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Alan didn’t particularly like playing for the basketball team. He didn’t like Saturday practices, or Friday night games. He didn’t like lifting weights. He sure as hell didn’t enjoy running laps around the track. He liked the game of basketball itself okay, but the main reason he’d joined the team in the first place was to get some pussy, and as an eighteen year old senior, that hadn’t even happened for him yet. Hell, he’d never even gotten a blowjob.

He couldn’t understand it. It seemed like by virtue of being a tall, physically fit basketball player he should be getting laid all the time, and for many other players on the team that was the case. The other white players were always screwing the white girls at school, and the black players would routinely get pussy from both black and white girls. Alan would’ve gladly settled for either.

One girl he routinely had his eye on was Shauna, a black girl of eighteen who just so happened to be a cheerleader. Alan didn’t get a lot of playing time, so he’d frequently spend his time sitting on the bench gazing longingly at Shauna. If he got real bored, he’d sometimes even start having sexual fantasies about her in the middle of the game. He loved to imagine Shauna on her knees, licking, sucking, and kissing his balls and hard cock.

Sometimes he’d get so aroused thinking of Shauna’s lips around his cock that he’d get an erection, which wasn’t easy to hide under his basketball shorts. In one embarrassing instance his coach told him to check into the game while he was engaged in one of these day dreams. He had to slyly flip his erection up under his waistband, and hope for the best. Needless to say, it wasn’t an enjoyable experience.

Alan had good reason to fantasize about Shauna; she was easily the hottest of the cheerleaders. She was tall with impossibly long, powerful brown legs just tantalizing him under her cheerleader skirt. Her tits and ass were something to be marveled at to. Her low cut cheerleading top exposed an almost criminal amount of cleavage, and Alan loved those moments when her skirt would flip up during routines so he could catch a glimpse of her perfectly formed ass covered by nothing but tight red panties.

But more than anything else it was Shauna’s face that drove Alan crazy. Her eyes were deep-set with long lashes, the kind of eyes that Alan could just imagine staring up and meeting his as she sucked his cock. Her lips were full, and always coated with glossy lipstick. He yearned to have them kissing and pleasuring his manhood. Sometimes she’d wear a weave, but Alan prefered her hair in its natural state, when it was kinky and shoulder-length. Her complexion was perfect too, with light brown, unblemished skin. In his fantasies Alan would always finish by unleashing his load all over her pretty, smooth brown face.

He couldn’t tell for sure, but Alan had the idea that Shauna may have had a thing for him as well. It was well-known around school that Shauna prefered white boys, and that she really loved giving blowjobs. Alan thought if he played his cards right, that he might be next.

The two were always flirting, and goofing around with each other. The basketball players and cheerleaders would ride the bus together to games, and more often than not they would share a seat. They’d give each other a hard time, and joke around using lots of playful contact.

Other cheerleaders had asked Alan why he never made a move on Shauna. They’d never directly told him that Shauna was into him, but he couldn’t see why they would ask about it otherwise. It seemed like there’d been about a hundred times when Alan had convinced himself that he would finally make his move, but he could never quite gather up the courage to do it.

Toward the end of the basketball season time was running out for Alan to make a move, and he knew it. There were only two games left in the season, and only one road game, which meant he’d only get to sit next to Shauna on the bus one last time.

All the players would always rush to get the seats in the back away from the coaches, but for the last game of the season Alan and Shauna were lucky enough to claim them first. Everyone else wound up sitting a few rows up.

As was generally the case, the two of them instantly started flirting, augmenting little jokes with playful touches of the arm and the like. Every once in awhile one of Shauna’s large, firm breasts would brush against him, and Alan would start to tingle all over. If only Shauna knew how many times he’d fantasized about cupping and fondling those breasts while she worked his dick with her mouth.

The flirting was pretty continuous for the first half of the ride. Alan’s team was playing a rural school way out in the country, and the bus trip was the longest of the season. Alan hoped it would never end. The best cart came when the bus exited off the highway and onto a rural farm road. The farm road was bumpy as hell, and which each bump in the road Shaun’s sexy, exposed thigh would rub up against Alan’s leg. Her skirt kept riding up higher and higher.

