My Soccer Toy Boy

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Was that the stairs creaking I wondered just as I was dozing off? Was it? No it couldn’t be, I told myself, my desire to go to sleep outweighing my curiosity. I heard it again. It definitely was the stairs creaking.

Open staircases are prone to making noises as they are used. In my very modern flat where the walnut wooden stairs start in the large lounge and rise up to the mezzanine floor the slightest sound seems magnified. But then if most of the space is taken up by the hard surfaces of the floor to ceiling glass doors, dark grey tiling floors and charcoal coloured steel arms and legs of the furniture, it’s to be expected. I really should have listened more closely to the interior designer instead of wondering what she would look like naked.

I heard it again and knew for certain that it was the stairs. There was one creak after another as obviously he made his way up the fourteen stairs.

My bedroom was on the top floor. In fact that and a lovely secluded balcony that was accessed through the floor to ceiling windows on two sides of the room was the top floor. Well along with a big wet room with a deep kidney shaped sunken bath and two showers and a dressing room.

The creaking stopped. That told me he had got to the mezzanine floor. I heard a door open and then close. There are three rooms on that floor. A small bedroom that I use as a gym, a tiny box room I use for storage and a reasonable sized bedroom. It was the door of that I had heard open and close. And that bedroom is where my daughter stays when she is home from university as she was now. And it was that bedroom that her boy-friend had just entered.

The idea of my eighteen year old daughter being fucked just yards from where I lie naked in bed concerned me. But it also excited me.

There were no more noises, but I lie awake for some time. Without realising it I had cupped one of my breasts. The nipple was fiercely hard, it was like an acorn. I squeezed it. Both of my nipples were aching and my D cup breasts felt so full and heavy. A heat travelling from the pit of my stomach was filling my body. My skin was tingling and I was wet. I couldn’t believe what the thought of my daughter having sex was doing this to me. But then as I masturbated and made myself cum I rationalised that not having been with a man for six or seven months plays strange tricks on a forty five year old, divorced woman.


I knew that I had to have it out with her. Although we were very close and had become more so after the divorce three years aog, since when we have lived together in my London Docklands flat, I knew it would be difficult. It was.

“Oh come on mum, get serious” was her reply when I said I heard Jack going to her room last night. “I am nearly nineteen and at uni.”

She was right. I had to let her grow up and having sex was part of that. After all I was at her age.

We chatted about it for some time and I lost on every count.

“Good night mum,” Sara said around eleven that night. “We’re going up we’ve got an early start tomorrow.”

She gave me a kiss as Jack said. “Goodnight Amanda” looking me in the eye and smiling, his thanks I assumed.

I went up shortly after. I undressed slipped into a floor-length, pale pink, silk dressing gown and took the glass of wine I had brought with me out onto the big balcony. Although we were into mid-September it was quite pleasant. I love standing or sitting there seeing the Thames in one direction, the tall buildings of Canary wharf in another and the lights of London in the third. I sometimes read for a while as I sip a glass of wine. Tonight there was no way I could read, my mind was buzzing too much with the thought of my daughter and Jack in bed together. I was wondering if I had been wrong giving in so easily. Maybe I was making it too easy for her, but then I had no control over what she does at uni. I kept vacillating. Just because she can do as she wishes when she’s away there was no reasons for her mother almost aiding and abetting her get laid, I was thinking. I was contradicting that almost immediately, however, by suggesting to myself that girls at nineteen nowadays are no longer girls, they are women. I would add to that by recalling that at the same age as Sara, I’d had sex with four different guys and had experienced my first taste of other women.

As I finished my wine with these thoughts running through my mind so I found myself becoming aroused. My hand slipped inside my dressing gown and found my boob. I squeezed it as images of Sara with Jack came into my mind. This is fucking terrible I said to myself as my other hand slid between my legs. I ‘saw’ Sara kneeling on the floor, Jack sitting on the bed naked, my daughter holding his full erection, pulling it so it was nearly horizontal and then taking his nicely sized cock right into her mouth. I stopped myself and went inside to my bedroom. I dropped the robe on a chair and got into bed naked.

