My Weekend Inside Pandora Ch. 02

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I know everyone has their own preferences when it comes to BDSM. Please just remember that these are mine and I am telling it from my POV and my preferences. I know some people write to tell a good story, but I am not. I am just writing for me. I hope you enjoy!


Dropping to the floor in a surprisingly graceful and fluid motion, my Prince scurries to my bedroom and I hear the door close behind him. I turn my attention to the table and begin cleaning up, sadly this does not take long enough as I look at my watch and see that only two minutes have passed. Ugg…What could possibly be taking so long?

Bored and impatient, I return to the living room and restlessly sit on the coffee table, a soft chuckle escapes my lips as I imagine my Prince trying to decide if I am being serious about what he is required to wear and whether or not to question it. Maybe he should question it…might be fact, I hope he does because I can guarantee it will lead to fun!

I could have mentioned that what I laid out will be worn underneath his normal attire, which is currently hanging up in his closet, but where would the fun be in that? It’s not like my Prince hasn’t worn women’s undergarments before, (I secretly think he prefers it) but I think the idea that he may have to wear only that, might make things a bit more interesting.

“For the love of God, hurry you’re ass up!” Patience has never been one of my virtues and I do not see it becoming one anytime soon.

Eternity seems to pass before I hear the door open again. I glance at my watch. Fourteen seconds to spare. Well his ass is lucky. Within those few seconds, my Prince has made his way to my feet and is awaiting my next command.

“Lets have a look.”

Enjoying the view from my position, I simply burst out giggling and bring my hands together in sheer delight. My normally proud and stoic Prince stands before me in the loveliest, and laciest, bright pink teddy. With its deep, plunging V neckline, my eyes are instantly drawn to his collar, as it not only screams ownership, but completely clashes with the rest of the outfit. The delicate lace clings to his non-existent chest while the cut of the pattern exposes his flesh to his navel. My eyes are drawn away from the collar to definitive circular rings protruding from the barely there lace covering his manhood. My sweet little Buttercup, all wrapped up for me. Just like a present, the package is completed with pretty bows, however rather than just one large one, there are two medium ones attached to the sides of his matching thigh high silk stockings which emphasize his lovely feminized legs.

Biting my lips together, I smile. “Oh my…” There is no hiding my amusement. “Turn around”

My Prince does a one-eighty and presents his backside. The strands are tied around his neck, which leaves his entire back bare until you come to the ass, where his lovely ass becomes separate by a triangular cut of lace. This little piece of fabric is doing an exceptional job at hiding his plug. I am impressed. I must remember to thank Anda later.

I stand and pull my phone out from my back jeans pocket. With a few clicks, I soon have a few fun photos to refer to for when I (and he) need help remembering the teeniest of details. My demeaned pet isn’t smiling in any of them, but rather portraying the look of man who has given over his Y chromosome.

“Suck it Buttercup” I jest. “It’s all about my fun remember?” Except I feed off of yours as well.

I return the phone to my pocket and make my way over to entryway table that holds my purse and grab it.

“Get your boots and coat on, its wet and cold out there.” Taking my own advice, I grab my black pea coat from the rack and put it on, watching to see if he follows suit. I will NOT let him leave the cabin looking like some cheap, poorly dressed drag queen, as I get my thrills more so from subtlety rather than in-your-face domination, but I am very curious to see if he will do it.

Heeding my command, and secretly disappointing me, my Prince gets on his knees and crawls to his room. When he returns, his upper half is covered with a thick wool coat, while his lower extremities are half flesh, half pink stockings, that is until you reach his feet, which are covered in heavy dark boots. It is such a ridiculous sight and I can’t hide my embarrassment. There is DEFENETLY no way he is leaving this cabin looking like that.

“May I walk outside my Queen?”

I rub the hair near the nape of his neck. “Whenever we are in public you are permitted to walk and act like a man.” I lean over and kiss the top of his head. “Now, get your ass in your room and open the closet.”

My Prince looks up at me with a skeptical eye. “You will find a clothing bag labeled ‘Friday.’ Put them on. I may enjoy this look on you, but it will not be how you are presented in public. It is not a look I want to share with everyone Bycasino we meet…only a select few.”

