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A work of fiction – unfortunately.


The first year of college was a welcome relief from high school. My name is Joshua and I’d always been something of a late bloomer, didn’t have my first kiss until I was in 9th grade, and I was still a virgin when I moved into the student dormitories at the large public university where I enrolled.

I lived on the 9th floor and I was quasi-popular simply because I brought the X-Box. Down the hall lived two roommates, Rachel and Jennifer. Jennifer isn’t really important to the story, but Rachel was a trip.

None of us could really figure Rachel out. She was immature as hell, but she was a sophomore which gave her a leg up in our new student world. Now when I say she was immature, it wasn’t like she was a crybaby or something, she just had this brutal sense of humor. Mom jokes were her favorite. You could be sitting in the study room talking to your friend about football and she’d come in and say “Your mom likes to play with balls!” or you could say “I’m really hungry, let’s go eat,” and he’d say “I already ate with your mom. Or did I eat out your mom?” It was stupid and gross, but because it was a girl saying it, it was edgy and it got to be infectious. Somehow people started to look forward to her pearls of mom-humor.

I think I made the mistake of telling her to knock off the mom jokes, because I became often the target of her hilarity. Maybe a week into school we were all drinking at a party down the hall, and she launches into some dumb-ass mom joke, and I tell her it’s stupid.

“Your mom tells me you’re stupid,” and the place erupted.

“You know what I mean,” I said.

“Your mom knows what you mean, Nerd,” it didn’t even really make sense to me, but everybody had a couple beers in them and she’s just the funniest girl in their eyes. She enjoyed playing the queen of the floor.

The comment bothered me, a lot. I knew it shouldn’t, but I had an inferiority complex a mile wide and an inch deep left over from high school. The fact was, I had been kind of a nerd, not in some horrible bullied way, but I didn’t really hang with the cool kids. I had tagged along with a couple of my older brother’s friends and that was the only way I ever communicated with girls. I just didn’t fit in.

“Shut up,” I said, probably a little too loudly.

“Yo nerd, that’s what I told your mom,” and again everybody howled with laughter. I bit my tongue and took my lumps, I knew it would only get worse.

The aftermath was she often used me as her rhetorical punching bag. Now the weird part was, it wasn’t like she didn’t like me. She’d knock on my door to see if I wanted to go to the cafeteria or check out a party. We were friends, but she established this sort of social dominance over me.

I took a swimming class during the second semester, and there was a girl I knew who lived on the floor above us who was also in my class. She was the daughter of one of our assistant coaches on the football team and she was a real looker. I’m chatting with my classroom buddies in the shallow end, trying to get acclimated to the water and she says, “I know somebody who likes you!”

Surprised I looked at the other guys, surely it couldn’t be me, but when I looked at her she told me that one of her roommates, Holly, wanted to go out with me.

Honestly, this was one of the greatest feelings in my life up to that point, and I’ll never forget it. I knew which roommate she was talking about and I was stoked to actually be set up to go out with her.

That night I was incredibly nervous and happy. I admit maybe I overdid it a little bit when I got dressed. I wanted to make a good impression, and maybe I looked a little too preppy, but as I go down the hallway I pass Rachel coming the other way, and she’s like “Nerd, why you dressed like a mama’s boy?”

I immediately regretted my choice of clothes, “Shut up, I have a date,” I said smugly.

“A date with your mom?”

I had to admit I walked right into that, but I left her with a friendly “fuck you,” and walked up the stairs to pick up Holly.

Holly and I actually had a pretty good time. Holly wasn’t a total fox, but she was pretty good looking by my standards, and I’d already fallen in love with her by the time we came back from a movie at the student union. That’s just the type of guy I was, immature in the ways of women, ready to put her on a pedestal because she’d shown an interest in me.

Also, this girl was no shrinking violet. She was very playful and talked about her high school experience which made mine seem bland. She’d had a couple of boyfriends, was interested in music, and enjoyed people watching. I don’t know if she was simply covering up for her own insecurities, but that night she loved making fun of other people, and it reminded me a lot of Rachel. She’d make these little voices as she described their problems. She was a comedian, to be honest. Looking back I could see she was a little hipster in the making, but I was simply in awe of her, and I think gaziantep escort she sensed it.

We came back late to the dorm, and I was relieved when we got to our room and my roommate was gone. I had the biggest set of blue balls, and was 100% convinced that I was going to make out with her and finally bust my own cherry, in a manner of speaking.

