Nancy’s Summer Job

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Chapter 1

Nancy Nichols just finished her junior year at UNLV and decided to stay in town during the summer and take a couple of courses to relieve her crowded senior year schedule, rather than return to her parents’ home in Chicago. She had been looking for a part time summer job in Las Vegas by searching on the internet as well as the local newspaper. One morning she came across an interesting ad on line at a Las Vegas job site.

It read, “Temporary summer employment for a female college student as receptionist/model for a small firm in suburban Las Vegas. With no exceptions the applicant must be skilled in Microsoft Office software with good phone manners, 21 to 25 years old, slender, 5′ 2″ to 5′ 4″ height, shoe size 6-1/2, bra size of 36 C, and be willing to model high heel footwear and other items for the company catalog.”

Nancy not only met the requirements of the job posting, she was also very pretty with blue eyes and medium length blond hair that she had put in an “up” style hairdo.

There was a phone number to call for more information during regular business hours.

Nancy was intrigued with the ad; first of all because there was a bra size requirement for this job and it so happens that her bust size was exactly a 36 C which caused her to read the rest of the ad in detail. Coincidentally, she met all of the other requirements listed, so on a lark she called the phone number from her cell phone.

A pleasant women’s voice greeted her by answering, “Monica’s Stilettos and Lingerie”.

“Oh, I was calling about the temporary receptionist job that was advertised on the internet at the ‘Jobs in Las Vegas’ site,” Nancy announced.

“I see. Do you meet all of the requirements listed?” she questioned.

“I believe so,” she answered.

The women asked her to hold while she switched Nancy to another woman who identified herself as Monica Morgan, the store owner and manager of a retail shoe store that also sold women’s lingerie including bras and corsets among other items. Monica indicated that they were looking for an ultra-high heel shoe model as well as a lingerie model to update the merchandise section of their website. She went on to explain that they knew many college students were looking for part time or temporary work while going to summer school, so they wanted this same person to relieve their current receptionist who also was only part time since she worked a second job as well. Monica asked Nancy if she currently wore any high heels and if so, what height were they.

“I recently found a couple of pairs of 4-5/8 inch high stiletto heels and wear them when I dress up since they are about the highest you can now find in any of the department stores. Since I’m only 5 feet 2 inches tall, they make me feel so much taller when I wear them,” she responded to her question.

“Good, give me your name and I’ll start an information sheet on you and if it seems like you would be a good fit for the job, you can come in for an interview,” the Monica explained.

Nancy went on to answer all of Monica’s questions concerning her personal information including her physical measurements. Monica said that she seemed to meet all the requirements that they had in mind and asked if she could come in for an interview this afternoon at 1:00 PM where she would get all the details of the potential job. Nancy was definitely interested but wanted to know more about the modeling part of the job, so she agreed to come for the interview.

She decided to wear her light grey business-type suit. The pencil skirt was hemmed to just above the knees with a matching jacket that was worn over a red cotton blouse. A four inch red patent belt was tightly cinched on the outside of the jacket which showed off her 26-1/2 inch waist. A red patent purse and matching 4 inch stiletto heeled pumps completed her outfit. She stopped and ate a quick lunch at a fast food restaurant before arriving at exactly 1:00 PM at the south suburban location of the office near the Town Square area where she had been directed.

It was located in a rather new, large two story building containing other retail and wholesale businesses in different sections. Nancy entered the business through the front door that led into a small reception area that also doubled as an alternate shoe fitting room. A larger fitting room was located in another room in the section of the two story building that they had leased. The reception desk was located at the front of the room near the small display window. A very pretty young woman was setting behind the desk and asked if she was Nancy Nichols. She indicated that she was and that she was here for the interview.

“Please set down and I’ll tell Ms. Morgan that you’re here,” the girl said as she picked up the intercom phone and dialed a number.

