My youngest Son.

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My youngest Son.It was seven o’clock on a Friday night. I was home alone, and expectedto remain that way for a while. The boys were out and I didn’t expecteither my eldest, Kevin, or his younger brother Mark home before thewee hours. Bobby, my youngest, hadn’t started dating regularly yet, soI did expect him home, but I’ve learned that when he says nine o’clockhe means midnight. I was surprised, then, when Bobby came in. He waslugging a big pile of books and it was obvious he had been at thelibrary again. He nodded to me and wandered back to his room afterdropping his books on the coffee table. Bobby was a bit silent, butthat didn’t concern me. He was a moody boy at the best of times. Hewas just fifteen now, and going through a lot. Fifteen is a tough timefor any boy and Bobby was no exception. He was just beginning to date,sex was the most important thing in his life and he hadn’t quitefigured it out yet. After a few minutes Bobby came out of his roomcarrying a basket of laundry. As he dropped his things in thekitchenette and began loading the washer I asked him if he was goingout and needed clothes. He said no he didn’t he was just out ofclothes for tomorrow. I went back to watching TV while he loaded thewasher. I heard the lid close and glanced his way. I saw him hesitate,then lift the lid again. He pulled off his shirt and dropped itinside, then did the same with his socks and jeans. He started thewasher, then wandered into the living room in his shorts to get abook. While he was there I asked him what he was reading. He told me,Oh, just the same old shit, and flopped down on the sofa opposite meto read. It’s a little unusual for Bobby to run around in his shorts.He’s the shy one of my three boys. Kevin is into weights and you canhardly keep clothes on him. Mark is s*******n, and beginning to fillout, so he is proud of his body and doesn’t wear a shirt if he doesn’thave to. Bobby, is still in that gawky, gangling stage that tall boysgo through and doesn’t undress much in front of anyone else. In fact,as I thought of this, I looked him over and realized that it had beenmore than a year since I had seen him in so little clothing. He lay onhis side, facing me, with the book on the cushion in front of him. Hisleft arm supported his head, and his right he d****d over the back ofthe sofa. I took the opportunity to look at him carefully. Bobby istall for fifteen, a full six feet and one inch. He is as tall as I am,and absolutely towers over his brother Mark. Lying on the sofa, takingup it’s full length and ten some, he looked even more slender than heis. His shoulders are still narrow, and haven’t begun to fill out. Ifollowed the “S” curve of his body, across his ribs to his narrowwaist, and back up the curve of his hip. He skin was stretched tightover his ribs and he looked skinny. When I looked more closely, Icould tell, thought that he was not. His chest was not deep, but waswell formed, with small, pink nipples that seemed to be erect al thetime. Another “S” curve ran down the centerline of his chest and endedat his navel. It was a clear line of separation between the muscles ofhis abdomen. I looked closely, but still could see no hair on hisbody. He had only recently started shaving, and still did not shaveevery day. I still do not have a heavy beard, and I guess he takesafter me. Young as he was, I couldn’t help notice that he filled hisshorts pretty well. Maybe that runs in the family too. Bobby looked upfrom his reading, feeling my eyes on him, I suppose. He asked me,Something wrong? and I told him no, just looking at my boy. He sat upand looked at me and asked me if we could talk. Bobby and I havealways been close and they way he asked, it was obvious that it wasn’tjust seeing me looking him over that made him want to talk. I moved tohis side, and took over one end of the sofa. He scrunched up next tome and I put my arm around his shoulders. He leaned back against meand looked up and said Daddy, I’ve got a problem. I knew that it was aserious one when he called me Daddy. The other boys had stopped thatyears ago, and even bobby, who had hung on for ages, had stopped bythe time he was twelve or so. Bobby told me about a terribleexperience he had only a few days ago. He had taken Bev, a girl in hishistory class, to the movies and they had wound up necking. She, nothe, made some moves and he found himself on the verge of losing hisvirginity. They went back to her car and he found himself eitherunable or unwilling to go through with it. To make matters worse, thenext day he told his best friend Rich all about and Rich made a passat him. Bobby was so upset, it was breaking my heart. I put my armsaround him and pulled him close. He looked up at me, his dark eyesmoist and ready to tear. I hugged him closer and told him not toworry. He really did cry then, and stammered out that he was