My sad cuckold, dominated life ( real)

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My sad cuckold, dominated life ( real)Im not sure this is the right place to post this but I hope people in similar situations browse through here I used to post on different sites but they all got taken down. I do have a real life femdom lifestyle but it isn’t sexual or anything in fact quite the opposite. Growing up with a brother and three sisters me and my brother were treated like inferiors by my sister and my mother and in so we acted like inferiors. We had worse grades were skinnier then them were generally outsmarted and were just generally submissive to them as that is how I was taught to behave to women. I have an unbelievably bad body I’m really skinny and short and have trouble growing hair and I’m already an adult I’ve never had facial hair barely any pubes and a small amount of arm pit hair. Somehow my moms wish came true and she got three athletic, strong long haired, thick thighed, curvy and smart girls sadly my brother was the same. Although I am the oldest being that I grew up in a feminist household I had little to no say about my life. My sisters decided if I was allowed to be dressed, I had to ask permission to speak, I was spanked by my sisters and as was my brother we were teased humiliated in public at school being tied naked to trees and flag poles pendik escort and constantly being locked out of my house. If we were allowed to wear clothes it were to be small tidy whiteys and even panties and that was it around the house. Me and my brother had numerous pairs of bikinis and small panties while the girls wore jeans and shirts and constantly ridiculed us. I was so constantly humbled and tortured it began to form my personality. I struggled in school and never had a chance with women because my body was so un attractive and I was just so submissive and shy even when I was in public with girls that didn’t know about my home life they would call me girly and non manly but not in a bad way I was sort of their straight gay friend. No girl has ever taken me seriously. I once asked a girl out and this was the only time j have and the water she was drinking at the time she spit back at my face and laughed for a whole minute along with her guy friends who also thought I was a joke. Every day after that she would find a way to hurt my balls either kicking them or punching the, and began to pants me and make fun of my small penis. She soon became a friend of my sisters and was over at the house seeing my home life. Which involved me and my brother obediently silent in escort pendik our panties doing chores around the house and when we had free time we had to stick with our sisters because well nobody else accepted us for who we were and I was never allowed to see my friends from school. And although they would take our clothes and tease us and abuse our balls repeatedly and make us dress up in dresses and mock us for not being real men I was so used to it I became happy and safe with them. Soon my sisters became more empowered and each became lesbians along with Jennifer the girl I asked out though to be clear not witch eachother. They all see men as inferior and dumb and a disgrace and completely unattractive. I too developed along the lines in which I grew up and never became independent I was too scared and meek so Jennifer took me in, I lived with my mom until Jennifer graduated college and had a good job and then out of pity she let me be her maid. She owns a beautiful mansion over looking our city and several others. This is my life now:I do all chores every day which includes, dusting, mopping, cooking,dishwasher,laundry,cleaning theBathrooms, changing the sheets, cleaning the carpet and more. Mean while I’m not allowed to talk to her unless I ask permission or she grants pendik escort bayan it herself I rarely ask for permission as I rarely have anything important to say mostly something regarding food or supplies I need. I wake up at 4 each morning in the maid side of the house wearing panties and a maid dress or just any dress is ok. She frequently has her lovers over and in fact had one living at the home for a long time she was okay with me and I listened and obeyed her just as I did Jennifer. Whenever she has any female over and trust me it is always females and rarely in a blue moon another guy like me that her gal pal wants to show off. I usually am told to stay completely out of sight. Unless she rings a bell for me in which. Case I am to go to the room the bell was rung in with my head down sometimes to be shown off and humiliated. Her girlfriends marvel at how well trained I am but still stupid and how girly my body is and panties and small 2 inch dick. I’ve never been kissed or even held a girls hand I’ve never had a girlfriend and will probably die a virgin her friends say that I am the future of males in society and they joke about it. In the little I’ve been able to read over the years in my one hour of Internet a week rule I’ve noticed a lot of people in panties and in a femdom relationship secretly like it. But not me she has held me back in life crushed my dignity and esteem and generally keeps me depressed ik it’s hot to think about a femdom relationship but trust me this is hell.

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