My Trip With Lauren, Part 2

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My Trip With Lauren, Part 2It was getting close to dinner time. Lauren had swam for about 20 minutes and I was trying not to sneak peeks at her. Sitting like I was, in the lounger, there would have been no way to hide the boner that would have happened. She got out of the water and came over to say she was done and ready to go. She quickly went over the the pool’s shower and rinsed off, dried, and wrapped the towel around her waist. We walked back up to our room without saying much except that she was looking forward to eating some real Thai food and see if it was anything like back home. I was thinking that I wanted to dine on some Thai tonight also, just not the kind you digest, but the kind you also sink your cock into. I just didn’t know yet how I was going to slip away to my favorite soapy massage parlor without Lauren knowing where and what I was doing.Back up in the room I told Lauren, “There is great street food out at Victory Monument that is not far from here. I thought we could walk down and get something to eat there, and you can get a little taste of the city also.””That sounds great!” Lauren replied with that youthful excitement. “I’m going to take a quick shower to completely wash off the chlorine.””You will want to wear something comfortable for the hot and humid weather,” I replied to her. “My suggestion is something light and loose, nothing too close fitting. You will understand what I mean maltepe escort after walking out on the streets just after 5 minutes.”She walked away into her bedroom and again closed the door most of the way. Again, I peeked through the crack she had left and watched as the one piece swim suit got peeled off her beautiful toned and freckled body. My cock was tenting in my shorts by the time she had disappeared from view and into the bathroom. I went into my own room and took my own advice to put on a light cotton shirt and shorts that I had brought with me that I had bought on my last trip to Bangkok, a pair of comfortable walking sandals, and I was ready. I came out of my bedroom and sat to wait for Lauren.When she came out she had on a one piece shorts outfit that exposed her freckles all the way to the top of her breasts. My god, this girl was sexy! I have always loved red heads and their freckles. I find them to be just as exotic as other men find Asian women to be. Not to say I don’t find Asian women exotic, it is one of the main reasons I come to Thailand for in the first place. “Will this work for the weather?” Lauren was asking me.”It’s perfect hun. Are you ready?” I said.”Yeah, and I’m starved,” she replied and turned toward the door leading out of our suite. Even in the loose fitting of the shorts, the sight of her ass and bare freckled legs was amazing.Out on the street we started walking escort maltepe toward Victory Monument. Lauren was looking around at everything. Across the street was the place I was looking forward to visiting later, one of Bangkok’s soapy massage parlors. Lauren saw it and asked, “Is that one of the places I read about where the massage is given nude and body-to-body?””Uh, yeah. I think so,” I stammered out my reply. I must have not sounded convincing about my supposed lack of knowledge because Lauren looked up at me with a raised eyebrow.”I think it is, and I think you do know. Have you ever been in there?” She had called my bluff. I was never good at playing poker and this was why. I was a terrible liar.”Okay,” I decided to be honest and not hide it from her. “I have been in there. I was looking forward to start my relaxing vacation in there later after getting something to eat. I just was trying to figure out a way of doing it without you knowing where I was going and making you uncomfortable.””Oh really?” The eyebrow came up again, “You think I’m too young and innocent to know what goes on in a place like that? Well I have traveled to Europe you know. I’ve even been into a Turkish bath!”Now it was my turn to raise an eyebrow, “You have been to a Turkish bath? Did you enjoy it?””Yeah, I did. The scrubbing hurt a little more than I expected, but the rest of it was really relaxing. Do they allow maltepe escort bayan women in those places?” We had stopped and she was looking at the parlor.”Yes they do. But, you do know that a soapy massage is more…uh….intimate?” I couldn’t think of any other way of saying it.”Yes, I know.” She turned to look up at me, “Can I come with you when you go? If they will let me, I would like to try one.”I was totally shocked! I had no idea how to respond to that.”Well?” She said and I realized I was just standing there looking at her with what must have been a dumbfounded expression on my face.”I, uh, I suppose we could see,” I finally was able to say. “If you really want to try it I’m not going to tell you that you can’t. It’s just I really don’t think you fully understand what the situation will be inside there.””I’ve read about those places on the internet search I did on Bangkok the night before we left. I didn’t know we were going to be staying right across the street from one and didn’t think about wanting to find one to try. But now that I see it, I want to.””Well, we will do it then. After we go eat. Come on Lauren, you’re hungry and so am I. Let’s get over to the monument and grab some dinner and then we can walk back here.””Okay, and you can explain to me what to fully expect from my soapy massage so I won’t embarrass myself. I came here to see and explore the Thai culture and I want to experience everything I can.””Oh hun, I think you’re going to end up experiencing something I don’t think you’re ready to.””Well, I guess I will just have to tell you afterwards then. Now…where’s this monument? I’m starving!” ***Continued in Part 3***

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