I just couldn’t get Sara and Jack out of my mind. I had to fight myself alanya escort hard to stop getting up and going onto the landing and listening for any sounds of them having sex. I didn’t though, but I couldn’t resist masturbating and quickly I made myself cum just as I imagined my ‘baby’ groaning her ecstatic pleasure as Jack gave her an orgasm.


I had borrowed a friend’s apartment in Juan les Pins in the South of France for a few days and was taking Sara and Jack there before she went back to uni.

Jack was a professional footballer. Although he was a London boy he played for a team in Birmingham called Aston Villa, a premier league club. He obviously wasn’t a first team player being only nineteen, but had been in the first team squad a few times until he got injured playing for one of the youth teams. He had a ligament problem and wouldn’t be playing for a few months, hence his frequent visits to Sara and him coming away with us.

Sara and I had been to the apartment several times before. It was quite luxurious and the complex had a nice pool.

“Well I’m for a swim” Jack said sliding his shorts down and pulling his tee shirt off. He stood up. “You coming Sara?”

“No I’ve just put my sun cream on.”


“Not right now Jack” I replied looking up.

I was sitting in a chair with Sara beside me lying face down on a sun bed. Jack was standing a few feet in front of me looking towards us. I was wearing a white bikini, which because I was in one of those times when I had put weight on, was slightly too small for me. I shouldn’t really have been wearing it for my tits that bloat up to DD when I add weight were almost tumbling out of the cups. Through my fashionably large dark glasses I saw that Jack was staring, but I wasn’t sure whether it was at his girl-friend’s bum, at me or at them.

What I did know, though, was that he had a fantastic body and that in his tiny Speedo shorts he looked to be hugely well-endowed. As I looked at him I felt a surge of arousal.

“Ok, by myself then” he said turning, looking over his shoulder at me, winking and saying. “You sure I can’t tempt you Amanda.”

“No” I retorted probably a little too sharply.

“Ok” Jack smiled walking away from his beautifully pert bum seeming to sway and wiggle far more than usual. Was he putting that on for me I wondered as I watched him dive gracefully into the pool and swim powerfully to the far end. Trying to make it look as if I was reading my Kindle I watched through the dark glasses as he cut through the water doing a quick ten lengths or so.

“He’s a good swimmer Sara.”

“Yes mum, he’s good at most things” she replied laughing, for some reason making me feel as if she meant sex included.

Without thinking really I idly said as I watched him climb out of the pool and walk over to us. “Yes I imagine he would be.”

He picked up a towel and again standing facing me he dried his body.

“That was great you two should really try it.”

“I will later, but I’m not a good swimmer like you” I told him unwisely adding. “I only do the breast stroke.

Smiling and staring at me or my boobs he said. “Well I imagine you’re good at that.”

“Not very.”

“Just going to the loo” Sara advised us getting up.

“Is there a gym around Amanda that I can use?” Jack asked

“Yes in that next apartment block, we get automatic membership.”

“I have to do some exercises so I’ll pop up there later, can’t let the body go because I’m injured.”

“No sign of that.”


“Your body going, you have a great physique.”

“Thanks Amanda” Jack replied lying on one side and looking at me. “And so do you Amanda, you have a lovely body er figure” he went on now quite obviously looking at my chest.

“Thanks” I said pointedly staring at my Kindle.

I had to avert my face from both Jack and Sara when she returned as I said thanks, for I was flushed or blushing. ‘Is he flirting with me?’ I asked myself. I ran over some of the exchanges we’d had and it seemed as though there was a saucy edge to some. ‘Sure I can’t tempt you.’ The reference to him thinking I would be good at the breast stroke as he looked at my breasts and him telling me I had a lovely body. There had been other ‘suspicious’ remarks previously that hadn’t hit home to me and of course there was now the more and more obvious glances and stares at my body, particularly my boobs.

As I got ready for our dinner I ran it all through my mind again and put it down to me imagining things.’ It’s because you’re so fucking frustrated’ I told myself.

“That really was a great dinner mum” Sara said as we climbed into the back of a cab outside the restaurant in the old town part of Cannes. Jack was in the middle. Our arms and shoulders, legs and knees were inevitably pressed together.’ Was the pressure increasing on my outer thigh?’ I asked myself as the driver sped too fast along the Corniche.

