Nancy Controls Her Household Ch. 05

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This story involves incest, spanking and other punishments as well as several bodily functions, including defecation and menstruation. If any of that offends you, please read no further. All characters are over 18. This story will likely make more sense if you first read the first four chapters first because events here do refer back to what occurred in those chapters.

Maryann and Glenda, Meg’s two graduate teaching assistants in her Women’s Studies class at the University, came home with her from class one late afternoon. When they arrived, they were greeted by Meg’s mother-in-law, Nancy, who smiled to see them although Meg had left her in their charge recently for a week. During that time, they disciplined her severely but by the end, all were getting along fine and spent a lot of the time in bed enjoying each other.

Meg and her husband Keith joined the group when they returned from their vacation. Now Meg gave her aides a funny look and disclosed to them that she and Nancy were having their periods. Glenda laughed and then said, “You tell her, Maryann!”

Maryann smiled and managed to say, “We are too, Professor.” Meg grinned and then laughed before warning her, “I told you that here I’m Meg, and that’s how I want you to call me.”

“Sorry, Meg,” Maryann responded coolly.

Meg looked at her surprised mother-in-law and immediately burst out, “We’re going to have a period party!”

“But what about Keith?” Nancy asked, worried that her son, Meg’s husband, might be freaked by four menstruating women celebrating at the same time.

“He’s sucked my bleeding cunt,” Meg confided, “so maybe he’ll do the same for all of you.”

“I think we all need to head for my bathroom so we can all check our protection,” Meg announced, as she led the way upstairs to the large master bathroom in her master suite. Nancy always had a tinge of remorse here because when she had been married, before her husband died, this had been her bedroom and bath.

Once there, Meg sat on the open toilet and unbuckled her slacks and yanked them down along with her white shiny panties. A white string was hanging out of her nicely trimmed pubic hair. She looked over at Nancy, seated on a chair in the spacious bathroom and motioned to her to follow suit. The middle-aged Nancy, all of 48, lifted her tweed skirt above her waist and pulled down her white cotton full briefs. All could see the blood-stained maxipad attached to her panty crotch. Nancy had a full bush, too. She carefully placed some tissues beneath her so that she wouldn’t stain the chair with her flow.

Meg pointed to the tub and Glenda and Maryann sat themselves on its edge. Both were in stylish slacks, which quickly came down, and each was wearing hicut pale blue panties, each sported a blue string hanging out of their shaved quims.

“It’s time for tampon removal!” Meg cried with glee, totally enjoying what she knew might still be a freaky sort of fun for her mother-in-law as well as the young women who assisted her in teaching her course.

She pulled out her large tampon which was pretty well soaked on all sides but still had a white area down above the string. She swung the soiled tampon around her finger as if it were a cylindrical yo-yo. Glenda and Maryann now extracted their tampons: Maryann’s was a smallish o.b. and Glenda’s a Tampax slender regular. Both were well used with dark blood stains and some clots on the sides.

“You two probably needed a change badly,” Meg remarked, as her bluntness produced noticeable blushes on the faces of her aides. “Oh, come on,” she urged them, “you have to get into the spirit of this occasion! We’re going to enjoy it. Do either of you have cramps or other period pain?” she asked.

Maryann nodded yes and Meg, Nancy, and Glenda all asked at about the same time if they could give her a massage.

She quietly said that would be lovely and asked if she could replace her tampon because she was nervous with it out and was still flowing fairly heavily. Meg told her, “Of course, sweetie. Go ahead.”

Maryann was nervous inserting a new little o.b. she took out of her purse. She managed to strip off the plastic covering and hold it in her thumb and forefinger as she also held her labia apart. Then she pushed the little white plug into her vagina and with her forefinger made it go in as far as she could push. She felt that it was situated correctly and withdrew her finger, disclosing the string.

Glenda was embarrassed because her used tampon had a lot of ugly clots on the sides. She too wanted to put a new one in right away.

“OK,” Meg assured her, “but we may want to play with you later.”

Then she told Nancy she could put a new maxi in her panties, which the middle-aged mother-in-law proceeded to do. The others couldn’t help but notice that as she rolled up the soiled pad, they saw the major stains and clots on it. Glenda and Maryann were wondering if they would still bleed like that when they reached what they regarded as Nancy’s advanced age.