Whenever he got the chance, Anadolu Yakası Escort Alan would sneak a peek at her toned thighs. He thought about how amazing and warm it would feel to place his hand between them, or better yet, have them wrapped around his head like a boa constrictor. It wasn’t clear if was the bumps in the road, the physical contact, or the day-dreaming that did it, but before he could do anything about it, Alan had an erection, and there was nothing he could do to hide it under his thin basketball shorts.

It didn’t take long for Shauna to notice. “Oh my!” she exclaimed, as she brought her hands up to her lips.

Alan turned bright red and whispered, “I’m so sorry. It’s this bumpy road.”

Shauna giggled. “Really? Are you sure it has nothing to do with this?” she asked while pulling up her skirt to expose her red panties.

If Alan was bright red before, now he was infrared. “Maybe that has something to do with it too,” he retorted sheepishly.

Shauna leaned over and whispered in Alan’s ear, “There’s no reason to be shy. I like what I see.”

“So do I,” Alan replied, his voice cracking slightly.

Shauna grasped Alan’s hand. “Why don’t you have a feel?” she asked, while guiding Alan’s hand towards her panties.

Alan’s hand was now exactly where he’d fantasized about it being just minutes earlier in the ride. “Does it feel good?” Shauna asked.

Alan nodded. “Good,” Shauna said as she guided his hand underneath her panties.

His hand was now directly on top of her warm mound. It felt smooth and a little damp. Alan had only gotten his hands on one other girl’s pussy before, and he had no idea what to do, so he went on instinct alone. He gently guided his middle finger up and down Shauna’s tight slit. In time her slot began to get more wet and loosen up. Shauna was breathing heavy, and a few drops of perspiration appeared on her brow. “Stick it inside,” she whispered, playfully biting Alan’s ear after the message had been delivered.

Alan did as he was told, inserting his middle finger deep in Shauna’s snatch. She shimmied and let out a slight moan. Alan was terrified that someone might hear it, but everyone else on the bus was being so loud that it went unnoticed. Alan inserted his finger deeper and deeper, and Shauna started panting more heavily. With one hand she grabbed the bus seat, and with the other she firmly grasped Alan’s thigh. Truth be told it hurt Alan a little bit, but it’s what she had to do to keep from squirming uncontrollably.

Alan kept at it, but he was nervous that one of his teammates or a cheerleader would turn around and see what was going on back there. Shauna seemed to have no such reservations. It was almost as though she’d completely lost control of her body, like she was having a sexual exorcism. Her hand that had been on Alan’s thighs kept grasping around until it wound up right on top of the bulge in his shorts.

It didn’t stay there for long. She wanted to feel Alan’s cock for real, to play with it, stroke it, and give Alan a sense of the pleasure that she was feeling. She slipped her hand under the leg of his shorts, and cupped his balls in her palm. She squeezed them like she was milking a cow, while Alan continued to finger her. “You like that?” she seductively whispered in his ear.

Alan could only moan. Shauna put her free hand over his mouth. “Careful, or we’re going to get caught,” she warned.

Her hand then made its way off Alan’s balls and onto his cock. She was surprised at his girth as she wrapped her delicate fingers around it. She wanted to know every inch of it, to feel it, to give it great pleasure. She squeezed it gently and ran her fingers up and down its length. With the tips of her fingers, she gently massaged the head of Alan’s penis, delicately tracing her finger over his slit and around the swollen head.

Alan was in heaven. He jerked off more times than he could remember, but he had no idea that a hand could give his dick such immense pleasure. Shauna started to stroke him harder. It was a feeling he never wanted to end.

“Yo Big Al, you alive back there?” Terrence shouted from a few rows up.

Instantly Alan and Shauna took their hands off each other, and Shauna rushed to pull her skirt back down. They were both flushed and sweating lightly. “Yeah, what’s up?” Alan replied, trying to mask his frustration.

“You do the homework for Hummell yet?”

Alan wiped the sweat from his brow. “Yeah, I finished it in class.”

“Lemme copy it.”

“Nah man, do it yourself,” Alan said angrily.

“Come on, dawg! I’d let you copy mine if you needed too.”

“When the fuck have I ever asked to copy your homework?”

“The fuck’s with you today? You pissed we gotta drive all the way out here to redneck country just so your ass can sit on the bench some more.”

It was a battle not worth fighting. “Shit you can copy it, but you owe me,” Alan said.

“You know I’ll get you back. I’ll get you a forty this weekend.”

