My sister was always on my mind-part 3

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My sister was always on my mind-part 3final chapterMy wife and I had two grown c***dren, while her brother and my sister each had one. With the families being so close (living only a couple of miles apart), it became routine for us to get together as groups, as well as the four of us to have our foursome sex, whenever we could sneak away.During one of the regular gatherings for a barbecue, everyone had been drinking, and the four of us decided to sneak into the house undetected for a little fun. The booze and the anticipation was making it a devil may care situation, and as risky as we knew it was, we couldn’t help ourselves.The four of us quickly stripped and in a flash, pussies, cocks and mouths were in action. We were only going at it about ten minutes when we heard a scream. My brother in law’s wife was at the doorway screaming and in shock at what she saw. Because of her screaming the rest of the family was soon at the doorway watching us scramble for our clothes. Everyone soon disappeared in disgust, and as we dressed we talked about how we might deal with this. Suffice it to say, no one had any answers and we proceeded to go back outside to face the music. When we got to the backyard everyone was gone. Not a soul left to glare at us or treat us karaman escort with the disgust that we deserved. As we all dispersed to our respective houses, my wife and I looked at each other and said, things would never be the same. That was an understatement because within two days divorce proceedings had started for both my sister and my wife’s brother. There were many unhappy days ahead with fighting over finances, assets, etc, and it wasn’t possible to imagine things getting any worse. As the weeks went by my wife and I had settled back into our boring sex routines, since we didn’t ever see my sister or her brother. Even our imagining sex wasn’t possible anymore due to the terrible memories of that day and it’s consequences.Three months after the incident I finally heard from my sister and she told me that her life was in ruins. My wife had finally got up the courage to phone her brother and his story was pretty much the same. Each of them had been put out of their homes and were living in dingy apartments, depressed and lonely. My wife and I fretted about the awful situation that we had helped put them into and decided that we had to do something. We owned a four bedroom backsplit home that had more space than we could ever use, so we escort karaman decided to invite them to move in with us, so that at least they had family close to them, and that might help with the depression and loneliness. They were both happy with our thoughtfulness but they needed to think it over. We invited them over for dinner to talk it over further and they both accepted. I have to admit that seeing them for the first time since the day of doom, was nerve wracking and a little uncomfortable. As we sat at the dining table trying to find the right words to break the ice, my wife blurts out “Let’s get our clothes off and fuck to lighten the mood in here”. Everyone laughed and that seemed to lighten things up. As we went to the living room for coffee, my wife was removing her clothes as she walked. By the time everyone sat down she followed along completely naked. She told her brother that she had enough of depression and was going to do something about it. She proceeded to unzip his pants and pull out his cock. I guess because of the depression, he wasn’t getting hard, but as soon as she started sucking on his cock, it began to grow. Not to be outdone, I went over to my sister and started taking down her pants. I could tell that she wasn’t karaman escort bayan really in the mood, but I used a little bit of force to let her know that I wasn’t taking no for an answer. It didn’t take long for my tongue to make it through her pussy hairs and when I started sucking on her clit, she got more into the mood. Over the next hour, we devoured each other and finally found ourselves all asleep on the living room carpet. When everyone started to stir it was early morning, so my wife went to make coffee. I glanced over at my sister and my brother in law, and noticed that as they spooned his cock had lodged in her bum crack. When she rolled over and realized what it was she gladly opened her pussy and drew him in. Watching the two of them fucking got me excited so I went into the kitchen and took my wife from behind while she was making coffee. She asked me what had gotten into me and I told her I was so proud of her, the way she had handled the uncomfortable situation last night. She turned, winked, and said ”fuck that ass little brother”, so I obliged her by calling her s*s, and fucked the hell out of her, until we both collapsed from exhaustion.When we returned to the living room with coffee, they had finished fucking and were waiting for us.They told us that they were accepting our offer and would move in their things later that day. We were all so happy as we drank our coffees and dreamed of the days ahead. We still live together and fuck whenever and as often as we please.The end.

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