Naked dare chapter 2

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August Ames

I don’t recall even getting into bed that night. I woke up the next day and all I could think was how our relationship had suddenly evolved. I was a little nervous about it but I wasn’t scared. If I had known how deep we were going to get into this I might have given it a bit more thought. Well maybe. I really didn’t want to go to work and seriously thought about calling in sick but then I remembered we were supposed to be having an audit today and that meant all hands on deck. So I dragged my feet into work. I was greeted with the usual array of inane bullshit that everyone seems to get when they get to work, as though these people who you barely know much less like pretend to give a shit about you. It did however bring a smile to my face when I was asked what I got up to last night. I thought about being brutally honest for a moment, just to shock the little kiss ass who asked. Then I thought saying I had secretly been watching some man with a giant cock drooling over my wife’s titties, well it just may come across as slightly odd and I really didn’t need the office gossip to get out of hand. Besides, it probably wouldn’t be ideal for my career when all the big wigs will be in today for the audit. So I went about my duties for the day and tried not to be too bored. Once we had finished with the debriefing meeting, telling us what we already knew, I finally got to go to my office. Thankfully I was one of the first being audited. This was good on two levels. First, they tend to audit the ones that they don’t think they’re going to have problems with first. This means that they get to concentrate on the morons and thieves with as much time as they can. Being pretty well organized meant they spent less time messing me around and less lectures on your work practices. Second, being audited first meant that I could spend the rest of the day doing the bare minimum of work as the bosses would be concentrating on the problems and they’d be to busy kissing ass to be bothered following up what I was doing. This meant I had time to think about the dares and where they could go. I couldn’t wait to get home. Knowing that Ella had been talking to Mike was getting me very excited. My boss stuck his head in the door about ten minutes before I was due to go to lunch. “Charlie, we’ve got major problems down the hall here. Some dick head has fucked up majorly and we’re going to need you all afternoon.” “I was just heading out to lunch.” “Not today you’re not. Get someone to deliver something and get you’re ass up there.” “Ok. See you in about five.” Great; just what I didn’t need. I called the local subway and got them to deliver a sub up to my office and then called Ella. “Hi honey, I’m not gonna be home for lunch.” “Oh that’s a shame, I was hoping for a repeat performance from yesterday.” “Sorry to disappoint you. Some moron has fucked up down the hall and as usual they want me to fix it. I don’t even know what time I’ll be home.” I could hear the disappointment in her voice. “Oh, I was hoping we could chat with Mike again.” “Look. As long as you promise not to go any further than you did last night until I get home I’m happy.” “You sound almost as disappointed as me.” “Honey I had a ball last night and I can’t wait to do it again and see where this is going to go. Just try and hold off until I get home ok? I might not even be that late. These morons that try and hide their fuck ups generally aren’t that good at hiding things so it might not take long.” “Alright but I will be waiting and probably very horny so don’t hang around talking. Get home as soon as you can. I love you.” “I love you too babe.” By the time I had hung up from Ella my lunch was walking in the door. So with a sigh I got up and went down the hall to see what kind of mess they had cooked up for me this time. On the way home I wasn’t sure how to feel about things. I Çekmeköy escort bayan was glad to be going home and relatively close to the right time too. I was very excited to be getting home to see what Ella was up to and where the dare she gave Mike was leading. But at the same time I was feeling terrible about the afternoon’s events. I worked out fairly quickly that it wasn’t a mistake that was being hidden but a deliberate attempt at theft. I felt bad because it was someone under me that had done it and therefore I had the horrible job of putting them off. Its one thing you just never seem to get used to. I felt bad because I know he had a young family and I felt like I was punishing them because he was a dick head. It had to be done though. He had tried to steal several thousand dollars from the company and theft just can’t be tolerated. It turns out he has a bit of a habit of going to a fetish place where he gets put in diapers and spanked for being a naughty boy. When he told me why he was taking the money I nearly burst out laughing but then I thought who am I to judge? At least I wasn’t trying to bleed my employer dry to finance my particular little fetish. I wasn’t hiding it from my wife either, quite the contrary. I decided not to think about that and instead concentrate on what might be happening at