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I was a happily married 25-year-old guy living in a Monterey loft apartment with my wife of two years.

Madison was a couple of years younger than I and we were enjoying all the pleasures that come with a young relationship.

I worked in finance and she was just starting out at a local hospital while part-time bartending a couple of times a week to supplement.

The sex was constant and passionate and kinky. We had discovered early on that we were both very sexual people, and for that matter, very sex positive people as well.

We spent long hours at home exploring each other’s bodies and diving into the darkest corners of each other’s brains and fantasies.

Our mid 20’s were ushering us slowly into our sexual primes and we were loving every minute of it.

One particularly sexy element of our relationship was that we were both fairly deviant and enjoyed just the right amount of pornography together.

Sunday afternoons would start with an amazing brunch at one of our go-to spots within walking distance. Then we’d traipse back tipsy together and melt into a shared bong on the couch surrounded by movies and super-soft blankets and whatever physical fun we wanted to get up to that day.

#SundayFunday was a hashtag we constantly texted back and forth to each other when we were having particularly bad weeks and needed a pick-me-up reminder. It never failed to push us through our weekly stresses.

We marveled in all the ways there were to fuck each other on those Sundays. She’d get out her toys, our lube—we’d find all sorts of new places in the apartment to fuck.

We would stand in front of the open window and fuck sometimes, wondering if anyone from the apartment across the street could see us through the broken sunshine glare.

It was around three in the afternoon on a lazy August weekend when our most recent pot haze had firmly set in.

We were fuzzy and happy and, like opposing quarterbacks going up against Von Miller, completely blitzed. Soon of course, as always, we were horny as fuck.

I felt her hand drift over my sweat pants as I turned to take in her closeness.

My wife was the kind of sexy that made other men ridiculous jealous of my setup. She oozed comfort in her body. At no time did she ever believe she was the sexiest thing out there. But she was the type of woman that was way hotter because of it. She wasn’t afraid of who she was. She owned her identity and her body more comfortably than any woman I’d ever dated.

She was 5’2, to my 5’9 and her body was a curvy perfection to my tastes. She was a dead ringer for the actress Hailee Steinfeld and if you want to understand just how her body looked, go and Google the picture of Hailee wearing a black one piece bathing suit staring back over her bubble butt at the camera or the one of her sitting on top of a kitchen appliance in sheer, lingerie-esque clubbing wear. That’s the best way I can help you understand just how fucking hot my wife is—sure there are all sorts of fancy words I could use—but the easy (albeit lazy) way to describe her, is to make you very briefly Google those two photos. Great, got it? That’s what my wife looks like. I’d have trouble picking out the real one in a police lineup. I’d also be too distracted probably.

The lips, the eyebrows, the longer, dark brown layered hair, the cute snow-fox nose—she’s my absolutely fantasy come true—the dark featured girl in the library who you know secretly wants to sneak you into the stacks and suck your cock while other people browse nearby for steamy entrees from Kushner or Munro or, the hideously delicious truths of David Foster Wallace.

“Wanna watch some porn?” She asks me through a strand of hair that falls lazily over her face. She blows it up playfully as she looks at me with a sudden pep in her energy.

“Yes.” I say to her without having to think twice, and soon she has the TV remote opening up our Internet browser HDMI input. And then we’re scrolling through our favorite saved pornography websites—all of our various technological vices laid out for us in a half-crescent buffet of sexy, digital foreplay.

We end up on our favorite porn site and she’s clicking through video options as her hand begins to rub the outline of my very hard cock through my sweatpants with a firmer intent. I start to look like ghost poking through a white sheet on an outdoor clothesline. She cocks an eyebrow at me like a slope I want to slide down, as she clicks on a video that she seems to like, her fingers gliding down my bulging tent.

In the video, a girl that looks quite similar to Maddy finds herself in the middle of two very fit, young men—a MFM threesome video it seems at first. It’s got a 92 percent, which in the porn world is basically an Oscar contender.

But as the storyline of the video begins to play out, we find that it’s actually more of a cuckolding situation. This becomes immediately evident when one the two guys is made to patiently sit beside the bed as he watches mecidiyeköy escort his friend fucking his young wife. She leans into the dialogue, telling her husband how good his friend’s cock feels in her pussy, and even though this is not the video we had set out to watch, we both quickly become transfixed with the scene.