After hanging up the phone, the receptionist led Nancy to a door on the side of the room and into an office area. Nancy noticed the young receptionist wore a dark blue business suit, much like Tuzla Escort her own, except that the pencil skirt was hemmed to mid-thigh. Also she had on a pair blue suede pumps that had stiletto high heels that she guessed were about 4-1/2 inches high which was the current fashion trend! A striking middle aged woman who had been setting at a large desk stood up and introduced herself to Nancy as Monica Morgan while the tall receptionist turned and left the room.

“I’m happy you could make it on such short notice,” Monica greeted Nancy.

“That’s OK since my summer classes don’t start for another two weeks,” she answered.

Monica was dressed in a conservative black business suit with the skirt hemmed to just above the knees, a white silk blouse, black nylons, and not so conservative 5-1/2 inch or higher stiletto heeled black pumps with needle toes! Nancy later learned that they were actually 5-5/8 inch heels.

“Set down and let’s go over the information that you gave me over the phone,” Monica suggested as she picked up the information sheet and application that she and started for Nancy.

First of all, Monica explained that she had started the business about six years ago as a small storefront in an older small strip mall south of the Tropicana Casino and Hotel. Her business expanded and went on line, so two years ago she moved to this location to have more room and added staff.

She then went to explain the details of the job requirements that had already been covered in the earlier phone conversation. Monica also indicated that they particularly wanted the part time applicant to wear size 6-1/2 shoes as that was the typical display size that they used and was the same as what they wanted for photographic modeling. She said, Debby, the current part time girl that just showed Nancy into the office had a size 7-1/2 shoe size and also couldn’t be used for bra modeling because of having a small B cup bra size.

Monica went on to say that when Nancy was on duty as a receptionist, she would answer the phones, schedule appointments with the sales people, greet and direct vendors to the proper buyers, and help any walk-in customers. She would be responsible to assist them by alerting the proper sales person, or showing the shoes and lingerie that were on display in the front window or showing them the pdf or jpg pictures that could be viewed on a computer screen on a small table located near the display window across from the receptionist’s desk. Finally, she was to check out any paying customers at a cash register on the other side of the reception area from her desk.

Finally, Monica asked if Nancy had any problems or concerns with the job requirements so far. Nancy said that she didn’t have any major problems, but asked about the bra modeling requirement. Monica said that if there was a personal issue, any photographs would not include her face in any of the modeling sessions if she so desired. Nancy was satisfied with that arrangement and went on to say that would be Ok with her. At that point, Monica said that there was one more requirement for the job that had not been talked about so far and asked if Nancy would stand up and remove her jacket. She complied and stood with her 36 C rounded bra cups displaying her figure in a complementary fashion.

“You have a very nice figure,” Monica commented as Nancy folded the jacket and set it on one of the chairs in the room.

“However most of the bras we sell are more of the pointed cup variety rather the rounded shape you are wearing now. The cone and bullet bras are starting to come back in style in general, but there has always been a niche market for them particularly for use in various costumes and individuals that are into fetishes like we cater to. The same is true for the corsets and ultra high heels. Why don’t you take off your blouse and bra and I’ll see how well you fill out one of our cone bras,” Monica suggested.

Nancy complied and started unbuttoning her blouse while Monica went to what looked like a large vertical filing cabinet and retrieved a white bra from one of its drawers. She returned to where Nancy was standing when she was just starting to take off her bra.

“Here, let me help you with that,” she said to Nancy as she stepped behind her and un-hooked the clasp and slid the bra off over her shoulders freeing her breasts.

She deposited Nancy’s old bra on the same chair as Nancy had put her blouse and then picked up the new cone shaped bra and returned to face Nancy and inspect her firm pear shaped breasts. Because of the cool room air, her already unusually long red nipples hardened and extended even further from her slightly puffy pink areolas! Nancy was slightly embarrassed as her nipples seemed to act on their own. However, she had always been proud of her firm breasts and long nipples even though she didn’t flaunt them except when she had let a few boyfriends work them over during foreplay. In fact, there had been times when she actually had orgasms Gebze Escort with just nipple stimulation!

“I must say you really have some fabulous nipples. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble filling out our cone bras. Let’s see how they measure up with full stimulation,” Monica observed as Nancy continued to mildly blush.

