Neighbor Surprise Ch. 03

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Jen’s next date was that weekend. As Karyn pulled in the driveway late that night, she did not see Mark’s car or any lights on, so she assumed they were still out. She unloaded the car, grabbed the dog and headed out for a walk on the warm summers’ evening. About three blocks away, she saw Jen walking towards her with her little white dog, she seemed to be crying.

Catching up to Jen, Karyn asked, “What’s wrong sweetie, did he break-up with you?”
As it turned out, once again, the date went really well, they had a great time. This time, when he dropped her off, Mark leaned in, kissed her, passionately, almost aggressively, but again, he left immediately afterwards.

Jen asked Karyn, “is Joe home?”

“Joe is out helping a friend with something, we can talk as long as you need” Karyn replied.

“Another date with just a kiss,” Jen complained. “Am I not attractive?”

“Don’t be silly Jen, I wish I had discovered how hot you were sooner, all these years as neighbors would have been far more interesting!” Karen’s joke eased the tension and Jen giggled.

“Thank you, will you come over?” Jen’s body was still giving her arousal signals.

“Of course darling, give me 5,” was Karyn’s response as they got back home to put the dogs inside.

Karyn slipped on a sundress, grabbed a couple of things and raced across the street. “Hey sweetie, so are you all worked up again?” Karyn grinned as she asked.

“Fuck yeah! Did you bring me anything to help me in my time of sorrows?” Jen responded with a smile.

“Maybe!” Karyn teased. Karyn pulled a blindfold out and put it over Jen’s eyes. She undressed Jen and tied her arms to the headboard and bedpost. “Oh, that man does not know Gaziantep Genç Escort what he is missing, you look delicious. Ready sweetie?” she asked.

“You know it, I’m already dripping, what are you going to do to me?” Jen purred.

“If I was going to tell you, I wouldn’t need the blindfold silly!” Karyn pulled off her dress. She was completely naked underneath. Karyn crawled up to Jen, flipped her leg over her and straddled her face. Jen could smell Karyn’s sweet, sexy aroma, the scent sweetening as Karyn’s arousal grew. In the few minutes in took Karyn to get ready, she was already wet in anticipation.

Jen smiled and went to work. She was an experienced pussy licker. She had been with plenty of women. She immediately started working Karyn’s clit. Jen had a technique in which she alternately licked, sucked, and nibbled the wet snatch, concentrating on the clit. It was unique and at the moment it was making Karyn dizzy. It was the most exquisite oral sex she had ever received. She had to put her hands on Jen’s bare thighs to steady herself. This opened her wet slit wider, giving Jen more access with her skilled tongue. Jen continued her unusual attack on Karyn’s increasing lust. Karyn started riding Jen’s tongue, swaying her lips back and forth across Jen’s mouth.

When Karyn froze, Jen knew she was about to release into a hard cum. She sucked in hard on Karyn’s clit, the last straw. Karyn shuddered and fell forward. This was probably the strongest orgasm she ever had just from getting eaten out. She rolled off Jen, taking several moments to regain her senses, lightly stroking up and down Jen’s body as she did.

After her head cleared, Karyn grabbed her bag and pulled out her magic wand. She turned it on by Jen’s ear. Jen smiled. Karyn ran the wand along her neck and down to her breasts. As Karyn ran it over her nipples, they stiffened and grew to their impressive length. Slowly, Karyn worked the wand down Jen’s body. When she first touched Jen’s clit, Jen’s body twitched in anticipation.

Karyn stopped the vibrating ball directly on Jen’s clit. Despite their prior adventures, Karyn was amazed by the volume of sex nectar pouring out of Jen’s swollen lips. Karyn turned up the intensity one notch. Within seconds, Jen’s body began to shake and shiver. “Oh, Karyn, baby. Oh fuck yeah, you are so good to me,” Jen whimpered as her orgasm washed through her, grew and subsided. It was quick, less than a minute, but Jen had been worked up all day thinking today would be her first fuck with Mark.
Karyn smiled as she noticed the wet spot below Jen was growing.

“Oh, I’m not quite done yet honey,” Karyn responded. Karyn’s other surprise was her huge dildo, the 12 inch, thick cock. She rubbed it across Jen’s check.

“Shit Karyn, that’s big. Is that for me doll?”

“Sure thing. Consider it a test. After last time, I thought it might be fun to fuck you with this beauty. I can tell you from personal experience it’s lovely.” Karyn said huskily. For Karyn, it really was an experiment, would she be able to make Jen pass out again? She wasn’t sure why the idea was so appealing, was it the challenge or the satisfaction of a job well done for her friend?

Jen certainly didn’t need any lube. Karyn placed just the tip of the fat dong into Jen. After Jen sighed, Karyn shoved most of the thick shaft deep into Jen. “Ooooooh yeah baby,” Jen whispered. Karyn was able to get about 90% of it into Jen before she felt resistance. She slowly pumped the toy in and out, slightly increasing tempo about every third stroke. Finally, Jen opened up and took the rest. Jen was in ecstasy. Her eyeballs rolled back in her head as she began to pant. The feeling of fullness was beyond any she had experienced in the past.

“FUCK YEAH, it’s so FUCKING BIG, I LOVE IT, FUCK ME HARDER,” Jen begged Karyn.
Karyn now started plowing the dildo as fast as she could into Jen. Jen’s swollen pussy was accepting the entire length of the shaft with each stroke, the fake balls smacking Jen’s ass. Jen stiffened, “OHHH SHHHHHHHITTTTT K-K-K-K-aryn!” Jen cried out as she came hard, every muscle in her body appeared to be twitching. Karyn did not slow down and in short order Jen was in the midst of another hard orgasm.

Karyn didn’t wait this time. While still fucking Jen with the giant dong, she grabbed the wand, turned it on to the speed Jen liked and shoved it hard onto Jen’s clit, swollen and peeking through her slick lips. Jen began to hyperventilate, her body wrecked with orgasm after orgasm. Karyn wasn’t sure when one ended and the next began, but she tried to count anyway.

Around the sixth one, Jen did indeed pass out again. As she slept, Karyn gathered her stuff to head home. Before she left, she set a present for Jen, her own magic wand and giant dildo.

The next morning, Jen texted Karyn. “OMG, thank you for the present! I still haven’t gotten dressed. I woke up around 2am, saw the toys and have been masturbating ever since! I think I’ve cum more in the last few hours than I the last few years. You’re right, we should have started this sooner!”

Karyn smiled, “you deserve baby.” Deep down though, there was a part of her hoped that Mark never got up the courage to fuck Jen after a date.

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