I put on some music, turned down the lights and we made out on my bed. We made out for maybe ten minutes before she goes “Are you going to go down my pants or what?” and I clumsily unzip her and cop a feel of her sweet, sweet pussy. I stuck my finger down between her legs, under her panties, and I gently poke between her slit and she moans, squeezing her legs together. I don’t stop, and her breathing is heavy, almost like it’s going through a filter or something because it had bass, I’m not sure if that makes sense.

My own heart is pumping and she reaches down and unzips me and says “do you have a condom?”

Fuck. No I did not. I don’t know what I was thinking, other than I’d never been laid before and it had never been an issue. I told her I’d go to the vending machine and get one, and pulled back up my pants. She asked to use my laptop and I showed it to her and left. I must have looked hilarious in the elevator, sniffing my finger out of pure curiosity, the ultimate virgin.

I dashed from the elevator and picked up the condoms. It was weird buying them with other students just standing around me, but I puffed out my chest like this was just another night for a stud like me, and dashed back to the elevator. It seemed to be the longest elevator ride I’d ever had in that dorm. It took forever to get back up. When I reached my floor, I noticed something weird, my door was open.

Rachel was in the room talking with Holly. Somehow she saw me going or something and decided to chat with Holly, who I knew she’d met before. I really wanted her to leave. I enter the room and Rachel goes, “Nerd, you’ll never guess what I found your girlfriend doing on your computer!”

“Girlfriend?” Holly answered defensively, which sort of hurt me, but it wasn’t like we’d really known each other before today.

“What?” I answered, truthfully having no idea.

“Have you ever taken a Purity test?” Holly asked.

Oh shit. Yeah, sure I’d taken them. They were basically quizzes regarding a person’s social and sex life, and based on the answered you’d calculate a score. The more “No’s” a person had, they were rated “pure”, the more “Yes’s” a person had, they were a “slut” or “evil” or whatever that particular test wanted them to be. I’d never taken one with other people though, and certainly not with a girl who I was hoping to have sex with very soon, and certainly not with the Mom Joke Queen. “Yeah,” I answered.

“You two want to take it?” Holly asked, clearly delighted.

“Sure!” Rachel answered.

Holly was a natural leader. She had us get out some notebook paper, and she read the questions to us, all three of us writing down our answers.

To be honest, even the mundane questions I had trouble with. Ever been picked up? I counted this night as a yes. Ever been on a date? Kissed on the first date? Lucky for me, this night had occurred. Yes. There were a ton of questions about sex, drugs and generally immoral behavior. I was mostly no, but answering the questions in the presence of these girls aroused me greatly.

When we finished, I had a boner that I had to conceal by crossing my legs. That’s when Holly said, “I have a proposal.” We asked her what it meant, and she said, “All of us should knock off at least five no questions.”

“Oh Jesus Christ!” I groaned and everybody laughed, the sexual tension thick in the air. I was incredibly aroused, but confused. I didn’t mind me and Holly knocking out five questions, it would be great, but with Rachel here?

Holly must have sensed my doubts because she leaned in and touched my hard cock through my jeans, “Come on, it’ll be fun!”

“But there are three of us?” and even Rachel mercifully backed me up.

“It won’t be as much fun unless there are three of us,” and Holly winked at me.

“Fuck, fine, okay,” I answered.

We calculated our scores and I has said no to 80% of the answers, Holly was at 45% and Rachel was around 30%! I knew Rachel was crazy and her score didn’t surprise me. I was kind of surprised about Holly.

“Okay,” Holly said, “Write down five of your ‘no’ answers that you want dealt with.”

I looked at my paper and wrote down the following list.

1. Streaked, flashed or otherwise exposed myself in front of others

2. Enter a bathroom of the opposite sex accompanied by a member of the opposite sex

3. Propositioned someone for sex, oral sex and/or mutual masturbation

4. Been seen completely nude under good lighting conditions.

5. Had your nipple licked, sucked or nibbled upon.

I figured all of these were tame enough. Even the worst of these would probably just lead to some good hatay escort laughs and maybe something more. I was dying to know what they had asked. I volunteered to go first.

“Well, I think I can get a couple of these out of the way in one shot. First, let’s go to the bathroom,” and there Holly and Rachel accompanied me into the bathroom. It was good for a giggle, but lame.

