My Valerie Fantasy

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For those of you who have read my first 3 submissions you’ll know this is a fantasy based on real people involved in real situations, only the outcome is yet to be concluded.. this is how my naughty little mind is hoping things develop, Please enjoy Bethany xx

Chapter 4 Valerie

Things have been pretty hectic recently, what with exams, boyfriend troubles, being a teenager and most of all my new found love of writing erotic stories based upon my recent sexual awakening… In the last year I have found my first boyfriend and finally at the age of 18 I’m no longer a shy reserved virgin.

Jed was my first and still is my only male lover; however my sexual awakening has ignited another side to my life which I had only previously considered on a few private occasions; my desire to explore my sexuality has led me to explore my bisexual side too and up until now I have had two such episodes. The first was a chance meeting with a beautiful woman called Emma and more recently with one of my best girlfriends Sally. Sally and I have since played and explored further but throughout the last 12 months my mind often wanders back to the very first lesbian thought I ever had, and that was fantasising about my friends mother Valerie.

During the last year I have discovered what sex and boys are all about, but adding to that I have discovered more about myself and my sexuality than I’d ever imagined. If you have read my other contributions you’ll know what I mean. One underlying dominant thought has been the idea of sex with another woman and once I knew I had such strong desires to explore this I knew exactly the type of woman I liked, one who is omnipresent in all of my sexual dreams and fantasies, and that woman was Valerie.

Valerie is Nina’s mum and a very attractive woman indeed; to me she is the perfect woman, elegant, mature, professional and very sensual. Everything about her screams of female sexuality in a posh ladylike sort of way; her legs are toned and long, her bosom big, her lips red and her auburn hair long and immaculate. I guess that men would typically say she is librarian porn star type which I guess is close, but to me she’s much more than that. I’ve never not seen Valerie not looking immaculate, be it going to or coming from work, casual home wear or dressed up for a night out with her husband Derrick; she is always looking womanly, sexy and elegant.

My admiration of her turned into sexual fantasies soon after my friend Sally started quizzing me about my sexuality and desires; she would talk about things in such a way that it would bring images of people into my mind. Sally would openly talk about how she wondered what it would be like to sleep with another woman or how it would be to suck a man’s hard cock, and all the time our sexual fantasies would grow and grow. When with her I imagined kissing Sally and sucking my boyfriend’s cock, but when I was alone in my bed and allowing my mind to drift to places new, it would usually end with my slender fingers moving from my erect pink nipples to between my legs and into my pussy.

After a while of solitary fantasies I realised I was masturbating thinking exclusively about my friends mum and from that realisation onwards I knew she was the principle object of my sexual desires; she of all people was the most exciting, most feminine and most sexual person in my world and thinking about her in many situation was an everyday occurrence many times a day.

Things however have now changed somewhat; no longer am I a virgin, no longer do I wonder what it’s like to suck a hard cock; and no longer do I need to fantasise about what it’s like to have the pleasures of another woman. I’ve been having some exciting sex with my BF Jed and that is getting more exciting and adventurous all the time, but since I gave my virginity to him I’ve slept with a lovely girl called Emma whilst away on a university trip, and now I’ve succumbed to Sally’s dirty chat and slept with her too.

In fact I’m currently having more pleasures with Sally than I am with Jed, so much so that we had our fingers in each other’s panties on the way home from school the other day with a bus half full of other students, and she even took me into a locked room at school and lifted my skirt, pulled my little panties down and sucked my clit to an amazing orgasm and then left me there to straighten up whilst she went onto class.

But all through these wonderfully exciting things which contribute to my sexual exploration, whenever I’m alone I think not of what I have recently achieved, but what I’d like to achieve, and most of that is to make love to Valerie. To fall into her heavy breasts and feel her hot body against mine, to feel her mouth on mine, to unveil her body as I remove her clothes and to make her cry out as I give her pleasure.