She walked over to the same cabinet and from a different drawer, pulled out an aerosol spray can with a thin plastic straw attached to the nozzle, and walked to Nancy’s front.

“This is a skin sensitizing agent that I’ll spray on both your areolas and nipples to further arouse them and see how they really do perform. Don’t worry it only lasts about a half an hour at the most, but it will give me time to see how you look in that cone bra with a super tight sweater,” Monica declared as Nancy stood, sort of mesmerized by these latest announcements.

She then asked Nancy to stand very still and then started to spray, in a circular motion, around the outer edge of her right areola and then worked the tiny extended nozzle all the way down to the very tip of the nipple! Monica quickly completed the same operation on her left areola and nipple as Nancy sucked in her breath as the sensitizing agent, coupled with the releasing cold spray from the aerosol can, worked its magic on both of her areolas and nipples! Nancy’s nipples literally exploded as they stiffened and became a brighter shade of red and extended out to 3/4 inch in length. The one inch diameter areolas had tapered down to three quarters of an inch at the nipple base and became a darker shade of pink! Her areolas had now actually become a part of her lengthening nipples. Nancy had never seen them respond to that extent before. Her nipples and areolas were now so sensitive that she could feel the slightest breeze from the overhead air conditioner vents in the room. Nancy had never before been as sexually excited as she was now without have an orgasm. Her hyper sensitive nipples were sending sensual signals directly to her clitoris and she realized that if her nipples were ‘exercised’ at all, she definitely would have an orgasm!

Monica quickly started putting the cone bra on Nancy and tightened the shoulder straps such that her breasts were formed into perfect sharp pointed cones with her nipples trying to escape through sharply pointed tips of the cone bra, essentially further heightening her sexuality. Nancy could actually feel the material at the bra tips essentially rubbing her hyper-sensitive nipple tips!

Monica’s then got a sleeveless red sweater, actually a shell, out of the cabinet and pulled it over Nancy’s head and stuffed the tail under her skirt waist band before tightly cinching the patent leather belt at the waist. The result was unbelievable as the cone cups stretched the thin red sweater-like shell to the point of tearing through the thin material!

“You look like a true ‘sweater girl’ of the fifties or sixties with a little added flare to bring out your good points,” Monica excitedly exclaimed while Nancy examined herself in a full length mirror on the wall near the cabinet.

Nancy was impressed with how she looked with those tight fitting cone cups forcing her firm breasts into perfect points! Her sensitized nipples and areolas continued to be extremely sexually aroused and caused a warm feeling flushing through her entire body. She also continued to feel the slightest movement of the bra cups against her super hard nipples which kept her on the edge of an orgasm while forcibly filling out those sharp pointed tips. She was sure that there was dampness inside her panties and hoped they would absorb it and hoping Monica did not detect the extent of her arousal.

“Don’t you think it’s a little extreme?” Nancy cautiously asked.

“That’s the idea. When people see you in our new catalog on the website, orders will fly in. We’ll hide your face, for privacy reasons,” she responded.

She continued, “We also have an opened tipped version of this cone bra that I’ll have you model, but I also want to get those nipples of yours into training so that they’ll really set off the open tipped version of the bra!”

“Does that mean I get the job?” Nancy asked.

“Absolutely, you are the hands down winner, but let’s add another thing to this picture and see what you think,” Monica answered as she went to the same cabinet and picked out a pair of red patent opera pumps with stiletto heels.

They had heels that were over six inches in height that arched the instep of the shoe to the absolute vertical position. Monica had Nancy set down and remove her four inch heeled pumps and replace them with the new ultra high heel pair that had 6-5/16 inch stiletto heels for her size 6-1/2 shoe! They also had sharp pointed needle toes and ‘V’ shaped toe cut outs that exposed much of her toe cleavage. Nancy correctly pointed her toes while slipping on each shoe.