We got back into the room and I gulped. “Okay next, I’m going to do two at once,” and I took off my clothes and everybody laughed hard as I got naked in the light, basically fulfilling the streaking and nude questions. My cock swung back and forth, extremely hard.

“Oh, your mom would like that!” Rachel said, making all of us laugh. At this point I was really excited and I seriously wondered if Rachel would let me do anything with her.

I put on my pants, but left off my shirt and said, “Okay, I’d like my nipple sucked.”

Holly said, “Go ahead Rachel!” and again we all laughed. Rachel declined, so Holly came up and looked at me, flashing her eyes sexily around the room, and she bent down, and sucked on my nipple. I groaned “More!” and everybody laughed.

She got up and I said, okay I have a final one, but I don’t know if I should wait until Rachel is gone.

“Well at least say it,” Holly answered.

“Okay, the question asks if I’ve propositioned somebody for sex, oral sex and/or mutual masturbation. So Holly, will you have sex with me?”

Everybody was silent, and Holly waved her hand in front of her face as if fanning herself from the heat, “My my,” she answered, “Well, you did proposition me, so that counts!”

I grunted in mock disappointed, although the disappointment in the answer was real enough.

“Okay nerd, enough of your nerdliness, time for a real woman’s answers,” Rachel commanded.

“Okay, first, after that little flashing show, and I emphasize little,” and they both laughed, “I want to be a participant in a ‘who’s-physically-better-equipped’ contest! Joshua, you can knock off one of your questions by being the judge!”

I sat silently, and Holly said, “No problem,” and started taking off her shirt. So did Rachel and I about died and went to heaven.

“Thank you Jesus!” I joked, and Rachel said, “That’s what your mom said.”

“Scoot together you two,” I said. Holly grinned and Rachel and her sat next to each other, and Rachel put her hand around her waist and stuck out her tits. Rachel had really nice big tits. Holly’s were perky with sharp little nipples. Rachel’s were more rounded at the tips.

What came next shocked me, Rachel cupped one of Holly’s breasts and she bent down and licked her nipple. Holly had a look of glee on her face.

“I guess you can knock one more off your list,” I said deadpan.

“Oh, I’ve already done this before,” joked Rachel. That’s when I realized that maybe Rachel was a little dyke. The ribald comedy, she acted like a guy. It just fit.

“I love both of you,” I said and they laughed.

“Okay, I see Rachel is the winner,” Holly joked.

I wondered about the four other questions.

“This one is easy,” Rachel said, “Holly, I want to lick and suck on your toes.”

Holly giggled uncontrollably as she answered, “Sure, okay!” She was already in bare feet and the bottoms were actually kind of nasty when she plopped it into Rachel’s lap.”

“Oh, that fucking disgusting,” I said. “You need to clean those off.”

Holly pleaded, “Can you get a wet towel and wash them off, please?” She gave me goo-goo eyes. I couldn’t resist. I grabbed a towel and rinsed it off with hot water in the sink, came back and Rachel took it, scrubbing her feet as best she could until they seemed decent.

Rachel picked up Holly’s foot, Holly squealing and her big toe disappeared into Rachel’s mouth as Holly shrieked with laughter. It was pretty funny, even I was laughing. We all settled down, but she kept going, putting each toe into her mouth, licking and sucking. She picked up her other foot and she did the same thing. The whole process lasted maybe five minutes, she didn’t want it to stop.

“Okay, okay, let’s wrap this up,” I whined and they finally stopped.

“Ooh,” she said, again fanning herself like it was hot, “I’m getting a little steamy if you know what I mean.”

“Okay, I have two I can do at once. Are you ready?” Rachel looked at us both, “Watch your partner of choice having sex, oral sex or mutual masturbation, and been involved in oxygen deprivation for sexual enhancement.”

“Holy fuck.” I answered. Holly looked at me.

“So here’s what I want,” Rachel answered. “Nerd, I want you to get between Holly’s legs and do what I know you can do best, and Holly, when you are going to come, I’m going to put my fingers on your neck to make it really intense.”

Holly and I looked at each other. She looked like she’d been hit over the head with a baseball bat. I must have looked the same. Honestly, I wanted to do this. I wanted it badly. I gave her a little shrug and hatay escort nodded to her.

“Okay?” Holly nervously answered and I stood up, my heart beating. “Let’s get the mood right,” Holly said, and like before, I turned the lights down and put on some music as she shimmied out of her jeans and panties. She stood in front of both of us, only her bush visible in the low light. She got on the bed under the sheets and said “Joshua, get under the covers please?”