I want her to talk to me telling me she’s aroused, I want to suckle on her nipples and explore her pussy with my tongue and fingers, I want her to spread my legs Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort wide and eat my smooth 18 year old pussy and most of all I want to make her cum hard and loud – that’s what my mind keeps picturing.

The one problem I have with all of this is the fact that Val is one of my friends’ mum, and I’m never in her company without Nina. There is probably little chance of spending any time with Valerie alone and even then things would have to move pretty quick for anything.

That one afternoon of sheer sexual excitement when I did find myself alone with her was so amazing and sealed my fate there and then. I was going out with Nina that evening and decided to go to her house straight from school only to find she’d missed her bus and would be on the next one an hour later. Valerie and I chatted over a coffee in the kitchen until she asked me to come up to her room to continue our chat whilst she got out of her work outfit, she then proceeded to fully undress, right for my own private viewing.

Images of her standing only a few feet away completely naked are still so vivid in my mind, her heavy breasts with dark proud nipples, her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair covering her bulging pussy and every inch of her beautiful olive-skinned body all there for my viewing. The most erotic thing about all of this only dawned on me later, and that was her just how comfortable she was with my teenage eyes all over her body. It wasn’t a quick change either, I got to admire her heavy breasts in a lovely white quarter cup bra and could see the patch of dark hair through her little panties before she changed both, I was able to soak up as much of her as I wanted and only now I realise it was not just about her getting changed and continuing a chat.

It could well be the only opportunity I got to enjoy her in the way I really wanted to; this after all was on the back of numerous occasions of over-exposed cleavage moments of changing her blouse, flashing her stocking legs or changing her skirt all in my presence and all in the knowledge she had my fully attention.

So I have come to a clear conclusion after months of doubt that Valerie knew exactly what she was doing and that on that special day, she definitely took the opportunity to expose her naked body to my full gaze, knowing she was safe and that Nina wouldn’t be home for at least another hour. I also realise that she couldn’t risk any form of misinterpretation and so that’s why it followed a safe path of her getting dressed and being back downstairs before her daughter arrived home. However, now I think she was as aroused as I was and that given the chance she would do it again without question, the only question is how and when.

Well things did move on and another couple of times when I went over to Nina’s before going out with the girls, Val gave me really big hugs crushing her boobs into my chest. She was so very complimentary about my outfit and the fact I was a little daring with my top, her extended look at my own boobs sent shivers straight to my pussy. At the end of that night when the taxi was dropping Nina off I reminded her I wouldn’t be over until later on Sunday afternoon as I was going to the gym in the morning to do a yoga class. This proved to be a very usefully bit of information as Val had waited up and was at the door in as Nina skipped down the drive and I waved them both a good night.

The following morning I woke and as usual on a Sunday morning I lazed longingly in my bed touching myself and enjoying my body until I realized I needed to get up and out for the gym, arriving with only minutes to spare I reluctantly took up a position at the very front of the class as most people like me hide at the back.

The session went well and I felt good from the experience but most of all I was looking forward to a new found pleasure, a pleasure I didn’t realise existed until one day when I went into the locker rooms for a drink. Let me explain. It has always been the case that whenever I did anything at the gym I would usually wait until I got home to have a shower in the privacy of my own bathroom, probably because I would go with mum and she always wanted to go home to shower.

A few weeks ago the girls and I had arranged to go out early and so I was being picked up from the gym to go straight into town. Time was a little tight so I chose to shower and get ready there. This obviously wasn’t an issue but indeed I found the idea of being around other semi-naked women exciting as my realisation was growing that I did indeed like women as well as men, so the thought of seeing something was already stirring in my pussy. However what did surprise me was the number of women who would walk around either semi-naked or completely starkers!

From that day on I have showered at the gym as often as I could and loved the fact many women were very comfortable with being naked around others, and that I too could feel very naked and very exposed knowing that maybe somebody was looking at me with the same naughty thoughts I was having.

