my recent trip to Florida

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my recent trip to FloridaI drive to Florida every year to visit my family that spends their winter there, but always take a couple of days for myself to play and try to get some cock to suck. My recent trip was the best ever.I drove as far as south Georgia the first day and got a room for the night and placed an ad on craigslist missed connections section that simply stated. Pipe cleaner in hotel. No recip wanted. I received a couple of replies and invited them to my hotel. The first guy came and took his cock out, I got on my knees and started to blow his thick cock. He lasted a whopping 2 minutes before feeding me a nice load. Another guy came shortly after and laid on the bed and crawled up between his legs and he lasted a bit longer than the first, giving me another load. The 3rd guy came over an hour later and I started to blow him on my knees when he told me to get on the bed and he climbed up, straddled my chest and began face fucking my mouth. I love that and it got me so hot that I shot a load in my sweat pants as he did me, finally shooting a good sized load, which I swallowed all of. I had another email from a guy who asked if I was available early morning the next day. I said I was and we made plans…..He showed up osmaniye escort the next morning about 6:30, sat in the chair and I sucked his cock til he blew in my mouth too….I went down to breakfast after that and there was a hot young guy eating that I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of, imagining him fucking my mouth. So Georgia was good to me, 4 cocks and 4 loads of delicious cum. Life as a cocksucker is good.Then I headed to Florida and checked into my hotel. And placed the same ad for my new location. I got a couple of replies and this one guy was only 24 yrs old, never been with another guy, so I assured him he didn’t have to do anything other than let me blow him. He came over and was reluctant to strip, so I played some str8 porn on the laptop for him. That seemed to loosen him up some as he grabbed his crotch, so I reached over to replace his hand with mine and could feel he was hard as a brick. I began to undo his pants and zipper and asked, “May I?” “I guess”, was his reply. I got his cock free and it looked so beautiful, a full 7 inches and smooth. I began to lick his balls and let my tongue work up the backside of his shaft. His moans told me he was enjoying it. I worked my way slowly to the head of his escort osmaniye cock and teased the back side of the head by flicking my tongue across it. This produced a little droplet of precum and I just couldn’t resist any longer and put my mouth over the head of his beautiful cock and slowly worked my way deeper and deeper until his pubes were tickling my nose. I worked my mouth back up to the head again, all the while he was moaning and mumbled that it felt so good. My lips were locked onto his shaft and I started to jerk him off with my mouth. His moans turned to groans and grunts and I knew he was close. I went deep again and held my mouth there and then he lost it, shooting gob after gob of his man juice straight down my throat. I stayed on his cock until he went soft and then he got up, thanked me, dressed and left. I went and checked my email. There was a message from another guy, 45 yrs old. He asked for my hotel and room number, which I provided. He said he was 10 minutes away, wanted me to leave the door ajar and be on my knees with my eyes closed when he walked in. I usually like to look at and admire the cock before I swallow it, but this was different. I was game. I got on my knees and kept my eyes osmaniye escort bayan open until I saw the door open. I caught a quick glimpse of this guy who was muscular and built like a linebacker. With my eyes closed I could sense that he was standing in front of me and then I heard his zipper being pulled down and I could smell his manly aroma. I then felt a soft cock placed at my lips being pushed into my mouth. His cock was soft, but was still a mouthful. It started to swell up and grew to about 7 inches, just as it got hard my anonymous friend said, “suck it faggot”. Oh God, that put me in heaven, I love a man that talks dirty esp when I have his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head and pumped my mouth. I put my hand around the base of his cock to stroke him as I sucked, but he moved my hand away and just kept pumping in and out of my wet mouth. I started to slurp on his cock and that seemed to turn him on more, as it did me. Then I could feel his cock pulsate in my mouth and it started to shoot, filling my mouth up. It kept on pulsing and shooting a massive load of warm, gooey, delicious jizz. “Take it all fag boy” he said. I swallowed it all. “Keep your eyes closed” he said and he pulled out of my mouth and I heard him zip up and then the door close. I opened my eyes and he was gone, I never saw his face or his cock, I just felt it in my mouth. I blew 4 more guys that day, including a black guy with a good 10 inch dick. He lasted forever and my lips got numb and my jaw ached.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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