“It’s one of my favourite restaurants down here” I replied feeling Jack moving his arm against mine. Surely he was now pressing that harder I thought as Sara was saying something about her studies. I couldn’t take in what she was saying and that wasn’t just the excess of wine I had drunk as I had sat across the round table from Jack with Sara between us at dinner.

I was wearing a white blouse with a black linen jacket and thin yellow, slightly flared skirt. As it was a fairly dressy restaurant I had my long, unruly, chestnut coloured hair half up with tresses falling down onto my shoulders. His eyes had seemed to be almost permanently on my chest. Twice he had smiled unnecessarily as I caught him staring or, was I imagining that. What I most certainly hadn’t imagined was his foot pressing against mine a few times during dinner. They were just brief touches. Each time I felt the pressure I moved my foot, but soon it was back again.

I was becoming convinced that he was pressing his leg more firmly against me. I couldn’t really believe that he was coming on to his girl-friend’s mum particularly with his girl-friend next to him.

“Fantastic views” he said looking first at my chest then past me and out of the window turning his body a little as he did. His hand brushed against my knee. Was that on purpose? He looked right at me, smiled and I am sure pressed his hip harder against me. Jack leaned further forward and towards me and this time he rested his hand on my bare leg just above my knee. That made me jump, but not with surprise no it was the sudden surge of excitement that went through me. Sara and I had a fair amount to drink, Jake didn’t touch alcohol, and I guess I was a little tipsy so I put my sudden arousal down to that. Deep down I knew that was wrong, but for my self-esteem I couldn’t admit to anything else.

“Oh sorry Amanda” Jack said moving his hand away and smiling.

After we got back home there were several more covert actions over the next few weeks. Jack spent most of his time in Birmingham, but due to his injury he was able to come home most weekends when he was now a regular at my flat and in Sara’s bed.

I still had some guilt about them sleeping together, but on balance I gained more arousal than anything else. Each night I strained my ears for any sounds fearing with mounting excitement that I would hear my daughter moan with orgasmic fulfilment.

During those three week-ends or so Jack: twice came out of the bathroom wearing just a towel coincidentally as I passed by; seemed to wear his shirt open most of the time flaunting his awesome physique brought about by the soccer training he’d undergone since he was ten or so; stood far closer to me and held my gaze longer than was necessary and appeared to find ways and mean of touching me with his hand, arm, leg or feet.

He also made more come-on remarks such as I’ve always had a thing for older women and complimented me more often. It was all very flirty and provocative, but fortunately down without Sara’s awareness, or so I hoped.

With some men that sort of behaviour would have been sleezy and pervy. For some reason it wasn’t with Jack, fuck it for it would have been easier for me to handle.

Fortunately until the last weekend before Sara’s return to university in early October, it was all covert. That Friday we all went to a dance at Sara’s and my tennis club before which Jack had said “I’d love to see you in your tennis gear Missus W. You wear a skirt?”

He pulled me onto the dance floor during a slow dance. It was quite dark and we were in a corner of the crowded clubhouse. I was in his arms. He had his arms round me and slowly his hands slid downwards until both of them were on my butt. It felt good and I probably left them there a tad too long before saying.

“No Jack that might be ok with Sara, not with me though.”

Smiling he slid them up my back and rather provocatively put them right on my bra strap. “Thought you might like it.”

The next day Sara was in the bathroom I was in the kitchen. I knew Jack was around somewhere. I was reaching to the top shelf in a cabinet in the kitchen.

“Here let me” Jack said.

Still with my hand reaching onto the shelf I turned so I was side on to the cabinet and facing Jack. “No it’s ok.”

“I insist” he went on moving closer. He was also side on to the cabinet and reached up to the top shelf. As he moved closer he easily reached the bowl I was looking for, but didn’t bring it down and for a moment or two we stood there facing each other. He moved his chest forward a little until it pressed lightly against my boobs.

“Want it?” He asked.

“What?” I said genuinely shocked.

He smiled. “The bowl Missus W, what else? A kiss perhaps?” He smiled brushing his lips across mine in a gesture that was far from innocent. I didn’t react at first and for a moment or two I savoured the feel of his lips on mine.

“Stop it” I said moving away.

“Just joking Mands, you know me” he replied as we held each other’s gazes.

“You shouldn’t do that you’re my daughter’s boy-friend.”

“Would it make a difference if I wasn’t?”

