My Son’s Accident

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Author’s Note: All my works are based on fantasy and are to be considered erotic fiction. I would also like to encourage fellow readers to contribute to keep this site up and running and to provide free erotic literature to all that is interested.


It was a clear sunny afternoon in July when my 19-year son Tyler left the house to report to work. As usual, he was tight with time. He is never late, but often leave little room for unforeseen circumstances that can cause one to be late. When I have mentioned it to him before, he rolls his eyes and remarks sarcastically that he can make up any lost time on the road. I just shake my head when I hear that cocky attitude. I guess it reminds me of myself at that age.

After yelling “See you later,” I heard the bike start up. I thought to myself, “I guess he decided to ride instead of drive to work.” So, I entered the garage and noticed he wasn’t wearing a jacket, just a polo shirt, slacks and shoes for work. I yelled over the rumbling of the engine and motioned to him about not having a jacket on. He yelled it was too hot and it was only a short 15-minute ride to work. As he was revving the engine I motioned to him to put it on. He waved me off as he left the driveway. I guess I should be thankful that he was wearing a full-face helmet and gloves. As a rider myself, Tyler knows my rules. You never ride without a helmet and proper gear.

My daughter had off from work that day and I work from home. Less than 10 minutes later, my cell phone rings and I see it is a call from Tyler. I answer the call and I hear another man’s voice telling me his name is Bill and he is with my son who was in an accident. He says he is alive, alert, but hurt. Tyler asked Bill to call me. I obtained the location and my daughter, and I were out of the door in a flash.

When I arrived at the scene, less than a mile from his work, I saw motorcycle parts and his shoes strewn all over the roadway along with an ambulance, police and another vehicle. I jumped out of van, told my daughter to take pictures of the scene and pick up any of her brothers’ stuff as I ran over to see Tyler. He was conscious, but delirious and pretty banged up. As he was placed on a stretcher and into a rig, I jumped into the ambulance as they took me and him to the Emergency Room. While they were loading him into the rig, I quickly spoke with the police at the scene and got contacts off all parties involved.

The driver of the other car pulled out from a stopped position into his right-of-way and made direct contact with the motorcycle. Tyler did what he could to avoid the collision (which probably saved his life). The driver was given a summons, court appearance, etc. My son was driven to the hospital with a 6-week recovery ahead of him.

Tyler was in the ER for about six hours and had every diagnostic test completed to determine the extent of his injuries. He was treated, stitched up and released later that day. He was a very lucky guy considering it could have been much worse. He came home with a broken right arm (he is right handed) and a badly wounded left shoulder, arm and hand that was wrapped all over. For the first 2 weeks he basically had no use of either hands. Both legs and feet were also wounded as was his abdomen. The helmet did its job as there were no injuries to his head or face, although he did show signs of a concussion. Two days following the accident, almost his entire body turned “black and blue” from the deep bruising that was becoming evident.

We set him up in the “man cave” in our finished basement. A room fully equipped with a TV and all the electronics a teenager could ask for. It had a full bathroom, bar and comfy couch. This is the area that Tyler called home for the first month. We got him home, set him up and he slept for almost two days. Only waking up to have light foods, pain meds and bathroom trips. The accident occurred on a Friday, so the next two days, he had plenty of help and a lot of attention by his sisters and mother. However, I was the one to take him to the bathroom.

The first two days, he was so delirious and in so much pain, that modesty wasn’t important at all. He would text me when he needed me – and needed me now! He would swing his broken arm over my shoulder as I picked him up and carry his 180 pounds, 5’10-inch solid frame into the bathroom. He stood in front of the toilet as I pulled his boxers down and leaned his body over the bowl while supporting him. I am glad I am in good shape myself as it took a lot of strength to hold up his dead weight at the same time trying to help him aim his penis correctly.

When he was done, I would give it a few gentle shakes, and pull up his boxers. While at the sink, I would help him brush his teeth and slightly wash his face. After I got him back to the couch and got him settled with everything, I went about my day (I work from home). It was then I gaziantep suriyeli escort began to think about this experience. It was the first time I held another man’s penis in my hand. It felt good, neat, exciting. Tyler was not huge, but had a trimmed crotch, nice size balls and about a 4″ flaccid cock. Taking a dump was also a chore. To make it easier, I got him a raised seat, so he didn’t need to sit so low due to the pain. We he was done, I had to grab him by the upper torso to stand him up while I cleaned his bum.

