My Sister Jodi

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The weekend after my eighteenth birthday turned out to be the most eventful two days of my young life. My parents were out of town – dad had a conference the following Monday; he’d taken Mom for a mini vacation Saturday and Sunday, then the conference, and they’d be home Tuesday. My sister Jodi was spending the weekend with a girlfriend.

So Friday afternoon I found myself all alone in our two story McMansion. I watched some TV, nothing good on yet, made myself a sandwich. Though about calling up some buddies and going out – I’d been strictly warned not to have anyone over while mom and dad were away.

So, bored, I wandered from room to room. I went into my parents room, bed neatly made up, closet organized. My parents were a little anal about the neatness thing.

I wandered down the hall, peeked into Jodi’s room. It was the opposite of mom and dad’s obsessive neatness. The bed wasn’t made; in fact I couldn’t immediately even see the top sheet. Clothes were scattered all over the place, I couldn’t even SEE the floor. Man, that girl was a pig!

Thinking of Jodi I began to get a boner. She was only a year older but already seemed way ahead of me socially. She’d been dating for a couple of years already and never seemed to lack a date with popular senior football players at our local college.

In spite of her disorganized room Jodi was about the prettiest girl I’d ever laid eyes on. Five two, 110 pounds, nice boobs, not too big, not too small. Honey blonde hair that fell around her shoulders like liquid gold. Big soft brown eyes.

Now I had a full on raging woodie. I was a little ashamed thinking such thoughts about my sister, imagining myself kissing and sucking her beautiful boobs, feeling her surround my cock as I pumped her slowly and lovingly…

In the middle of her bed was a pair of pink panties, all wadded up. I picked them up, they were soft and smooth, faintly stained near the bottom of the front. Brought them to my face, inhaled her heady sweet smell.

My dick was throbbing now. I wondered how Jodi felt wearing those panties. Without thinking much about what I was doing I slipped out of my jeans, shirt, and underwear and stepped into her panties, slowly pulling them up. They cradled my throbbing election, all but about two inches which stuck out past the waistband.

I almost came on the spot! Regaining some control I laid down on her bed, my eyes half closed, lost in a new world of pleasure.

Something was under my back. I grabbed the offending object, a lacy white bra. I wondered what Jodi and other girls felt wearing one of those. I put my arms around the straps, tried to hook it behind my back…it was too difficult. I finally put it on backwards, hooked it in front, then spun it and put my arms in. I’ve since seen my wife do that but at eighteen almost no experience with girls and no idea how to work a bra.

The bra was a little tight but it had some sort of elastic so it worked on my larger chest. The cups sort of hung…I wondered what it would be like to have boobs like a girl. I looked around, found several more panties, stuffed them into the cups. The effect was really weird, strange.

Lying back on my sister’s bed I started to rub my engorged cock. It was slick with precum, I knew I was about to blow a giant load…thinking about Jodi, the smooth feeling of her lingerie on my body…

Suddenly I saw a flash, heard a whir and a giggle. My eyes popped open and standing in the door was my sister, cell phone in hand. She’d just taken my picture! My heart let into my throat!

“What the fuck are you doing home?” I screamed as I leapt out of bed and grabbed for her.

Jodi pulled back. “Uh, un, little brother, hands off! I push this button and that pic goes right to Facebook, everyone in town will see it! Now calm down!”

“Jeez sis, please don’t do that!”

“Ok, sit back on the bed,” she commanded, “Let’s talk.”

Realizing I had no choice I sat on her bed, heart pounding. I had no idea how I’d get out of this. I couldn’t imagine the humiliation if everyone saw that picture of me wearing my sister’s panties and bra!

“Now relax, bro, ” Jodi said. “That picture stays private for now and I won’t show it to anyone, as long as you do what I tell you. Do you understand?”

Relieved I nodded. “Now, first rule, no crap from you, understand? I tell you to do something, you do it, no questions asked. You got that?”

Another nod, “Yes, I understand, no crap. Just please, please, don’t show anyone that picture!”

“Now now, don’t worry, your secrets safe with me,” she said in a reassuring tone. “Now lie back down, get all comfy, I want to take some more pictures of you.” She silenced my protest with a wave of her hand. I stretched out on her bed.

“What were you doing when I came in? Rubbing your little weenie I think? ” I started to tell her it wasn’t that little, I’d measured it, it was a bit over eight inches when it was hard. Being a eighteen year old boy it was hard a Alanya Grup Escort lot, and amazingly in spite of the recent shock of being discovered it was still hard.

