My Sister Saved My Life

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Adriana Chechik

I spent an interesting weekend at Cal-Gen, a genetic research wing of Pacific Tech University. I’ve been considering going to college for science, and it seemed like a perfect school to check out first. It’s the school where my older sister Bethany got her doctorate in biochemistry. She has a good research job there, and offered to let me stay the weekend and check out the labs. I really had no idea what kind of work she was doing, but wanted to learn anything about the field of science. To just glimpse the lifestyle of research in general.

“I’m doing neuro-endocrine research. It’s technical.” was Beth’s boiler-plate explanation over the phone. That’s the exact term she uses whenever mom or dad ask her what she’s up to.

“It has to do with developing molecules that promote the serotonin and dopamine pathways responsible for enhanced endocrine response…”

Mom and dad had long since given up trying to understand. They just sigh and ask hopelessly if she ever plans get married. She was 36 and eternally single. I wondered about her research, though. It always seemed to me that she was brushing them off. I was secretly eager to discover what she was doing for myself…

As it turned out, I made ALL SORTS of discoveries for myself!


“Actually, it’s sex-enhancing bio-chem research.” Bethany confided in me over Chinese take-out. “Don’t tell mom!”

“Sex-enhancing bio-chem?” I had asked, trying to hide my amusement. Our parents had given us both a strict born-again upbringing, and her career in science had been contentious enough. The fact that she was using science to enhance SEX was fiendishly delicious!

“Medications. You know? Pills, creams, gels… you’ve heard of ‘Viagra’? Viagra was last century… It turns out there’s a whole new set of ‘pleasure pathways’ in the brain that we’re only just beginning to understand. My department has been able to follow one of them using carefully placed genetic markers and functional MRI scanning in the laboratory…”

“So… interesting!” was all I could say.

“It is. Well, it has its moments. There’s a lot of money in sex pharmacology. I’m working with Dr. Spauldler… you’ve met Jenna? She graduated with me? Our project just got a four-MILLION dollar grant from two of the big-boys in pharm.”

My jaw nearly dropped… I was dumbfounded, intrigued, and enthralled… my born-again parents would DIE if they knew their daughter was doing SCIENTIFIC research on SEX for MONEY! Kind of kinky, actually. She had every reason to keep it a secret from them.

I tried to re-cap my newfound knowledge of my sister’s work: “So, when you say you are developing ‘molecules that promote the serotonin and dopamine pathways responsible for enhanced endocrine response’, you are actually talking about…”

“…an amazing gel that gives you orgasms like you can’t BELIEVE!!” she cut me off with a flourish of genuine excitement!

We laughed over it, and turned the conversation to the parents, to schools, to my dating life etc. (Parents are fine. I’m glad to be done with high-school. I have no girlfriend…) I told her I was excited for the lab tour in the morning, and we decided to make an early night of it.


“Just push all that shit off the bed!” Bethany called up the stairs to the guest room where I stood. There were boxes, tubs, folders full of research papers… I was clearing it all away when I discovered a stack of maybe ten additions of Penthouse magazine, each labeled with a library bar-code.

“Sorry!” She said, reaching the top of the stairs. “I tend to bring my work home with me…”

She saw me glance at the stack of magazines and raised an eyebrow. “Don’t get any naughty ideas, young man!”

I laughed and shook my head in amusement. Nudie mags were nothing new to me… I mean, what guy hasn’t kept a few hidden around since he was about 13? I was 18 and fully versed, I thought at the time.

“…But if you DO have ideas…” she said, rummaging in a plastic case from the floor, “I highly recommend you warm up with this… I’ll say nothing more.” She handed me a miniature plastic squeeze tube, and walked out. She smiled back at me over her shoulder for an instant, then casually closed my door..

