My sisters generosity part 2

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The early next morning we awoke naked to see our clothes were all soaked in cum but it didn’t matter. We stood up and started to kiss, I slide one finger up her ass as my penis made contact with her virginal lips. Her ass was still full. I grabbed her ass and pushed my morning glory deep inside of her. We stopped as we heard a car pull up……….. It was mum and dad!!!

We stopped dead in our tracks. We had only one thing going for us, they were both blind drunk and I think they were particularly horny (them being naked and constantly groping each other on the way to the door was the give away). We jumped under the cum soaked duna and hoped for the best. Our parents entered, started to kiss passionately. My dad started to squeeze my mum’s ass. He slid his finger into her asshole (he shared my same fetish). He then led mum over to the stairs, she bent over, and he then placed his throbbing member at the entrance of her, sweet dripping pussy. We heard her moan as her lips tightened around his large cock. He slid the whole way in, nice and slow. I noticed the cum dripping onto the floor from my mums beautiful pussy. She let out a scream of pleasure as he came slamming back in. He started thrashing in and out of her pussy, each time she would moan a little louder. It got to a stage where she was screaming so loudly that my dad turned her around and shoved his cock right down her throat, just to shut her up.

She didn’t mind though, she instantly started to suck him of, my sister and I watched as his long member slid seductively in and out of her mouth. He slowly pushed her back so that her hair was resting on the stairs, he then dabbed his balls in and out of her mouth as she continued to give him a hand job. He lifted his balls out of her mouth. He turned her around and pushed the head of his cock into her ass. She swung her hands back and placed them on his ass, she then jumped back so that his cock went deep Escort Ankara within her. She screamed as warm cum came gushing out of her soaked pussy. My dad tipped his head back and sent his load deep within my mum. They both collapsed onto the stairs and passed out.

I felt my sister’s hand come between my legs and start to massage my balls. I let out a moan. I rolled over and pulled her onto me. Her pussy was resting on my stiffening member. We engaged in a passionate kiss as she started to slide her pussy lips up and down on my cock.

We rearranged ourselves so that she was on all fours on the couch, with me on top of her. We were both still under the duna. I pulled back so that my nose was touching her gooch (the area between her pussy and ass). I licked from her pussy all the way up to her cute little ass bud. I rang my tongue around the outside of it before plunging it deep into her cum filled ass. She jumped in pure ecstasy and started to grind her ass against my face. I started to tease her by continuously probing in and out. I slide my finger up her smooth tanned legs and breached the lips of her pussy. That was all it took, she covered my fingers in her sweet cum.

She was screaming in pleasure as I continued to finger and ass lick her, her pussy was like a tap. I shoved my lips against her pussy taking as much or her sweet juice as I could. Unfortunately a lot of it hit the couch and left huge big love stains.

Just as she collapsed onto the couch I felt the duna being ripped off my back… only to see both my mum and dad standing over me. Both still naked, and both still dripping with cum!!!!
The looked at us, then looked at each other and smiled. Mum approached me while dad approached Jen.

My mother sat on my legs and began to kiss me. She kissed down my chest, all the way down to the top of my stiffening member. She licked all around the top before plunging it deep Ankara Escort down her throat. I know she is my mum, but damn she sucks like a pro. She was taking me all the way to the hilt then licking my balls while down there.

I looked over to my sis, who was doing what my mum was doing to me to my dad. She was licking off my mum’s pussy juice. He sure didn’t mind either. I felt my mum start to lightly use her teeth as her mouth was making love to my fully erect dick.

She stood up and turned around so that her ass was floating just above my quivering cock. In one motion I was all the way in her ass, and I loved it. I could feel the juices my dad had left inside her, but I didn’t care. I took hold of her beautiful soft tits as her ass bounced up and down on my cock. I let out a moan, as my cock seemed to go deeper each time she came crashing down. I slide my fingers across her legs and dived them into her sweet, dripping pussy. She moaned in pleasure as I started to beat my fingers in and out of her. She came all over my fingers; I pulled out of her ass, turned her around and started to eat her out. She was still coming all over my face when I felt my Jen lick my balls from behind. I looked over to the other side of the couch to see that my dad had passed out. I looked back to my mum, who Jen I later found out, had been passed out since she came.

I stood up and ushered Jen to get on all fours. I stuck my face between her legs, getting a whiff of her sweeeeeeet pussy, before diving my tongue deep into her ass. I could tell that my nose was poking into her ass not only by the smell but also because she shuddered each time it was pushed deeper. I then spread her legs with my hands and positioned my long hard cock at the entrance of her pussy. And with one movement I slammed all the way in. My balls slapped against her pubes. She was still tight, I could feel her pussy muscles contracting as my cock Ankara Escort Bayan moved in and out of her.

I could feel she was getting close, so I got my hands and massaged her soft ass cheeks. I squeezed them open and sped up, slamming into her as hard and as fast as I could. She couldn’t take it any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!! She came harder than I thought possible. It was actually hurting my dick as the liquid was shooting out of her pussy. She was absolutely screaming in both the pain and the pleasure of cuming so hard.

I pulled out and started to drink from the gushing tap that was her pussy. There was so much that it was just continuously filling up my mouth. I had to pull away cause there was too much. She rolled over, moaned extremely loudly and then passed out. But I wasn’t finished; I walked back over to my mum and placed my cock under her nose. The strong aroma of a hard awaiting cock was enough to bring her to. She instantly took me into her mouth. But this wasn’t what I wanted and she new it. I lifted her onto her feet and got her to bend down and grab onto her feet. I then pushed my cock into her wide-open ass hole. I grinded my pubic bone against her ass, my cock moving accordingly inside of her. It felt amazing, this was driving her crazy and it didn’t take long before she was shooting her love juice all over my legs. The feel of it dripping slowly down my legs was too much to handle. I shot my full load into her ass. My balls were giving it all they had, as I shot load after load down that beautiful hole. That was all I could take, I fell to the ground, pulling her on top of me. We feel right next to my sis, I layed on her breast using it as I pillow as my mum cleaned off my softening cock. I collapsed out of sheer exhaustion. Only to imagine the disgust on the face of anyone who discovered our deed of lust. I woke next to my sister only to se my mum and dad pull up.


What wasn’t a dream was my sister and I were lying laying naked on a cum covered couch, after making sweet love for many a hour, only to discover we may be busted any second!

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