This practice continued and I became more comfortable being naked around strangers and also better at acting normally and not like a scared little girl; this pleased me a lot. Some women were always around at the same time as me as they did the same yoga class and there were a number of women who were always around when I was changing or always getting naked in my presence. This became noticeable after a few times and I began to enjoy it for my own sexual pleasure. There were even some who when showering would leave the cubicle door open and on a few occasions found myself aroused looking at the person opposite as I exited my own shower.

I remember the first time I went after completely shaving my pussy. One of the regular women (an older woman of about 40ish) was clearly impressed by my exposed pussy; she would always choose a locker opposite and I never failed to catch her looking at my young body which always excited me, and I hoped she hadn’t seen me admiring her too much. The locker room was a “U” shape with a big seat/bench in the middle. Usually she would bend over to dry her feet and so I could see her hanging breasts and right up her thigh. At that point she would always look over straight at my young trimmed pussy, but on this day I waited for her to follow her usual and all too obvious routine and just at the right time I removed my towel to show a completely smooth and hairless vulva, her mouth opened and her eyes widened as she stared at my bare pussy, only this time she couldn’t help but stare for much longer than usual and by the time she realised she was staring I was already looking right into her eyes. We exchanged smiles and I skipped to the shower feeling VERY pleased with myself.

Anyway, back to where I was. Imagine my surprise to see Valerie at the back of the class as we were all warming down at the end of the session. As soon as I saw her I felt a tightening in the pit of my stomach; she smiled a big smile and instantly my mind skipped forward in time to the locker room and then the showers. Valerie had never been to the class before so it was either pure coincidence or a result of my late night goodbyes with Nina that put us together here and now, either way I was caught completely off guard and must have looked dumb struck.

As we left the gym studio she greeted me with a big hug and kiss and asked if I was going for a sauna or swim and without thinking I said I was just having a shower, then I thought I’d missed an opportunity to be alone with her but she smiled and said she was just showering too. We used lockers in different bays so I didn’t get to see her undress for her shower or even know if I was going to be in before her but my mind was racing and my pussy already aching with the thought of seeing her naked or just partially naked again.

When I got to the showers (which are basically two rows of about 10 cubicles facing each other) there were many in use and doors all closed so I continued to the far end and turned the shower on, whilst waiting for the initial cold water to run warm Valerie skipped in behind me and took occupation of the opposing cubicle; giggling she tugged at my wrap around towel and leaned into my ear

“Good job this one’s free, as I might have had to join you?” and without hesitation she hooked her towel on the peg and turned the shower on.

I stepped in, and as I turned to pick up my toiletries I was surprised to see Val still waiting for her shower to warm up and looking right me. Her neat pussy was only a couple of feet from my face and then I realised she was looking right down my body, my young boobs fully on show as I bent over and I’m sure I saw her eyes travel down to my midriff and down my legs. Panic was the dominant thought and instead of using the moment to my advantage I giggled like a shy little girl and closed the door!

“Shit” was all I could say to myself “That was such a big moment and I’ve blown it, what did you do that for?”

I was still cursing to myself five minutes later when I heard Val’s voice

“Beth sweetheart, do you have any conditioner?”

Thankfully I did, and this was it, I wasn’t going to blow it this time. Without hesitation I opened my door ready to pass the bottle through or under Valerie’s door only to find it fully open and Val standing facing me under a hot running shower. Again I was about to panic as she stood there smiling back at me but this time I held myself together and stepped over to give her the bottle. It was ‘The’ moment which changed my relationship with my friend’s mother forever.

Suddenly it was not a case of Val teasing or playing games with me by flashing her mature sexy figure, or pretending to talk casually whilst undressing or changing, this time we were both completely nude and for the first time ever Valerie could see every inch of my naked teenage body. I could feel the warmth of her eyes burning into mine and the smile that spread across her face told a story all of its own. She took the bottle from me and although I felt my nipples harden to bullets and my pussy throb with excitement, her eyes never left mine until she said a very soft and sexy “Thank you”.