What the fuck?! I turned the tube over and over in my hand. It bore only the Alanya Masaj Salonu numbers 713 on the back. ‘Warm up?’ Was I getting this right? Did my sister really just give me lube and tell me to jerk off? I stripped and slid into bed amongst a stack of select, research-grade pornography. It had been a month since I broke up with Kimberly, and almost two months since I’d had sex. Needless to say, I did feel a little desperate!


10:30PM. I couldn’t fall asleep.

I switched on the lamp. I decided to read. My college-entrance-exam prep-guide, however, did not hold my interest for long. My eyes immediately began to wander over the array of bare breasts and wet, open mouths spread across the magazine covers that lay around me.


11:56PM. I was still not sleeping. I’d jerked off to a picture of a busty blond coed who’d apparently found a setting on her vibrator that made her squirt.

Just when I was drifting off to sleep, I heard the front door of Bethany’s apartment close… someone had come over… I heard Bethany shushing him, and heard the tone of his deep voice. I couldn’t hear anything they said, but their conversation eventually lead to the bedroom… now I was lying awake in the dark feeling perverted and horny! There was a tell-tale mattress squeak from Beth’s room below. I could hear deep his moans, and her higher whimpers…

I wanted to die when I realized I had a fresh erection from listening to my sister getting fucked!


12:25 They had both cum. They had wailed and moaned and called each others’ names, and had shouted ‘OH FUCK!” a couple of times. They were quiet now. They had obviously had quite a good time.

I was still awake.

My cock…. was still awake!

I switched on the lamp and rummaged through the magazines. I flipped back and forth with distracted impatience, finally settling on a spread of two Brazilian models French-kissing each other between the legs… I stroked myself until I was starting to feel a bit chafed…

That’s when I remembered the tube of ‘lube’ Bethany had handed me. I twisted the tip of the cap off, squirted some liberally onto my palm, and went back to it… It was slippery but warm… it tingled a little, but not like any sort of lube I’d tried… it did feel nice and slippery when I rubbed it over my engorged cock, and stroked it over and around my nuts. … My my my!… she sure DOES like a hot tongue licking her clit! I came solidly in my boxers, took them off, and fell asleep. …


12:50AM “OH FUCK! OH JESUS!” I jolted from sleep… My heart was pounding, my breath came in shallow bursts… I switched on the lamp. I had just JIZZED myself in my sleep! The orgasm had awakened me. My limp cock lay in a fresh puddle of cum on my stomach… what the fuck? I’m getting a little old for ‘wet dreams’ I thought, switching off the lamp. I drifted back to sleep in seconds.


1:25AM “Oh…. OHHHHH!” I was gasping to myself… I had awakened a few minutes earlier… I had had this bizarre tickling sexy feeling…I can only describe it as pure sexual-tension; like the feeling I had when I was following my friend’s sister Leslie up the stairs to her bedroom! It was just like that: The feeling of watching her hips sway, seeing her tight hourglass body leading me… it was a delicious buzzing feeling of tension, like when you KNOW you’re about to FUCK your best friend’s HOT older sister!

I’d awakened to the feeling, and just lay there in the dark… the tickling feeling was in my chest, in my groin, in my arms… in my WHOLE BODY! It was getting progressively stronger… my dick, which had been limp just seconds ago, was again ROCK HARD and I had this sneaking suspicion that an orgasm was building…

“…oh… OH!” I gasped, gripping my cock with both hands. What was happening to me? Suddenly, without any further warning, my pelvis just SEIZED up, and I felt the most SATISFYING pumps of white-hot cum spray the sheets around me…

“Oh SHIT!” I gasped, my eyes rolling back in my head.

‘Fuck, that was good!’ I remembered thinking to myself, as I drifted back to sleep…

In my dream, I was taking the college entrance exam. I turned to look beside me, and saw this unbelievably foxy blond girl. At once, she was sitting Alanya Masöz Escort in her desk wearing only a tight black thong bikini… then as if by magic, I was behind her, staring at the little dimples above the cheeks of her ass, gripping her waist, fucking her like a bitch! My humping action made her cheeks jostle… my hands slid up her sweaty sides and cupped the hard points of her nipples… …light shone down the tight line of her arched back… a tiny tattoo on her shoulder bore the numbers 713… all at once, I was on fire! (In a good way!) I turned my head to the sky and felt myself pumping harder and harder…

“OHhhhhhhhhh……” A streamer of my own cum landed squarely across my face! I groped for the lamp switch, feeling yet another orgasm emerge..


