Neighborly love (True Story)

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Neighborly love (True Story)Ok guys so it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted my last real life experience story. The wife and I have had a few get togethers with others since then but nothing like the story. Pretty basic experiences with mostly shy guys. This true experience happened to me not too long ago and Only 2 other people know about and I just feel like I need to tell someone. So here it goes…Where I live is considered a duplex apartment, side by side units. We share a back patio that has a view off into the ravine below. It’s fairly secluded. Our neighbors are pretty new to the area and have been living there maybe 6 months at the most. We’ve been here for nearly 8 yrs. We never really got to know the neighbors. They seemed fairly quiet and kept to themselves. The guy was older, maybe mid to upper 40’s. His girl was a bit younger late 20’s early 30’s. They seemed like nice people. A passing neighborly hello here and there. Mostly from the guy. The girl was not seen too often. They kept to themselves a lot. After a while the wife and I noticed some issues. Our bedroom walls were connected and at night we could hear them arguing. kaynarca escort It became more frequent over time. One night things seemed to have gotten really out of hand and the cops were called. Not sure what went on but the man was taken away in cuffs. I noticed since that night another car showed up in the driveway at times. But then it would be gone. I never was too nosey to see what was going on.One evening I was trying to get some sleep as I work 3rd shift and still had a couple of hours left to sleep. It was about 6pm and and a loud thud woke me. I went through the house and no one was home at my place. My wife was out with her mother shopping at the local mall. So I thought it was nothing and went back to bed. As I laid down I started hearing what I thought were moans. I was a bit confused, not sure where they were coming from. It had to be from next door. I had a cup and put up against the wall and sure enough something was going on. This kind of got me excited and I decided to perv a bit…The back patio has sliding glass doors from the master bedroom right on out to the deck. So I went out to the patio and decided orhanlı escort to peak into the window. I was pretty careful in looking. My heart was racing at a mile a minute. I seen the neighbor girl, we’ll call her Gina, with a fairly large cock in her mouth and that cock did not belong to anyone I’ve ever seen there. It certainly was not her hubby in her mouth. This guy was in his mid 20’s and fairly well built. I was amazed at what I saw. I always thought Gina looked really good but she never dressed provocative enough for me to tell when I rarely saw her. Well now here she was completely naked, except for the black strappy type heals she wore. Great tits with puffy nipples. Nice curvy, not fat, figure. I stood there watching in the window and getting so fucking hard. I started stroking a bit and felt like I was going to cum. So I stopped and went inside. I wasn’t going to dump a load on the patio. I went in to finish myself off but just couldn’t. I wanted to finish while I watched. I guess my cock got greedy.I grabbed some paper towels and headed back, I was going to drop a wad watching. I came back out and as I closed my tepeören escort sliding door, the neighbors sliding door opened and Gina was right there with a robe on and said “what the fuck are you doing?” I was pretty much at a loss for words and didn’t know what to say. I mean there I was in my pajama bottom pants with a raging hard on and a fistful of paper towels. All I could say was “I heard a noise”. What a stupid fucking answer I know. She looked at me and chuckled a bit. She then said “oh yeah and what noise was that?”. I had a feeling she was going to be friendly because she didn’t seem mad, more playful if anything. So I decided to be up front and said “I thought you were masturbating because I heard moaning and I’m a guy and think you’re attractive so naturally I wanted to peak. I saw another guy was in there and well I still decided to get off on it and I’m sorry for intruding”. She then stood there for a minute and said she’d be right back. She went into her house and I was starting to freak. Is she gonna send the guy out, is she gonna call the cops,.. I didn’t know. I started to head back into my place, not wanting to find out. As I opened my door to go back in Gina came back out and stopped me. She said to relax and not to worry. She asked if I wanted to come watch. I was absolutely stunned… I didn’t know what to say. Was this a trap or for real?Stay tuned for part 2

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