Meg had not Escort Bayan replugged. She summoned the other three to take turns licking and sucking her bleeding quim. Glenda began and knelt between Meg’s spread legs and applied her tongue to Meg’s spread labia. She liked licking other girls and soon had her tongue insinuated into Meg’s warm vagina. Meg’s juices were flowing as well as her period, so Glenda enjoyed the rich feminine flavor of her favorite professor.

After she had brought Meg to a quick orgasm, Nancy took over, her new maxi quite visible through her white granny panties. Nancy was surprisingly adept at servicing her daughter-in-law’s pussy. She approached Meg’s split slowly and while she licked softly, enjoying the flavor in a more restrained way, she let her own forefinger reach under and probe Meg’s anal opening.

When that finger penetrated Meg’s anal ring, the 30-ish professor began to writhe much more than when it was only her quim that was being stimulated. Meg had a really sensitive asshole and loved it to be penetrated, even by her husband’s sizeable cock. She was now about to explode in heat and when she did Nancy was hit in her face by the flow that burst from Meg’s vagina.

Meg took a few minutes to come down from her excitement by which time Nancy had urged Maryann to lie down on her back on the thick carpet. Then Nancy was joined by Glenda as they unbuttoned Maryann’s blouse, unhooked her bra, removed both, as well as her slacks and undies. Then they applied their fingertips to soothe her sore muscles all over.

Glenda picked up on how Nancy had invaded Meg’s bottom-hole and approached her colleague Maryann’s anus with her finger. She reached inside and Maryann tried to forestall her finger back there, telling her quietly not to push inside, please.

Slightly mystified by this resistance to anal intrusion, Glenda was just surprised. Maryann now was very embarrassed and began to shed tears.

“Are we hurting you, dear?” Nancy asked, showing motherly concern.

“N-o-o-o, N-n-n-ancy,” Maryann managed to stutter, “but, oh this is awful, but I-I-I am…going to need to do Number Two v-v-very soon.”

“Oh goody,” Meg cried, now refreshed from her wonderful orgasms. She waited until the other two had massaged Maryann all over and made her feel more comfortable, even though she realized she had to hold in her incipient bowel movement.

Maryann asked if she could get up on the toilet and Meg told her that just this time, she should squat on the tub edge and do it in the tub.

“Yikes,” Maryann exclaimed, “I’ve n-n-never done it that wa-y-y-y.”

Meg came over and put her soothing arm around Maryann’s shoulders and helped her to stand and then to squat over the edge of the tub so that her bottom was right out over the empty tub.

Maryann had been stimulated anally by Glenda’s finger and she did not have to embarrass herself further by straining or grunting. She sat quietly and soon the stupefied Nancy and Glenda, and the imperturbable Meg watched intently as a brown sausage poked out of Maryann’s cute little anus and then surged out, reaching a 10-inch length before tailing off and coiling down in the tub.

Meg nodded to the other two as she began clapping her hands and they all applauded as Meg led a chorus of “Maryann made a doody!”

Once the hubbub had subsided, Meg came back over to a desolated Maryann and put her arm around her to console her.

“Now, now, Maryann dear,” she said calmly, “we all love you and were just having a bit of fun. I’m sorry if this all hurt your feelings.”

Maryann stifled some sobs and leaned into Meg’s welcoming arms. Meg bent to kiss her on the lips and then took toilet paper and had Maryann move up so Meg could wipe her bottom-hole and flip the soiled tissue into the toilet. She wiped until the paper came out clean and then suggested that Maryann pull up her panties.

Then Meg looked over at Glenda and addressing her as well as Maryann, broke out into a smile: “I think we have learned something here. We should have this scene re-enacted in class. Then we can demonstrate the proper way for women to wipe from front to back.”

Recovering her acerbity, Maryann snapped, “Just don’t ask me to be the demonstrator, if you don’t mind, Miss Meg.”

Meg and Glenda laughed with Maryann. Nancy, too, joined in.

Then Nancy decided to broach an idea she had to the other three.

“I’d really like to audit your class, Meg,” she managed to ask. “I hope you wouldn’t mind. Even at my age, I think there are things I could learn there. I promise not to disrupt or do anything to embarrass you.”

