My Private Tutors – Part 2

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Hello everyone! My name is Shelly Rockton, I am twenty-one years old, 5’1″ tall. I have blonde hair that reaches a little past my shoulders. My eyes are ice blue in color.What you are about to read is an unexpected lesson I learned. There is no homework, exams or studying for this subject. The only requirement is practice, practice.  *** It is mid-term exam time for the first semester. My senior year here at the university is starting out as a big failure. I know I failed my English, Zoology and Calculus exams. It is not because of a lack of understanding the material, nor is it from not studying. When it comes to big exams, my mind goes blank. It has been like this since junior high school. I somehow managed to pass my other three exams with a grade of “c”. Friday It is Friday, after my last class of the day I walk slowly back to my dorm room as tears stream down my face. I did not see Mr. Reese, my English teacher coming around the corner. I bumped into him, sending our books and papers spilling to the ground.Mr. Reese is forty years old, 6’2″ with short brown hair. His eyes are a light brown.”I am so sorry Mr. Reese, I did not see you.” “No harm Ms. Rockton, are you all right?””Yes and no, Mr. Reese.”I was already picking up our papers as his warm hazel eyes roamed over my young, toned body. The white shirt I was wearing had only the two middle buttons secured as was my red sweater. The white lace shelf bra lifted the top of my full bosom into view as the silver belly ring glimmered in the sunlight.”What has you so upset?” Mr. Reese said while helping by gathering up our books.I had the papers already in hand as I stood up. I found myself taking an indiscreet small step toward him. When he looked up, I saw his eyes widen. I knew then that Mr. Reese was able to see under my short light brown pleated skirt with buttons on the front. He lingered briefly though not long enough to make it obvious to passersby.”I failed your exam and two others.”Mr. Reese stood up, handed my books to me as I gave him his papers.”What other classes did you not do well in?””Zoology and Calculus, Mr. Reese.””I Tunalı escort bayan do not like that you are so upset.””Thank you, but I will be okay.””I think I can help you, if you are interested.””I would like that, Mr. Reese.”Walking to his office, he told me he would be willing to tutor me. I caught him glancing at my bosom gently bouncing with every step. I noticed that there was a large bulge in his trousers. My mind filled with thoughts of what I would like to do with him. I felt my nipples become erect, my pussy became wet.Mr. Reese opened the door to his office, letting me enter first. I felt his eyes on me. I gave him a little show, wiggling my firm arse, then dropping a book. I bent at the waist giving him a view of my bare pussy. I heard a soft gasp then the sound of the door being locked.I took a seat at one of the desks as Mr. Reese walked over with a chair. He set the chair down across from me and sat down. The look on his face was one of disappointment.”Ms. Rockton, were you instructed to sit down?””No.””No what, Ms. Rockton?” he said in a stern voice that sent a shiver down my spine, making my pussy wetter.”No, Mr. Reese.””Wrong answer Ms. Rockton, now stand and come to me,” he said as his voice became sterner.I did as he said, walking over as he patted his lap. I knew what he expected me to do.”I’m sorry Sir, please forgive my mistake,” I said as I lay across his lap.”It’s too late, you will learn from this mistake,” he said as his hands gently rubbed my legs in a small circular motion.I felt his strong gentle hands move up my leg, slipping down to the inner thigh. Then move back up onto my leg as he continued using a small circular motion. Sir reached the hemline of my skirt and stopped.”Ms. Rockton, do you know what is next?””Yes Sir, I do.”My glutes instinctively tightened in anticipation of the spanking I was to receive. Sir pulled the skirt up to my waist as I took in a sharp breath in anticipation of what was coming.”Do not make a sound or struggle as that will only make it worse, Ms. Rockton.””You have a very beautiful arse, Escort ulus Ms. Rockton,” Sir said as his hand landed a stinging blow to my cheek.Sir then struck a blow to the other cheek, as the blows landed harder as the blows continued. By the time the twentieth blow landed, my nectar was flowing from my slit as I cried unabashedly, my nipples felt as if they were on fire.I then felt Sir gently rub each cheek gently, soothing the pain away. Sir slipped two fingers down between my swollen labia, then thrust them hard into my honey pot. Sir grabbed a handful of hair, pulling my head back as his fingers kept up their assault. My body rocked forward with every thrust of those strong fingers. “You will cum when I tell you and not before, Ms. Rockton.””Yes, Sir.”After fifteen minutes, Sir gave me permission to cum. I came with one last thrust of Sirs fingers and a hard tug on my hair. Never before had I experienced such an intense orgasm as it shook my body to its core. The flow of nectar from my honey pot soaked my skirt and Sirs trousers. The tears now were of the joy I felt from experiencing the best orgasm I ever had, not from the pain of the spanking.”Sir, I am sorry for cuming on your trousers.””That is all right Shelly, you have learned your first lesson.””From this point on, I will call you by your first name.”Sir pulled my skirt back into place and had me stand. He told me to be at his house by six this evening to continue my tutoring. I was told not to change clothes and to arrive on time or there will be consequences. Sir stood, walked me to the door and showed me out. As I walked down the deserted hallway, I pulled my skirt up to let Sir Watch my arse as I sashayed down the hall. Friday evening I arrived five minutes early and rang the doorbell. Sir answered and I noticed he too had not changed. Showing me in, he explained that he had guests. “Shelly, what is the matter?””Well…umm…I thought it was just going to be us, Sir.””Come with me Shelly, I think I have found a way to help with your other two classes.”Sir took my hand and led me to the yenimahalle escort great room. Upon entering, I was shocked to see Mr. Stewart my Zoology professor and Mr. Thompson my Calculus professor. They both stood to greet me.”Come Shelly, sit. We have much to talk about.” Sir said as he led me to the leather chair.They told me that they will help me study and I was not to expect them to give me the answers. I still had to do the work just like all the other students.”We have discussed a plan to improve your grades. There is a pleasure/punishment factor involved.” Sir said as he handed me a cup of coffee.The plan was simple, they help me and if I received a grade higher than a “c” in their classes on any assignments, quiz, test or exam I would be receive pleasure. If the grade was lower than that, I would be punished severely.”Sirs exactly what do you mean?””Let’s just say it will be extremely painful. More than the spanking earlier in my office.” Sir said as he stood.”Sir, you told them?” I said as I felt my face redden with embarrassment.I sat there in shock as Mr. Stewart (a man of color) and Mr. Thompson stood. The three of them stood and walked over to me. They reassured me that my grades would significantly improve so that I will graduate on time. Sir told me that I will address the other two as Sir Stewart and Sir Thompson.Sir stood beside the chair as Sir Stewart is fifty years old, 6’4″ tall with black hair. His eyes are black in color. Sir Thompson is sixty years old, 5’9″ tall with short grey hair. His eyes are a light blue. Both stood in front of me.”Shelly, the three of us are going to show you the some of the pleasures now.” Sir said as his fingers ran through my hair.Sir gathered up a handful of hair then pulled me to my feet with such force that I cried out. Pulling my hair back forced my head to tilt back. My 34D-cup breasts thrust upward and I felt my honey pot getting wet. Sir kissed me, forcing his tongue past my full lips. Our tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, Sir pressed his mouth hard against mine.I felt hands undoing the buttons of my sweater, then my shirt. At the same time, a pair of hands caressed my thighs slowly moving upward toward my swollen labia. Suddenly my two Sirs in front of me stopped as Sir abruptly broke off our kiss. Sir then released my hair from his grip and was told to remove my sweater and shirt but not my bra or skirt.

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