My Professor Came Through

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I purposely scheduled my classes in a way that would give me an hour gap during the day. I figured it would be a good way to get a head start on my homework, so I wouldn’t have to be all night studying.

I usually retired to a quiet part of the library, away from the fellow students who go in there to chat and kill time. One recent day, I was in one of the corners of the big library on campus, on one of the higher floors (less traffic), where I could study. But my mind wasn’t on schoolwork.

The night before I was out with my boyfriend, Alex. He stands about 6-1, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. I love his eyes. I love his firm, pronounced smooth chest with nipples that stick out just enough to notice.

I love squeezing his tight and muscular butt when we hug and when we’re in bed. But his penis leaves me wanting more. He’s hung about six inches, which I hear is about average, but he doesn’t have the stamina to go for a long time. We’ve tried masturbation. We’ve tried oral sex. We’ve tried different things but when he’s inside of me, he finishes just as I’m getting started.

It was a warm day…aren’t they all in So Cal? I wore a white blouse and pink skirt to school that day…with white and pink trim tennis shoes. Underneath were a matching white bra and panty.

It was obvious that Alex hadn’t done enough to satisfy me last night, and I was thinking that if I could take matters into my own hands, I might be able to turn my attention back to my studies.

The school library is not the best place to do something like this, so I tried my best to block it out of my mind. I tried crossing my legs but that made things worse. The crotch of my panties bunched up just enough to press up against my pussy. I didn’t even realize that I has started bouncing on leg up and down until I realized that the motion was creating friction and my panties were starting to get a little damp.

I uncrossed my legs and spread them just a little bit, feeling the cold air from the air conditioner against my thighs. I looked around to make sure that there was no one in sight…and started touching myself. First it was just through my panties. I would stop whenever I heard a noise, thinking someone was approaching or within viewing range.

I spent a few minutes rubbing my pussy through my panties. I took it to the next of pushing the crotch of my panties harder against my pussy until I was able to push them inside.

I closed my legs and was able to press the lips of my pussy against the soft material that was inside of me, soaking up the wetness that was hard to ignore.

I finally reached back down with my right hand and pulled my panties to the side, allowing the index finger on my left hand to enter my pussy. I was already getting more pleasure out of this than I had the night before with Alex. I began to masturbate myself slowly, stopping every so often to rub and pinch my clit between my fingers.

I didn’t have my trusty pink vibrator with me, so I had to improvise. I had an extra pencil in my book bag so I took it and started rubbing myself in a downward motion, allowing my little lips to hug it as it went by. I finally slipped the eraser end of the pencil inside of my pussy. I pencil is not very thick at all but oh….it felt so good once I penetrated myself with something more than my fingers. The pencil was able to reach the areas that my fingers could not get to. I grabbed a second pencil and continued to fuck myself until I finally had the orgasm that I’d been waiting for.

I was still aware of my place in the library, so I made sure I kept quiet. I thought I was going to bite a hole through my lip in my attempt to keep quiet.

I finally put my panties back in place, put my now wet pencils back in my bag, took a drink of water from the bottle I carry around, and opened up one of my textbooks.

It didn’t work. I was still a very horny little schoolgirl.

I thought about calling Alex to see if he’d be available later that evening but who was I kidding? He just can’t satisfy me.

It was finally time to go to class, so I packed up my things and started to make my way back to the floor where I could exit. As I was walking out the door, I bumped into the professor who would be teaching my next class.

It was a professor I had fantasized about before. He has to be in his early forties but even though I was only 19, I thought him to be very attractive. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, No facial hair but he does have one of those 5 o’clock shadows all the time. He’s about 6 feet tall and in good shape. Not muscular but fit. I figured him for a swimmer or a runner. He always wore a shirt and tie, and slacks. You could just barely make out the diyarbakır escort shape of his butt through the slacks, but what I could see looked good.

We’ve made eye contact in class before and I would sometimes let my imagination run away with me. He smiled at me and I smiled back before turning and making my way back to class. After about five or six steps, I turned back in is direction and he was still looking at me. He gave me a little bit of a smile and I smiled back as I turned away.

When I arrived at the classroom, a few of my classmates were already there. I took my usual spot in the second row against the far wall.

Everyone finally settled down and class started. We didn’t have a lecture that day and spent most of the time working on assigned group projects. Mr. Chambers (no, that’s not his real name), went from group to group, offering his assistance as needed. When he came to our group, he gave me a little bit of a smile but also threw a wink at me. I was wondering what that was about. I figured it had to do with the smile I gave him as I walked away from him earlier in the day. I later went to his podium to ask him a question and stood closer to him that I normally would with other people. As he was going through an explanation, I turned in a way that put my right up inches from his crotch.

Then I felt it. I was close enough where all he had to do was lean forward to press up against me but he took a tiny step was more than just leaning against me. I could feel the shape of his penis (not bad) against my hip and turned just enough so that he was pressing himself against my right butt cheek. I leaned back toward him to let him know that his advances (or were they mine?) were ok with me.