Terrence hopped out of his seat and headed for the back of the bus. Alan was still erect, so he scrambled to throw his backpack over his lap. Terrence wound up sitting in the back for the duration of the ride, so Alan never got the chance to do anything about his erection.

Sitting in the locker room, it was awfully difficult for Alan to focus on the game at hand while his coach gave a speech to fire up the team. All he could think about how was just half an hour earlier he was getting stroked off by an ebony goddess. He prayed that there would be more action to come at a later time, but also feared that his one chance had been blown.

As luck would have it, he ran into Shauna right as the team exited the locker room. She grabbed him by the arm, and led him away from the crowd. “Hey you nasty boy,” she said.

Alan was instantly aroused. “Uh hey,” he stammered.

Shauna grabbed both his wrists, and guided his hands on top of her ass. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” she said seductively. “No panties.”

With every fiber in his body Alan wanted to make sweet love to that glorious ass. He wanted to spank it, kiss it, lick it, bite it, penetrate it, you name it. Unfortunately there was the small matter of having to play a basketball game. “I’m sorry, but I’ve got to get to the court before coach starts wondering where the fuck I am.”

“Okay Big Al,” Shauna said sweetly. “We can get nasty later.”

It was impossible for Alan to pay attention to the game as he rode the pine. It wasn’t until the cheerleaders came out between the first and second quarters that he really focused. His eyes were glued on Shauna. He wondered whether or not she’d put her red cheerleading panties back on, or if she really had the gall to perform with nothing under her skirt.

His question was answered early in the routine when Shauna did a leg kick, giving anyone who was paying attention a clear view of her shaved pussy. No one seemed to notice, but Alan’s coach did notice Alan’s head wasn’t in the huddle. “Al! Al!” the coach yelled. “What’s the matter, never seen a cheerleader before? Your ass is gonna be glued to the pine all game if you don’t get your shit together!”

The whole team laughed. For the rest of the timeout Alan kept one eye on his coach, and one on Shauna. He wasn’t treated to anymore views of her tight, teen pussy.

Surprisingly Alan actually got a little bit of burn in the second quarter. In his two minutes of action he missed his first shot, but later sunk a three pointer. As he ran back down the court, he looked over at Shauna and nodded his head. In turn she made deep eye-contact, and sensually sucked her finger. “How the fuck am I supposed to concentrate on the game?” Alan thought.

Even though he’d played well when he was in, Alan was back in his familiar spot on the bench when halftime came. To get to the locker room, the team would have to walk right by the cheerleaders who were waiting by the tunnel. Alan was talking with his boy Dante as they came upon Shauna. She turned around and lifted up the back flap of her skirt without saying a thing. Her ass was absolutely stunning. “Damn, you see that, fool!” Dante exclaimed.

Alan simply smiled and nodded, knowing there was a chance he’d be tapping that ass later. But in the meantime, he had to listen to another one of his coach’s mundane speeches and get ready for the second half.

When they emerged from the tunnel to take the court, the cheerleaders were right where they’d been earlier. As Alan walked by Shauna, he slyly grabbed a handful of her fleshy ass. Even in a gym full of people, not a soul noticed. His naughtiness was a turn-on to Shauna, and her pussy started getting wet. She was just as eager to fool around as Alan was.

The third quarter went by, and Alan didn’t get in the game at all. The cheerleaders were spending more time on the court than he was, but this certainly didn’t bother him. Alan had missed their halftime performance, but he was hoping the cheerleaders routine would be like the one earlier when he’d caught a glimpse of Shauna’s pussy.

It turned out to be much better. The routine began pretty normal, but halfway through the cheerleaders turned their back to the team, and faced the audience on the other side of the gym. They then did a move where they bent over and swept their pom-poms across the gym floor, and then they did it again. Shauna’s ass and pussy were flagrantly visable to anyone that was paying attention.

Amazingly no one else on Alan’s team seemed to notice, but the shocked gasps and grunts coming from the stands seemed to indicate members of the audience had. It turned Alan on knowing that there were probably plenty of old white men in the audience that would kill to tap that ass, but he was going to be the one to do it, at least if he played his cards right.

The game was a blowout, which meant Alan got to play for much of the fourth quarter. He scored one more basket, but this wasn’t the kind of scoring he was most concerned with in the moment.