My Princes head tilts a bit. Most likely trying to figure out the next time he will be showing off. “Go and change, I will wait for you in my Jeep.” I pause thinking about how clear I must be with him. “And do not look through any of the other bags until you are told to.” With that I walk out the door, leaving him to get ready.


“I know you’re busy but I could use your help when you get here. Shouldn’t take too long.”

“What kind of problem? It needs to be a quick fix.”


“Shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll swing by after I meet with Paul”



I turn off my phone screen and put it in the center console. Anda, Anda, Anda…she needs more confidence and conviction. The question is what can I do to help?

The cold winter gust snaps me out of my reverie as the passenger door to my Jeep is opened and closed. My Prince climbs in, I shift out of park, and we drive down the drive way to merge onto the snowy main road. My Princes’ hand finds its way to my thigh. I love the feel of the light pressure on my thighs, perhaps he is too bold, perhaps not. But I do like a man who is both virile and mine.

The snow has been softly falling for an hour or so, and luckily for me, we are only forecasted to receive an additional four inches. Don’t want the festivities cancelled due to inclement weather. Hell hath no fury… I enjoy the quiet back and forth swishes of the wipers for a few moments before I realize I should discuss our late afternoon agenda.

“As I said earlier, we have a few last minute items to take care of for tomorrow.” I glance over at him to make sure I have his attention. I am met with a squeeze of my thigh and his gaze.

“First, we need to meet with my caterer and make sure everything is in order there.” I glance to my side to make sure he is still paying attention. “Second, we have to go see my friend Anda. She has some things I need and needs my assistance with something, shouldn’t take too horribly long.” My Prince nods his head in comprehension and turns his attention to the white scenery before us. Why must he be so quiet?

With all that I have planned out, I am now starting to doubt whether or not he is ready, whether or not I am ready. Don’t do this, don’t doubt yourself. He agreed to your game. Let him play. You want to play just as much.

“Now is the time to think and share any concerns or hard ‘no’s’ you may have because once we reach town, I will not hear them.”

He continues to stare out the window for a minute then shifts his weight so that his body is positioned more in my direction. Once again he squeezes my thigh and I glance his way for a moment to let him know I am listening, but I don’t want to take my eyes off the road…Stupid black ice…

“I trust you My Queen.” This sends a feeling of warmth to my core. “I know you are going to use me for your entertainment, your pleasure, and that fills me with an excitement I cannot truly explain. You always know how to push me, to make me teeter on that edge…” I smile and nod my head. As do you.

“I know this will be the first time others will be present. You have mentioned that your friends are very similar in nature to you.” Oh Sweetie…who do you think taught them? “But I know this weekend will help me be a better servant and help me adore you even more. I want to serve you My Queen. I want to please you.” He leans over and kisses my cheek. “I want you to love me like only you can.”

We pull into the parking lot of a small business center. I look for a spot closest to the suite labeled, “All Three Caterers” and park there. Turning off the engine, I give him my full attention. “Just to clarify then, No hard ‘no’s’?”

“No hard ‘no’s” He nods.

I can see the devilish twinkle of excitement in my eyes reflected in his. I lean over and brush my finger tips against the left side of his face, admiring the way his jaw rounds ever so slightly. I lean in and place my lips on his, they taste sweet and soft and create a tingling sensation down to my toes. Not wanting to stop, I force my tongue in between them and continue to cater to this desire. His hand is squeezing my thigh harder as his yearning builds as well. “Unbutton your pants.”

With great haste, his jeans are open and the bright pink fabric of the teddy, trying it’s damnedest to hold his cage in place, is on display for me. I move the fabric to the side and begin licking the soft skin between the rings of the cage. His cock is hardening and I hear his breathing deepening. He tastes salty and perfect. I hate this cage.

I put my mouth around the metal as best as possible, feeling what warmth I can in my mouth, my tongue finding every bit of exposed flesh. I move and focus my attention on his bare balls, sucking on the Bycasino giriş right, then left, all while relishing in the sounds I can hear. And then, as quickly as I started, I stop and raise my head. I am met with exasperated eyes.