The request took the assured professor by surprise. Here was her formerly dominant mother-in-law asking permission to audit, a situation in which she would be barred from speaking in class unless Meg decided to call on her.

Meg grinned at the sudden request but regained her senses and responded, “Of course, Nancy, I think I’d be happy to have you there. Some of Bayan Escort it may bore you, some might entertain you, and some will offend you. But please sign up as an auditor, I’ll sign off on your application. They will charge you a modest fee.”

Nancy looked happy at Meg’s response. Maryann and Glenda maintained straight faces as they considered silently what Meg might have up her sleeve.


After two weeks when Nancy got into the routine of going to Meg’s Women’s Studies class at the university, she began to make some friends with the young women students in the class. Meg did not call on her to say anything, but Maryann came by and introduced her to a tall, red-haired, 19-year-old sophomore named Barbara Kaye, who needed a partner for the class.

This was necessary because Meg assigned homework to the students and often, they needed to work with a partner to complete the assignment. Barbara was an odd one out and needed a partner, so Maryann cleared it with Meg and brought the two together. Barbara smiled when Nancy explained why she was there—as an auditor—and said she was happy to work with her.

Auditors were rarely involved in a class to this extent. Nancy did not realize this, but Maryann did and figured Meg would eventually disclose what she was planning for Nancy.

Meg didn’t like her class to be disrupted by students coming and going. She had announced that she would not allow anyone to leave for the bathroom or any place else, or if they insisted on leaving, they could not come back to the class that day and would be docked points on their grade.

A few girls raised their hands and argued that she was being very dictatorial. She responded that no one had to take the course. She added that it was their responsibility to take care of bathroom needs as well as anything else prior to class time.

During the second class Meg was teaching that was audited by Nancy, the subject was women’s health. Meg explained many aspects of female anatomy and their implications for how women needed to care for themselves. She encouraged them to make sure that their partners—of either sex—made sure that they were lubricated vaginally “and of course anally” before any sexual encounter.

In the middle of the class, Nancy realized she had an impending need to go to the bathroom. She now was worried that she might do a jobbie in her panties if she didn’t leave. But she didn’t want to anger Meg and miss the rest of the class. She stood up and Meg stared at her: “Are you planning to leave?”

Nancy’s face turned red and she managed to say that she desperately needed to use the toilet.

“Well, come up here and we’ll use your situation to demonstrate some aspects of toilet use for women,” Meg said pleasantly.

Now Nancy was terror-stricken. She was imagining how Meg might embarrass her when she was very vulnerable. But she slowly walked to the front. In the front of the class was a standard scientific layout: a large basin, water faucet, and Bunsen burner.

“Do you need to go now?” Meg asked her very directly.

“Yes, Professor,” Nancy answered and figured she would anticipate the next question, “I am about to have a bowel movement. This is horribly embarrassing, but it is the truth. If I could hold it in until class ends, I would have done that.”

“Very well,” Meg responded offhandedly. “Come over here and raise your skirt and lower your panties, please.”

Nancy was very much taken aback and was totally fearful of what Meg was going to do. But she did what she was told. Meg had this way, she thought, of getting everyone to do what she told them to do.

The 47-year-old woman now held her skirt up and had lowered her panties to just above her knees. Her face was totally red.

“Now I want you to sit on the edge of this large tub facing the front and let your rear hang out over the tub,” Meg continued to direct her mother-in-law.

Nancy now understood that this was what Meg had made Maryann do: make a doody in the tub. She also realized it was going to happen and she could not prevent the shame.

Then came the totally embarrassing order: “You may now go ahead and do your business in the tub. Do it now. You said you were desperate to go.”

Nancy sat on the edge, facing away from the class, for which she was grateful in that they could not see her shame on her face. She felt the bowel movement right inside her anus, in her rectum, pressing on her anal sphincter. She didn’t think she could do this, but she knew she couldn’t hold it in much longer.

Suddenly, the movement slid out of her bottom-hole quickly and with a loud, crackling sound. It was absolutely clear even to those in the back of the lecture hall who couldn’t see what was happening clearly as it was to those in front who could that Nancy had shit in the tub.

There was a dead silence in the hall. Meg figured that either everyone would be too shocked to respond or would cheer or applaud. She was pleased that they were silent.