Monica told her to set there a minute with her feet out in front of the chair to Aydınlı Escort get the feel of the new heel height. Setting with her feet flat on the floor caused her ankles to flex to a position of about 100 degrees, or 10 degrees past the vertical, which caused some straining of her ankle muscles and tendons. Nancy had taken ballet classes in high school, so she was much more able to flex her ankles to that extreme than most women without high heel or ballet training. After setting flat footed in those shoes for a minute or so, she began flexing and stretching her ankle muscles, before attempting to stand in them.

“I know you won’t be able to stand long in those shoes, but I wanted you to get the initial feel for them and see how they re-shape your legs. I think you’ll really like them,” Monica commented as Nancy continued to exercise her ankles.

“Oh, I know about that as I took ballet classes in high school and have done some heel raises recently since higher heels have been in back style since the mid 2000’s and even high ones recently. As I said before I recently found a couple of pairs of 4-5/8 inch, extra-high heels in my size. When I wear them it gets me up to over 5′ 6-1/2″ in height and I love it. The problem is I don’t have many places to wear them, but now I feel that I should have worn them today,” Nancy explained.

“Well now you do have a place to wear them here at the store since they will be a part of your business attire. Since you have some previous ballet training, I think we can easily start you off in the 5-1/4 or 5-5/8 inch heels since those are the first two heights in your 6-1/2 shoe size. OK, now let’s see if you can stand correctly in these pumps,” she quickly suggested.

At this point, Monica indicated that she would help her stand, but that she was to keep her knees locked back, and balance in the shoes by shifting her weight around from side to side and heel to toe to get the proper balance in them. She went on to explain that all their ultra-high heels were designed to fully distribute to weight around the foot by forcing the outside of the toes downward so that the entire weight was not simply on the ball of the foot. This was accomplished by narrowing and raising the shoe toe box itself in the center so that there was a much better distribution of weight to the outside of the foot, away from the ball of the foot, and in turn be much more comfortable for the wearer.

Monica helped Nancy stand in those vertically arched instep pumps and held her steady as she started to gain some confidence in them. As Monica explained, Nancy did lock her knees back and was able to delicately shift her weight around between her toes and heels as well as from the left to the right side of each foot and found the correct balance needed to properly stand in such extremely high heels. The longer Nancy stood in those heels; she actually became rather confident in them even though the muscles and ligaments were stained causing considerable pain at the front of her arches. At this point, Monica let Nancy stand on her own while she concentrated on maintaining her balance such high heels.

Nancy then looked at herself in the full length mirror and observed how her calf muscles flared so beautifully in those heels! Between the extremely pointed cone bra stretching the sweater material and the vertically arched, needle pointed toe stiletto pumps; Nancy realized that she really did present a thrilling erotic pose that she now secretly admired!

“Wow, I see what you mean by re-shaping my leg muscles. They really cause the calf muscles to flare,” she exclaimed.

“Those muscles will become more accustomed to ultra high heels and tend to become even more shapely in time,” Monica explained.

She moved the chair out of the way and told Nancy to stand up straight while she took some pictures in her new bra, sweater, and shoes. She took a digital SLR from the cabinet and told Nancy to turn her head away from the camera during each shot. Monica took a series of pictures from various angles while Nancy turned her head as directed. For the full frontal shot she took the picture from Nancy’s neck down avoiding her face altogether.

Nancy then said she wanted to take a few steps in these shoes just to get the feel of what would be required to walk in them. She did a few twelve inch half steps and adjusted her balance accordingly to properly shift her center of gravity during each step which took a lot of concentration! Gaining confidence, Nancy started taking full strides of about fourteen inches and proudly did a few catwalk style strides around the room ignoring the pain in the front arch of her insteps that was much worse than when she was just standing in that that heel height!

“I see you did very well in those heels for the first time, but we’ll start you off full time in 5-5/8 inch stilettos until you really get comfortable in in them in all street situations. In your size, the insteps are arched to 71 degrees with a heel angle of 47 degrees. The 24 degree difference between the arch and heel angles produce the maximum heel high in any of the ultra high heights. However I see that it’s not going to take you long to master any of those ultra high heel heights,” Monica explained in a business like fashion.

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