“Bad boy, we’ll have to punish you! Lay back on the bed!”

I lay back slowly. Still unsure where she was taking this but very very curious. This was a side of Jodi I’d never seen.

Jodi jumped off the bed and hopped over to her dresser. She started opening drawers; apparently unable to find what she wanted she mumbled, “Shit”. Then looked around at the clothes strewn all over her room, bend down and plucked up a crumpled pair of panty hose. Stepped a few feet, retrieved another pair.

Hopping back on the bed she grabbed my wrists, pulled them together. “Now just relax little bro…” she said as she wrapped the pantyhose around my wrists, knotted them. Then she moved up, pulled my hands up and looped and knotted the pantyhose around the bed frame. My arms were now tied over my head.

Hopping to the foot of the bed she repeated this with my ankles. I was secured to the bed.

Jodi stood next to the bed, admiring her handiwork. Glancing down she gazed at my still raging boner. “My, my, you certainly seem to be enjoying yourself!” she declared.

I couldn’t say much, my throat was suddenly very dry.

“You look so nice I think I’ll dress to match! We can be sisters, I always wanted a sister!” With that she jumped around the bed deftly avoiding piles of clothing lying all over the floor. Searching through the mess she found a white babydoll nightgown. She turned her back to me, slipped her shirt over her head, her pants and shoes off…unhooked her bra. Slipped the diaphanous negligee over her arms and head and let it fall naturally down her body.

Jodi turned toward me. “How do I look, sister?” I could clearly see her beautiful boobs, areola brown and round, nipples hard and protruding. I could see her chest move with every breath she took. She was the most beautiful thing my eyes had ever beheld.

And one look at my hardon, now pulsing as my heart beat, answered her question. But I added almost as an afterthought, “Jodi, you are…beautiful.”

She smiled at me. “Now for your punishment!” She jumped on the bed next to me, began tickling me. “Oh, Jodi, no, please, stop it! Dammit stop!”

She didn’t stop for a while though, until I was in tears. Finally she squatted on my shoulders, her legs on either side of me. “Remember when we used to wrestle and I’d hold you down like this?” Truthfully I’d been able to pin her since I was five but whatever she wanted to remember I wasn’t going to disagree.

Laughing, the crotch of her panties was an inch from my mouth. That’s when a strange — or maybe not so strange — thing happened. I don’t know why but suddenly I took a deep breath and moved my head up, cupping my mouth on the crotch of her satin panties. I opened my mouth and exhale, making the cloth very warm from my breath.

Jodi’s hips jerked instinctively, driving her satin clad pussy into my mouth. “Uhhh!” she grunted in surprise. “Whaaa…?

But I wasn’t waiting or explaining. I took another breath, did it again, exhale, hot breath. I smelled her female odor mixed with the satin smell of her panties, it was the most incredibly intoxicating scent I’d ever inhaled! She grunted again as her hips drove into my waiting mouth harder this time.

On and on, and soon neither of us was questioning or talking, she just kept grinding into my face harder and harder and faster. I don’t know how long it lasted, not long enough, maybe five minutes, and I felt her go stiff and let out a long moan, “UUUUHHHHH…OOOOHHHHHH…” and she humped against me five, six times hard then went stiff, shaking violently for a few seconds.

When she pulled back she was panting. I saw a wet spot where my mouth had been, she’d wet her panties from the inside. It was the first female orgasm I’d ever seen and I think her first too.

Panting, Jodi untied my wrists then lifted her leg, prepared to roll off me. I grabbed her hips and forced her back down. I didn’t want her to get up, not ever! I wanted to breathe in her intoxicating female scent, feel her warm crotch against my face.

Soon her hips began to move again as she ground herself into me. I have no idea where I got the idea but suddenly my hand moved behind her, between her panties and her ass. I moved my hand back and down, pulling the smooth fabric away from her crotch.

I took in the beautiful site of her vagina, all pink, red, shiny, coated with her female juices. She began to lower herself; instinctively I stuck my tongue up and out, penetrating the glistening lips of her beautiful pussy.

Jodi moaned louder then, “Ohhhhh…God…!” and lowered herself fully down, impaling herself on my tongue. Her juices tasted and smelled wonderful! I began to lick and she began to move her hips back and forth, sliding down so my tongue raked across the hard little button at the top of her Alanya İranlı Escort vag.