She Escort came over to Nancy and thanked her for demonstrating what would happen to any woman in the situation she had found herself.

“Had you been unable to leave the room in time to get to the ladies’ room, you would have gone in your panties, wouldn’t you have?” she asked Nancy, who felt totally abased.

Nancy nodded and at Meg’s prompting, answered softly, “Yes, I would have, Professor.”

“Now I want you to wipe the way you all have been told is the correct way,” Meg went on. She handed Nancy a full roll of thick toilet tissue and pointed to a waste container that was within reach of where Nancy was sitting.

Shamefaced, Nancy took some of the tissue from the roll and wiped herself, starting in her front over and in her vulva and pushing back to clean her anus and surrounding area.

“Show me the tissue,” Meg ordered abruptly.

Without giving Nancy time to think and thus possibly to resist this further shaming, Nancy showed her the soiled tissue, which had large brown stains on it.

“You can throw that in the container and wipe again,” Meg continued. “I want you to wipe just the way you did until the paper emerges totally clean.”

While Nancy was wiping, three times in toto, Meg addressed the class.

“I know you think this was merely something done to embarrass our auditor, but it has a pedagogical aim,” she lectured. “Many of you know that wiping the other way, from rear to front between your legs, is dangerous because of the likelihood of introducing anal bacterial specimens into the vulva and worse yet, the vagina. So, I wanted to make you remember that you always wipe your vulva first and push the tissue back to wipe your anal area and its environs last.”

She looked at Nancy, who was suffering complete abasement, and told her she had served to remind everyone in this class about how women needed to wipe after defecating. She smiled and told Nancy to pull up her underpants and let her skirt down. When Nancy had done that, she motioned that the embarrassed woman could return to her seat.

“I’m going to ask all of you to do this with your partner as an assignment for next time,” Meg now announced. “You will not be as embarrassed, I hope, because your partner will be the only one witnessing your defecation and wiping.”

Soon thereafter the class ended and everyone filed out. No one wanted to prolong Nancy’s embarrassment by speaking to her or even consoling her. They did pity her, and some knew she was Meg’s mother-in-law and figured this was payback time for Meg.

That it was, and Meg called Maryann and Glenda over.

“That was pretty major, Professor,” Glenda volunteered.

“Yes, it was,” Meg answered without emotion. “But none of those girls will ever forget how to wipe now.”

Maryann replied that Meg was no doubt right about that. “I know I’ll never forget it and you tried it out on me,” she said, “and now I’m actually glad that I didn’t have to be the one to do my business in front of a packed lecture hall of young women.”

Meg smiled and then showed that she could do things, if not in front of a crowd, that many would find repellent. She walked over to the tub, took some toilet tissue from the roll, wrapped Nancy’s turds in the toilet paper, and deposited all of it into the waste container. She then picked up a sponge from under the lab table and wiped the tub down where Nancy had pooped. She washed off the sponge under the water spigot on the lab table and returned it to the shelf under the table. She also removed the inner plastic bag from the waste container, closed it with the clasp provided, and set it down to deposit in the main disposal area.

“I hope you got to see the stool,” Meg said without any feeling to her aides.

“I did,” Maryann answered, wondering what this was about.

“So did I,” Glenda chimed in, also unsure of where this was going.

“Nancy produced very well-formed turds,” Meg then declared. “Older women do often excrete, shall we say, less solid feces.”

“Do they usually still bother to wipe the right way?” Maryann followed up with this query to Meg.

“Good question, Maryann,” Meg responded. “If they were taught well, usually by their mothers or older sisters, yes. It sticks with them for life. But if they grew up with poor toilet hygiene, they will forget or even be ignorant of the need and thus suffer from all kinds of vaginal infections over their lifetime,” she continued.

“Nancy is at the age where it is still possible, maybe for another year or two, for a woman to learn and incorporate this behavior into her daily routine,” Meg commented. “It is much easier for any of the young women in the class to make this part of their toilet use. I’m sure we all learned this, but it never took for many of our students. They didn’t realize how important it is and young people can be careless about their health.”


Barbara stood in front of Nancy to shield her from anyone who dared to confront her about her being embarrassed and secondly to help her recover her sense of self after that shaming. She began by telling Nancy that she was very impressed at how Nancy had held her cool under the worst kind of pressure and total embarrassment.

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