The spasm seized me all at once. It was as if I had come for the first time… AGAIN! My balls.. my cock.. my whole body.. everything felt GREAT! I wasn’t even tired! I wasn’t exhausted in… in the…

“OH-SWEET-MOTHER-OF-MERCY!” I choked out, arching my back and letting fly with my seed! Three times.. no! Four! I literally had tears of joy in the corners of my eyes!

I lay on my back with the lamp on… all I remember thinking was “Holy-Shit was that one ever GOOD!” My dick was miraculously erect again and felt tighter than ever…. it looked somehow bigger, more powerful… its purple mushroom head dripping again slightly from the tip… And then my mind flooded in with the most intense erotic thoughts I had ever dreamed of: …

My mom’s Yoga trainer, kneeling on a purple foam mat, just utterly deep-throating my cock…

“PLEASE! OH YESSS!!!” (I came to the most vivid image of shooting my load on her face!)

Suddenly, my friend Jake’s girlfriend was riding me like a bucking pony, her huge black tits bouncing in my face… (I came again, this time harder than before; I swear I could feel my hands gripping her ass!)

“OH! YESSS!! AAaah!!”

I was in a harem of naked oiled-up cheerleaders on a wrestling-matt… a blond girl with crystal blue eyes was licking my balls… round and round and round and… a brunette with amazing hips and tight breasts was dong the splits over me, her legs pushed impossibly open… my dick slid in.. I had never felt such tight slippery heat!

“Oh GOD! FUCK ME! FUCK!! FUUUUUUCK!!” I was gasping for air… I couldn’t breathe… I didn’t care! Three fresh orgasms wracked my body in rapid succession…

“Eric? Eric! Are you ok?!” Bethany burst in, wearing a robe. Her boyfriend came in behind her, wearing only a lab coat.

“Bethany! What’s happening… to… to….” I writhed again, and launched a squirt of cum into the air before both of them!

“Better let me have a look.” Her boyfriend said, pulling a medical flashlight from his lab coat pocket. He lifted my eyelid and had me follow his finger with my eyes…

“..oh my GOD!!” My eyes rolled back in my head… I collapsed back onto the bed writhing from the best orgasm of the night.. so far! It was seriously like having the world’s most satisfying orgasm happen to you over and over and over… Only now imagine having it over and over inside of the most shockingly HOT girls imaginable! ONE AFTER ANOTHER AFTER ANOTHER! “Oh..PLEASE!! YES!!” The girl with the blue eyes was back in my mind, in my lap, riding my dick without mercy…

“What did he have?” Asked Beth’s boyfriend, in a collected clinical voice.

“It was 718. What we always use. I gave him a sample to try.” Was her clinical response.

I heard very little of what they were saying… I just lay on my back and stared in awe.. it was as if the ceiling had opened up like the heavens, and my body was being drawn upward into what looked like an enormous inter-galactic vagina!

“It’s not… this tube says 713…” “713! NO! Oh NO! Shit!.. unstable!” “I’ll call Dr. Spauldler…”

“No.. no time!” was my sister’s response. “He’s going into shock!” “What do you suggest, doctor?” the man asked, “We don’t have many options!”