This went on for about two days. On the 3rd morning, he felt better enough to ask me to help him take a shower. We have a jacuzzi tub, but his body couldn’t’ be submerged for another few weeks. In our basement, I have a large shower with a removable head. Following another dump, I stripped him naked and got him in the shower. As I tried to wash his body from standing outside of the shower, all I succeeded in doing was getting the floor all wet.

Tyler saw this and said, “Dad it’ll be easier and less messy to come in with me and close the door.” He looked at me with a smile and said, “You haven’t seen anything you haven’t seen before and neither have I.” I told him he was right as I nodded. I threw towels on the floor to soak up the water, shed my clothes and joined him. He had his back turned to away from me, and our bodies could easily touched if I wasn’t trying to lean away.

As he faced away from me, I grabbed the shampoo and started working it into his head slowly. After rinsing him off I began to work down his body. I used a washcloth on his ears, neck, upper back. I slowly worked down his torso being careful not to hurt him. He was “black and blue” all over. I got to his ass and slowly cleaned each mound while he instinctively slightly bent over as I cleaned his asshole first with the washcloth, then with my fingers just stopping before his ball sack. I then cleaned his thighs and ankles. When I touched his most private area, he let out an involuntary sigh. We both ignored it. It was meant as a non-sexual shower, but when I think back, it clearly had sexual overtones.

I stood back up, told him to turn around. At the same height, we were then standing just inches away from each other. I then applied conditioner to this hair and as I was rubbing it in we looked at each other. I smiled, and he looked back which such a contented look on his face despite the discomfort his injuries no doubt was causing. Once I rinsed his hair, I gently washed his face and arms which he was raising to keep out of the water stream and because the pain was less when they were elevated. I proceeded washing his neck, pits, chest. Very gently his belly button and torso. I then used a wash cloth to wash over his dick and balls, and between his legs. I put the washcloth down and poured liquid soap in my hand, grabbed his penis and washed it very thoroughly along with his balls. Tyler moaned abruptly and uncontrollably as he responded to my touch. His 4″ quickly expanded to 7 very hard inches. I let go, knelt down and proceeded to finish washing his legs and feet. It didn’t help that his dick was nearly poking me in the face.

This was a first for me. I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I acted very nonchalantly. When I was done, I stood up, and rinsed him off carefully. As I placed the shower head back into the holder, I had to lean into him to reach it and our bodies touched. All the while Tyler never looked down but just straight ahead. Now, when he felt my rising penis touch his as I leaned into him, he looked down at my penis and then at my face. I think that gave him courage because he said “Dad, can you help me out with this? I know it will be very distracting if I don’t deal with this now.”

I replied, “I understand completely.”

I grabbed the body wash, poured it into my hand and began stroking him. His head tilted back, eyes closed, knees bent as he let out light moans. As I stroked him with my right hand, I held him with my left. With only about 2 minutes of short and long strokes, he said, “Dad, I’m gonna cum.” A moment later 7 spurts of white liquid shot out of him as his body violently shook. I held and caressed his cock as his erection subsided all the while watching him react on how sensitive his penis was after his orgasm. He looked at me and said, “Thank you.”

I said, “no problem.” We shut off the water and I stepped out first drying off my body. After I put on my pair of boxer briefs and tee shirt, I then carefully patted him with a towel to dry Tyler completely. I dressed him in clean boxers and a tee shirt and got him back to his spot on the couch. Mom than stepped in and got him something to eat, meds, etc. I went back to work, and he played a few video games.

Shortly after getting settled back to the couch, Tyler’s 19-year-old best friend stopped over for the first time since the accident as he was away on vacation with his family. The boys hung out all day, played video games and watched movies. When I went down to check on Tyler to see if he was alright or needed anything he said that Sam was helping him go to the bathroom, wash up, etc. I was perfectly fine with that. In fact, Sam wound up staying over for a couple of days, and boys spent most of their time hanging out.