I didn’t know what a clit was but I knew this was driving Jodi wild! She began to moan louder and louder and her hips began an uncontrollable dance across my tongue. It was a little painful but I barely noticed! All I wanted to do, my entire world, consisted of my beautiful sister and her magic twat!

Jodi gave a final hard hump and screamed. I felt a rush of fluid as she ejaculated into her panties and my greedy mouth. I licked and licked, lapping up every glorious drop!

Her climax went on for a long time (I’ve learned that women have much longer orgasms than men do). Finally she rolled off me and collapsed onto the bed, covered with sweat.

She lay beside me, her head on my chest, panting for a while. Finally she could breathe normally. “Damn, that was…was…”

“I know.”

“That was the first time that ever happened to me. I mean, I’m the head cheerleader now and Finnegan is the star halfback and I sorta…had to…”

She glanced up at me. “Anyway it was kind of expected, we’ve had sex a few times maybe five times but it was never like this…damn.” She looked down; sure enough my cock was still pulsing, pre cum coating it.

“I want you to…” she began and reached for my erection. “Jodi, no, stop!” I tried to warn her but she’d already wrapped her hand around me. Her warm hand…it was too much! I jerked as I came immediately, shooting streams of cum all over my sister’s face and neck.

I expected her to recoil is disgust but she didn’t. She lay there for a minute, finally said, “Damn…” then nothing for several minutes. Finally she raised up, untied my feet. I could see trails of sperm all over her face, neck, and tits.

“I need a shower,” she informed me. I needed one also and so it just seemed normal, we ran the water, made sure it was nice and warm, stripped off our girl clothes, and climbed in. I washed Jodi’s beautiful body slowly, lovingly. Shampooed her hair twice. Dried her with a soft towel. Sat on her bed and combed out her hair.

“Rub it some more. I want you to make it squirt.”

So I closed my eyes, imagined Jodi was there with me…wait a minute, she WAS there with me! It didn’t take long, I moaned as stream after stream of warm sticky cum shot all over my stomach and chest.

I heard Jodi moan. A female version of my own. Opening my eyes I saw she was sitting on the bed next to me, bent over, her face inches from my chest. I could feel the heat from her body, smell the faint perfume of her hair mixed with her clean girl scent.

She slowly extended her hand toward the pearly liquid on my stomach and chest. She dipped it in the fluid, slowly ran her finger in a circle. “Oooooh, my…” she breathed softly, “Its so warm…mmmm…”

Suddenly she pulled away, stood by the bed. “What do you do with that stuff bro? You sure made a mess all over yourself!”

“I…I usually…I mean…” I stammered. I didn’t want to admit that I usually wiped it on my sheets or washed it off if I did it in the shower.

She reached down, grabbed her panties, slid them down and stepped out of them. She held them up, put her hands inside, carefully stretched them and held them up for me to see. “I bet you could use these to wipe it all up, couldn’t you bad boy?”

My heart pounded so hard I couldn’t speak! The thought of that soft cloth that had been next to my beautiful sister’s body rubbing mine was overpoweringly intoxicating. I felt myself begin to get hard again as Jodi wadded her panties in her hand and began to rub them over my body, mopping up the sperm I’d just spilled all over myself.

She got it all off me, stood, held the panties out. “My, my, now they’re all soggy and dirty. I can’t put them in the wash like this!” I didn’t understand until I saw her smile, then lower her cream soaked panties to my lips.

My reaction was to pull back. “Uh huh, bro,” she warned, pointing to the phone. “Open wide, don’t forget the picture I have of you all cute and girly!”

Realizing I had no choice I opened my mouth and let her stuff her panties into my mouth. “Now suck it all out, bad boy. Get all that nasty cum out of my panties!”

At first it was a little disgusting but once I got over the idea of drinking my own cum it really wasn’t too bad. It was pretty bland actually, except when I got to the crotch. That part was stronger, salty, an unusual taste. Not bad exactly, just unusual.

After a few minutes Jodi pulled the panties out of my mouth, carelessly tossed them on the floor among several other of her intimate garments. “Now little brother, you need to understand: I own you, get it?”

I couldn’t look at her. Embarrassed I stared down the bed at my feet. I couldn’t speak; I nodded slowly. She was right, she had me by the proverbial balls! She could pass those pictures of me around, totally ruin my life!

“Since you enjoy girl clothes so much lets see Alanya Manken Escort if we can find you something better to wear. Stand up!”

I shuffled out of the bed, stood beside it as she opened the drawers of her dresser. She reached inside, pulled something out. “Put this on,” she commanded, tossing a silken garment at me.