upsetbecause he had wanted to do it with Rich. He had decided that fethiye escort he wasgay. There was really nothing to say at that point. I just held himclose and told him everything was ok. It was then that he surprisedme. He said to me, Kevin is gay, isn’t he? I thought my eldest hadhidden the fact well, but I guess you can’t keep anything from family.I told Bobby, yes, he was, and I was sure he was happy about it. Ifyou are gay too, I told him, it won’t make any difference to yourfamily. He surprised me again. He said to me, well, Kevin told me thatyou had…well. I looked at him and told him, yes I had, Kevin and Ihad made love. Under the circumstances I knew what was going tohappen, and I wondered if Bobby did too. It occurred to me that hisbeing in his underwear was not an accident, but I shook that aside andpaid attention to my boy. He was hurting. I pulled him closer, and hestammered out what he wanted… he wanted me to be his first. I couldsay nothing, except to say yes. I lay Bobby on his back with his headresting in my lap. With my left hand I smoothed back his hair. Irested my right hand in the middle of his chest, and felt his warmskin against my palm. I thought about what was going to happen. Bobbyis such a handsome boy, and as I slid my hand across his chest andover the smooth skin and hard muscle of his belly I thought about howbadly I wanted him. He looked up at me, his head in my lap and Ileaned forward to cup his balls and gently squeeze. He turned towardme and raised a hand to my chest. As he loosened buttons I stroked hisass through his think cotton shorts. I slipped my fingertip under theedge of his shorts and tickled the curve of his ass. He wriggled andlooked up at me again. I moved my hand to his chest and began to tweakhis nipples. Without finishing my shirt buttons he reached down andbegan to wrestle with my zipper. I stopped him, and pushed him ontohis back again. I didn’t want things to go too fast. If this was goingto be Bobby’s first time I was damn well going to make sure that itwas going to be hot. I wanted Bobby to wriggle and writhe and beg tocum. I put an arm under his shoulders and lifted Bobby up until hishead rested on the arm of the sofa and his crotch was within easyreach. Leaning forward I pulled him up with one hand until I could putmy mouth over his nipple. I sucked and while I did I used my tongue totease him. With my other hand I squeezed his crotch, first his ballsthen the shaft of his stone-hard cock. I was amazed at it’s size. Fora fifteen-year-old, Bobby was damn well developed. I’m pretty big,over eight inches, but at fifteen I was tiny. My boy is already oversix inches and looks like he might get to be bigger than me. While Isqueezed his cock through the light fabric, he pulled at his shorts. Ireleased him briefly, moving my mouth to his while he curled up hislegs and flipped his shorts away. He sat up facing me and while wekissed he curled his legs underneath him and I kicked off my shoes. Hewent back to unbuttoning my buttons and I grabbed his ass with onehand while stroking his cock with the other. With my shirt finallyopen, he leaned forward and ran his lips across my chest. He stoppedto suck hard on my nipple while I grasped both of his between thumband forefinger and squeezed hard. While continuing to suck he fumbledagain at my zipper and this time I let him get it open. He reached forme, but my jeans were just too tight. I pushed him back and he bitgently at my nipple as I pushed him away. When I stood, so did he, andas I pulled off my jeans and shorts I took time to look at him again.Bobby stood there looking at me with his arms crossed over his chest.Doing this emphasized the curve of his pecs and made me think againabout the fact that his small nipples seemed always erect. I lookedhim in the eye and he tilted his head to one side and smiled. Whiteteeth flashed from behind full lips. Bobby has a beautiful smile. Hisblond hair is about collar length and frames his long face nicely.There is a roundness to his face that seems boyish and is not offset,somehow, by his long jaw. Of course, those wide-set, moist-lookingbrown eyes are real killers. I remembered that I had always looked athim as an infant and thought of those tacky paintings of big-eyedwaifs. No waif now, he stood over six feet tall and had the strengththat is always seen in youth. He rested his weight on one foot and itgave his hips a sexy slant. As my eyes traveled down his hard, slenderbody they settled on his cock. Six inches of smooth, hard meatstanding up firm against his flat belly, I could hardly keep my handsoff. In fact, I didn’t. I reached over and took his cock in my fistand used it like a handle to pull him to me. I pressed my mouthagainst his and moved my hands around to his ass. I gripped bothcheeks and dug my fingers in to press his crotch against mine while mytongue prodded and fenced with his. After an endless time escort