The girl is sexy as hell—she looks real, and both guys are fit but not steroids jocks for once. Both of their cocks are the types of cocks that any self-respecting porn should include— veiny, seven inch flagpoles that instantly draw the eye and require a solid pledge of allegiance.

I had always noticed when a guy in a porn had a nice cock or body, but that was never an avenue I had really considered seriously.

But now I found my hand slipped beneath my wife’s comfy, Victoria Secret lilac cheeky thong underwear, which I knew she wore whenever she wanted to both sleep and fuck all day long, in no particular order.

She felt more wet than I was accustomed to when we were only onto our first porn video (of what I was already certain would be an edging-filled afternoon).

But she probably noticed that I was maybe a little harder than usual as well.

We pulled each other’s sweats off and slipped our hands into each other’s underwear as we lay side by side in the middle of our U-shaped couch room—the highlight of the entire apartment as we both discovered how much the other loved to luxuriate in a room full of soft surfaces.

My fingers drifted through her glazed pussy lips and trailed juice over her clit so I could rub her softly there as my fingers traced past her throbbing hood.

She made soft moaning coos with me as I too gasped on and off from the way her thumb would trail my pre-cum up over the summit of my slit and send cold shivers up my spine, like a crack spreading through a window.

We turned into each other and made out a softly as the scene changed on the screen just out of our peripheral. Our lips dragged seductively over each other, enjoying the ease with which we fell back into our favorite ways.

When we looked back to the screen, our hands still softly touching memorized spots, the husband or boyfriend character was now on his knees with the woman, and she was pulling the other man’s cock that had just been inside of her pussy, over to her boy toy’s mouth for him to start sucking.

This was a storyline we’d never talked about or cum to, but my wife’s hand gripped my cock firmer as she slowly jacked as she watched the scene with a very renewed interest.

I shoved my middle finger all the way inside her absolutely drenched pussy and I kissed her neck as we continued watching. She was incredibly turned on by the porn, I could tell. She was rubbing my cock like a person that rubs a cock for the first time—with an almost nervous need.

The man opened his mouth reluctantly, and then slowly allowed the woman to push his lips halfway down the big cock. My wife gasped as she watched this and she also felt my own cock pulse from the sight of it. I couldn’t tell if I was more turned on myself by the male fellatio, or by just how much it turned Maddy on. She squeezed me as she jacked in time with the man who was slowly bobbing on this dick, even as the sexy girl pushed his head down each time.

“Do you like this?” She whispered up to me. I felt her bangs tickle the stubble on my chin. I loved how she felt.

I thought about it as I continued watching.

I did like this. Which was crazy, because I’d never gotten any sort of buzz from watching two guys do anything.

But there was something about this whole scene— the woman in control of her man, pushing his head down onto a sexy cock, and the man doing as he was told, even as I had my own cock lovingly stroked by a young wife that definitely controlled most of my sexual appetites and most certainly controlled my cock.

I was in an absolute tractor beam of pleasure from all of this.

I nodded and giggled a little, “Yes. Mmmmm. Yeah.” She gasped a little as I admitted my answer. I don’t think she was expecting that.

We were both also quite stoned which certainly didn’t hurt.

“Would you ever suck on another guy’s cock?” She asked it so innocently, so without judgment. I guess that had to be her next question, right? I felt my cock vibrate a little from the question.

“I don’t know. . .I had never thought about it before. . .” I writhed a little as my penis responded to her soft fingers as she continued tugging me. I was getting more and more turned on by out talk.

“I think it would be really sexy.” She said now. “What if I wanted you to suck on a cock, baby? Would you do it for me? Would you put a cock in your mouth for me?” She asked, and I felt her roll her body against me in a teasing way, making sure her hard nipples pressed up against me through her thin, barely there tank-top. She was on to me.

My cock was getting stickier with more pre-cum and she knew şişli escort what that meant. She could read all my sexual tells by now and I was always a goner by the time she reached for the river card. I knew what she wanted me to say, but that didn’t make it a lie.

