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Subject: My Type (gay adult/youth) This is a fictional story. My Type I felt Nick’s ten-year-old cock twitching and drycumming inside my eighteen-year-old twink ass. Between moans both of us said “I love you” over and over again. While my hands gripped the fabric of the bedsheets, Nick continued to fap my uncircumcised pedo boner with his hand as he thrusted his smooth pulsing rod in and out of me. His other hand was groping one of my butt cheeks. After he stopped drycumming, spitting in his free hand Nick added saliva to my rock-hard dick. Being the horny fag that I am, I loved to shave my body hair so that my body was just as smooth as that of Nick. Despite his orgasm, Nick continued plowing my ass like there was no tomorrow, his hairlesss balls slapping against my ass cheeks. *slap* *slap* *fap* *fap* fap* *moan* *slap* *fap* *moan* *pant* *pant* All the naughty sounds combined with seeing Nick’s smiling, blushing face as he started reaching his second orgasm caused me to start cumming myself. As both Nick’s dick and my asshole began twitching in waves of ecstasy, I shot my first load of cum. I closed my eyes, and while still repeating “I love you” between my moans and heavy breathing, I lost any feeling of time. Eventually, perhaps after a few minutes, perhaps after a century, I slowly opened my eyes. My vision blurry from all the pleasure I was still drowning in, all I could focus on was Nick’s smile. His smile was always the best part, better than anything else. It melted me into a puddle, even though I already was one from all the fucking, from the privilege of being his romantic partner. “That. Was. Awesome!” Nick exclaimed. His cock was still hard and inside me. Both of us needed a break from fucking, at least for a few minutes, but we both loved it when he kept his dick inside me after he had fucked me silly. “We actually did it, we came at the same time!” I said, panting in post-orgasm bliss. We had never had a simultaneous orgasm before, and it had been even better than I had imagined. “Can you fuck me, Jack? Like, later today?” “Sure. Right now my legs feel like pudding, though, haha.” “Sorry” Nick replied with a shy smile, blushing even more than before. As usual, I couldn’t help but to blush as well. “I love it when my legs feel like pudding” I said seductively, twitching my now deflating semi-hard cock. This caused Nick’s still rock-hard boner to twitch as well, making me moan. We knew where this would be going if we remained in our current position, so because we still wanted to wait a bit before indulging in more fucking, Nick removed uşak escort his cock from my ass with a plop sound, and we got out of bed. After Nick licked up the cum he had on the hand which he used to fap me, he proceeded to collect with it the cum on my belly, chest, and face. Having it all collected in his mouth, he kissed me. Exchanging my cum between our mouths was always a very romantic moment for me, and a few tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. A few months ago I would have never even dared of having a boyfriend. A BOYfriend, who loves me as much as I love him. That’s not the story I was told a gay pedo like me deserved to have. Depression and suicide, or a bitter lonely life was what society seemed to have in mind for me. That is until Nick and I met, until we somehow found each other, somehow managed to find a way of being together in a world that hates our love. We went into the kitchen and decided to make pancakes. Since no one else was in the apartment, there was no need for clothes. While eating the pancakes with one hand, each of us absentmindedly played with his own cock using the other hand. After having eaten we decided to take a bath. Fortunately, the bathtub was rather large so that both of us had enough place. Once we were in the cozy hot water our horniness increased a lot. We went from playing with our cocks to actually fapping them, using the other hand to explore our assholes. Seeing each other playing with our own bodies we were soon close to getting an orgasm. Before that happened though, reading each other’s minds we decided without needing to say a word to each other that it was now time for more ass fucking. Nick got out of the bathtub, put a towel on the floor, and laid down on his back, raising his spread legs. Within a fragment of a second I had left the bathtub, too, my face buried deep between Nick’s preteen ass cheeks. I rimmed his young perfect asshole as if my life depended on it. While my tongue explored regions of Nick’s body that were so sensitive my touch caused him to let out one high-pitched moan of pleasure after another, I used one hand to stroke his chest and belly, and the other to play with his foreskin. I knew it was only a few moments now before my boyfriend would drycum, so I switched the position of my tongue with that of the hand that was fapping Nick’s preteen cock. “I love you, Jack!” Nick moaned. Then I felt Nick’s asshole twitching against the finger that I put in it and his cock joyfully trying to pump his yet non-existent preteen cum into my mouth. Feeling his young cock’s head pulsing van escort as my tongue was making love to it I almost came. “Please fill my ass with your pedo