fethiye I came backto myself and realized that I was gripping Bobby so powerfully that Ihad nearly lifted him off his feet. He had one hand around my neck,pulling my head forward and the other on my ass, squeezing for all hewas worth. Breaking from that embrace took all my will-power, but Idid it. I sat back down, and put my arms across the back of the sofaand just looked at him. Standing there, nervous, and not knowing whatto do with his hands, he just looked back at me and grinned. I leanedforward and pulled his cock down away from his belly. Re-settlingmyself on the sofa I began to tease his cockhead with my tongue. Hejust stood there for a moment not knowing what to do then put hishands behind my head and tried to feed me more of his cock. I didn’tlet him. I wanted to tease him for as long as it was possible to makea first time last. I continued to tease his slit and just the head ofhis cock with my tongue and I began to stroke the backs of his thighs.I was amazed at how smooth the skin was. Bobby has very find hair onhis legs, but it is so soft as to be forgotten. Bobby began to thrusttoward my mouth again, and this time, to prevent him, I had to stop. Isat back on the sofa and I pulled him down on my lap. He wound upkneeling with his knees beside my hips and our cocks pressed closetogether. With my right hand I grabbed both our cocks and began tostroke them together. At the same time I reached up to pinch is rightnipple between my left thumb and forefinger. I pushed him slightlybackward and with a bit of a stretch I could suck his other nipple.Sucking hard, pinching hard and stroking with long slow strokes IFrom clarkson!ub!!!usc!!!sun4nl!gdsnl!nntp Sun Dec 19 22:43:29 1993Path: clarkson!ub!!!usc!!!sun4nl!gdsnl!nntpFrom: (Jurgen van der Wilk)Newsgroups: STORY: i****t.txt [2/2] (mm, teen son/father) First time, not the lastMessage-ID: <>Date: Sun, 19 Dec 93 01:24:00 +0100Organization: uugate/2 (OS/2) GDS BV,Internet/Fido gateway +31-15-569865Lines: 118could have stayed that way for hours. Bobby was into it too, he beganto pump his crotch toward mine, matching my strokes, and I began tolong to have my fingers dug into his cheeks, feeling the squeeze ofhis ass muscles as he thrust toward me. I couldn’t take it any longer,and I think Bobby was about to explode too, when I decided it was timeto get this boy’s cock down my throat. I reached behind him andgripped his cheeks. Pulling him upward, I repositioned Bobby so thathis knees rested on the back of the sofa and his cock was right infront of my face. I pushed my face forward and began to lick him allover. I did his balls first, stopping to suck first one then the otherthen both together. As I licked his crotch he began to hump his cocktoward me. I reached up and pulled it down to my mouth. Taking himslowly was hard, but I made it last. I worked just on the head for afew seconds, as I had done before, then I took part of the shaft andbegan to lick the underside, massaging with my tongue while I sucked.I took more of him into my mouth, and when I looked up, he had movedhis hands to his chest and was stroking his nipples. My hands on bothhis cheeks I pulled him toward me and took his whole cock in my mouth.Sucking as hard as I could I began to move my head back and forth,licking up and down the full length of his cock, stroking him with mylips. I eased my hand around under his ass, and began to tease hisasshole with my finger. He felt me tickle his asshole and shivered allover. His thrusting against my face also began to be thrusts backwardtoward my finger. Gently I let just the tip of my finger penetrate,and Bobby gasped. I took that moment to pull back and surround justhis cockhead with my lips. I sucked hard and furiously tongued theslit. With a quiet moan he shoved his ass hard against my finger,getting an extra inch for his trouble, then he leaned forward againstmy face and delivered a load of cum onto my tongue. He shot again andagain and I sucked his full length back into my mouth. He still hadhold of his nipples, but he was now leaning forward, humping againstmy sucking mouth. I began to thrust my finger in and out rapidly ofhis ass, and he had to move his hands to the back of the sofa to keephis grip. As his cock shrank in my mouth I thrust my finger deeper andhe gave me a last squirt of cum. I moved my hands to support his assand began to lower him back to kneeling position. When he was seatedon my lap again, he sat up for a minute, and grabbing my cock, pushedit under him. He sat back down, pressing my hard cock between his assand my leg. I wiggled around a bit and it lined up neatly with thecrack of his ass. When it did, he leaned fethiye escort bayan forward and just as he kissedme he asked, are you going to fuck me, Daddy? Well I didn’t much careto be called daddy just then, but I told him that I damn well wasgoing to fuck him and he’d better get ready. Before I could make goodon my promise, he