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Neighbours sonMy wife comes across a very uptight and frigid type however when she is horny she is insatiable and normally stops in that state for a long time. She is only 5ft tall with massive tits and she has one of the most sweetest and nicest fannies I’ve ever seen or tasted. The only problem is that she is so bloody frigid, and It could be months between sex sessions which tends to lead me to shag around where and when ever. Again this stems back to my youth when sex was literally chucked at me and I’ve never really got over it. I’m just a sex mad pervert. Now I am not the only person my wife has shagged look at previous stories ‘wife’s dirty lies’ so she has never confessed about it and probably had loads more that I am unaware of however this is one I witnessed and she still does not know about it.It was a lovely summer morning and I was off out to get the groceries in and my wife was planning to do some washing. She always does it in a t-shirt with no bra and just a pair of knickers and I have often said she will give the old bloke next door a heart attack. They were in their 90’s and had a son whom was in his early 50’s and still kept himself fit and after a nasty divorce had moved back in with his mum and dad. Anyway I had forgot the bloody bags so returned home to fetch them and because they are kept in the garage I had no need to enter the house. The k**s were away at their friends houses for the weekend so my wife was alone. I entered the garage through the side door and could hear voices from the garden. I peeked through the window which had a protective sheet on it so you can see out but burglers couldn’t see in so I knew I wasn’t seen and saw my wife standing talking to Paul the next door neighbour. She was wearing a short t-shirt but the knickers she had on were very sexy and not her normal ones she wore when doing a washing day. I also noticed while she was talking that she turned around and bent over deliberately taking her time to pick up another item of clothing showing off her arse to Paul. He was stood at the fence, shirtless leaning on a rake or something and I could see there was a bulge in his shorts. I could see it from where I was so there was no way my wife could miss it…They chattered for a bit longer and then my wife said that it was getting hotter and asked if Paul would like to join her for a drink. She knew that I take around 3-4 hours when I’m out shopping as I like to have a drink while I’m out and catch up with friends. Paul nodded his head and jumped over the fence and followed my wife into the kitchen. There is a door that follows directly from the kitchen to a small hallway then the garage so I crept into the hallway and listened from behind the door. My wife spoke “what are you planning today then now your mam and dad are out of town”“Nothing really just want to get some chores done and maybe have some enjoyment” he replied and by the sound that I heard he had put his glass down on the counter“we shouldn’t really” my wife said as I hear a giggle from her“No-one will ever know…It could be our secret” replied Paul as I heard the conservatory door being opened.I then heard footsteps and again giggling. I opened the door slightly and could see Paul was sat on a footstool and my wife was standing next to him. His hands were up her t-shirt and I could see he was playing with her tits. My cock was at its hardest and I had to release it from its confines and start to pump it gently. Claire’s head was tipped back with her eyes closed and she was moaning quiet loud as he manipulated her nipples and kneaded her large saggy tits. “my god your tits are amazing” Paul said as he seemed to stop and grabbed them both firmly and squeezed them hard. Claire let out another large moan.“I want to see them” Paul commanded and without even a ounce of uncertainty she whipped off the t-shirt showing Paul her tits in all their glory.“shove them in my face and get my cock out” Again, Claire güvenilir bahis leaned forward and indeed she shoved her tits into Paul’s face and I then witness her pulling down the waistband of Pauls shorts and his cock flopped out. He was about the same size as me, but he had been cut and I could see the light shine off his enlarged helmet as my wife took hold. Pauls readjusted himself at the same time he removed his shorts and sat there naked. His cock pointing straight up and there beside him was Claire naked except for a pair of red knickers with her tits in his face where he was clearly sucking on her nipples while touching his cock. She rubbed her hand over his dark purple helmet to give her some lube as she started to slowly wank his cock. “ We really shouldn’t be doing this….what if someone comes” Claire said in a half hearted attempt to deny the events being displayed in front of me. “There will be someone cumming….us” he chuckled to himself.” Now shut the fuck up and suck my cock my little slut”. I was in disbelief at the words to come from his mouth but Claire seemed to love it…was her arousal word being called a slut….That’ s one for the memory bank for later. I watched while still pulling my cock as Claire moved her tits away from Pauls mouth and leaned down towards his rampant cock. She stuck out her tongue and licked the entire length of his cock from tip to base and back up, around