My Wife’s Students Ch. 02

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Watching me fuck Michelle, her college student, in her office set something off in my wife. Our occasional love making increased dramatically. We fucked every other day for the next few weeks, twice on a couple days. Each time, Michelle’s name came up. One time, my wife even got on all fours and told me to call her Michelle while I fucked her from behind. Another time, she rubbed her pussy while I fucked her. She moaned the girl’s name saying she was picturing Michelle licking her clit while I screwed her. Who was I to complain about any of this?

A few weeks later, my wife texted me that she needed help with something at her office and could I stop over on my way home from work? Our offices were only a few minutes apart so this wasn’t unusual. I finished my day and drove over.

I walked into my wife’s office and she was seated behind her desk working. I asked what she needed help with.

“Come over here and I’ll show you,” was her reply. I walked around the side of her desk and almost cursed when I saw my wife’s skirt pulled up her hips with a blonde head between her legs. I instantly went and shut the door.

“What the hell?” I asked.

“She stopped in earlier and said she needed us again. Said she couldn’t stop thinking about the last time. I told her to come back and I’d think of a way for her to earn your cock. This is what I came up with.”

I stared in disbelief.

“She’s been down there for 20 minutes,” my wife continued. “You’re the third person to walk in. I had a 5 minute conversation with my boss while she licked greedily at my cunt.”

My wife pushed her chair away from the desk and told the pretty college student to stand and say hi to me. She did. Michelle was still fully clothed and my wife told her to strip. My wife also lifted her own shirt over her head and unfastened her bra. She then told the girl to make out with her.

Michelle straddled my wife’s legs and sat in her lap facing her. She leaned forward and passionately kissed my wife, her professor. I quickly ripped off my clothes, walked behind Michelle and grabbed her perky breasts. I heard her moan into my wife’s mouth. I kissed the young girl’s neck and then backed away to watch the women together.

As they made out, the women’s breasts began to rub together. My wife reached down and grabbed Michelle’s ass and squeezed, pulling her closer. There was a lust present in the make out session that was palpable.

After a few minutes, I saw my wife’s hand slide up Michelle’s back, up her neck, and then grabbed her hair. Michelle moaned at the tug and my wife then pulled her away.

“What would you like to see next, babe?” she asked me.

“I’d love a better view of what I walked in on earlier,” I replied. “I couldn’t see much with her scrunched over you in the chair. Want your pussy eaten more?”

My wife’s smile beamed. She smacked Michelle’s ass and the student stood. My wife stood up and then laid across her desk. She spread her long, slim but shapely legs, bending her left knee and resting the heel on the desk and kept the right leg extended and touching the ground with her toes for balance.

Damn she looked sexy like that! Long legs spread open, beautiful breasts spread across her chest. I wanted to crawl between her legs and eat her pussy myself, but I remained patient.

“Eat me,” she commanded, looking in the direction of the college girl. There was no hesitation as Michelle moved over to the side of the desk, sank to her knees and lapped at my wife’s glistening pussy.

My wife’s head tilted back, her eyes closed and her toes curled as the younger girl ate her. Her arm reached forward and ran her hand through the cute blonde’s hair. bursa otele gelen escort My wife moaned softly as the girl’s tongue ran across her lips. She was trying to be quiet to make sure no one else could hear what was going on, but she couldn’t entirely hold in her pleasure.

Michelle slid a finger into my wife’s open vagina and began thrusting her arm forward in rhythm with her tongue. My wife loved being fingered while eaten, so this just added to her pleasure. I decided to take thinks up a notch with both parties.

I stood and walked over to the women. I slid my left hand onto Michelle’s firm ass, caressed it for a moment and then slipped my hand between her legs and placed my own finger in her vagina. She moaned her acceptance into my wife’s pussy. I then placed my right hand onto my wife’s left breast and tweaked her nipple. It stiffened instantly and I continued manipulating the bud.

“Suck it, dear,” my wife said about her breast. Still with a finger in Michelle’s pussy, I lowered my mouth to my wife’s bosom and began to suck. Michelle’s and my combined mouths brought my wife to a shaking orgasm, as she bucked her hips to press her clit firmly against the girl’s tongue. I stopped sucking and told Michelle she could stop, as well, as I knew my wife didn’t like to be licked more once she started coming down from her orgasm.