“Good…because I have such grand plans.” I grin. I tap his cage with my hand and watch as he winces. “Button up. Time to go inside.”

I can hear the groaning escaping my Princes’ mouth as I exit the car. I am sure many would punish their subs for that sort of behavior, but I relish in it. I love knowing that he is not being satisfied by anything but me and that I control when and how he is to receive it.

I wait by the door to my caterer’s. I better not have to tell him to open the damn door. Luckily he’s a clever one and hastily grabs the handle and pulls it open. “Good boy.” I praise as I walk past him. As soon as I enter I am hit with the delicious smell of roast beef, spices, and warmth. So cozy and inviting.

Directly in front of me is a high customer counter with two planters of Cyclamens, one on each side. To the left, a small entryway table with a collection of what I can assume is business related items, and a large mirror which reflects what is to the right, a large sitting area. In the far back corner, a small dining table with four high benches waits to be used for consultations. They need to add padding to those chairs, far too hard. To the front corner, there are three hard backed chairs to sit and wait in. We take a seat in these and wait for Paul, my chef, and longtime friend and cohort, to make his appearance. Only, Paul is not the first to greet us, rather his office manager and sister, Melissa, who I absolutely adore.

“My word, what are you doing sitting down like normal customers! Get over here and give me a proper hello!” Melissa beams. If you had any personal space whatsoever, Melissa would not pay it any heed. At a mere five three, Paul’s sister had one of those personalities that was larger than life and had a rack to match. This afternoon it was on full display in a violet fitted button down blouse, with the top two buttons left unattached giving everyone a glimpse into that perfect bosom that even I sometimes wish I had.

I get up and walk over to her and feel her chest press up against mine. How I would love to put my face in those…

“I love this top!” I exclaim as I release her. Melissa beams once more. “Thank you! Paul says I look cheap, but when does he not think I look that way?”

“Please, cheap is not a word I would use to describe you. Sexy, desirable… definitely…cheap? No.” I turn back and face my Prince. “What do you think of Melissa’s top Sweetie?” I ask innocently. My Prince, while not making eye contact, nods in her direction. “Very nice and flattering.”

“I am so glad you like it!” She exclaims and plants herself in the empty seat next to him.

“You know what I love most about it?” she says leaning over towards him, cleavage on full display. I can see my Prince trying to avert any sort of eye contact with her.

“Is that it shows off my little star cluster tattoo. See?” She bends down slightly, exposing her cleavage so he has nowhere else to look. While bullying him with her breasts, she looks over her shoulder at me and winks. This is one of her favorite games to play with my pets.

“It’s very nice.” Prince responds and looks instantly to me with pleading eyes to make sure he isn’t in trouble. I smile and regain Melissa’s attention. “So, is Paul here? I want to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow.”

“He’s in the back, feel free to go back there.” Melissa replies as she walks back to the counter.

“Sweetie,” I begin as Prince begins to rise, “Just sit tight and wait out here with Melissa while I talk to Paul okay? I should only be a few moments.”

“Sure” I can hear the nervousness in his voice. He is uncomfortable being left alone with her. Good.

I lean in to Melissa’s right ear as I walk past, “Do me a favor, make sure that whatever you do, he stays in that chair and that you don’t block my view.” I glance up to the camera that is intended to record the actions occurring at the counter, but has been adjusted to keep an eye on my pet. Melissa smiles and kisses my cheek. I truly do adore her.

I walk into the back kitchen and see Paul standing at a large metal table putting some sort of food item into a large plastic container.

“Do you ever stop working my friend?”

“If someone wasn’t so demanding than yes!” He puts down the container and walks over to me and embraces me in his thick arms. I stay there momentarily enjoying his musky scent mixed with what I assume to be cilantro. A very interesting combination for sure. We release and I take his features in as I always do. His dirty blonde hair is pulled into a high ponytail, his brown eyes perfectly spaced…my favorite features on a man, even a gay Bycasino deneme bonusu one…

“You are looking handsome as always.” I say as I hop up onto the metal table. Paul returns to his food transportation as I pick up a whisk and begin twiddling it.