Sam was always considered our “adopted son” based on the amount of time he was at our house over the years since the boys met in grade school. My wife loved to have friends of our kids over as much as their friends loved to be at our house as mom always made their favorite foods. When you combine great food and a nice private man-cave, no wonder why Sam loved to stay over – as well as all of Tyler’s friends.

When I came down early the next morning, which was a Saturday to check on the boys, they were sound asleep together on the pull-out queen sofa and the covers where partially pulled off of Sam. He was wearing only his boxers which was partially covered by the blankets, and he had a morning erection where the head of his penis was poking through his boxers. It looked like he was about 7 inches, but thicker than Tyler. Tyler’s penis was 7 inches but thinner. Sam had no body hair except for a distinctive happy trail from his naval to his crotch. Seeing Sam sleeping without a tee-shirt allowed me to admire his chest and see some clearly define abs. Oh my Gosh, he looked so damn hot that I got an instant boner! The weird thing is that I never thought of these boys that way before, nor any guys quite frankly. What was the experience in the shower with Tyler four days ago doing to me?

I examined Sam with my eyes from head to toe noticing every little detail of his exposed body. Seeing his left arm raised, I could see defined muscles, his hairy pits, his smooth side. I was in torment! So, I just sat quietly on a chair pushed into a dark corner of the room, which gave me a clear view of the boys while drinking my morning coffee listening to the boys breathe. As I observed and admired them, I realized there is something beautiful about the male body laying peacefully while seeing their penis rock hard. Tyler had his covers on, but he too also had a noticeable erection.

As I sat there for about 15 minutes taking in the scenery, I noticed Tyler wake up, carefully stretch and slowly walk to the bathroom to relieve himself of a full bladder. Returning to the pull-out sofa bed, he turned on his side facing Sam and moved his right leg over Sam’s torso while moving closer to him. Tyler’s face was only inches away from his Sam’s ear and he was sort of snuggling with him a bit. At first, I thought Tyler moving his leg over Sam’s body was making him feel better with his healing injuries. But, then I watched as Tyler, began lightly feeling his face, cheek and lips with his fingers.

Then I watched as Tyler started rubbing Sam’s chest from his neck down to his lower mid-section in large circular motions, squeezing his nipples lightly. Sam’s body was responding, and since he was lying on his back, I could see a tent growing more pronounced as I watched Tyler’s hand moving toward Sam’s cock. With his hand under the covers, Tyler started with some light strokes which elicited soft moans from Sam. I couldn’t tell if Sam was awake or not at this point. But, as Tyler became braver, the sheets were removed from Sam as Tyler slowly moved downward where his head was now resting on Sam’s naval.

Tyler slowly and seductively began lightly blowing on his dick as Sam was involuntarily reacting as his beautiful hard cock was twitching to each feel of air coming out of Tyler’s mouth. Witnessing this had me all boned up. As I sat in the corner, I remained quiet and hard as a rock.

Then it happened, Tyler leaned forward and slowly swallowed Sam’s dick whole. He licked the tip, circled it and took it all the way down to the root and up again. He quickly became more aggressive with Sam moaning in ecstasy, all the while trying to be quiet about it. Tyler’s other hand was feeling his balls and thighs. This went on for about 5 minutes of intense sucking when Sam quietly screamed, “I’m going to cum.” Tyler picked up the pace and I watched as Sam pumped at least 5 burst of hot cum into my son’s mouth and I could see Tyler’s throat gulping it down. Afterwards, he slowly licked all over his cock cleaning up and leaving no evidence that he just shot a huge load.

Sam just laid back and sighed and said that was the best blow so far and told Tyler that he is getting better with practice. They both chuckled, and Tyler slowly climbed on top of Sam and kissed him full on the mouth as the boys French kissed for about 5 minutes. Sam said I can taste my own cum.

Then Sam jumped up quickly ran to the bathroom and let out a long stream. As he was heading back to back to the pull-out sofa, he looked up and just froze, standing buck naked, when he saw me sitting in the chair in my dark corner of the room.

