My Slut’s Dessert

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dakota arrives home, from running her errands… dakota belongs to Master Dodge. He owns her body and soul. She find’s a note on the kitchen table listing several commands she is to obey. dakota immediately goes to take a nice hot shower, during her shower she makes sure to shave her pussy bare, knowing how much her Master like’s it that way. She comes out of the shower and immediately goes to her toy box and pull’s out her new ass plug that her Master bought her. Sliding it along her pussy lips, dakota gets it nice and wet and then slides it inside her tight ass. She then walk’s over to the bed and put on the outfit her Master had laid out for her.. a short skirt, sheer white blouse, and a white lace thong. She then kneels down at the front door awaiting her Master’s arrival home.

As her Master walk’s through the door, He sees his slut kneeling properly for him. “Come, we are going out tonight,” he says, leading her out to the truck so they can go out for a night on the town. As they are driving He instructs his slut to pull up her skirt and play with her cunt. He watches as she pull’s her panties to the side and begins to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy. “Keep fucking yourself slut, I want to see your finger glisten with your cum.” Watching her as she cum’s, relishing the fact that she scream’s out

his name as she cum’s. Reaching over, he pull’s her fingers out of her wet cunt, and slowly he press her panties inside, using them to soak up as much of her cum as possible.

As they arrive at the restaurant, they gladly get a seat in the back. There are only two groups around them. A young couple, and a pair of ladies. As their waitress approaches Dodge and his slut, both comment that she is fairly attractive. The waitress takes the drink order and turns to walk away. As she does so, He informs his slut, “That tonight they will be fucking her.”

As he places their orders, He tells the waitress “My slut is hungry and would like to start with a salad.”

The waitress asks “Your slut?”

“Yes, she is My slut, and she will do whatever I say,” He replies. He instructs dakota to remove her panties and place them on the table. And dakota slips her panties off and places them on the table, smiling at her Master. He tells the waitress “Touch them, they are wet from when I had her play with her pussy on the way over here. “Smell them, smell how aroused she gets by serving Me.” DODGE and his slut both watch with Bycasino a smile as the waitress brings the wet panties up to her nose. He can tell she is getting aroused by now. The other two tables are noticing now. The couple have gotten closer, and turned to watch, both of the other ladies now have their hands firmly in their laps. “Slut, play with your pussy.”

The waitress leans over and watches as dakota’s fingers slowly delve into her pussy. “Taste yourself, slut,” Dodge commands. You can hear the gasps of astonishment from the other tables as his sluts cum covered fingers slowly slides into her mouth. Turning to the waitress He asks her, “Would you like a taste?”

Without a word the waitress slowly nods yes. Dodge watches as his sluts fingers disappear under the table again and he watches her as she gasps, knowing her fingers are once again sliding into her wet cunt. The waitress opens her mouth and closes her eyes.. panting in anticipation of a taste of a strangers juice, dakota’s fingers reach up and the waitress greedily sucks them into her mouth.

Dinner is served with no more activities. Though at the table to the left, the young lady slowly slides under the table. Watching her give the young man a blowjob, knowing that she is going to swallow his cum soon. Dodge indicates to the waitress to come over to the table. “My slut and I would like desert.” Her eyes light up intently. Dodge reaches over and lifts the front of waitresses skirt, seeing that her panties are moist. Dakota’s eyes sparkle as she asks “Is that desert Master?”

“Yes slut, this is desert,” as he starts to rub the waitresses cunt through her panties.

“Yes, I am desert,” the waitress says. Dodge leans her over the table and slides her panties down. Hearing gasps from the other 2 tables, knowing that they are enjoying the show. The women now have their breasts out and are playing with their nipples and pussies. The young man is now pumping his fingers in and out of his date’s cunt, as she crashes through an orgasm.

Dodge, dipping his fingers into the waitresses cunt, pulling them out and sliding them over to his slut dakota lips, dakota lapping at them, asking for more. Dodge asks “slut, maybe we should enjoy our desert at home”, pulling the waitress to her feet, Dodge hands her panties to her, and instruct her to carry her panties and dakota’s in plain view as we walk out to the truck. Both women in the booth are cumming hard Bycasino giriş as Dodge, his slut and the waitress rise to leave, a quick glance over at the couple you can see her sliding down onto her boyfriends cock.