After a minute my wife sat up. “That was fun! What’s next?”

Michelle looked at my wife and said, “I want you to trib me, professor.”

My wife responded that she didn’t know what that meant. But I watched enough porn that I did and I was excited to watch. Michelle lay down on the carpet and explained to my wife to straddle her. She knelt in front of the girl.

“Good. Now put one leg over my hips.” My wife complied.

“Now, lower yourself and rub your pussy against mine.”

As soon as their vaginas touched, Michelle grabbed my wife’s ass and pulled her tighter.

“Fuck me, professor.”

My wife moved her hips forward and back. She developed a rhythm and both women moaned out again. I watched as my wife moved her hands across the college girl’s tight body, exploring her toned abs and then ample chest. My wife kept her hands on Michelle’s breasts as she thrust against her. Michelle snaked a finger around to her professor’s anus, rubbing her hole, which I knew from experience she loved if she was in the right mood.

My wife seemed to be enjoying the extra sensation today and leaned forward, kissing the girl. My wife’s breasts dangled down and their nipples rubbed against each other/ After a few minutes my wife broke off the kiss.

“Now it’s your turn to suck my breasts.”

She loved having her nipples sucked when she rode me in bed, too. Michelle lifted her head slight and took a breast in her mouth. This caused my wife to pick up the pace of her tribbing.

The sight in front of me was amazing and a dream come true. I loved watching tribbing porn and seeing wife engage in the act, and in the top position to boot, was sexy as hell! My wife shifted positions so she was upright again. She lifted Michelle’s leg in the air for leverage and started humping her as fast as she could. I could hear their wetness squish together. I watched both sets of luscious breasts sway back and forth. My cock was rock hard and drooling precum without me touching it.

My wife’s breathing increased, her orgasm building first since she was primed from cumming earlier.

“Fuck me, professor, fuck me!” the student breathed. That sent my wife over the edge. She came again, pursing her lips together so she wouldn’t scream. Michelle quickly followed with her own orgasm. kestel escort My wife dropped her leg and sprang to her feet.

“Get that cock in me. NOW.”

This was often exactly what happened after I ate her at home. She enjoyed oral orgasms, but wasn’t truly satisfied without penetration.

“Bend over your desk,” I responded. “Both of you.”

They both walked over to the long side of the desk and bent over, breasts dangling and asses presented to me. My hard cock, starving for attention, bounced up and down as I approached the women. I stood behind my wife and rubbed her ass from behind. I then slipped my hand between her legs and felt her sopping wet pussy.

“Fuck me,” she said somewhat softly.

“Excuse me? I couldn’t hear you,” I teased.

She spoke up. “I said ‘fuck me.’ I need your cock inside me now.”

I positioned my rod behind her and pushed in. She was so wet I was able to push the whole length into her in that first stroke.

“Fuck yes!” she cried. “Give it to me!”

I grabbed her hips and started fucking my beautiful wife over her work desk. I looked to my right and Michelle was watching us, one arm supporting her weight on the desk, her other hand between her legs rubbing her clit. I wanted to pick up my pace and fuck my wife as hard as I could, but I had to be mindful not to make too much noise in case anyone else was left in the building. Instead I just long dicked her, pulling out until just the ridge of my head was left inside of her pussy and then I pushed all the way inside of her until my hips rested against her ass.

My wife’s nipples rubbed against the desk as I continued fucking her, giving her some extra stimulation. I grabbed her ass hard as I slid into the hilt again. My wife bit her lips to stifle her moan. After a few minutes I pulled out of my wife.

“Oh please, no,” she responded. “Please keep fucking me.”

“Dear, we don’t want to be poor hosts to our waiting guest, do we?”

I side stepped behind the college girl who was still rubbing her clit as she awaited my entry. Also sopping wet, I placed the tip of my cock at her entrance and pushed in. While not overly noticeable, the younger girl was definitely tighter than my wife, her pussy pulling against my rod as I pulled out and pushed in.

I felt a hand start caressing my balls. I looked over at my smiling wife, knowing I would enjoy the feeling.

I slid my hand along Michelle’s back, placed my thumb on her ass hole and rubbed it, coaxing a moan out of the girl.

“Does that feel good, Michelle?”

