My phat ass neighbor

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My phat ass neighborHi there fellow xhamster users!I live on a small rural community…Actually we aren’t that far away from the capital but still we are considered as a rural town and as you know in rural communities we all know each other very well…One of my neighbors,for whom i had naughty dreams sinc my early days,is what a black fella would call a good ol PAWG.In fact she has a rear that would make even them ebony queens feel jealousLets just call her MRS.V for now.One of this days i was coming home from university(needles to say i was super tired) and saw Mrs. V with some bags full of stuff.I noticed she was struggling with the bags and dispite i was tired i rushed at her to offer my helpMe:Hi there Mrs.V.Do you need any help with those bags?Mrs.V:As a matter of fact i could use a hand.Me:Here hand em all over to meMrs.V:Are you sure you can hold all of themMe:Don’t worry Mrs.V.You just lead the wayWhile we were walking towards her place and chit chating i could not help but only look at her ass ans think how lucky her tekirdağ escort hubby was…I mean smashing that type of ass never gets old…To further “boost” my naughty imagination she had wore a pair of dark yoga pants which showed her rear even better…So we reached to her home and i asked:So Mrs.V where is your son FabioMrs.V:Oh he is at his english course he won’t be back till 10 pm.Me:What about Mr.V…I haven’t seen him aroundMrs.V:Oh he is out side of country with some work affairs…Oh thank god your i could use your help to move some boxes…Here follow me.As i followed here to the second floor i could not help bit look at her ass as it bound around.That really got me hard.Mrs.V:Here we are.Can you please move them down in the forst floor i will go to the pharmacy to buy smth…After you are done please don’t leave.I want to properly thank you for all your help…So there i was with a booner and all i was thinking was her ass and how was gonna mastrubate…When she came back we sat down to the sofa and tekirdağ escort bayan started chating and drinking some lemonade.When suddenly she said:Now time for your reward…I know you have been looking at my ass since the beginning…A nice young lad like you must be full of energy and my husband has been away for 2 months…I am gonna need your help one last time…Now show me that nice young cock of yours…We started kissing…All i was thinking about how i was gonna doggy her…When i was about to put my cock inside her cock she said:A a a! Wait you need to put this on…As she slowly took out of her pocked the condom package…I came prepared and winked at me…Now go easy my cunt is tight been two months sinc i had my last fuck.I started fucking her with such intensity the whole house was filled with her moaning and screaming…After a couple of minutes she said lets gp to my sleeping room.As we reached the destination i was thinking on how to persuade her on fucking her butthole then she showed me a escort tekirdağ breeding bench.Mrs.V:Tie me and fuck me like a dogI did just that and started pounding and slaming my cock behind that ass of her and then i realized she was tied and she could not stop me from going in her ass…I saidMrs.V have you ever been hit from the rearMrs.V:What’s thatI pulled my cock out of her cunt and instantly went in her butthole….She screamed in agony and painMrs.V:GOD!!!!!!Never thought that hole could be used for fucking.Oh God what if i poop…Me:Thats why we have the condom for Mrs.VI proceeded to fuck her asshole with such raw intensity and here screaming made it more enjoyable….As i was near the breaking breaking point i said to her:The breeding bench can’t fulfill its true purpose if i don’t cum in you…She replied:Oh No!!!!I am not on birth control!I removed the condom and went bare into her butthole and cumed inside it…As i was licking her neck i saidI never said i would breed youMrs.V:Oh god!!!That feelt so good!I might be needing your services even more.Until my husband comes home after 4 months.Needles to say that those 4 months were some of the best ones…I not only got to touch her nice phat ass but i even took away her butthole virginity that day when i sodomized her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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