home. Thinking about last night got me rather excited and I was all of a sudden lacking room in my pants. This wasn’t helped by the vibration of the road and the fact that I just couldn’t seem to avoid giving my cock a quick rub every now and again. I pulled into the driveway, grateful I wasn’t pulled over for a breathalyzer. I got out of the car and was surprised to find that I was a bit nervous. Obviously I had no idea what I would find when I went inside and I guess that had me a bit nervous but it also had me very excited. I entered the house and was surprised to find Ella sitting at the table instead of in the office. “Hi honey, you’re home earlier than I expected.” “Yeah I sorted out the problem. It wasn’t as complicated as they thought. It rarely is. They’re just too stupid to find the obvious. Why aren’t you on the computer?” She gave me a nervous smile and handed me a piece of paper. On it was a print out of an e-mail message from Mike. “Ella, I am unavailable to talk until later today approx. 2:00A.M. Your time. The reason is that I am out attending to your dare. Find attached several of the photos I took earlier today as good will that I am indeed doing the dare you have given me. In return, while I am attending to your dare, perhaps you could attempt the dare that I am giving you. Then we can discuss it when I talk to you later. Ella I dare you to take some photos of yourself and submit them into the dare forum. Because they will then be on the internet forever I suggest that you don’t show your face or any distinguishing features that people you know would recognize. Mark these photos as EM1, EM2 etc. so that I know immediately they are yours. Mike.” I finished reading and looked at Ella, who was nervously chewing on her finger nails. “What do you think?” “I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to do that.” “You don’t have to do anything. You know that I love you and I will support you no matter what you decide.” “I just think that having it on the net is dangerous. I mean what if somebody recognizes me?” “Is that the only reason you don’t want to?” “Yeah I actually want to do it. I know it will turn you on even if you won’t say so. I think Mike will get turned on by it too and seeing someone else turned on by me is pretty exciting.” “We can make sure there is nothing to give away who you are. That’s easy. Did you consider that you will be turning on more people than just Mike and me? You will literally have hundreds, perhaps thousands of men stroking their cocks Escort Gebze while looking at you. They will be thinking about fucking you and how good that would feel. Not just men either.” “Oh my god. Do you really think they will be stroking their cocks?” “Absolutely. I know I would.” “Do you think that looking at me naked will make them cum?” This was becoming very interesting. I think perhaps we’ve found another fetish to explore. “Oh yeah! Is that what you want? You want men to squirt their cum while looking at you and fantasizing about you?” “I’ve never really thought about it before. It’s such a hot idea though. Think about all those cocks squirting cum all because of me. Mmm.” I wonder how far I can take this. “I think you’d like all that cum to be squirted on you and you’d like it if the women watched wouldn’t you.” Ella was really squirming in her seat now and she was squeezing her left tit with her right hand through her shirt and she had a far away look in her eyes. “Mmm all that hot creamy jizz just spread all over me. On my tits, my belly and on my ass. Maybe the women could lick me clean once their men had finished covering me in their cum.” “What if they got cum on your pussy baby?” “Well then I hope the women clean it very thoroughly.” I had suspected in the past that Ella had been attracted to some women from the way she flirted with them as readily as she did with men. But there is no way I thought she would be willing to let one eat her pussy. Admittedly openly fantasizing with me about this was a long way from actually doing it. But just the mental image of it was enough fantasy material for me for quite some time. “Oh to hell with it. Get the camera out before I change my mind.” I went into the office and got the camera while Ella moved some things away from one of the walls that we would use as a backdrop. I came into the room and found her already half undressed. “You don’t want to do a slow strip?” “Hell no I want to be naked now!” I’m no fool and only a fool would argue with that. As she got the last of her clothes off I set up the camera. We still had to use the tripod so we wouldn’t tip off Mike that I was involved. It was a bit of a nuisance to be honest because it limits what you can do. I told Ella that the camera was ready and she immediately struck a pose. I started clicking away with the camera and the poses got more erotic including some of her pulling her nipples, some with her spreading her pussy wide open, some with several fingers shoved roughly inside her and some where she has her back turned to the camera showing her beautiful round butt. For the finale she bent over with her legs spread and stuck two fingers deep into her pussy. It was while I was taking these last few shots that she came. I was