“Yeah, I think so.” I moaned to her, saying what I know she wanted to hear. She grinded against me like a cat having a finger run down her spine.

“Would you grab a nice cock in your hand and jack it off if I asked you to?” She said to me in the cutest sort of pleading voice, and I slid another finger inside of her wet canal as her pussy had turned into a sloppy tunnel of arousal.

“Yeah, if you wanted me to I would. I would do if it turned you on.” I pulled the blanket off of us as we kicked our boxers and panties to the floor for easier access. Now it was just her in a loose tank top and me in an old t-shirt, as we melted into the super comfy blankets in the corner of that couch.

“Mmmm, look at how good he’s sucking that cock, babe.” She said it right into my ear now as she watched the hot porn with me, jacking my cock off the whole time. The way she spoke was so fucking sexy. “Fuck, I can’t believe I’m telling you this but I think it would be really, really, REALLY hot to actually watch you giving a guy a blowjob, sweetie.” She was so stupidly wet. Her pussy gushed with each new second as we explored this un-mined well of dirty talk together.

“Maybe,” I moaned as I said the word. Maybe? Was I actually thinking about sucking on a cock for the first time ever? That was a crazy idea. And I was thinking about it because Maddy was so clearly and wildly turned on by the idea. And she seemed even more revved up by the fact that this video was having such an equal effect on me. “I think I’d need you to, I dunno, help me do it, or like, I don’t know get me really stoned and then seduce me or something. Like, maybe you would have to make me do it.” I said all of this like I was in the principal’s office admitting to cheating on a test.

“Yeah? You’d want me to seduce you like this girl in the porn? Take control of you and force you to suck on a real cock? Push your lips down on your first penis, baby? Is that what you’d want?” She was so fucking sexy as she licked my chin teasingly as she said all this. She knew from the soon-to-burst cock she was jacking in her hand how absolutely fucking electric I found everything she was saying. She knew exactly how into this I was. I was close.

And now the girl and guy in the porn were sucking on the cock together. It had blended from cuckold to a decidedly bisexual MMF category.

“You want me to find a nice cock and push your head down on it and encourage you the entire time, baby? You want me to jack off a sexy cock in your mouth and make it cum? You wanna swallow some cum for me, huh dirty boy?”

Maddy jacked me off harder now and, as I watched the creamy jizz explode from the man’s cock on the video all over their desperate mouths, I found that I couldn’t hold back any longer from my own messy conclusion. She was driving me crazy with every single new image she created.

“Imgonnacummmm!” I moaned to her, and she leaned in to jack me off fast and firm. She talked dirty like she always did. She really was a fairly amazing composer of my craziest fantasy-driven orgasms.

“Yeah baby, cum for me and imagine that you and me were sucking that guy’s dick together and letting him cum all over us, baby. Imagine me smearing his cum all over your face with my tongue. Imagine me shoving his cock back down your throat to clean him up afterwards so that you could taste all of his sticky, sweaty dick and make him nice and hard again. I want you to be a good little cocksucker for me baby, fuck! That would turn me on so much you dirty little boy. You gonna suck on a nice cock for me babyyyyy??? Huh? Tell me. Tell me how badly you wanna suck on a big, juicy cock.”

And when she said all of this in these sultry, back-to-back sentences of glorious scene-building seduction, I Sistined the fucking ceiling.

“Yessssssssssssssss!” I gave in to her and orgasmed all over myself.

I came so hard that even Maddy was surprised at the amount that came out. My cum exploded out and covered her hand, my belly, chest, neck, chin, and lips.

She turned to me with big eyes and her mouth gasped open in shock at the sight. I truly had seeded my entire front yard, and she made a naughty little giggle that betrayed how turned on she still was. Maddy scooted over on top of me now and immediately brought her lips down onto my splooge covered chin. I felt her dragging her tongue through a big puddle formed in the dimple.

She immediately brought her tongue up to my own and covered me in my sticky cream. I tasted my warm, salty liquid on her lips and mouth. As she began to kiss me, she straddled my thigh and grinded against me with her naked pussy. She absolutely loved sharing my cum like this. We’d never done this exactly kağıthane escort before, but I had tasted my cum on her lips after blowjobs in the past and I think she always secretly kind of got off on that. But here she was fully allowing her kinky side out as we snowballed my jizz.

