My sister and Me pt 2

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My sister and Me pt 2One fine summer I was working at a country club pool when I was 18. I gazed at all the attractive women that came through to get a tan. I wasn’t from the wealthy class so I didn’t get to go there before. I was a lovely pool hall with private showers, a massive hot tub and 2 separate pools for k**s and adults. Since I had gained employment there my immediate family was allowed into the pool area. Some days when Stephanie didn’t have work she would stroll in and get a tan.The 5’7″ frame with perky tits and a tight ass caught everyone’s attention. Girls and guys alike. Most rich people look very attractive but she was head and shoulders above every girl or woman there on any given day. She constantly came in wearing smaller and smaller 2 pieces to get a more full tan. Through the following months some guys came up and asked if I knew her because I was working all the time but I denied it just to hear what they’d say about her. It was all sorts of stuff from wanting to take her out to dipping her behind the bushes and fucking her. I honestly wanted to do those things myself.About halfway through summer Stephanie came to the pool wearing a neon yellow 2 piece that were smaller than panties on the bottom and barely covered her areolas on top. Every single head at the pool turned that day. She had developed an olive skin tan with a small star of pale skin by her left hip. Grown men were reduced to p*****nagers having to hide their erections. Some women were upset they weren’t the hottest anymore while some I could tell were undressing her and licking her body up and down. Even I couldn’t help myself and I all but stopped watching the water.Stephanie got up and went to a vendor to get a popsicle. The vendor could barely speak as he passed her the frozen treat. Every guy wanted to be flavors on the popsicle. Stephanie strode up to me and asked, “What time do you close today?” “8 o’clock,” I responded. “Okay, thanks,” she said sucking down on the popsicle. At the time she asked me I could see her practically everything she was sporting and as she walked away her ass seemed to sway like a two large softballs rolling past one another.I felt light headed. No one there knew that Stephanie was my sister and I don’t think anyone actually knew her name. She looked like a princess you’d have to slay a dragon just to talk to. She wrapped herself up in her towel and left. “I’ll be back later,” she told me as she exited the pool hall. The sun was starting to go down in the distance and I was getting a little nervous, hoping that she would make it back. Then right around 7 she came back. Still sporting the greatest bikini I’ve seen on a girl.She dove into the pool and got a few laps of swimming in. The sun was falling even faster now and she got out to dry off. She took her sweet time drying off and taking in the last fethiye escort of the sun before going into the girls locker room around 7:45. A few minutes later people started packing up and heading home. I was going through my checklist of testing pH and cleaning up for the night. I clean the boys locker room which hadn’t gotten too dirty that day and went to check on the women’s locker room.Somehow in my dazed state of cleaning I had forgotten that Stephanie was in there. I open up the door and about 10 feet in front of me is my sister. She’s sitting with her arms out to her sides and her head slightly cocked sideways letting her hair fall in front of her face. Her knees were together but her feet were far apart; toes pointing at me. Mesmerized I start walking towards her. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest and my dick rising against the fabric of my trunks. I walk up to her and brush the hair out of her face as she lifts her face up. She blinks as her eyes meet mine and her lips curl up at the sides. I bend down and slowly kiss her on the lips. Our lips cling together even after we had stopped kissing even more justifying what we both wanted. She puts her hands on my waist around the band of my trunks. I hold two hands on her neck holding her still so nothing would change. I bend down again and kiss her with even more passion.We kiss for minutes but it could be seconds or hours for all we cared. We had each other in this place. By this time I was fully erect and my cock was begging for attention. With her hands still on my shorts she slowly starts pulling them down. I hear them hit the floor and I can feel my sister stand up in front of me. I pull her in close so now my dick is sticking into her upper abdomen. I reach around her and untie those neon straps like every other guy wanted to do that day. While I was doing this she pulled on the straps to her bottoms and I could see the fabric give up any support it had on her beautiful body.Her tits were pressed against my chest, my cock against her stomach and her panties had now dropped. Stephanie pulled me in and kissed me hard yet sweetly. I returned as best I could. She dropped to her knees. She grabbed my swollen cock and kissed it on the side and on the tip. Licking circles around the head as she got pleasure out of this. Stephanie plopped my dick into her mouth and started sucking down farther each time. I couldn’t help but moan as this was getting hotter the more we did. I wasn’t close to climax when she stopped and asked me to sit on the floor.I sat down in front of the bench as she sat on it. Stephanie braced herself with her hands and reached out with her legs and grabbing my neck with her calves. She pulled me in and I started suckling at her clit. She was wet already but she produced more and more juice as I licked her pussy. Stephanie moaned and bucked escort fethiye at my face. I opened my eyes to observe and thank