the edge of his helmet and then sank her mouth over the top and down her throat. She grabbed the base of the cock and held it still as she bobbed her head up and down. It was going quiet a distance down her throat and I would say at some point she managed to get the whole lot in. She was gagging and when she wasn’t she was letting out pleasurable moans from the side of her mouth.She really looked like she was enjoying herself. While bent over. Paul, whom was moaning and egging her on saying“yes bitch, suck that baby” and “you like that don’t you slut” moved his hand up to Claire’s arse as she was bent over with her legs straight it stuck out predominantly and the knickers were starting to cut her in 2. The back of them had risen up the crack of her arse and her cheeks stuck out revealing a small mole that only a few people had seen. He grabbed his fingers and moved them up the inside of her thigh which automatically opened on slightly but enough to see the gusset of her knickers. Paul rubbed her pussy through the knickers and removed them and brought them to his face and sniffed and then licked them.“MMMMMM you smell and taste sweet, ’slut’” he growled and placed them into his mouth. Claire was still sucking his cock trying to bend her head around and look at him but the angle she was at prevented her which was a god job as she would of spied me wanking at them. He placed his hand back on Claires arse and started to remove her knickers and as they reached her ankles she just stepped out of them without and care in the world.Her arse and pussy was now on show as she stood there completely naked sucking on a cock that was not mine and she was horny, really horny and opened her legs even further to accept his fingers as he started to finger her from behind. One, two then three fingers were powering into her and I could see her knees starting to weaken as I knew a climax was coming. Paul stopped and spoke. “Right get in front of me and bend over I want to lick your cunt little slut” Claire again stood up and lifted a leg over Pauls legs and bent over shoving her ass into his face. From that angle I could see past her pussy but could make out her head bobbing up and down still savouring his cock. My cock was aching and I had to stop wanking as I was about to cum. Paul had his face in between her arse cheeks and she let out an almighty moan “OHHHHHHHH FFFFUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK YYYYYYYYEEESSSSS…..IM CCCCUUUUMMMMMMING” she shouted and really shoved her arse into him and rubbed it up and down his face as she orgasmed.Paul güvenilir bahis siteleri pulled his face out of her crack and started to stand up. I could see Claire’s cum all over his face. “Get on your hands and knees slut and stick that tight ass in the air. I’m gonna fuck your brains out…..SLUT” He over exaggerated the last word but it did the trick on Claire. She turned towards him and as she passed him she kissed him on the lips quickly and licked his face tasting her own juices. Something she has never let me do ever. That was it for me without even touching my cock it exploded over the back of the door and floor. Christ there was gallons of it. I just kept pumping and pumping and had to hold on to the wall to stop myself from collapsing on the floor. I looked back in the room and Claire was on all fours, her sex wide open waiting to be filled. I could see her cunt was wide and glistening in the sunlight and then a shadow was cast as Paul positioned himself behind her still stood and lowered himself ready to enter.I held my breath and waited then I heard “Do you want this slut” and then the silence was broken“ YES…..fuck me hard and make me cum again”. What the fuck was I hearing I knew from past experience that she tend to do things out of character but the language from her was like she was possessed. He didn’t take his time he just sank into her and soon was slapping his balls off her pussy lips. Slap, slap, slap was all you could hear then Claire’s moaning got louder and louder and the grunting from Paul got louder and louder. “Spunk in me, fill me up, he will never know…..fill me up” Claire screamed and that was it for Paul that was the trigger. He spunked, and spunked, and more spunk flew out into Claire’s tight pussy. There was that much it was leaking out of the sides and down her leg. He stood up, pulling out his glistening cock from her soaking pussy and started to turn around…Shit! I had to hide, or they would catch me. The door was still open, a lot more than I wanted as my perverted desire to see my wife get knobbed by another person had taken over and had to move and quick. My trousers were still around my ankles and I had to shuffle to move and managed to get behind the wall just around the corner. I waited, expecting to get caught and was ready but nothing. It had gone very quiet in the conservatory and I peeked around the corner to see what had happened. OH, shit they were right there stood near the door but were kissing heavy. Paul being quite tall and was bending over and Claire was on tiptoe’s in a very intimate embrace. I could see Pauls cock sticking out from him slightly touching the top of Claire’s belly, banging off it as he swayed with each lustful lunge into my wife’s mouth. His spunk was dripping down her leg and gathering around her ankle.He was rubbing her nipples