She couldn’t deny the pleasure and answered in the affirmative.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“No, I’ve always been too scared when someone’s asked,” she replied.

“How about now?” I asked. “Can we try it now? Your little hole looks so cute and tempting me so much.”

I pushed the tip of my thumb into her brown ring. “See, it’s opening for me.”

“I — I don’t know,” she stammered. “Can — can we try it another time?”

I pushed my thumb in to the knuckle and she grunted a little.

“Oh, but feel how it’s accepting my thumb. I know you can take it.”

“Honey,” my wife interjected. “Next time, ok?” She turned her attention to the girl. “You understand that, Michelle? The next time you want to fuck us, m husband is going to fuck your ass, you understand you little slut?” Michelle answered that she understood.

“Good, now I want to be fucked again.”

I pulled both my thumb and cock out of the student and told them both to lie on the desk now. They each flipped over and spread their legs for me. I shifted back over and slid into my wife. Michelle mudanya escort reached over and started rubbing my wife’s clit, and my wife returned the favor.

For the next few minutes I fucked my wife as she lay on her work desk next to one of her students. I rubbed her legs for awhile before manipulating her tits. The two women moaned softly as they rubbed each other close to orgasm.

I was starting to close in on my own orgasm and while my wife felt amazing, I could fuck her whenever I wanted. Especially with her newfound sex drive. I pulled out and re-entered Michelle.

I put one hand on her plump breast and another on her thigh as I fucked her, my wife still rubbing her clit. I wasn’t going to last long now. My breathing and pace both increased.

“You know, Michelle, my husband doesn’t only like to rub other people’s asses.”

“What?” the girl asked.

“Reach around and his ass hole for him. He loves it.”

She was right, I did. Michelle took her hand away from my wife and reached around me. I felt her wet little finger make unsure contact with my hole and moaned. Now that she was sure I liked it, the girl started rubbing circles around my ass hole.

I leaned over her and whispered how good it felt.

“You like that, you slut?” she asked me.

“Fuck yes,” I responded. I began sucking her tits.

“Maybe you like being fucked in the ass then,” she continued. She pushed her finger in to the first knuckle, the tip of her finger slipping in and out each time I thrust into her. I moaned on her breast it felt so good. I frantically increased my pace. There was no turning back, she had pushed me over the edge.

“Are you about to cum,” she asked?

“Fuck yes.”

“I want you to shoot it on me.”

I quickly pulled out of her vagina, her finger still in my ass. I stopped sucking her tits, supported myself bent over with my right arm and jerked my cock with my left. One long rope of cum shot from my cock onto the girl’s stomach, landing just below her breast. I quickly adjusted my aim towards my wife. Spurt number two landed on her stomach, number three landing on the inside of her thigh. I aimed back toward Michelle and finished my remaining shots on her stomach and thigh.

“Clean up my husband’s cum, slut.”

Michelle obeyed, scooping up my cum with her fingers and sucking her fingers clean until every stripe was off of her skin. My wife pointed out that she had missed some and looked down at her own body. Michelle climbed off the desk, hovered over my wife, and lapped the strands of cum off of her. When she finished, my wife moved her student’s head between her legs and pointed out that she didn’t get to cum since Michelle rubbed my ass instead of her clit.

Michelle started eating her pussy like the obedient nymph she is, remembering to also finger my wife while she ate her. I watched my wife orgasm. Her arms reached out, clenching the sides of her desk. Her toes curled and her calves flexed. As she came down, Michelle stood, leaving my wife to lay there panting from the intensity.

I walked over and kissed the girl passionately. I could taste a little of my cum on her lips. I cupped her ass and breast again. By the time, my wife had recovered and was on her feet to also give the girl a kiss goodbye. Michelle began to dress to leave.

“I hope you’re ready for round two, honey,” my wife stated as she got on her hands and knees on the carpet, an act that would normally disgust her if she weren’t in this depraved state.

“Can I stay?” Michelle asked hopefully.

“We’ll let you know when you get to fuck us again. Goodbye for now,” her professor stated.

I maneuvered myself behind my wife, having no trouble getting hard again at the sight of her desire. Michelle looked longingly at us over her shoulder as I fucked my wife doggy style. She opened the door as little as she could, peeked out in the hall to make sure no one was around, and left, hoping the next call would come soon.

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