Natalie, a Coed Story Ch. 03

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Note to readers: You might want to read the first two chapters in the series before this one or you might be lost. Also, this one gets a little dark, so if you are not into non consent stories and anal sex stories then you might want to skip ahead to about the two/thirds mark. I considered putting this in Non Consent/Reluctance but in the end it’s a story of a girl’s first time. Hope you enjoy, feedback is always welcome and I try to reply to all emails. Thanks for reading!


Dennis got up after a few minutes and went to the shower to rinse off. I was the one that needed a shower though as his juices were still dripping from parts of my face and mine were oozing from my vulva and down my butt. I lay there, a bit tired and sweaty, but mostly feeling still unsatisfied and emotionally weird. I was unsatisfied because I now knew how wonderful it felt to have a man’s erection inside me, but I hadn’t been truly fucked. My body tingled and craved more, and I knew I was too weak to resist if it was offered. Had Dennis returned from the shower with an erection and an urge to fuck me I would have laid right where I was, opened up as far as I could, and received his penis into me until he gave my womb a full dose of his baby batter. My mind and heart didn’t want it, but my body would not have let me say no.

Emotionally I was weirded out on several fronts. His last comment that next time he would bring enough money to fuck me emphasized that I was, despite the kisses and cuddles, just a body he paid for sex. A whore. My mind was okay with that, I had long believed that for the most part sex was a transaction, at least I had never felt an emotional drive to have it. I had yearned for hot guys, and I had cared for guys, but none had gotten inside me until I had a need for something they had, cash. Dennis had given me the advice to find someone more special to have my first time with, although I knew in an hour or so Dave would be sliding into home. That he had to remind me of the context made me feel even stranger. I had to wonder if I was too emotionally and romantically inept to have a normal relationship after all this time.

Finally there was the matter of whether I was a virgin still or not. Part of me said yes, but I think that was only because I wanted to be. I didn’t believe in the notion of giving away or losing one’s virginity like it was a physical thing. Its not an object, its a status. A status that when shared is lost. Had I shared it? I thought probably so but that depended on how one defined having sex. What I knew was Dave had been inside me for a minute or so, him motionless just enjoying the tightness of my warm, moist birth canal, and me, well I was involuntarily squeezing and massaging his cock. He seemed to thrust several times but said he was trying to pull out and slipped. I don’t know what he could have possible meant by “slipped” but at that point I had contracted particularly hard as my body sought to keep him in me. I knew though that from the moment he brought his cock towards my face, squeezing it so that the head was bright purple as if he was trying to keep more from coming out, until the first shot of goo landed on my face, was less that the time he spent pulling out.

He had plenty of time to put a dose of semen in me. As nice as he was, he was like one of the guys my dad plays golf with, and the idea of having his baby growing inside me was, in spite of my regular use of birth control… well I just couldn’t imagine it.

I thought I could figure it out on feel alone, but all I felt down there was wet and tingly. I put one hand over my girl parts, and with the other lifted myself up to my knees, I held my hand in place as I clenched up, trying to squeeze the juices from me, but nothing really came out. I stuck finger in my vagina trying to not think about how gross this was, and collected on it some of the fluid there. It was mostly clear but had a few whitish lumps in it and my heart sank. Whether he knew it or not, Dennis had spermed my pussy. Then to confirm a quick sniff. It smelled like sex, but not, well it smelled like me. Like the worst BO I could emit. It didn’t have the bleach scent of a man’s discharge. . Ugh, only one way to tell for sure. I had tasted his manhood after it came out of me and as it was shooting sperm everywhere so I knew what my juice and his sperm tasted like. I decided not to think about how gross what I was doing was and quickly sucked the wetness from my finger.

There was no taste of his sperm at all, just me. I got another finger full just to confirm. Nope, no man sauce taste at all, and even though it was gross, my just didn’t really taste bad at all. I could see why guys were okay with how nasty it was, the taste wasn’t that terrible. Kind of ainsey and a twinge of metal, but not bad.

It was just then that Dennis came out of the shower toweling himself dry.

“Hey, uh, I’ll show myself out if you want to get cleaned up.” He said, clearly not wanting to make small talk.

“Okay, see you in a couple weeks?” I asked as I kissed his casino şirketleri cheek.