I slid under the covers between her legs. I couldn’t really see outside and that weirded me out, because I knew Rachel would be doing her thing. I forgot all that as soon as her legs wrapped around my head. I inhaled her scent, the musky smell of her pussy, and I was on cloud nine. I leaned forward, not sure exactly what I was to do. I stuck out my tongue and touched her pink folds, my tongue tasting her sweaty and tangy secretions.

So this is what it’s like, I thought to myself, and she reached down and pressed my head against her groin. I licked and slurped, pausing to catch my breath.

“You okay down there?” Rachel’s voice shocked me back to reality. For the first time in a long time she didn’t call me nerd.

“Shut up,” Holly said, exhaling deeply as if her nervousness was draining away.

Rachel also got on the bed, I could tell because it sagged under her weight. I was thankful for the blanket, but I could still get an occasional peek. “I’m going to be gentle and apply pressure okay?”

I didn’t hear her respond, but I glanced up and saw a hand on Holly’s throat. Finally I heard her say, “Okay, right there.”

I continued my job and her breathing became heavy and labored. “Tell me when you orgasm,” I could hear Rachel’s voice, serious and somehow more gentle. She again pressed my head into her groin and I continued my job, ignoring the loose pubic hairs as best I could. I had a face full of pussy and could not have been more happy. After a few minutes she started breathing very hard and suddenly girls fingers go beneath the blanket and I realize it’s Rachel. She puts her fingers on Holly’s clit and starts massaging and I’m just doing my best to kiss around her. Rachel even put a finger inside Holly and then slipped it into my mouth.

Holly started to shake and she said “Okay, do it,” as I continued eating her out and she started to groan and I noticed Rachel shift as she’s fingering Holly and squeezing her throat. Holly squeezed her legs and started to squeal, “oh fuuuuuuuu-” not finishing the word and she pressed my head and she’s convulsing for maybe ten seconds and suddenly she lets go, her hands and legs going limp. I licked for a few more seconds, then pulled the covers back, certain my job was finished.

Rachel was leaning over her, kissing her, her one hand still on her throat. She reminded me of a vampire. Rachel released her and I saw tears running down Holly’s face as she gasped.

“Oh that was fucking-” she paused to breathe some more as if she’d ran a sprint, “that was so fucking good,” she said in a barely audible tone.

Rachel got off the bed and so did I. I turned to using my fingers to pull out more loose hairs in my mouth that my tongue would not move. When I turned back Holly was sitting up, grinning as she whipped away her tears.

“You know that is only four questions?” I said and they both laughed.

“Okay, my fifth question is propositioning you two for group sex, but I guess you can consider it filled.”

Holly lay back, “Joshua, you have that condom? I’m sure I can knock out all five with both of you.”

As I’m rolling it on, my hard cock sticking out with two girls eyeing it, I wondered what was going to happen. Holly spread her legs and I clumsily got between her, having never had sex before it was amusing how nervous and naïve I was.

“Have you ever had sex before Joshua?” Rachel surprised me by using my name. I shook my head and gave her the evil eye. I didn’t want Holly thinking I was some sort of misfit. Rachel responded by reaching down and helped me, guiding it in. Her fingers on my shaft felt amazing, and I didn’t want her to release.

“Thanks,” I said and I started to pump in and out, mentally counting. One, two-

My balls ached as they swung back and forth. I tried to keep up a rhythm, but I was coming fast, and I knew it. Eleven, twelve-

I tried to think about baseball, the planets, Star Wars, but I couldn’t help it. Twenty-two, twenty-three-

I came, hard, sperm shooting into the rubber reservoir. I leaned over, kissing Holly and whispered, “Thank you,” in her ear. I rolled off her and stood back.

“Have you ever been with a girl before?” Rachel asked Holly.

“No,” Holly answered, and Rachel got down between her legs, licking where my latex covered shaft had just been. I pulled off my own used rubber and threw it in the trash, and tried to stroke myself back to hardness as I watched Rachel eat Holly out.

“Oh yes, much better,” Holly moaned and I couldn’t believe it. I just sat back, amazed at the sight. Watching them go at it, the sound of her licking and kissing Holly’s pussy drove me wild.

Holly had another rolling orgasm and Rachel reached up and gently kissed her and Holly kind of giggled in disgust, not wanting to really taste herself.

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