I gagged a little from the exotic flavor of my semen, but that didn’t stop her.

She did this a few more times, feeding me my cum with the scooping drag of her cute tongue as she mopped up my spunk with her mouth and made me eat every drop. My heart beat so irregularly that I felt like I could’ve cum again just from the teasing vibrations of such syncopated after-shakes. The entire time, she moaned against my mouth as I felt her pelvis pressing against me hard.

When the explosion of my cock had finally settled and our lips dragged lazily apart, I panted a little from the exertion. That was a cum-shot I would not soon be forgetting, and it had been brought on by our unexpected encounter with bisexual porn.

She lifted her head to look at me and I saw the huge smile spread over her face like morning sunshine.

“I came.” She said in the most satisfied way. “Fuck, when we were kissing with your cum and I was grinding on you, I came really hard.” I looked down to where her pussy had been riding my thigh during our cum-kiss. Her own juices leaked out onto me and I could feel her still softly rubbing against me. We were both so worked up still.

“We BOTH just came, hard.” I countered, catching my breath. We just grinned at each other through our sweaty mess. WOWZER.

“So, like, did we just discover a new kink together? Is that what just happened?!” She asked me in the cutest little helping of coy meets obvious. It was so clear that my wife was jazzed from all the jizz, but she was also concealing her primal sexual glee so as to keep me cool with the hugeness of these bisexual implications.

“I dunno. . .” I sheepishly smiled back at her. I was embarrassed all of a sudden at what this revelation might say about me. I’d never even considered any such fantasy play before.

My wife had only ever known me as her totally straight man, and now our Sunday Funday had put an interesting twist on preconceived notions.

“I guess the only way for us to find out for sure would be for me to lean in again,” and I felt her lean over to my ear once more, and again that seductive voice she used on me came out, low and juicy as a cantaloupe, “and start talking to you about what kind of nice, juicy, COCK, you’d like to SUCK for your incredibly sexy wife, who wants to watch you take a dick in your mouth, baby.” And the second she ended this delectable sentence my penis popped back up to full-on puberty boner mode. She grabbed her hand around my hard shaft and I felt as she breathed a satisfied grin against my neck, her teeth pressing against my neck.

“MMmmmm babe, that’s so hot. Look at how hard this is making you! I fucking love it. I want you to suck on a cock for me.”

This fantasy had taken hold of my wife, and I was clearly in her complete control when it came to her ideal scenario. I couldn’t turn back now that we’d seen behind the curtain.

“I just don’t know how that would ever happen. . .I dunno. . .” I deferred to logic, but she was still holding me around my cock and she knew I was simply saying all the blustery things that a straight guy says when he has a major part of who he thought he was, challenged in the district court of erection revelation.

I smiled down at her and we made out softly as the afternoon descended into further debauchery and intimacy.

Life was very good and it was about to get even better.


All that next week, Maddy and I blew up each other’s phones with all sorts of crazy sexts and photos.

We were always horny with each other throughout the week, but this was definitely something different. We had opened up another door which featured some very scary and very new kinks, and yet, we were absolutely enthralled by it all. We had become like 18-year-old horn-dogs with each other all over again.

The topic stayed true to our porn discovery from a week prior. Conversations mostly revolved around us bringing another guy into our bedroom.

She was absolutely obsessed with the idea of me sucking on a cock, and she’d send me constant texts of GIF’s or pictures of things that turned her on, particularly of scenes out of bi MMF threesomes where the guy and girl were sucking on a cock together, or where a girl was pushing a guy’s head down onto a thick cock. I was constantly hard at work and there was even one particular day where I had to jack off in my office due to the naughty things she’d been sending me all morning.

Over the course of that week, we fucked every day, and without fail, the main attraction of our sex talk always ended up with her diverting the conversation over to me being blindfolded or maybe, tied up while she brought a hot cock into the room.

We’d get home every day and after dinner and a few beers, we knew where things were headed.

Maddy would bring the bong over to the bed and we’d begin a long, slow edging of each other where the main topic of conversation would inevitably end up centered around the type of cock we wanted to suck on together.

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