“You bet. Now, you do as I say, you won’t regret it. Find a nice guy you’re connected with and get it on with him. That’s the memory you want, not some guy like me.” He said as he dressed and I gathered my things.

Dennis was right about one thing. I didn’t want him to be my first, so I decided that until someone else put it in, moved it around and actually had an orgasm inside me, I would still be at least mostly virgin.

The hot water of the shower was like a baptism washing away the sins of Dennis’s sweat and semen. I felt revived and throughly clean, especially after holding the hand held shower head to my privates for a good minute or two. I tried to save my make up but that was hopeless given the load he had sprayed on my face, so after the shower it took a while to reapply and I was a good hour before returning to the bar. I hurried as best as I could as I expected Dave to be waiting to fuck me, or another client. I didn’t expect a rather attractive woman about my age in a cocktail dress.

“You must be the new Brandi!” She smiled from the bar.

“Uh, no, she was the old Natalie. Can I help you?” I smiled back, not quite sure what was going on but not wanting to seem confused either.

“Sure, I’m the old Natalie! Pleased to meet you!” She laughed and extended her hand which I took and shook. It dawned on me who she was then.

“Where is Dave?”

“Let’s see, its the third of the month, he’s probably in the back doing the cuckold threesome from the swingers club. It is your first night isn’t it?”

“Yeah” I answered, having no idea what she meant.

“Well you look confused, let me ‘splain myself. Dave makes money three or four ways. One way is the waitresses giving him a cut. By the way, he left you an envelope under the tap. $300 is pretty good to put up with Dennis. He’s not a bad guy and he doesn’t try to stuff things up your ass, but it always creeped me out to have him watch me. Did he tip?”

“Another $300.”

“Whoa! You must have done something really weird for him.”

“Uh, no, not really. I think it was because I’m new.” I answered diplomatically.

“Yeah, he’s nice that way. Usually it took me two or three dates to get that much, but that was pretty easy to do most nights.”

“Is that why you left? Dave said you got a boyfriend.”

“Ha! Really? He told you that? No, I think they are called ‘pimps’ not ‘boyfriends’ in our line of work Natalie. See, that’s the second way he makes money. He has a few of us, mostly that started waitressing here, but a few he got from a strip club he used to bar tend at, and we are more upscale as far as prices. Now I spend the night with just one client, a couple nights a week, and.. well the money is a lot better and the work is, well, more pleasant. Dave is my hook up too and gets a cut. Finally, a couple times a month one of the local swingers groups meets here. You will make bank those nights, some guys will pay you a $300 just to be their date, no sex, no kissing or holding hands, just get them in the door. Single guys are not allowed, but women can bring two dates. Anyway, there are always more horny guys than there are women so, yeah, there is some money to be made. Even though most of the club women can do two or three guys, they are older and their husbands prefer sweet young thangs’ like us. They all rent rooms upstairs and several of us work it, but there is plenty of work and cash to be made.”

“And Dave gets a cut?”

“No, that you keep all of. He makes the door, which is $75 a person or $100 a couple. A few nights before the club organizers come by and Dave takes them back himself. As I understand it from Dave, the wife’s punishment for her husband’s running loose on club night is making him watch while Dave fucks the shit out of her. These aren’t normal people.” She whispered. “Anyway, by now you’ve found out what Dave’s real talent in life is.”

“Uh,, what do you mean?”

“You mean he didn’t give you the introductory fucking? Girl, he’s the best! Well, you won’t find out tonight, he’ll waste it all on the clients, can’t have them leaving upset or they might find a different hotel. I’m sure he’ll tag you in soon.”

“No, he just, well we did some stuff but not that.”

“Did he go down on you?”

“Go down.. you mean oral? Yes! But, well, between you and me, Dennis was…”

“Much better! I know. Dennis is gifted. Relish the times Dennis eats you, they are rare. He can drive you cray cray in bed when he does. Too bad he’s a germaphobe about it.”

“Is that what it was? A fear of germs?”

“Yep! No kissing!”

“See I thought it was because he thought I was a whore.”

“Oh it is, that’s all you are to him, a cum guzzling slut whore. He won’t kiss you, or offer any affection. He can’t because he can only imagine all the dicks in your mouth. He saves affection for his wife probably.”