As he let out a gasp, Tyler turned toward Sam and then it the direction of his eyes when he saw me. I just got up from my chair holding my coffee mug and said, “Good Morning, I just came down here a few minutes ago to check on you guys. All I can say is, what a way to start your day.” I left the room and went back upstairs. As I left, I could clearly see the boys were in shock. There was a part of me that felt badly for their embarrassment, but also a part of me that was immensely turned on. When I got up to walk out, I had a raging boner which I am sure the boys could clearly see. After I thought about it, there were many other things I could have said that would have been more seductive, but I was caught off guard a bit. Damn!

My wife came down to see them a short while later to get their breakfast order and give Tyler his last set of meds. As I walked by them in the kitchen eating, they quickly glanced up at me and then looked down just as fast. They were clearly embarrassed. Today was the first day Tyler went out of the house since his accident which was over a week ago now. The boys spent the day together and then stopped over at Sam’s for the afternoon. Later that night, Tyler came back home alone and went straight to the basement where he had been living for the past week. After the girls went to bed, I came down to see how Tyler was doing and to see how he would respond to me.

When I entered the man-cave he said, “What’s up dad?” He was cool as if nothing happened. I asked him how he was feeling. He replied that he was feeling a bit sore still from running around today. I asked him where he felt the most discomfort and he said his lower back. I said why don’t you lie down on your stomach and I will give a light back massage. I locked the door, got some lotion and placed a few pillows under him for comfort as he stripped down to his boxers.

As I started massaging his neck and shoulders, Tyler got nice and relaxed and a boatload of tension just left his body with a big sigh. His muscles relaxed, and he spread his legs a bit. We spent the next 15 minutes in silenced as I slowly massaged his back and sides. I then moved to his feet and took each foot in my hand and I carefully massaged each toe, feeling between them, rubbing the balls of his feet. Tyler responded with a slight groan or sigh as he body responded by my gentle touch. I just loved the feel of his body as I touched and rubbed each area. I particularly loved working each foot in my hand. All of this made me have a raging erection that was so hard it hurt.

I then started rubbing his ankle, calves and inner thighs with slow, long strokes each time going slightly higher. His boxers were loose around him that it was easy to lightly touch his groin area right below his ball sack. Each time, his body would respond by slightly lifting up and spreading his legs even wider to give more access. I then kneeled between his legs and laid against his body and whispered into his ear that it was time to remove his boxers. As I began to pull them down, he lifted his hips to make it easier for me.

Once the boxers were removed, I quickly removed my tee shirt and shorts so that I was as naked as he was. Still positioned between his legs, I returned to massaging his entire back side from neck all the way to his toes. I took note of his beautiful body which was healing nicely as his bruising was gone.

As I stretched my body over his, there was no doubt he could feel my erection against his backside. I leaned in and softly blew on his ears and neck. He responded with moans of pleasure that only encouraged me more.

As I worked on his lower back and ass, I gently rubbed each glute while slowly rubbing over his hole. For some reason, I began to feel really horny and got more aggressive by spreading his ass checks and began to give him a prostate massage. He responded by moaning and lifting his ass into my finger to push it in more. At that point, I bent down, spread his cheeks, and buried my face in deep using my tongue to lick and suck every part of him.

He went wild pushing his ass deeper into my face. I couldn’t help myself, but I was so hot for his ass at that moment that I simply lost all control. As his ass was lifted off the bed, I was reached under and grabbed his cock and started stroking. In only about 4 strokes Tyler let out a loud cry squirting his cum all over the blankets. With every violent contraction, his ass was involuntarily pushed deeper into my face with my tongue going deeper into his ass.

After he came, he collapsed back onto the bed unto his semen that was squirted all over. I collapsed right on top of him then slid off to his side. We laid there in silence as I cuddled him and held him close to me. What a terrific feeling of comfort it is to have your son lay next to you naked while holding him. I felt so close to him at that moment. Of course, my erection was poking him in the ass since we were so close.

After a few minutes, Tyler began to sob, as his body began to shake. I quickly flipped over to the other side, so I could lay down while facing him. I grabbed his head and held him tight. When he calmed down a bit, I asked what was wrong.

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