amazed to see her juices squirt out around her fingers as she came. That was more than I could stand. I threw my clothes off and as I approached her from behind she looked back at me. “Oh yeah stuff that cock into me now. Don’t fuck around just get it in me.” Hearing her talk like that nearly had me blowing before I even got to her. I steadied my nerves, took a deep breath and then did as she asked. I stuffed my cock straight into her. It was incredible. She was so hot and wet. I felt more of her juices squirt out around my cock as I rammed it home inside her. She came again within three or four strokes. I could feel her cum all over the front of my thighs. She was still bent over and she had her hands on the wall to support herself while I pounded into her. It didn’t take long before I too added to her very wet pussy. I squirted my cum deep into her pussy and Felt more ooze out around my cock. I pulled out of her and looked at our mixed cum dripping out of her pussy and running down her thighs. I went back to the camera and got a few more photos before Şerifali escort she straightened up. She wandered off to the bedroom to get dressed while I packed up the camera and prepared to load the photos onto the computer. When she returned she had on a tank top and a loose pair of shorts. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra again by the way her nipples pushed at the material. She stared wide eyed at the screen as I loaded the final few photos onto the computer. “Did you take some pictures after?” “Yeah, fucking hot aren’t they.” “Oh god, delete them.” She was looking very serious. “Why? What’s wrong?” “If you leave them on there I just know I’m going to send them to Mike one day and I don’t think I want him seeing those.” “So it’s okay to leave the ones where you are just about fisting yourself and your cum is squirting out around your fingers, but you don’t want any with my cum in them?” I was starting to get a bit pissed off about this. “God forbid that Ella shows any indication that she is actually married.” “No honey it’s not like that. That’s not it at all.” “Well what’s the problem?” “Well, it’s just that it looks so hot with your cum running out of my pussy, well I just really want to show someone.” “Oh.” I hadn’t expected that response. But then I came up with an idea. “Perhaps we can find a way of doing that anonymously.” “What do you mean?” “Well you have to upload the photo’s you want to a website don’t you?” “Yes they’re going onto the completed dares section on the website where we met.” “Perhaps we can find another site to upload some pictures to. There are heaps of amateur sites around and we can do it totally anonymously.” “Yes that’s a great idea. Lets work out which photo’s are going to Mike first then while we are waiting for him to come back online we’ll look for the right sight to post them.” Two hours later we had sorted, renamed and posted the pictures on the dare site. We were still hunting through sites that offered the ability to upload pictures of yourself, without having an expensive joining fee. These were fewer than we thought. We wanted it to be totally anonymous so we didn’t want to use a credit card to sign up to any sites. We had finally settled on one and started uploading the photos when the tab at the bottom of the screen flashed saying that Mike was back on line. “That was good timing.” “Excellent, you have to move out of the way so I can get on though.” “Oh yeah, I forgot.” I moved out of site of the camera and settled in my seat. Ella clicked on the icon and up popped Mikes face. “Well hello there. I wasn’t sure if you were going to stay up for me.” “It’s not like I have to get up in the morning and I’m pretty sure I have something to keep you (up) if you know what I mean.” “Really? Do tell.” “That would be cheating and we can’t have that now, can we? I think you need to verify that you have completed your dare first.” “Ok but I have to say that last one was a bit of a weird one. Do you have any idea how paranoid people are about taking photos of stores and buildings here? I got questioned so many times it wasn’t funny and at one point I had security tell me to leave. I hope this comes to something interesting.” “All will be revealed soon. I need to see them before I can go on to the next dare though so if you could e-mail them to me now I can let you know if I completed your dare or not.” “Alright! I’m sending them through now.” “Brb” Ella opened her email in box and started to look through all the pictures. There were quite a few of them and it took some time to place them all in an order that made sense. “What have you got planned for him? What are all these pictures for?” “You’ll see.” She had a mischievous look on her face and I suspected this was going to turn into a tough dare for Mike. I got the impression he was worried about it too. She re opened the chat program and announced her return. “I’m back.” “Were they to your satisfaction?” “Took me a while to make sense of them but once I had them in order I could see they were all in order.” “Are you planning on telling me what that was all about?” “Soon.” “You are such a tease.” “Of course I am.

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