Needles and Knives

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Needles and KnivesUpon entering the room and closing the door behind me, I grab your hair by the back of your head and slap you across the face several times, hard, and throw you down on the bed. I brought my bag with me. This is gonna require equipment. I start by blindfolding you really tightly. You don’t get to know what’s coming at any time tonight. I strip you naked pretty quickly—fuck toys and pain whores don’t need clothes. A few more slaps across your face before I tell you to bend over and stick your ass out, really far. I want your back arched and your ass up in the air. You do it like the good cunt I know you are. You hear me undo my belt. Sure enough, you soon feel the sting of leather cracking against your ass. You didn’t think I was gonna be gentle about it did you? In no time at all, your ass is red and burning from the leather cracking against your ass. When I get tired of it I drop the belt and shove a few fingers in your cunt to see if it’s getting wet or not. Of course it is. I lay you on your back and give you a long, passionate kiss, one that would almost be romantic if I wasn’t squeezing one of your nipples. At first it wasn’t that hard, but I just slowly keep squeezing harder, and finally you start to squirm a little. That gets you a really hard pinch, another slap across your face, and then I’m off you and the room is quiet. You hear me rustling around in my bag, but you can’t see. Then silence. Have I left the room? Am I standing right over you?It startles you a little when I start gently caressing your tits again, but nowhere near as much as when the canlı kaçak iddaa caressing turns to a slight squeezing and then suddenly a needle is being pushed through your flesh. You yelp at the unexpected pain, and I laugh at you a little. Did that hurt? Oh I’m sorry. I would stop, except… You’re a fucking pincushion whose flesh is there for me to puncture and cut, and your holes are there for me to fuck and unload cum in. Two needles in your tits, then three, then four. Don’t make me tie you up, quit flinching and instinctively trying to block me with your hands.I’m getting sick of your little half-hearted attempts at blocking my needle fun. I bring the belt back out, and this time I make you spread your legs really wide. A few cracks of leather on your inner thighs gets you back in line. Four more needles in your tits, for a total of eight. I leave them there and make you sit up at the edge of the bed. I pull my cock out, grab your hair and your throat, and shove my cock in your mouth hard. I keep a tight hold of your head and fuck your mouth just like it was a pussy. You’re gagging and choking, drooling, you can’t breathe, like I care. It feels good dripping down on my balls. Every now and then I pull my cock out to hear you gasp for air. I push you back down on your back and take the needles out one by one. Now the real fun begins. Now it’s time to really start abusing you.I tell you to spread your legs out again, and you hear a metallic click sound. You wonder if I just opened a knife. I did. Your spread thighs look like a creamy white canvass, on which I’ll create canlı kaçak bahis a stinging, painful masterpiece. One small cut on the left thigh, one on the right… A slightly longer drag of the blade… When I started I was closer to your knees, but now each poke and slice brings me closer to your pussy. I lay the blade against your cunt lips, not cutting, but so you can feel the cold metal against your clit. Without any real warning I lift your legs and push them back over your head, as far as they’ll go. Your blindfolded face is framed neatly by the backs of your knees, and your legs have little trails of blood all over them. I start sliding fingers in your cunt, one, then two, then three, then four, and then my knuckles are thrusting in and out of you. Can you take my whole fist in your cunt? We’re gonna find out; either you can or your aching pussy is gonna know I tried. You know that all your holes are getting used tonight though, and I use some of your sloppy wet pussy juice to start lubing up your backdoor. I start getting rougher and rougher about it, shoving fingers up your ass harder… Back on all fours. Back arched. Face down on the bed. I know how I want you. I’ve got the belt again, and your ass is getting whipped while I drive my cock into your cunt as hard as I can, then your ass, then your cunt again. Back and forth, your holes are there for me to fuck and I’m pounding them as hard as I can. Your hair is getting pulled, you’re getting choked, I’m using your head and neck to grab and push you back even farther on my cock. You can feel it in your throat while bahis siteleri canlı I go back and forth, using both your holes.I know I’m gonna cum soon, and this isn’t how I want to do it. You’re gonna need something a little more degrading. I pull you over the very edge of the bed, and make you hang your head half off the edge, so your head is hanging upside down. I start by fucking your throat this way. I’m holding your arms down, standing above you, fucking your mouth. I spread your legs out on the bed and slap your cunt, really hard, and you gag a little harder on my cock.I lean up a little more and pull my cock out of your mouth. Standing up completely with your face between my legs, I jack off while I make you lick and suck my balls. As I look down and wonder if your face between my legs and under me is degrading enough, I decide… No. Do you like eating ass? Guess what. I really don’t care if you do or not. I put one leg up on the bed and my asshole is on your mouth. I keep right on jacking off while your tongue slides into my ass, then all over my balls again, then my ass again. Finally, I know I’m going to unload. My cock goes back in your mouth and I fuck it even harder than before, all the way down your throat, my balls slapping against your face each time I thrust. You can feel it and taste it when I’m getting ready to cum, and I’m going to make sure that there’s not going to be a drop on your face. At the last second I yank your blindfold off–I want to see the look in your eyes. They’re already a watery mess from the face fucking I’ve been administering. I love watching your eyes bulge out of your head while my cum pumps directly into the back of your throat. When you’ve taken the last drops of my cum down your throat, I slide my cock back out and slap you in the face with it a few times. I’m done with you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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