“He said he was single.”

“He lied. They all do. It doesn’t matter. Married casino firmaları or single their money still spends and if we weren’t fucking them someone else would. Listen its time for my date. Why don’t you call me tomorrow and we’ll do lunch, I’ll be glad to tell you what I know and will help anyway I can. I know its a strange transition to make, nobody is born this way. Maybe soon you’ll be working with me instead. Trust me, its nice not having your income or sex life be so random.” She said as she jotted her number on the back of the envelope Dave left for me.

Then she rose and left, off to fuck some guy she may or may not have ever met before. No wonder guys would pay so much for her, her ass was spectacular.

I opened the envelope and found $300 from my part of Dennis, a key and a note. The note told me that the key was to the door and that I was to lock it and leave if he wasn’t back by nine. It was already past that. It continued to say he was sorry he wasn’t there to go over my first night with me but knew I did great, and was looking forward to seeing me at 4:30 tomorrow, and if I decided not to come to call and return the key. He said he was working with two clients that came to see him and would be busy all night probably, but wanted to spend some time with me before work tomorrow if I could. I took this to mean that our after hours romp tonight was being rescheduled.

I stuffed the money into my purse with my tip, locked the door and left.

The night air was cool but not cold, especially when it blew up my skirt to my moist, panty free privates, but by the time I got to my car my face felt warm, in fact I felt flushed all over. It took me a minute to figure this out as I had nothing to associate it with, but as I drove back to campus it occurred to me that I had been orally stimulated to orgasm twice, and masturbated myself once, but that Dennis having his cock in me for just a minute or so left me unsatisfied and wanting another one inside me pronto. It was as though my body was calling out for it, like when I’m sick and suddenly have the urge to drink orange juice to fight the cold. I was ailing and in need of a penis to fight the horny.

I took the interstate back to campus, but got off at the first exit since I knew how to go through the residential community necessary to get to campus that way. It was a lot faster than going two exits down and waiting through a jillion red lights. Towards the end of this area lay frat house row, so called because of the concentration of fraternity houses there. I tried to remember if we had a mixer scheduled this weekend but was pretty sure we didn’t. The Kaps had something going on, but I slowed down to look and didn’t see anyone I knew outside so I drove on. Their parties usually were closed to just them and their sister sorority and were not a lot of fun. About a block past that I saw a tall guy in a track suit and it took me a minute but I recognized him as Tim, my lab partner from Chem my freshman year. I slowed and rolled down the window.

“Need a ride?” I called out.

He looked startled for a second, looked around as if someone might be watching him, then came to my window.

“Natalie! How’s my favorite lab partner doing?”

“Good, just got off work, was looking for a mixer but I guess there isn’t one. What are you up to?”

“Oh, had a delivery to make to Kap, cheap bastards, cut the deal by half then told me I couldn’t even come in without a date. Just heading back to the dorm now.”

“Well hop in.”

Tim had come to school on an athletic scholarship but blew out his knee in summer practice and never played. The school had honored his scholarship, but had moved him from the athletic dorm to an extra room in married student housing. He was still with the team as a coaches assistant, but rumor had it that he was both the weed supplier and they guy who told everyone when the drug tests would be. I just knew he was a nice guy. We had coffee a few times after class and dinner once last year but it was purely platonic. Still he was attractive, in great shape and ripped with muscle all over. I know he wasn’t short of dates, and that is probably why when he hit on me last year I kept him at arms distance. There was another thing, he was mixed race. His father was black, his mother white, and with my white bread southern protestant upbringing that was quite a bridge to cross. That said, it wasn’t a big deal to me, it just made Tim part of that group of guys no one would have expected me to date and I would have felt some social pressure as a result. Nothing overt, just the silent stares and the changing of the subject from romance when ever I would be around. It was easier just to avoid it all since I was focused on school and not dating and screwing anyway.

As he got into the car and I saw his ripped frame, I began to reconsider the possibilities. I was pretty horny still as I mentioned before.

Married student housing, where he had been moved to even though he was single, was behind campus. He told me that they güvenilir casino had put him there as they needed to open a room in the athletic dorm to someone who was actually on the team and our school always had openings in married student housing. I didnt’ know where his apartment was in complex but he directed me and we found a parking place just outside his door. He was looking around scanning the place as we pulled in. We had talked and cut up the whole way over, it was just like we were in lab together all over again.