“Don’t be silly” I replied thinking that what he was suggesting was far from silly. Wrong and unthinkable for sure, but certainly not silly.

Sara and Jack were out somewhere and I was alone. I thought about the dance at the club and what had happened in the kitchen that afternoon and evening. Although obviously I couldn’t be sure I was becoming pretty convinced that I wasn’t mistaking his actions and words. ‘He is trying to pull me’ I said to myself as I poured a glass of wine. I couldn’t believe that a guy well young enough to be my son could be trying it on with me, his girl-friend’s mum. I thought it was a terrible cheek and awfully disloyal of him. I felt sorry for Sara and part of me wanted to tell her. She didn’t need such behaviour from the shit that I was beginning to think he was. She needed to know for if he was having a go at me then probably he was doing it with other girls and maybe women as well. But I knew there was no way I could tell her. I felt that if I did she might think I had been leading him on. That thought shook me. Had I? After all I had sat beside the pool in Juan le Pins in a white bikini that was too small for me so that my tits were tumbling out. After all I hadn’t stopped him when he pressed his chest against my boobs and he would know that I hadn’t mentioned to Sara the other things he’d done and said.

I acknowledged that he was a very good looking guy with an awesome body. He was a talented footballer earning very good money, he had a degree of fame and thus, to many women he would be a good catch. I suddenly found myself thinking ‘would he be a good catch for me?’ Almost as soon as I thought that I cast it from my mind. ‘He’s your daughter’s boy-friend for fuck’s sake’ I told myself. All evening I tossed this around in my mind before going to bed around eleven. Even as I went upstairs I knew that I would masturbate, And I did, lying in the middle of my bed naked. And as I masturbated so, to my horror I was being fucked by Jack.


“Mum, Jack and I have split up” Sara said down the phone a few weeks later.

“Oh dear, I’m sorry darling.”

“No it’s fine mum.”

“How do you mean?”

“I have met someone else.”


Later that evening just after I returned from the gym, the intercom buzzed.

“It’s me Amanda.”

“Hello Jack.”

“I assume you’ve heard?” he asked as I saw him on the tiny screen.


“Can I come in?”

For some reason I replied. “I’m not sure it’s a good idea.”

“What do you mean?”

“Er nothing.”

“Then can I come in I want to pick up my stuff.”

“Ok” I said pressing the button that unlocked the high wrought iron electric gates that guard the ‘compound’ as the residents call it. Feeling edgy and a little nervous I watched him on the screen as he walked across the cobbled courtyard and approached the front door of the apartment. As he got near I pressed the button to unlock the front door and went to it and pulled it open.

“Hello Jack.”

“Hi Amanda.”

He looked terrible and I guessed that he had been crying. I felt sorry for him and did nothing to stop him putting his hand on my hip and pecking me on the cheek as had become our custom. As his face neared mine I could smell drink on him, something I had never done before; in fact I had never seen him touch a drop. After he kissed my cheek he didn’t move away nor did he remove his hand from my hip.

“You know she dumped me” he murmured as I involuntarily put my hand on his shoulder.

“Yes Jack, Sara phoned.”

“It was right out of the blue, I had no idea.”

“It happens.”

“Not to me it doesn’t. Well hasn’t before.”

“There’s a first time for everything” I said as I felt his arm slip from my hip and go round my waist a little way. It was an awkward situation. I felt very sorry for him for over the year or so he and Sara had been seeing each other I had got to like him as a person. And recently, of course, I had in unguarded moments had lurid thoughts about him. My feelings towards him were confused and garbled. He was, well had been until a couple of hours ago, my daughter’s boy-friend. Even had I have been attracted to him I could never have let anything happen and I quite resented him for the overt advances I felt he’d been making towards me; he should have shown more respect to Sara. On the other hand I wasn’t totally sure that they were real advances. He was a bit of a joker, he had a quick wit and a good way with words and he was always sending me up in an affectionate sort of way. But this was more overt than anything else he had done, but there still was a get out of gaol element for him and a doubt for me. He was upset and maybe slightly drunk. Did he really mean anything by holding me like that and leaving his face resting against mine?

And then I got my answers.

He moved his face away and looked right into my eyes from very close up. He smiled and said quietly.

“Yes Amanda even a first time for this.”

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