As I retreated to my own cubicle I watched as her eyes dropped to my chest and then to my hips. I was shaking with excitement as the object of my desires was looking over my wet body, my aching breasts and my throbbing pussy. I watched her eyes watching me, the intensity of it all made my surroundings fade away into a blur and all that mattered was the right here, right now moment. I suddenly realised I had a choice to make, close the door or leave it open…

Well if I’d not left it open, I’d not be writing this next paragraph would I? As I turned away to regain my composure under the shower the feeling inside was one of utter fear and total excitement all in one; all I could think of was what happens now and will she still be there when I turn back around?

I finished rinsing the conditioner out of my hair whilst my stomach was doing cartwheels. I showered with my bare bottom and long legs on show to anybody who walked to the end of the cubicles and of course to the occupant of the cubicle opposite. I had to do something pretty soon or else the moment would be gone, and so whilst the water was still running down and over my face I slowly turned to face the open door.

If all of those thoughts and dreams and desires were justified, Valerie would still be there, naked and looking right at me; if I was wrong and she gone, I’d feel as empty as the cubicle opposite. I was now facing the door but with my eyes closed and water running down my face. I was so excited knowing I was now full frontal, fully naked and in a state of complete arousal, my nipples aching and noticeably proud as I arched my back trying to get all the conditioner out of my hair, and of course my sweet little pussy throbbing deep inside, but also bare and in full view of anybody standing facing me.

Slowly I opened my eyes and as the light shone back from the cubicle opposite, a beautifully familiar woman stood facing me, her naked body toned and tanned and her full womanly breasts sitting high on her chest, glistened with the falling water. Suddenly I realised I was staring at her body, soaking up the image of her dark nipples big and very proud, my eyes flashing down to between her thighs and I loved the image of the dripping water running off her dark pubic hair.

It was only when I looked up at her face did I fully realise the gravity of the situation. Valerie was just standing there smiling a welcoming smile. I felt embarrassed staring but she just stood there allowing me to have my dirty little girl pleasure. I put my hand to my mouth almost in a moment of shyness and then realised that everything I was seeing, Valerie was seeing right back. She was looking at my young perky breasts and my slim figure and then I watched as her eyes drifted to my bare pussy and remained there for what seemed like an age.

I could feel her stare send magic bolts of electrifying pleasure straight to my little clitoris; nothing had every prepared me for this feeling. I didn’t know I could get so excited, so wet and so desperate to touch myself without actual contact with another person. My moment was broken as suddenly Val reached down for her shower gel bottle showing me the full size of her breasts as they hung beautifully, her big dark nipples pointing like bullets ready to shoot right at me, then for the next few minutes without a word being spoken I watched as Val covered every inch of her body with soapy hands.

I smiled as she caressed and cupped her breasts, pushing them together, lifting them and sliding the palms over her nipples and then when I looked down, right on cue, Val parted her feet and with two hands she slid them down from her chest to between her legs. Nothing on this planet has every made me so aroused as that moment when Val’s arms pushed her boobs together forming a very big soapy cleavage whilst at the same time I watched her finger slide into her pubic hair and with a very deliberate act she just spread her pussy lips wide apart.

The running water only added to the visual effect and at that point I paused to picture the image before me. There I was, complete exposed in a shower at the gym, staring right into the pussy of my best friend’s mum; not only that but she was so turned on she began to rub her clit with one hand whilst reaching up to pull on her nipples with the other.

I felt my own pussy clench as I realised Val was too excited to stop herself from finishing what she’d started, she stepped further back into her cubicle as we heard another person enter the showers but nobody else could see what I could see, and for the next few minutes I watched in pure erotic amazement as Valerie, rolled her nipples, grabbed at her breasts and rubbed her clitoris… I knew it was going to be quick and hard but didn’t think she’d cry out in pleasure.

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