelings that were both deep and very warm. The two got along wonderfully; Travis was invariably affectionate and attentive to his young slave, though this did not exclude regular occasions when Dana, bound tightly and helplessly, squealed and writhed as his Master’s whip or cane bit into his tender bottom, upper thighs and lower back.

Such episodes of chastisement were invariably followed by passionate encounters when the young Kadıköy Escort man, driven to a delirium of desire, gave himself without reserve to his handsome, equally warm and constant lover. Dana wore the stripes on his rear with great pride, a badge of his Master’s regard. Viewing them in the mirror caused him considerable excitement; despite the stinging pain, he yearned to receive again the sharp stripes that drove him to struggle wildly to avoid the next crack of whip on flesh. Travis had taken to employing a short, thin whip, which combined maximum agony with little in the way of lasting marks. Occasionally, however, he used a narrow rattan cane; this raised welts that lasted for several days. Sometimes the four friends would assemble in the evening; Richard and Travis would sit around one of the large beds, sipping a cocktail or a glass of wine, while the two younger people, stripped to their skins, created erotic tableaus on the mattress.

Dama might kneel, his ass in the air and face buried in the pillow, holding his adorable cheeks apart while Adrianna licked and sucked at his anal entrance, thrusting her tongue as deeply inside him as possible while cupping and stroking Dana’s tight little ball sac. Adrianna’s round bottom, fuller than Dana’s, bobbed delightfully as she tended with her skillful mouth to her subject’s raised behind, his entrance moistening and parting slowly under the intense stimulation. Aroused by this delightful scene, the two Masters would sometimes join their slaves; Richard sliding under Dana to be taken in the younger man’s mouth, Travis kneeling behind Adrianna and entering her cherry-like bottom. The four would drown in pleasure and flesh, switching positions amid moans and cries, to finally fall in a tangled heap soaked in come, sweat, and other bodily fluids. These daisy chain arrangements exhilarated Dana; at last he had his own loving family, with whom he could share everything.

One afternoon Dana returned from an outing in the quiet town to find his bed covered in expensive shopping bags filled with boxes. Enthusiastically investigating this bounty, he opened several to find a remarkable assortment of satin and velvet sheath dresses, slinky gowns, filmy panties and bras with lace and slight padding. There was also a selection of exotic stockings and very high heeled shoes. The other three looked with affectionate amusement at his sweet confusion. Finally Adrianna, ever the bold one, coaxed him to try on one of the dresses, a rayon crepe that hugged his buttocks and fit well on his chest when, with Adrianna’s Ümraniye Escort giggling assistance, he put on one of the padded bras. It was remarkable how well these lady’s garments fit him; but then Dana’s build was slender and shapely, his chest free of hair and his limbs smooth and soft. For some time he had been shaving his legs, armpits and pubis, to please his Master; his chin showed only the faintest down and these features, combined with his huge eyes and soft hair that now nearly reached his shoulders, let him pass for a very acceptable, though very slim, young woman.

The doorbell rang. “That must be Anna”, said Richard. The door was opened and a quiet, middle aged woman with Central European features, wearing a plain dress, came in. “Our seamstress, and old friend” explained Richard. Smiling at the group but not speaking, she took pins and tailor’s chalk from her bag and proceeded to make adjustments to the clothes’ fit. Dana, blushing at the attention, donned one garment after another, standing nude except for one of the bras – to which the lady also marked alterations – and a pair of almost transparent panties that made Dana’s bottom seem particularly enticing, in between changes. Anna made numerous cabbalistic marks, then finally smiled at Dana and indicated that she was done. Then, whisking up a stack of dresses and undergarments, she nodded respectfully to Richard, and departed. “She’ll have those all back in a few hours” explained Richard. “She’s a gem. She liked you, too…I could tell.”

Travis beamed at his slave. “You looked adorable…we’ll all go out to dinner in a nice French restaurant we like, in the Hills. Two old geezers with two lovely young ladies!” Dana blushed again. The thought of accompanying her Master out in public, dressed from head to toe in these alluring, sensual garments, whose touch and feel, from stiff nylon to see-through rayon, was so sensual, thrilled him immeasurably. The two Masters smiled at their protégés, then excused themselves. Adrianna had shared in this bounty; together they inspected the clothes that Anna had determined did not require alterations, and the girl-boy explained some of the finer points of female dress-up to her slightly anxious, albeit eager, friend. Dana’s heart fluttered at the thought of escorting her Master in a deep blue satin sheet, made up, wearing underneath a lacy bra, garter belt, see through thong panties and dark stockings, in stiletto heels. At the end of the evening he would strip her naked and…his sex throbbed as the slave pictured himself – soon to be herself – stripped to her panties, blindfolded and roped to the whipping post, suffering the burning strokes as she waited for the chance to open herself in every way to her master. Perhaps this would be the night they tried the golden shower. She would gladly accept anything he wished done.

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