My walking, talking Hard on, Richard Fits Well

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My walking, talking Hard on, Richard Fits WellBack in the early 80s I went one of them all male party for Bi guys a lot of sucking no fucking unless you sneaked into the bathroom, I meet one of my fuck buddy, mostly at the book store loved my BB. he was married said he had to leave soon, begging me for some ass? He finally got me in the bathroom no cloths on so it easy but no lube? wait he has carmex lip balm it worked fine, all the knocks on the door kinda distracting, but 10min shot his big load in me. he got up left me, full of cum no undies it was hard to keep his load trying to escape. Right at the time couple of new guys showed up, it was my Weed connect Rick. His 8″ cock straight out, we said hi and I was on my knees sucking him good in heaven, but trying to hide my fresh fucked ass, he fingered my ass, whispered to me your ass is mine tonite. he knew the host and we use his bed with 20 plus guys watching jacking, the guy he had with him was so turned manisa escort on, Tom was his name Rick told me hang on when he was done, I looked back at Tom was all smiles and 11″ only let guys suck him I was told. Well good thing for Me I had 2 loads I still remember the HEAD of his cock all fat n red was balls deep, we started to get with it and 3rd load it was huge, well we stayed at the party for a few, rick told me your coming to my place all weekend better call who you need to boy?I got a lot of cheers from the ones watching, a few buss. cards with telephone numbers then one guy got stupid almost ready to fight, wanting his turn. to many big guys stopped him. Thank god he was hanging 9 fat inches of cowboy stud beef. Rick n I went out and I followed him to his house in the country. I was told to strip, jump into the shower ok, I replied. OK what Rick told me leaving me like confuse, he grabbed my hand , grab a paddle right over his manisa escort bayan knee, learn how to call me daddy or sir. after 20 swats my butt hot now get in the shower boy, yes sir. don’t wash good in your boi hole, ok I’m still farting cum, sir. good boy. so hurry up. or I will give you 10 more swats I took a quick one an we went right to the bedroom, it was cold and a wood burner for heat only by the time we get done fucking n wet from sweat. I had some party stuff we tooted back then. Rick was so horned out about finding out I was Bi and sub. He wanted to make up for lost time, we kinda knew about our sex life, he is married, but his wife has MS cant taker care of his sex he was need but she let him do guys. no women. I thanked her for being cool, when she was home, she stayed in a place that she could be more comfy medical help. I think they hit over 40 yrs still married. Rick showed me a nude pic of her on all 4s in her 20s. I escort manisa told Rick your wife looks like me, see I showed him, close butt my big balls and 7″ fat cock. was hard to hide. when we were alone he let me top him. but anybody around he was my dom. top.. that first night 5am in the morn, we just finished fucking we fell aslep holding me tight from behind never pulled out until breakfast he made woke me up eat real lite breakfast, we realized cum was everywhere couch chair bed,. He blamed me told me get the paddle 10 more hard swats,old me to clean it all up we have company coming over, oh yea Tom sir, yes and his black guy he works .with end 20 hour fucked 5 times I’m saddle sore daddy he showed me the paddle ok I will do my best sir. going to let you fuck me before they cum over. make me cum like you during a good fuck. ok sir I fucked him for an hour, neither one us cum, so we swapped ends 2 or 3 min. later oh daddy making me cum my ass contracting on his cock boom cream pie boy hole it didn’t hurt to bad I reached to feel my hole when he pulled out wow nice gap boy. no Kodak for the moment. we clean up our mess. rested waited for my new buds to cum over?this was my first story, tell if want more?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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