“Now to find someone to appreciate it .” He bemuses. “I see your latest toy is in the waiting room,” He gestures with the rubber spatula to the camera behind my head. “Being dutiful I assume?”

“For now.” I respond unenthusiastically.

Paul gives me a raised eyebrow. “Isn’t that the point?”

I begin tapping the whisk against my palm and stare at the perfectly spaced metal wires. “Yes” These are far too perfect. “But that’s not as fun sometimes.”

“Leave it to you to be bored with what so many other wish they had.” He chuckles.

Gesturing over my shoulder at the screen, “I told Melissa to make sure the view isn’t blocked. I wanted my favorite guy to enjoy the fun with me.”

“You know how to brighten my day don’t you?” He smiles. He takes the now full container to the large walk in down the way. I hop down from the table and turn to watch. Melissa is now sitting down in the chair next to him, conversing with her hands at bust level. Why does this thing not have audio?

“Why does this thing not have audio?” I holler behind me.

“Because it was purchased for PRACTICAL reasons, not for your humiliation fantasies.” He bellows from the fridge.

“Pshhh…like I am the only one using this for my fantasies.” I say under my breath. I keep my attention at the colored screen in front of me.

“Trying to catch him in the act of checking out my sisters silicone rack?”

“I am wondering if he will…” Everyone does, including me.

Melissa keeps talking, my Prince keeps his eyes on her thighs, I don’t know whether to be proud or annoyed that he is behaving so well. Paul’s gaze is fixated on the screen as well.

“He is definitely a cute one, is he going to stick around for a while?” My heart lightens at this and I can feel my flush in my face.

“We will see after this weekend.” Just as those words are out of my mouth, Melissa is grabbing my Princes hands and putting them on her chest. I love this woman so much!

“And that only took her 5 minutes…” Paul sneered. “I love her to death, but she really needs to find a better way of boosting her confidence.”

I whip out my phone and begin searching through my apps. “Don’t worry, my friend, he’s about to find out what happens when he does these things. Watch the screen.”

With the needed app open, I look at the security screen. Paul’s eyes are going from my phone to the footage of what is taking place out front, waiting to see what’s going to happen. Melissa still has my Princes hands cupping her breasts, I presume to have him see if he can tell that they are fake. I give him a few more seconds of bliss then I click the button.

The reaction is priceless. My Prince’s entire body jumps practically four inches from the seat, and his hands are now squeezing Melissa’s tits in reaction to the vibration I just sent into his rectum. Realizing what he has done, his hands are instantly up and back towards his chest. I can see him wording apologies, and Melissa smiling at his humiliation. I hit the button again, and my Prince is once again trying to control the jerking motions his lower half is doing in response to the now pulsating vibrations I am sending towards his prostate. He is grabbing the bars of the chair as Melissa is placing her hand on his lap, her face exhibiting expressions of worry and concern. I tap the button again, and watch as my Prince relaxes. Melissa is walking towards the camera, and disappears. Paul is clapping his hands as though he just saw an amazing magic trick performed.

“You are without a doubt, evil!” We are both laughing when Melissa joins us in the kitchen.

“What was that?” she asks, joining us at the table.

“A vibrating anal plug controlled through an app.” I show them the screen. “I can choose a simple burst, pulsating, or even program speeds and intensities. Watch”

I set it to the most intense setting and click the pulsate. The three of us watch in delight as my Prince grasps the arm rests once more. His eyes are squeezed tightly shut, his mouth open as the intense pleasure rips through him. Poor baby…

“I think he is going to cum!” Paul exclaims.

“He better.” I smile. We watch as his body continues to spasm slightly. I make sure to focus on his facial expressions, my Prince has a wonderful orgasm face and I want to share it with my friends. The vibrations must have done their job as shortly after, I see the look of pleasure followed by panic cross his face. I click the button to stop. And look at my friends who are laughing to the point of tears. I wonder how he is going to explain the damp crotch…

“Well my sweets,” I say to them, “Time for me to go. Paul, are we all set for tomorrow?”

Paul wipes a tear from his eye, “You know it is.” I smile and give him a big squeeze. “I will see you tomorrow when you drop it off. Melissa” We embrace and kiss one another on the cheek.

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