god for where I was at this exact moment. She looked down at me with lips pushed out like she was kissing a ghost. Stephanie grabbed my hair gently and rubbed my face into her pussy. She was close to cumming so I pulled my tongue out and went harder on her clit. She really liked it I could tell and she even let out a squirt that grazed me on the cheek.I laughed having never been on that end of our deal before and she apologized starting for the towel. I grabbed Stephanie’s arm stopping her and I said, “It’s fine.” And I pulled on the streak with my index finger and started to put it up to my mouth. Quickly, Stephanie reached out with both hands and pulled it to her face. She had her lips around my finger before I could make a sound. She sucked everything off and giggled as she swallowed it. “I wish I tasted better,” Stephanie said with a grin hitting her face. “You taste perfect,” I replied and rubbed a finger on her pussy and sucking the juices off them. She pulled me in for a kiss and plunged her tongue into my mouth.”Follow me,” she said as she grabbed my hand. We ran passed the showers and got to the sinks. Stephanie jumped on the counter. She massaged her clit with one hand and pulled on my cock with the other. I slowly put the tip of my dick into her while our lips met. I pushed my cock in a little more and she breathed a sigh of pressure letting me feel the warm air from her nose. I kissed her harder enjoying fucking her and kissing her equally. I pull her legs closer to the edge and my dick further into her pussy. Stephanie starts hump back into me. Little humps; we weren’t doing great thrusts like we usually had. This time was different. This was affection. We were making love. We both knew it but we were too deep to stop. I now am humping her and holding her entire body to mine. We broke the kiss to catch our breaths. In doing so we just looked each other in the eye. I knew I loved her then. This made the moment so much more than me having sex with my older sister. I started to feel my balls swell and my cock jerk with the load I was about to bring up. “I’m gonna cum,” I say looking into her beautiful hazel-nut eyes. “Go ahead,” she said looking back at me with trust in her eyes. I buck into her one last time and let out a small jet and I slowly start backing out cumming more and more. The last few squirts land on her skin right above her clit. We both catch our breath and steal kisses away from one another.I felt like I was about to collapse when Stephanie patted me on the back and with a wink said, “Let’s take a shower.” We hopped in and I explained my concerns about cumming inside her. She said not to mind and that she was on the pill. That was good enough for me since she knew fethiye escort bayan more about it than I did. “I don’t know,” she said, “it just felt right this time. That probably sounds really weird.” “No, I felt it to,” I said. We continued showering and and flirting about. We got dressed in street clothes and headed outside. It was already dark now.We walked out to the parking lot and both of our cars were there but very far away from each other. She offered me a ride to my car but I declined. “Suit yourself,” she said. Upon hearing that I was going to turn around and say something but her flashing me her bare ass under her black skirt shut me up. “Ya know, I think I’ll take that ride,” I said. “Smart boy,” Stephanie replied coyly. We hop in her car and she tells me to unzip my pants. I do so and she reaches down and starts jacking me off. “we should see a movie!” she exclaimed. “Uh, I”m down,” I say. I’ll agree to just about anything while she has her hand on my cock.We stop in to the local cinema and catch a romantic comedy. We get popcorn and a drink but I don’t think either of us were really into the movie. We get back row seats and the theatre isn’t too full with about 4 or 5 other couples sitting all over the place. 30 minutes in Stephanie reaches over and starts massaging the bulge in my pants. She unzips my pants and grabs me like before. Playing with me I decide to play back with her. Since she was wearing a skirt and a thong it shouldn’t be too tricky. I reach over and move my sister’s thong as she spreads her legs. Her pussy is getting wet with no signs of that changing. I finger her and not long after she’s fucking my two fingers as hard as she can trying to contain her moans. I silently jump in front of her and kiss her to mute the noise while pulling my fingers in her pussy ferociously. She comes hard and lets out a quiet growl in her throat.She regains her composure and sits me back down in my seat. Turning to me she straightens my cock out and goes down on me. Now I’m watching a movie, getting head from my gorgeous sister and no one is the wiser. I’m really enjoying it, biting my bottom lip and throwing my head back. Suddenly she stops and I begin to look down but her hair is in my face. Smells like the pool from earlier and my thoughts go back for a milisecond. I finally figure out where she is in the dark theatre and she has turned her back to me and sat on my lap. Stephanie pulled her thong to the side and faced me to kiss me on the lips. She bobbed up and down on my cock. I lifted the back of her skirt and saw that heart shaped ass swallow my dick. “I’m gonna cum,” I whisper in her ear. “Okay,” Stephanie replied. Was she expecting me to cum in her again? ‘It wasn’t the same as last time and we shouldn’t get used to doing it,’ I thought. Right before my load jetted out she lifted off and jacked the rest of it onto the floor. Readjusting her thong she turned to me and sucked up the cum left on my dick. She sat beside me and zipped up my pants. Smiling her ‘I know I’m sexy as hell’ face she blew me a kiss and gave me a wink.

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