It was a pink baby doll nightie! I was blushing bright crimson, my heart pounding so hard I thought it would jump out of my chest! I unraveled the soft garment, slipped it over my head. Jodi tossed me the frilly pink panties that went with it; I stepped into them.

I heard her giggle. “Don’t you look so lovely!” I was embarrassed as crap standing there wearing my sister’s pink babydoll and panties — and the worst part was the raging hard on poking out of the top of the soft panties, clearly visible through the semi transparent material. I’d already ejaculated twice in the last hour but here I was all ready to go again!

“Looks like you really enjoy wearing girl clothes, you little perv!” she laughed. “Now don’t worry your little secret is safe with me, as long as you do exactly what I tell you. Get it?”

“Yeah, I get it,” I said in a resigned tone.

“Ok, first chore: Clean up my room. And do a really good job, don’t make me punish you bro!” she ordered, “Although you may actually enjoy being punished, pervy little guy!”

Jodi stretched out on the bed as I gathered the clothes she’d strewn all over her room. I started a load of washing, then picked up all the loose candy wrappers, soda cans, and half eaten burgers that littered her room. Jodi was beautiful but dang, the girl was a pig!

I felt pretty silly running around like her personal maid wearing a pink nightgown but I more or less got used to it. My boner never went down though and two hours later after I’d washed, folded, hung up, put away, dusted, and vacuumed her room she patted her newly made bed — the only time she’d been off it was to allow me to change the sheets and make it up — and indicated I should sit next to her.

“I have to admit, you did a really good job,” she told me. “So good I’ve decided to give you a little reward.” She motioned at my boner. “Would you like some relief for that? Poor thing’s been all hard for hours!”

“Yes…I think so…,” I smiled at her.

“Ok.” Jodi pointed at the floor. “Down on the floor on your knees.”

Confused, I slid off the bed, kneeling. “You know how a horny dog will hump your leg bro?” Jodi asked. “Well, you’re sort of a dog now, you’re my pet, ya know? So, you can hump my leg like a dog.”

I looked up at her. “What?”

“Yeah, that’s right, hump my leg little doggie, go on! Here boy!” She patted her thigh. “Up boy, sit up and hump now.”

I should have stalked of but in spite of myself I moved closer, my hardon touching her leg. Embarrassed I began to move my hips. The softness of her leg combined with her soft panties sliding up and down my shaft felt wonderful.

“Now doggie, if you spurt your stuff in those panties you’re gonna have to suck it all out like a good boy, understand little doggie”

“Yes, yes,” I panted.

“No talking, little doggie, just bark! Bark once for yes, twice for no, little doggie, understand?”

Damn this was humiliating! “Woof!” I barked.

“Now doggie, no cumming until I say its ok, understand doggie?”


I saw her hand move to her crotch, her legs spread a bit. Her head was back, eyes half closed, as I continued to hump her leg. It felt wonderful, I needed to cum, I didn’t know if I could hold out! Damn I hoped she’d say I could cum soon!

I heard her moan, her hand moving across her crotch in a blur. “Ohhhhh…Cum now, now!” she moaned as her hand drove her to orgasm.

That was all it took! I felt a molten flash in my loins, felt hot cum spurt all over her panties and gown, a little wetting her leg. It was the second time I’d seen a girl climax and damn was it ever exciting!

Panting, she pushed me back. Without being told I stood up, pulled the gown over my head, sucked the spot of cum out of it. I stepped out of the panties, sucked the cum out of them also.

I looked down. Jodi was lying back, a satisfied smile on her face. “Very good. We’ll play some more next Saturday. Mom and Dad have that class thing every Saturday, you will report to my room at 9 AM. Now go.” She ordered.

The next four Saturdays should have been hell for me but in fact I felt like I was in heaven. Every Saturday morning at nine I’d knock on Jodi’s door. She’d let me in, tell me to strip, then dress in one of her gowns or panties and bra. Once she had me put on her cheerleader skirt, short and pleated. I’d then clean her room, picking up all the clothes she’d tossed on the floor the week before. I’d change her sheets and dust, vacuum, and make her bed.

After I was done I’d get my “reward”. It was different each time: Once she had me lay on the bed while she wrapped her panties around my cock and jerked me off. Another time I stood beside her bed and jerked off for her.

I was never allowed to cum until she said I could. I got pretty good at this; it was difficult as hell to wait for her to yell “Cum now!” but I got to the point that I could start spurting as soon as the words were out of her mouth.

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