Once they get home the time for desert is upon them. “STRIP” the command is quick, and followed. “I want to show you how much of a slut My slave is” Dodge tells the waitress. Leading dakota to the center of the room, he pushes her roughly to the floor. “slut stay where you are” He commands. He goes into another room and brings out a toybox. Reaching in, he first pulls out the ropes, quickly Dodge ties dakota’s knees wide apart, and then he handcuffs her hands behind her back “You are soon completely bound so where you cannot move at all.” he says to his slut. He then takes the biggest dildo out of the box, and tosses it to the waitress “You know what to do whore” she slowly begins sucking it, then she quickly starts to fuck herself with it. Sliding it in and out of her wet pussy.. fucking herself deep.

One hand pumping the fake cock into her cunt, while her other hand pinches her nipples hard, twisting and pulling on them. Grabbing the dildo away from the waitress, He slides it into dakota’s mouth. “Taste our new toy slut, taste her pussy juice” He watches happily as his slut sucks the waitresses juice of the fake cock. “She can be even more of a slut. Dodge says “I love to use her body for My pleasure” the waitress looks on as he brandishes a small paddle. Knowing what is going to happen dakota starts to moan before the spanking even begins. Dodge leading the waitress over, he has her sit right in front of his slut, who is still bound, knowing what he wants, she leans forward ever so slightly and starts kissing the waitresses clit. Dakota jumps as she can feel the sting of the paddle as it comes down hard on her exposed ass. “Make her cum My little slut, lick her cunt and taste her cum” Dodge directs. He watches as his sluts tongue slowly and tentatively parts the pussy lips of the waitress, and slides inside of her. His spanking continues as the paddle rapidly comes down on dakota’s reddening ass. Dakota’s moaning with pleasure and pain. Spanking harder and harder as the waitress moans under the attack of dakota’s tongue. “Now watch slut, watch as I fuck our new toy” Dodge says, pushing the waitress onto her back, His cock slides effortlessly into her pussy.

Pumping in deep, dakota can see her Masters Bycasino deneme bonusu cock so clearly as it thrusts into his new plaything. Dodge feels dakota’s tongue dart out and slide across his balls as his cock pumps in and out, thrusting deep, dakota’s tongue slides between his ass cheeks, and he gasps as he feels it touch his tight ring. Dodge thrusts forward hard, and you can hear moans fill the room from the waitress as she screams out as she floods Dodges cock with her cum. Pulling his shaft out of the waitress, leaving her wet cunt, he turns and commands dakota to clean his cock, “Clean her cum off your Masters cock my slut” dakota licks the juices off. Dodge moaning as dakota’s mouth engulfs his cock and sucks hard, cleaning the waitresses cum off his cock, tasting the waitress wanting more. Dodges cock is sliding in and out from between her lips. “Now slut, I must take your ass” he moans. Moving behind dakota, he instructs the waitress to spread dakota’s asscheeks and guide his cock to her tight ass hole. The waitress slides her tongue over his shaft as his slowly sinks into dakota’s ass. Once he gets all the way he can feel the heat of her asscheeks from your recent spanking. The waitress slides underneath dakota, so she can lick her wet pussy while Dodge fucks her ass.

Dodge deliberately takes long slow strokes into her hot tight ass, feeling her ass grip his cock as he begins to fuck his slut. He watches as his shaft disappears into her sexy ass, as below, the waitresses tongue disappears into her cunt. Her chin is already drenched with dakota’s juices, and Dodge can feel the movement of the waitresses arms as she pumps her fingers in and out of her own pussy. Her tongue quickly brings dakota to the brink as Dodge feels her body convulse through her orgasm, the waitress face is now completely covered with dakota’s cum. Dodge starts pumping harder and harder into his sluts ass, grabbing her hips tight, and occasionally slapping her ass hard. Thrusting in and out, He can feel his orgasm approaching. Just as he peaks, Dodge pulls his cock out of dakota’s ass and make sure he cums a little on her asscheeks to add some white to the red from the spanking.

Then the rest his cum, he sprays all over the waitresses face and breasts. Dodge directs the waitress “Feed her My cum, make my slut lick it off your breasts” Watching as dakota licks her nipples, as she cleans Her Masters cum off the waitress. “swallow it whore” He demands. Dakota has cleaned up her Masters cock and all the cum off the waitress. At the end of the evening, the waitress asks if she can come back for more dessert? Dodge says, “tomorrow night…” and softly kissing his slut he says, “This is your dessert my slut.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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