My very first (kind of) threesum! (FFM/Highschool/

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My very first (kind of) threesum! (FFM/Highschool/During my latter years of highschool I had my first kind of threesum experience! (We were all of legal age, so dont worry!) I had been with my girlfriend for a few months at this point we always had sex/a bit of fun when we got chance, normally at weekends. During one week, my GF ( I’ll call her ‘M’) had asked if it was ok to come and watch a movie on Saturday and hang out. Of course I said yet. Later in the week she asked if it was ok for her friend (I’ll refer to her as ‘D’) could come round too. I had always gotten on with D, she was a funny and pretty girl, we flirted in a friendly way, and she had a passing resemblance to Linsey Dawn Mckenzie (apart form her huge tits! lol) As LDM was one of the models I wanked off to at the time, so I had no issues with her tagging along lolSo come Sat there was a knock at the door around 11am. I opened it to find M and D there and tbh I though they were dressed a little out of place. They both were wearing skirts and strappy tops along with make up! Yet there was me in a tshirt and gm shorts! lol Anyway they came in, we had a chat and grabbed some snacks and drinks and headed to my room. I had a futon bed at the time, that folded up into a little sofa so I had already set that up. I slapped a film on, my gf M sat to my right side, and to my surprised D sat to my left. I had expected her to sit next to M. I didnt mind, but it made me a little nervous as Id never been this close to two girls at once. I had a blanket that M liked to snuggle under, so we put that over us and started to watch the film.Over time the girls had snuggled up with me quite closely and I had had to put my arms over both of them. I could feel my GF’s C cups pressing against my left side and D’s D cups against my right. I was just thinking to myself ‘this is awesome!’ lol. We all started having a little chit chat about bits and bobs. Just back and forth about girls and boys ideas and thoughts about sex at that age. Conversations turned to turn ons and offs etc and it dawned on me that both the girls were slowly rubbing my thighs. The moment I realised, my cock started to grow. I dont know if D noticed, but she kept brushing over my cock. I was getting so hot and horny and it was driving me crazy. I noticed tho the girls seemed to be ‘trying to communicate’ to each other with lip and eye movements. It suddenly made me paranoid!! I started to get a bit annoyed and said ‘Is there a problem?’ Genuinely thinking I smelt or something! M look at me and quickly blurted out ‘D wants to ask you something!’ I looked a D who looked slightly annoyed and shocked at the same time. I said ‘ Whats up?’ She replied ‘M says you have a really big dick’. I was speechless! I dont know if I was turned on or angry that M had been discussing our sex life with her friends! lol I didnt know what to answer – at that age how do you know what is big or not? I had only ever had porn to go by! So I answered back ‘Well, I suppose its big, I dunno?’ Then for some niğde escort reason answered ‘Maybe you could tell me’? I dont even know why I said that bit!! lol D looked over at M who nodded so D said ‘Show me then’They had called my bluff! At this point my cock was rock hard and precummy. I kicked the blanket off, pulled my shorts down, and my cock sprug out, flicking back onto my stomach, leaving a trail of precum on my tshirt. I grabbed my cock and tugged it a couple of times and asked ‘what do you think?’ M had this weird look of pride of somesort on her face, like she had proved a point. D’s jaw was dropped and she kept looking from me to my cock and back. She said ‘What the fuck, M didnt lie. How do you even get that in her?’ We all laughed. As Ive mentioned in a previous post, my gf M was a petite girl, slim frame but curvey, with nice pert C cup breats. As she was petite and only 5’1″ – I wont like, my cock looked massive in her. Thick 8″ dicks, and petite girls is a prize winning combo if you ask me! lol They we’re giggling like little school girls – examining it, the veins, how hard it was, my leaking precum and llaughing about the fact they could each get hands on my shaft. Without knowing they had built up a steady motion of pumping my cock, and it felt good. I was breathing heavy and lightly moaning and they noticed. M let over and started kissing my lips and neck, D followed suit too. At that point I was in heaven. Being wanked by 2 hot girls whilst kissing them was a position I never dreamt id be it. D and M started kissing each other too. So hot!I applied a little pressure to M’s back as if to suggest she lent down and sucked my cock. With the slightest touch, she was straight on it – licking and sucking my fat dick, well, the few inches she could fit in her mouth before she always gagged! lol My hand continued down her back and over her ass, I hitched her skirt up to expose a fantastic surprise. She was wearing a black strappy lacey thong – it was one of favs! I rubbed her pussy through her panties to find her panties soaking wet. She was loving this! I moved them aside and started working on her pussy with my fingers. She started moaning and groaning. D was still kissing me on and off. I whispered to her – full of horny confidence ‘Your mouth is amazing, I wonder what it would feel like down there’ She smiled at me, the too lend over and started sucking. Her bj technique was so different to M’s. Dont get me wrong, I loved M’s bjs, but D used her tongue in all sorts of ways M never did till this point ( She must have learnt from D as from then on her technique changed lol)The girls were working away on my cock, mouths tongues and hands. I was fucking gooning! My right hand was playing with M’s pussy and my left just leaning on D’s back. She seemed to be nudging me. Did she want me to play with her pussy too? At this point I thought it was worth the risk! I ran my hand down D’s back and lifted up her skirt. She had a great round ass, and fuck me it was a sight. She was escort niğde wearing the skimpiest g string ever. Outside of porn, I had never seen a girl wear one in real life! My cock must have throbbed at the sight of it as D said ‘Oh, you like do you?’ I think I managed a brief ‘Fuck yea’. I started playing with her wet pussy too, and yet another surprise was that she was fully clean shaven! Another first! This was like a porn wank fantasy come true! I mean M had a lush pussy, and always have a brazilian shaved, but had never gone clean shaven.This carried on for a while, all three of us moaning and groaning in pleasure. Suddenly D stopped and said ‘I want to see M on it’ M looked at me and bit her lip and said ‘ok’. She went over thr my draw and pulled out my (unfortunatly) only condom. D was holding my shaft as M rolled it down over my length. M then straddled me,one knee with side if me. I grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, opening her pussy a little. Slipping it into her tight little pussy had to be done slowly! D was still holding my cock, and helped slip my cock in. M moaned loudly after lowering herself down on my cocks lenght. I moaned. D moaned ‘fuck, you guys are awesome’ She commented bout how much my cock spread M’s tight pussy and was amazed she could fit it. As M was working up her stride, I was kissing her and pulled her tits out of her top to suck on. They were slowly bouncing in my face as my tongue hung out to lick her nipples. D came up on my left and started kissing M, and fondling her tits, She also whipped her tits from her top and pushed them in my face. Fuck man, fucking my gf whilst sucking on her tits, whilst shes kissing her best friend whilst I was also licking and sucking her best friends tits…I want it to last forever!M lent back a little, still taking it slow on my cock (thannkfully!) but enjoying every min of it. D laid down next to me, legs spread and was frantically rubbing her clit – I think she really wanted to cum. I wanted to help, so I repositioned my arm and slipped my thumb into her tight, shaved pussy. I started to slip it in and out and her hips were grinding and she continued to rub her clit. At this point it was like D and M kind of joined in somesort of rythm. The fast D was grinding on my fingers, the fast M was working my cock. At this point it was like i wasnt there, D and M were looking t each other, getting faster and faster, moaning more and more – then they blew withing seconds of each other! OMG What a sight! This sent me over the edge and I probably screamed ‘ im gonna fucking cum!’ M jumped off my cock and got straight down to it, she ripped of the condom and started wanking and licking it..I came, and I came hard! Cum shot everywhere, all over M’s face and tits, I got some on my face and torso and D got some over her legs. The girls laughed and D said ‘Fuck its ike niagra falls!’ lol (Thats where I got the nickname Niagra from!M was still sucking my cock as I was still hard as fuck. i didnt want to waste this opportunity. niğde escort bayan D wanted to try my cock, but I had only that one condom, so it was out of the question. I said to the girls that I wanted to cum again as I was still horny and D said ‘you can use my tits if youd like’ I looked at M as she said, you may aswell’. She got to her knees and wrapped her tit around my cummy cock and started giving me a tit wank. M leaned over me and started kissing me, then started ‘feeding’ me her tits to suck on. D was working hard on my cock, sucking its tip whilst wanking it with her plump D cups. M stood up on the sofa, carefully turned about, and rammed her pussy in my face..I ate that pussy like I hadnt eaten for weeks! lolI knew it wouldnt take long to blow, and when i did cum for the second time, it was still a hefty enough load of surprise D and cover her hair, face and tits in jizz. After I finished spurting, we all kind of just looked at each and laughed! We then slumped on the sofa out of breath and we stroked each other affectionatly and commented on how fucking awesome this exeperience had been! D had mentioned she had really want to try my cock, and hinted that maybe we could try something again.After this we all got cleaned up and spent the rest of the day watching movies and cuddling on the sofa. Weirdly enough, not much was said about it after that. I was still with M for a few years after this and D was still one of our best friends, though we never had another experience with her. I did become quite good friends with her. We becomae quite close in ways, she was still flirty and teasey, and would regulary call me a ‘perv’ lol but when she was down or needed advice she would always come to me. She was the only one of M’s friends that stayed in touch after she spilt up with me. I suppose in a way D and I cared for each other more than we ever admitted, but didnt ant to ruin our friendship by dating. After highschool/college we went our seperate ways, but I didnt bump into her years later in a night club. She was excited to see me and the sexual tension was off the chart. I asked her if she wanted to swap numbers and catch up/hang out. I was very gutted when she said no. She said that she had just moved in with her boyfriend, and she knew full well if she started spending time with me it would ruin her relationship. She told me she’d always liked me, but didnt want to ruin things by taking it futher. I was both sad and happy at that statement.We had a cuddle and a kiss and that as the last time I saw her.M really enjoyed it at the time, and she must have spoken to some friends about it – several of her friends over time hinted things when they spent time with us. At that point we had matured a bit so were more committed to each other. Its a shame as years later when M dumped me, this is experience was of the ‘reasons’ she gave to support her argument that I treated her like a ‘fuck toy’.I have to admit Ive have some awesome sexual experiences. When I think about this time, I always have to have a quick wank. The last day or two alone Ive wanked off 7-8 times thinking about this…which is why I decided to post it!What about you guys? Have you had any experiences like this just randomly fall into you lap?

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