slid back to the floor, and kneeling between mythighs, began to lick my crotch the way I had licked his. Bobby knelt,leaning forward, his blond hair obscuring his eyes as he looked up atme, and began to suck my cock. Bobby may have been a virgin thatnight, but he sucked me off like he’d had some practice. He startedwith me just as I had with him, sucking the head of my cock andteasing the slit. In moments he was taking the whole length of myeight-incher down his young throat. I don’t think I could’ve managedone that big on my first try, but maybe Bobby is a natural talent. Inno time at all he was bobbing up and down on my prick like a pro, andsucking for all he was worth. I locked down at his back, seeing the”V” of hard muscle flexing as he moved, and let my hands rover overhis shoulder blades. He kept wiggling that round, sweet ass as hebobbed up and down, too, and I decided that I damn well WAS going tofuck the boy no matter what. I hadn’t intended to at first, thinkingthat would be better left for when he had more experience. Well, in notime I delivered a big load to the back of Bobby’s throat. He lookedup at me and grinned, and said, well, I guess you won’t be able tofuck me for a while, now will you? I stood up and let him see that mycock was still erect, though not as hard as it had been, and he lookedup at me sort of thoughtfully. I reached forward, and picked him up.Carrying him in my arms I took him to my room and lay him on my bed.Seeing him lying there I couldn’t resist and I leaned forward to suckhis nipples for an instant, and his cock for a brief moment. I pulledaway, and picked him up again. I set him on his feet, and made himlean over the bed, supporting himself on his hands. I pulled out atube of KY and began to lube him up. With each probe of my finger intohis ass, Bobby wiggled and looked over his shoulder at me. I pressedmy finger into him and he gave me that big white grin full of teeth.Now I stood behind him and pressed the head of my cock against him. Hepushed back against me, earger to feel it up his butt. When I began topress my cock inside him, however, it hurt him too much. He pulledaway, and couldn’t take it. I tried to be gently, and to work him upwith my fingers first, but I was just too big for his ass. Bobbyrolled over and seemed terribly disappointed. He said why didn’t we goback to to the sofa for a repeat performance and I agreed that it wasa good idea. I sat back down and he sat on my lap facing me as before.I pressed my cock down under him where he could feel it slide up anddown in the crack of his ass, then I pushed him back gently and beganto work his nipples with my tongue. While I sucked him, stroked hiscock with my hand and stroked his ass with my cock, he reached downand gripped my nipples. Sitting there, thrusting my cock against hisass, sucking and stroking, I could have been happy for hours. Bobbywas to young to be patient, though. He climbed back up on the back ofthe sofa and pressed his cock against my face again. As I took thehead of his cock into my mouth, though, I got an idea. I stoppedsucking him, and lowered him slowly toward my cock instead. Ipositioned us so that he could lower himself onto me, and he tookover. While he bounced up and down, gently working my cock into hisassss in small steps, I reached up and got hold of his chest. I rubbedmy palms up and down his body, tickling his ribs slightly while heworked to accomodate my cock up his ass. Slowly, Bobby settled himselfonto my lap, while accomodating himself to having my cock inside him.When he had settled down and had my full length in him I began tothrust gently. Bobby rocked back and forth on my cock and closed hiseyes with an expression of pure extasy. I leaned forward to suck onhis nipple while I sped up my thrusting and he leaned back to help memanage both. After only moments in this position, Bobby suddenly shota strong second load of cum that covered my chest and his. He got aglazed look on his face, and put his hands on his knees to help himfind leveage. He began bouncing up and down in time with my thrusts,and I really began heating up. Moments later, Bobby was sweating andpumping up and down, taking eight inch slow strokes of my cock up hisass. I began to thrust faster and he matched me all the way. As I gotclose I reached up and put my hands on his shoulders. I pulled himdown on me and as I increased my thrusting I came inside him. I justpushed him down and held still while my cock pumped him full of juice.I kissed him, and held it while my cock got soft. When we stood up wewere both exhausted and ready for rest. Later that night we repeatedthe performance in my bedroom and still later showered together. I waslooking forward to fucking that slick, slippery ass, but Bobby pulleda surprise and got me from behind. “That’s my boy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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