As per routine, the coach gave a speech in the locker room afterwards. It was relatively short since the team had been so dominant. His words of encouragement and motivation ended with, “If you’re riding back with a parent, let me know. If you’re taking the bus back, you have twenty minutes to meet me there. And y’all better take a shower. Y’all smell like shit!”

Hoping the return trip would go the way of the bus ride earlier, Alan hurried to get ready. Normally he didn’t play enough to warrant even taking a shower, but having worked up a sweat playing the fourth quarter, he elected to take one for a change. Like most locker rooms, this particular one just had one large, communal showering area offering no privacy. Alan didn’t give a shit though, he was well-hung.

He’d only been showering for about a minute when he heard loud hooting and hollering coming from some of the players that weren’t in the shower. His teammates were naturally loud, so he just assumed someone had made a joke, or something.

He certainly wasn’t expecting what he saw just seconds later; Shauna was walking over towards the showers with nothing but a towel. She walked right up to the edge of the tile, and let the towel drop to the floor, exposing her incredible, curvy nude body.

The hooting and hollering got even louder, and some of the players even started high-fiving each other. Without saying a word, Shauna walked right up to Alan. “Now I see why they call you Big Al,” she said, dropping to her knees.

Before Alan could even think of a response, his cock was in her mouth, and his teammates were cheering emphatically. Shauna took the entirety of his flaccid dick down her throat, gently massaging it with her tongue. Alan’s dick felt so warm, so tender as she made oral love to it. At that moment in time, Shauna didn’t care that the whole basketball team was watching her. She didn’t care about anything other than pleasuring Alan’s penis.

In mere seconds Alan was rock hard. This was the moment he’d been waiting for all his life. Shauna kept bobbing back and forth, never loosening her mouth’s grip on Alan’s dick. Alan played with her tits while she gave him the blowjob of a lifetime. Dante, who was showering next to Alan, gave him a high five and said, “That’s my boy!”

Other players were jealous, and not nearly as supportive. “Don’t you want to suck on some real dick?” came an envious cry from another corner of the showers.

Shauna took Alan’s dick out of her mouth. “In your dreams.”

She then began tenderly licking and kissing Alan’s balls while stroking his shaft. She even took turns sucking on them, creating a loud popping noise every time one of his balls fell out of her mouth.

“You like sucking those sweaty balls?” another teammate jeered.

Alan liked having his balls licked, but what he really wanted was to get his cock sucked some more. While Shauna continued tickling his balls with her tongue, he gently grabbed her by the hair and pulled her away. With his other hand he grabbed his iron-hard rod and pressed it up against her lips. She got the message loud and clear, and started to suck him some more. Alan’s teammates clearly enjoyed it. “Suck that dick! Suck that dick!” they chanted.

With one hand Shauna massaged Alan’s balls, and with the other she reached under his legs to grab his ass. With his ass in her hand she guided Alan’s cock deeper and deeper down her throat until she accidently caused herself to gag. She then took her mouth off of Alan’s manhood for a brief second to catch her breath before delicately licking the head of his cock. She was very playful, licking the sensitive underside like a cat lapping up milk. She planted kisses on it, and sucked it ever so gently. Fearing he would soon cum, Alan pulled her head away and ordered her to stand up.

Shauna did as she was told, and got off her knees. She could’ve spent all day servicing Alan’s meaty cock, but it made her even hornier to see Alan taking control. Now standing up under the shower, she started making out with Alan while caressing his balls with her fingertips. As they french kissed, Alan could hardly believe that earlier that very same tongue had been playfully licking his cock.

Now Alan felt it was time to return the favor. Without warning, he spun Shauna around and pressed her up against the wall, right underneath the warm shower. The water ran down her back, making its way over her sexy crack and tight pussy. Alan’s firm cock was pressed right up against her perfect, round ass. She expected Alan to penetrate her, but he surprised her by kneeling down instead. He began kissing her thighs, making his way up higher and higher until his mouth was on her glistening ass.

Her ass was so fleshy but firm. Really, it was perfect. Alan’s primal instincts took over. He wanted to eat it all up, and cover every inch in salvia. He covered that silky ass in kisses, every once in awhile even biting it, kneading the brown flesh between his teeth. Shauna loved that. She grabbed Alan’s moppy head of hair and buried his head deep in her ass crack. Thankfully they were in the shower, and it was clean as could be. Alan licked it up and down before focusing his attention directly on Shauna’s asshole. He licked and kissed it, the meanwhile fingering her silky pussy.

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