My Safe Fantasy About You

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My Safe Fantasy About YouIt’s been a long day. One of those ones where you work all day and feel like you got nothing accomplished but you know you did because you had a lot to do. And people are so taxing that it takes all the patience and energy you possess to maintain your composure and not blow them up. So I get home, go to the gym, shower and have a glass of red wine to help unwind but what I really need is to fuck viciously and without remorse or regard and let go of the tension.I have another glass of wine and get ready for bed with a comfortable warm feeling and am finally able to unkink some of that tension and decide to pleasure myself with these new vibrating beads … I put my vibrator in my pussy and the beads in my ass and move them both until I come. Enough tension let go so I can sleep … I take out the toy but decide to fall asleep with the beads in my ass while I wear my red lace panties so they don’t come out … Keeping the beads in makes me have some sordid dreams – everything from threesomes to submission and dominance … I’m sleeping pretty heavy after two glasses of wine so when Isaac barks to tell me someone is in the house, I don’t hear him. He growls and stops when you whisper to him to stop and rub his ears (he really is a terrible guard dog).You come in my room and I am sleeping on my stomach … you can’t really see me since it is dark but the moonlight through my patio door lets you see my body on the bed and the outline of the covers … you peel the covers back and start to run your fingers over the backs of my legs to see kaş escort if I respond and I don’t. Then you pull your cock out and trail it along the back and side of my hip and as you grow bigger and bigger, I still don’t respond … You take that cue and slide your hand under my neck and grab my throat – easy at first and then you tighten your grip. I slowly wake up and realize someone has their hand on my throat and that sudden realization sends fear through my body… I try to scream and resist but you grab me tighter and my voice catches so nothing comes out and I am terrified and now painfully aware that I left the beads inside my ass because when I try to move and can’t, the fear takes over every muscle within me and I tighten around the beads … You don’t say a word and I have no idea what is going on except for your smell … I know this man’s smell and while I might secretly hope it is you, the reality is that it can’t be because we are in different states … You grab whatever it is that you brought to tie me up – it feels like a tie because of the soft fabric and you pull my arms back and shift your arm so you have me in a choke hold. When you let go to tie me I try to scream but you are faster than me and push my head into the pillow. I can’t breathe so I stop fighting. You don’t say a word. You don’t tell me to hush – you don’t have to … I get the point and realize that if I fight this will end badly. So I stop struggling and wait for a better moment when I can resist and maybe get away then … You tie my hands behind my back and take your belt kaş escort bayan off for my ankles but you don’t hog tie me just bind my ankles so tight it hurts to move them … the hard leather from the belt is burning on my skin but I don’t say anything out of fear … you start rubbing your now hard cock over my ass and around my thighs and my body begins to betray me … holy fuck … how can this be happening to me … you notice I have the beads inside me and you grab them and the little controller and you turn it on … oh god why did I leave them inside of me? … but instead of it hurting like I first expect, it’s soothing and I begin to relax and my pussy begins to get wet even more … you begin to bite my ass very hard and my thighs and I’m moving my hips and feel a moan wanting to escape but I can’t let this bastard think he is satisfying me so I hold it in … you slide your fingers inside my pussy while you bite me and I can’t hold it in any longer as I come onto your fingers and shiver … the beads are in my ass and your fingers are in my pussy and my body is doing whatever the fuck it wants ….You let my cum drip onto my panties and then you pull me by my arms and make me stick my hips up in the air … you lick the cum off of the edge of my pussy and groan and then you pull off my panties and push me over onto my side. I can’t move even though I am not hog tied because my arms are pinned … I realize that this might be my only chance to scream and get someone’s attention but you are quicker than me and wad my panties and stuff them into my mouth … escort kaş I gag as you put them too far back and I give up that fight for now … You roll me onto my back and lift my bounded legs so that my hips are forced up into the air and my knees are bent with my feet flat against your chest and you slide the tip of your cock around my pussy … you watch me respond and you know I am totally at your fucking mercy … you slide inside me and start fucking me as hard as you can and I feel you growing inside me and the more you grow the harder I grab the beads with my ass and grab your cock with my pussy and I am coming and coming and screaming as my panties stop the sound from escaping … and then you stop … and I am arching my back and hips because I want you so badly to come … what the fuck is wrong with me … who the fuck wants their attacker to come inside them … You push me away from you, untie the belt from my ankles, grab my hair and drag me off the edge of the bed … you push me back onto the edge of the bed so that I am bent over and then you push the beads harder inside me and slide back into my pussy and keep fucking me … I come and then come again as you fuck me so hard you are ramming me against the bed and my cum is dripping down my thigh and then like a truly vicious torturer you stop as you are about to come because I can feel you about to let go inside me … you pull the panties out of my mouth and whisper in a harsh voice “get on your knees” … it’s then that I realize it is you and I drop to my knees and take you into my mouth and then you fuck my mouth until you move as far into my throat as you can … I love the hot salty taste of your cum and I come again as you grab my head and shove your cock in as hard as you can and let go of everything you have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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