Everyone in the class was busy doing their work, which made me even hotter. I looked in his eyes and he winked at me again. If we weren’t in class, I would have tried to kiss him right there.

I turned and walked back to my group and tried to swing my hand back (as I turned) so that it would brush against his semi hard? penis. I missed.

Class eventually ended and I stopped by his podium again, with my notebook open. I scribbled my phone number on one of the sheets of paper, where he could see it. He tore it out of the book, so I knew there was a pretty good chance that I would be hearing from him.

I went home and showered (my panties were soooo wet) and, without wanting to seem too anxious, didn’t get too dressed up. I have to admit that I did get myself worked up in the shower. I threw on a pair of jeans cutoffs (shorts) and a Dodgers jersey, which I like to wear when I lounge around the house. I thought better of it and took my shorts off, so I was just wearing a pair of white panties with little red hearts. The shirt was big enough to hide my panties.

I tried to do some homework but my mind wasn’t on it. About an hour after trying, the phone rang. It was my mom.

I tried to talk myself into thinking that he wouldn’t call so quickly, so I was able to get some work done. But at about 8:30 p.m., the phone rang again. It was my best friend Vickie. I explained what was going on and she promised to keep the conversation short…provided I fill her in with the details.

The phone never did ring that night. Instead, there was a knock at the door. It was a few minutes past 11 and I was trying to get some of my homework done. I answered the door and there was Professor Chambers. He said he was in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by to see if I was doing OK with the class project. He also apologized for stopping by unannounced. He said that he was able to get my address from the school records and that if I was offended, he would leave and not bother me anymore. I didn’t mind and I told him so.

I invited him in, offered him a seat on the sofa and asked if he wanted anything to drink. He accepted a bottle of water so I went into the kitchen to get him one. As I was getting his water, I knew that I had to take advantage of the situation. I knew he didn’t come over to check on my work and I think he knew that I knew.

I returned to the living room and handed him his bottle of water. Then I plopped right down on his lap, facing him. I threw my arms around him and he did the same to me. We then locked ourselves into a deep french kiss that got me completely aroused. I pulled back to give him room to unbutton the jersey I was wearing. Without a bra to slow him down, he attacked my breasts, taking turns to kiss each one and pinching my nipples with his fingertips. I was grinding my pussy against his crotch and soon starting my first orgasm.

He took my right nipple into his mouth and started to bite on it, just as I was starting to cum. I let out a rather loud groan and he must have thought he was hurting me because he stopped. I grabbed his head and pulled it back onto my breast, letting him know that I wanted him to continue.

He reached around to my back with one hand and slipped it down the back of my panties while his other hand continued to pinch at my nipples. He grabbed my face with his free hand and pulled me back in for another long, wet, tonguing kiss. I took his hand and held it against my face and took one of his fingers into my mouth, sucking on it just the way I wanted to pleasure my handsome and horny professor.

I could feel his hardness underneath me and continued to rub myself against the bulge in his pants. He finally grabbed me with both hands and turned to his left, laying me on my back at the same time. My legs ended up wrapped around his waist and he started pushing his hard cock against my pussy, using all of his weight. Just as I reached down in an attempt to undo his belt, he started to pull himself out of reach, kissing and licking his way from my breasts, to my belly button, around my belly button ring and down to my panties. He pulled my panties down just enough to expose my trimmed bush before starting to kiss my kitty through my panties. He was driving me crazy….it felt so good, yet it was all a tease because I wanted his tongue inside of me. I wanted to feel his tongue inside of me, tasting the juices that he was making me produce.

I finally got my wish. He covered my pussy with his mouth and then started to cover it with small kisses. Within moments, his tongue was inside of me. He pushed a finger inside of me and followed that with his tongue. He pinched my clit with his lips, pulling and tugging on it until I came again. He was in the right spot to catch all of my wetness in his mouth.

He started pressing his mouth against my pussy, rubbing my face and his chin against it. He increased the pressure, pushing so hard that he actually started to push me forward…I grabbed his hair and tried to pull him even closer.

I freed my right foot, which had been pinned between his body and the sofa and slipped it between his legs, where I could rub it against his hard cock. I sat up on the sofa, still facing him and unbutton his shirt. Now it was his turn. I unbuttoned his shirt, and working around his tie, started running my fingers through his hairy chest. I stopped at each nipple and rubbed them softly before. I began to take turns licking each nipple and covering his manly chest with soft, loving kisses.

I did the same on his stomach and was able to undo his belt and unfasten his pants. I reached down and rubbed him through his pants, feeling him get bigger and bigger. When I finally peeled his open pants down for a closer look, his cock was straining to break free from his underwear. I caressed his balls through his underwear, which absolutely drove him crazy. That was my signal to keep doing it. So I did. I noticed a wet spot on his underwear, right where the tip of his cock was, so I put the tip of my tongue there to get a taste of his syrup. I could see the outline of the head of his penis through his underwear so I traced around it with my tongue, leaving a trail from my wet tongue onto the gray-colored cotton.