and had his hands on each, twisting them hard and pulling on them. Claire took her mouth off his and moaned “Oh… be careful they are sensitive” and moaned louder.He twisted them harder really twisting them and from the angle of where I was I could see they were all puffed up like never before and they were bright red. Her chest was flushed red along with her cheeks and she was panting again “Oh god, not again…..he might be back anytime”. Claire sighed but didn’t stop what Paul was doing. His cock was starting to rise again and it was still glistening from his and her juices. “Fuck him, I’m not bothered so get down on you’re knees and suck my cock, my little slut” and he didn’t even have to put his hands on here shoulders to encourage her. She got on her knees and took hold off his cock and shoved it in her wanting mouth and sucked hard. I could see her cheeks were sucked in with the pressure she was creating while sucking on his cock. They were right beside me and with her kneeling the way she was if I stuck out my hand I would be able to shove my fingers up her dripping snatch. I knelt down myself iddaa siteleri and could see her hand was busy working on her clit. She was dripping onto the kitchen floor and she was making slurping sounds and mixed with her moaning these echoed around the kitchen. She managed to clean his cock and his balls as well with her expert tongue a secret she had kept from me. Paul had hold of her hair and was pulling it and calling her all sorts of names making her out to be the right little slut she was turning into. “ Get on your back, I’m going to fuck your tight hole and fill it for him again” Paul demanded and pulled back as I saw his cock flop out of her drooling mouth. Claire laid on the cold floor opening her legs wide directly in front of me. I could see her dripping cunt, open and pulsating as if it was gagging for a filling. Her finger was working on her clit and Paul got between her legs and grabbed her foot. “OOOOHHHH GGGGGOOODD…suck my toes you pervert..suck my toes and fuck my hard” Claire blurted out moaning into a mini climax. Paul brought her foot towards his mouth and sucked her toes using his toes in between them little digits. This was it for me. I started to get jealous and albeit I now had another raging hard on, I felt anger rise through me.I could not take my eyes off them. He was bagging into her again and with each thrust he was lifting her arse off the floor, opening up her arse cheeks enabling me to see her asshole. Well at least he hadn’t violated that yet. Something that was still mine I thought as I could not control my hand as it was waning my cock with gusto. Paul had hold of her legs at her ankles and had them pointing towards her head opening her up to her maximum. “I’m gonna fill you up with my spunk and when that prat gets in I want you to let him lick you out and drink all my spunk down his worthless throat” his thrusting seemed to take on another gear.“Nooooo….. I can’t …..he’s not bloody stupid…… he will realise…. its spunk…. not my fanny juices” she replied in short breaths “ I don’t give a fuck. I want you to do it…do it for me will you Claire….will you do it” his thrusts continued without dropping pace“Nooooooooooo”“Slut, Do it….do it…make him eat you out and taste my spunk”“ I can’t”“Do it slut” He again increased his tempo further and was really going at her I could see her pussy was foaming while each thrust entered her.“Do it” again he asked“Okay, okay I will” Claire moaned Fucking hell I spunked again all over the floor adding to my last deposit“OHHH FFFUUUUCCKKKKKKKKK, IIIIMMMMMMMMMMM CCCCCUUUUMMMMMMMIIINNNGGG” she screamed and shuddered into an almighty climax.I could see her pussy pulsating sucking on the cock that was feeding into her.“AAAHHHHHHH IIMMMM CCCUUMMMMMIINNGGG” Paul shouted and grunted and he still held tight onto Claire’s ankles and pumped into her.A noise from outside startled them both as well as me.“Shit he’s coming”…Claire’s shouted as she got up off the floor quickly putting on her knickers and t-shirt. Paul grabbed his shorts and after putting them on back to front left via the back door. Claire got a cloth and wiped the floor where she just got fucked albeit roughly and stood up waiting for me to enter……….nothing it was somebody dropping off some flyer in the letterbox. The relief on Claire’s face was mint. She was still flushed and panting and shaking slightly as to what had just happened. She walked back into the garden and I made my way into the garage again to peer through the window. Claire approached Paul whom was now over the fence pretending to continue with the garden. “It’s a false alarm” she said looking through the washing hanging on the line.“Phew, god that was close. I’m almost getting hard again”“Save it for another time” Claire replied with a smirk on her face.“Don’t forget your promise…when he gets in get him to eat you out”Claire paused and twirled around on her feet“ I promise, I will make sure he gets it all you dirty bastard”“Good girl my little slut”Claire blushed and walked back towards the house. Oh, that was my cue to leave and off I went and snook out back to the car and drove off returning a couple of hours later. Well, I was in for a treat apparently………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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