Now, I said I don’t remember much… Despite the sensation that I was being swallowed by some enormous vagina of energy, and despite the over-flowing thoughts of raw carnal delight, I DO remember a few Alanya Öğrenci Escort things:

I recall that my sister’s beaver was shaved to a perfect blond landing strip… I recall her long silky legs climbing over me… her robe being open -her nipples peeking out! I recall when she placed her hands on my sweat-drenched shoulders… I recall the moment of sinuous slippery heat when she lowered herself onto me… my cock buried to the hilt between her legs… the fur of my bush tangling with hers…

Her boyfriend (Dr. Barrenger) shone a light in my eye and listened to my heart with his stethoscope as she pushed again and again with her pelvis. “We’re loosing him, Beth! You’ll have to go harder…” I recall Bethany’s body pumping up and down on me… wetness… heat… he pulled her robe off her shoulders, her naked body drenched in sweat.

“Stay with me Eric! It’s going to be alright…” She clasped my hands to her fulsome breasts, arched her spine back, and just bounced and bounced on me!

That seemed to do it: Within thirty seconds, all the tension in my body had focused itself on my sister… her devilishly sexual form… my hands sliding over every inch of her slippery body…I shot the biggest (and most satisfying) load of my life directly up my sister’s CUNT! I passed out, buried deep in her, gazing into her hazel eyes…


My eyes opened, and my blurry vision gradually dialed into focus. I felt dizzy, disoriented, weak… where was I? A woman of about 35 with fine dark features and long black hair leaned close with a flashlight.

“Eric, can you hear me? I’m Dr. Jenn Spauldler. I work with your sister. Remember me?” She was beautiful…classical and mysterious somehow.

My head gradually cleared. “…what had happened?”

“You’re in the University medical hospital. I’ll be in charge of your recovery. You should be out of here in a few days. You’re going to be just fine.”

“Recovery?” I gasped… then it all came back to me… right up to the moment that I was fucking my sister with her boyfriend watching… “I… Bethany… she.. we…”

“In another minute, you would have slipped into a coma.” Explained Dr. Spauldler. “Even if we could have awakened you, you would have been sex-addicted for life… Your sister gave you 713. It was a prototype sexual stimulant that we found to be… too effective. It amplifies male sexual response, and is only neutralized by female hormonal signals. Hormones only released by a woman’s vagina during sexual intercourse. Your sister saved your life.”

I turned my head to see Bethany. She rushed up and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

“Thank God you’re ok! You’re in good hands with Jenn. Trust me.” Bethany gazed in my eyes with motherly affection.

“Oh, god!” I moaned. “Don’t tell mom!”

“Just do whatever Jenn says, and you’ll be fine in a few days.”

I looked back at Dr. Spaulder. She had the same motherly look in her eyes- caring, but not telling the entire truth. I obviously didn’t know something…

“What do I need to do?” I asked, puzzled. “What’s wrong with me, if I need treatment to recover?”

Dr. Spaulder spoke with assurance, “Not to worry. Our research department has dealt with this problem before. The term for your diagnosis is “Induced Sexual Response Dependency” or ISRD. Right now, your brain is sex-addicted. To quit ‘cold-turkey’ would be psychologically dangerous. Not to worry though. We have developed a very successful treatment regimen…”

Dr. Jenn opened a side door of the exam room, and four extremely attractive nurses entered, wearing blue scrubs. Not one of them looked a day over 19!

“My interns…” explained Jenn, “…will be providing you with a carefully timed regimen of sexual release. They will work around the clock over the next 48 hours, gradually reducing the frequency of stimulation until your body has weaned itself.”

“…frequency of.. stimulation? Sexual release? Wha…?” I stammered, not quite grasping what this doctor was telling me.

Bethany ruffed up my hair. I was her sheepish kid-brother again. “Don’t worry, kiddo! I won’t tell mom.”

With that, she and Dr. Jenn exited through the first door. The heavy door closed and sealed with a metalic ‘CLICK’. I looked up at the four girls, who were intently watching me. One girls’ watch started beeping.


Veronika Talbert, 24 year old research intern, silenced her beeping wristwatch and gracefully stepped close to my bed. With a smile, she gently lifted the front of my clean white hospital gown…

“Relax” she said, “A few BLOWJOBS never hurt anybody!”

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