I reached one hand up through the leg of his underwear and came skin to skin with a beautifully, shaved, smooth sac that was holding two very large balls. When I pulled down his waistband with my other hand, his cock sprang free. I pulled his underwear down the rest of the way and was face to face with one of the most gorgeous cocks I had ever seen. His balls hung freely, allowing me to see the shape and size of each one through their shaven pouch. His shaft was thick and pink and perfect, with just enough veins bulging through. The head was nice and large and pronounced…just the way I like it…topping off a cock that had to be eight or nine inches.

I started on his balls, kissing them softly and running my lips and tongue all around the smooth skin. I heard a soft moan and saw his legs spread a little wider, telling me that I was doing good. I squeezed his penis and slowly stroked it before bringing it down to my lips. I kissed the head and wrapped my lips around it, using the tip of my tongue to lick off more of his precum.

I was taught to service a man at the age of 15 and my professor’s cock was going to put me to the test. Ironically, I wanted to pass with flying colors.

I was able to take most of his cock into my mouth but took my time so that he could feel my lips squeezing every single inch. I occasionally stopped to let my tongue trace over each vein. I ran my tongue and my lips around the rim of his head, letting it plop in and out of my mouth. I coated my lips with his precum and stopped to squeeze some of it onto my nipples.

I took him to the edge on a couple of occasions, forcing him to grab my head and stop me before he could erupt on my face and in my mouth.

Since he wasn’t going to let himself cum in my mouth, I went for the next best thing. I climbed on top of him and mounted him. It was a tight fit at first but he was finally able to guide his hard cock deep inside of me. He grabbed my butt and pushed me up and down as I rode him in a nice and smooth rhythm, all the while taking time to kiss, lick, nibble and suck on my breasts.

I held his head close to my chest so that he wouldn’t miss a spot, and his penis continued to work its way in and out of my pussy, stretching it with each stroke.

I had cum three times by the time he stopped, with me sitting all the way down on his cock. Holding me on his cock, he picked me up and laid me down on my back so that he could continue loving me. But this time in the missionary position. He allowed his weight to come down on me with each thrust as my legs tightened more and more around his waist. The pace quickened and so did the power from each of his thrusts. His penis was reaching deep inside of me and when he pulled away with each stroke, his penis came out of my pussy completely…only to be thrust back inside, with his big, round, fat mushroom head leading the way.

Beads of sweat were forming on his chest and neck and I strained to reach the droplets with my tongue as he continued to make love to me.

He suddenly stopped with his penis firmly planted inside of my pussy. He started making his cock wiggle inside of me….without the strokes…bringing me to another orgasm.

With my legs wrapped tightly around him, he brought my body to his, stood up, shook his pants and underwear from his ankles and carried me to my bedroom.

Stuffed animals bounced onto the floor as we landed on top of the bed, still entwined together. We kissed more and more and then some more.

He pulled his shiny cock out of me and turned me onto my stomach. He laid on top of me. I could feel his wet and slippery cock against my butt while he kissed the back of my neck. Finally, he grabbed my hips and pulled me up so that I was on my hands and knees. Thinking he was going to enter me at that point, he surprised me my pressing his tongue against my tight, little anal opening. He fingered my sopping wet pussy while his tongue worked its magic around my sacred opening.

He started rubbing the head of his penis against the opening of my pussy….teasing me to the point that I begged him to re-enter me. I tried to scoot back…hoping that I would somehow find his cock with my pussy but it wasn’t working. He finally re-entered me, this time from behind, and continued to feed my pussy with his thick and long piece of meat.

My screams from yet another orgasm, brought him to the edge once more. His thrusts were faster. His cock felt harder and even bigger. His pressure was forceful and I finally felt him explode inside of me.

It seems and felt like he would never stop cumming, as each thrust produced another shot of healthy sperm. When he finally pulled himself out, the trail of cum immediately started making its way out of my pussy and down my legs. He cleaned me up, using his fingers and tongue, sucking in as much of our juices as he could. He saved some for me, which we shared when he turned me back over and kissed me. I tasted him, his sperm and my own juices with each deep kiss. Our tongues wrestled with each other, giving me a new taste and a new sensation each time.

Now it was my turn to clean him, as I went back to work on his still-firm and semi-hard cock. I licked the sweat and cum (mine and his) from his balls. I sucked what remaining sperm there was from within his cock. I licked every inch clean, paying close attention to his beautiful head.

As I had hoped, my mouth and tongue made him hard again but this time he let me finish the job. I spent close to 20 minutes giving him the blow job of his life, being careful about the now-sensitive areas. He finally gave me my treat in the form of a mouthful of his sperm. I took one big swallow only to feel him continuing to ejaculate. I’m sure that he didn’t cum in the same quantity as he did inside of my pussy but it was still enough that I almost didn’t swallow all of it. But I did.

He tucked me into bed and kissed me good-night before leaving. It was close to 2 a.m. and I had one of the best night’s of sleep that I’d had in a long time.

I continued to meet secretly with my professor for the rest of that semester, and after his class ended. Though the A that I got in the class was due to my hard work, I like to think that I got a passing grade in the bedroom as well.

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