cum!” panted Nick, making me once again blush to the point that I felt my cheeks were burning. He loved how shy I was, and I loved how he found my shyness so horny. I grabbed a bottle of lube from a nearby drawer, putting a lot of it on my boner. The cool feeling of the lube on my cock’s head helped me to reduce my horniness just enough so that I wouldn’t come immediately upon my cock touching Nick’s asshole. After I quickly lubed up Nick’s asshole as well, I positioned myself in front of his spread legs, so that the tip of my cock was touching his asshole. Nick knew that I still needed a lot of reassurance, and since my shyness made him horny he was happy to give it to me. His eyes looking deep into my own, giving me his smile, a smile that made my heart jump and that spread a warm fuzzy feeling in every single fiber of my body, I felt ready. “Yes!” moaned Nick in pure bliss. “Please fuck me!”. I started to press a little bit against Nick’s hole. “Yes!” squeaked Nick, before chuckling a bit. “It tickles, sorry! Please don’t stop!” said Nick, blushing now as much as me. I applied a bit more pressure, and my cock was slowly gliding into Nick. Nick continued to look at me reassuringly, helping me to feel more at easy by telling me how good my cock felt, and that it didn’t tickle anymore now that I was ballsdeep inside him. “Do you want me to fuck you hard?” I asked. “Don’t worry, Jack. I love it when you fuck me your way.” “I could fuck you hard if you wanted to. We already did it once when you asked me so it’s okay for me, really.” “Nah, it was fun to do it like they do it in porn, but I prefer the gentle fucking my cute pedo boyfriend likes so much.” “Calling me a pedo and a boyfriend in the same sentence? Careful or you’ll make me cum already” I said tongue-in-cheek. “Oh yeah? Well, why don’t you take my preteen boy cock into your teenage hands and fap my boy cock till I drycum while looking into your pedo eyes, and you think about getting your perfect, cute bottom pedo ass double penetrated by two preteens and… uhm… pedo boy ass… boyfriend… pedoboy… something something.” Both of us chuckled. I lowered my face to his, our faces almost touching. “Maybe this barely legal twink pedo of yours will do just that” I whispered attempting a seductive voice, probably failing miserably but knowing that Nick would still love it just as much anyways, “but I believe we haven’t smooched yalova escort enough yet today, what do you think? Nick used one hand to lower my head to the point that our lips touched, immediately embracing each other. Nick’s other hand looked for one of my hands, and once found, guided it to his cock. While my cock kept deep inside Nick, my tongue and fapping hand were anything but motionless. Every square micrometer of my body that was touched by Nick’s felt electrified. Despite my assumption of going to be the first of us two to (dry)cum, it was actually Nick who started to orgasm one or two seconds before me. Looking deep into his eyes I could see exploding supernovas of happiness and horniness. Once I reached my orgasm, my young pedo cock was of course emptying my balls to the very last drop of cum, twitching and pumping white liquid love into Nick’s hungry asshole. “Fuck” both of us panted between kisses as our orgasms slowly ebbed. Although my cock often stayed hard for a while after cumming, this time it became flaccid relatively quickly (after all, this was the fourth or fifth orgasm I had had today). Nevertheless, I kept it inside Nick, just like he had kept his dick inside me before. A minute or so later, Nick’s cock had became flaccid as well. I played a bit with his foreskin while he was watching me. Eventually, after I had rimmed Nick a bit again to taste a bit of my cum and give it to him in a passionate kiss, we went back into the bathtub. Once we were in the hot water again, Nick sat down on my lap, his face looking in the same direction as mine. I rested my head on his shoulders, my lips playing with his earlobes. Gosh, I loved him so much. Under the water, Nick’s hands intertwined with mine. While he was using his thumbs to gently stroke the back of my hands, another tear of joy escaped one of my eyes. How did I end up so luck, I wondered once again. Once, for what now already seemed centuries ago, my mind had been broken. Or so I believed anyways. The world is just no place for young pedo teens. Or any pedos, for that matter. But Nick had repaired so much inside me, had somehow healed me. Was still healing the countless deep, deep wounds that society inflicted upon me since the moment I realized that adults just weren’t my type. Healing them with love and friendship and… yes, with lots of daily anal sex till I was fucked silly and my knees feeling wobbly, that too. Then, afterwards, we had dinner and played some video games before we eventually went to bed. With Nick lying next to me, I felt safe and protected. I felt his arms wrapping around my belly as I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. A happy gay pedo teen being hugged by his ten-year-old boyfriend, I thought, halfway dreaming. But before I could finish my thought, I was already asleep. To be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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