“Listen, I’d love to talk but I feel a little exposed out here.” He said.

“Why’s that?”

“Oh, its just the delivery I made, they came up short on money end so I had to cut their order in half, and I don’t liked carrying two ways.”

“You mean weed?”

“Yeah, but, listen, I’d uh, love to hang with you more,”

“Well I could come in” I blurted out without thinking. What the fuck Natalie, he’s a nice guy and all but a seedy dope guy and you? He’s going to think I’m flirting with him, I thought. Which, I guess I was.

“That’d be great! We can maybe watch a movie and hang out.” He smiled as he exited the car.

I turned it off and followed him in. His apartment was decorated like every other college guy’s, nothing matched and most of his furnishings should have been discarded on the curb in case some homeless person wanted to burn it to heat their refrigerator box. A futon with a couple of crate end tables were against one wall, one end taken up by his book bag, and this faced a big screen that was clearly too large for the steamer trunk it was sitting on that doubled as a coffee table. Across the room was a desk with a laptop and printer, and through the room across from the entry way was a doorway to the kitchen and bedroom. Glancing through all I could see were dirty dishes in one and dirty laundry in the other. Given the ratio between dishes and laundry I thought I knew which was the bedroom. A bathroom finished the floor plan and it seemed reasonably tidy. Maybe he had company before.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“Sure, anything” I replied.

“Cool, pick out something to watch, the dvds are over there.” He said without pointing. I saw a stack on the end of a book case and went to look through them. Had I noticed the large rack of dvd’s on their own rack beside the TV, the night might have taken a different turn, but instead I saw a stack of three or four just at the end of the top shelf closest to the TV. All were porn, and pretty explicit box covers greeted me. Two of them claimed to be the best in “Giant Black Cocks on White Sluts” and from the pictures, well, that was what the movie was about. The other appeared to be mostly about lesbians.

“Uh” was all I could say when he came back in carrying two frosted beer glasses filled with some sort of red drink, and a bong that has a generous bowl of herbal goodness in it.

“Oh, I meant the other stack, there, on the shelf.” He grinned, “I guess you think I’m a perv but”

“No worries” I smiled. How could I think he was a perv? I had two wads of man goo swimming in my tummy from two complete strangers. Who was I to judge?

“I, well I’ve never seen a porno, can we watch one?” I asked, or rather my libido did. I was still in the condition Dennis had left me in, and Tim wouldn’t have to do much to be the lucky beneficiary of me being so worked up from earlier. Basically just not fuck up at this point. Given that he was a 20 year old hormonally charged jock, I considered that likely, and as usual, I was right.

“Well, uh” he stammered, “Those might be kind of harsh to start with.”

“Let’s see, ‘Giant Black Cocks on White Sluts’; how would you describe your self Tim, ‘giant’?”


“I’m not really a slut, at least I don’t think so. Not yet anyway! So maybe this is just semibiographical!” I laughed then sipped the concoction in the beer glass. It was fruity and tart, but really good. “What is this?”

“Uh, Cranberry and Vodka. Thought you might like it. And I’m only half black” He grinned.

“Its really good, I’ve never really drank before though. Are you trying to get me drunk? Which half?” I giggled.

“No no, I just… what do you mean which half? My dad, I thought you knew that”

” No, I meant top or bottom.” I replied with a giggle. “It’s okay Tim, I’m just fucking with you. And I’ve drank before, but, wow, this is really good. I have a new favorite.” I said as I handed him the DVD. I was seated in the middle with his bookbag to my left. I slipped my shoes off and pulled my feet up onto the couch so I was sitting on my right thigh. From there I pulled an afghan that was on the back of the futon over me under the pretense of it being chilly.

Tim sat beside me with bong and remote, and I passed my glass over him onto the end table. He fired up the bong, took a hit and handed it to me. Before the FBI warnings were over I was euphoric on top of being horny as hell. Whenever I reached for my glass my boobs pressed up against him and he would lift his arm to let me reach across. I finally took his arm, tugged on it until it was wrapped around me and my head was resting on his shoulder and chest. This was about ten minutes in to the worst plot for a movie I had ever seen.

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