My Slutty Adventures Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Hello it’s Sonia again. This is my second story. For those who have not read my first one, I am a transvestite. I am Indian (East Indian) and am short (5’3 without heels). I dress up as often as I can and love going out in public.

I will describe myself a bit more. I have an average build, light brown eyes, nice features (I’m told) and wear long red hair.

I am very much an exhibitionist and love the feel of dressing up sexy and letting men and women “accidentally” see up my skirt or down my blouse.

This is a story about me visiting the building I grew up in.

One Friday night in July I decided to visit the building I grew up in but as Sonia. Not just Sonia, but a very sexy Sonia!

I made sure I put on my best makeup, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, did my brows and fixed my hair. I wore nude sheer to waist pantyhose, neon orange thongs, matching bra, both from La Senza, and a black mini dress. No, black micro mini dress. When I sat in my car there was no hope to maintain decency. The dress was just too short and tight and anyone who looked would very clearly see an upskirt. I did get a couple of honks and some attention on the drive down but that’s not today’s adventure 😉

I drove to the building where I grew up and had not visited for about 20 years. I parked my car and started walking along the building. The building is different than most. It’s an L- shape building and all the condo’s or apartments are two stories high and the hallway is really just a long balcony that runs along the length of all the condo’s. Basically, it’s all outdoors. You walk out of your place onto the balcony and walk down the stairs (if you are not on the first floor) or to the center to take the elevator. In winter it was hard but summers were fun because we would ride our bikes along the length of the outdoor balcony.

As I was walking along the path on the first floor passing all the condo’s to get to the center for the elevator, there was this big guy standing there talking to his friend. By big I mean he was tall and wide. He was over 6 feet and probably weighed about 300 pounds. As soon as they saw me the big guy’s jaw just dropped. Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort I almost cracked up but pretended to not notice and kept walking. I knew my dress barely covered my butt and this dress really made my behind stick out. The fact that I worked out kept my butt perky and my legs taught.

As I walked by one of them lightly whistled and said something like, “Hey mami I have something for you!” but I kept walking.

I got to the lobby but couldn’t get in so had to wait for someone to let me in. Guess who shows up a minute or so later? The big guy.

He was as surprised to see me as I was to see him. As soon as he entered the lobby and saw me his eyes widened and he just stopped and stared at my legs. I asked, “Are you going in?” he nodded and opened the door for me.

We both walked in, me first (surprise, surprise) and he just stood behind me for a few seconds. While we were waiting for the elevator he stood next to me and asked if lived here. His eyes never left my legs. It looked like he was wishing my dress would just lift up the 2 inches to let him see what was underneath. I almost laughed but managed to tell him that I did not and I’m here to visit a guy I met online. He is not answering my messages so I’m going to surprise him.

The guy never looked up and I don’t even know if he heard me. The elevator came and he pushed 3 for his floor and asked me which floor I was heading to. I told him I’m going to the second and he pushed that button for me.

Once I got to my floor I thought that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass so after I got out, I turned, and lifted my skirt for the poor guy. I noticed that his eyes were on my ass because when I turned he was still looking down there. After I lifted my skirt I did a 360 letting him see my bare butt. He looked he was having a heart attack. I turned on him and walked away.

As I was walking toward my old apartment I heard a noise behind me and looked over my shoulder and it was him! I stopped and this time he did look at me. I asked if he was following me. He said that he wasn’t and that he just wanted to ensure a super hot girl Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort like me gets to where she’s getting safely.

Damn I thought now what do I do? So I pretended that I received a phone call as I was walking and said, “Hey you I was just coming to your place. Who is that girl in the background? You don’t know? Yeah right, bye!” and then I put the phone back and stopped walking. He heard everything and asked if I was ok.

I pretended to be sad and said, “He was such an asshole anyway. I was going to dump him tonight.”

I turned and walked past the guy back toward the elevators. He followed and asked if I wanted to go to his place since I’m here and have a coffee? I stopped, pretended to think about it and said ok. He asked if I wanted to take the elevator or stairs. I said stairs is fine. There was a staircase right by the elevator so he opened the door to that one and I got in and started going up.

I knew what was next so decided to really play it out. I walked up wiggling my butt with every step letting him look up my skirt as much as he wanted. To make sure, I put one foot on the step in front and bent over, pretending to rub off some dirt off the top of my heel. I could feel his breath on my ass so knew he was close…too close. I straightened up and kept going up.

Once we were at the third floor I opened the door for him and we walked through and walked together to his place.

I do know how to handle myself so I wasn’t really scared.

We went in, took our shoes off and he showed me his living room. It was a pretty nice place.

He asked if instant coffee was ok and I said yes. He said he would bring sugar and cream over.

I sat there in his living room waiting for him. He came a couple of minutes later with hot water, instant coffee, sugar and cream. He sat across from me. I decided to not cross my legs knowing that he could see right up my skirt where he was sitting. I got up made my coffee and sat back down.

He spent more time looking up my skirt then at my face. It was almost funny.

After I drank half my coffee and chatted a while I Kadıköy Ucuz Escort asked him to come sit next to me.

He came over and I put my hand on his thigh…really high…inches away from his cock and thanked him for being such a good host. He was speechless and could only mutter something.

I looked down and pretended to just notice his cock and looked up back at him with wide eyes. I put my hand on his hard cock and asked, “Are you hard?”

His mouth was open but no words could come out so he just nodded.

I said, “Wow! It does feel big. Can I see it?”

He just nodded.

I unzipped and pulled out his cock and remembered that he thought I was a real girl.

I said, “Sorry! Sorry! I should not have done that. I’m a tranny.”

His mouth was still open and he just shook his head and mumbled “I don’t care, don’t stop.”

I smiled and put my hand around his cock and he closed his eyes and moaned.

I stroked him and felt him get harder. He was about 6 inches long but very wide. I wondered if I could get my mouth around it. My fingers wouldn’t meet when I grasped his cock.

I decided to give this guy what he wanted. I asked him “Do you mind if I taste it?”

He just shook head his head violently while leaning is head back and closing his eyes.

I couldn’t laugh because he might offended so just looked down and put the tip of his cock in my mouth.

He pushed my head down a bit with his hands but his cock was too wide. He moaned real loud and I started using my tongue flicking the sensitive spot under his cock’s head.

I started giving him a blowjob and then he put his hands around my head and pushed it down and stiffened up.

Then I felt his hot cum start to fill my mouth. Squirt after squirt after squirt. He started moaning and groaning pretty loudly.

I had no choice but to swallow it all.

Once he finally finished cumming in my mouth he let go of my head and said, “Thank you that was an awesome blowjob. I felt like I haven’t cum like that forever!”

I smiled and said you’re welcome and I had better go.

I started to get up and he just sat there. I went to the front turned and said bye. He waved and said bye and he was too weak to move. I said it’s ok and closed the door behind me.

“So much for making sure a hot girl like me gets to where she’s getting safe” I thought and smiled to myself and decided to continue walking around the neighborhood.

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