My parents in wedding

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My parents in weddingOne sunday me and my parents went to wedding of our friends.At morning mom went downstairs to the kitchen where me and dad were waiting for her. She was absolutley hot.Red lipstick, long brown hair and so sexy dress big cleavage and short skirt. We were shocked how sexy she can be. I went to bathroom and take a peek to dad, ’cause I saw staring him at mums tits.He was touching her ass nad grabbing her tits. Tellig her how sexy she is.¨Honey you are driving me crazy, look at my cock! I need you right now….¨Took mums hand and put it on his bulge at his pants.¨Not now, maybe later. We have big day today!¨ Said mom and left dad alone.Wedding went good. Everything was allright but I was still spying my parents. They were chatting together smiling and having good time. It was getting late and dark. Dancing floor was full of dancing couples, my parents were dancing as well.Dad was sliding by hand from moms back to ass and back and suddenly they left us all and went outside to a near park with trees. I followed them deeper to the park and hide behind the big tree to have a good view to them and still being hidden.They were kissing crazy and dad pulled moms tits out of her bra türbanlı ağrı escort and play with them. ¨I want you so much, please. Don’t tease me any longer¨ Begged dad and pulled her arms down so mum had to kneel at him. She knew what to do, take his already hard cock out of pants and sucked him.I didn’t take any long time when dad started to moan and going to cum but mom suddenly stopped, stood up and smiled to him. ¨No cum now. You have to wait ’till home hahaha¨ dad was pissed of but take his cock back and gave mum a little slap on her ass as a treatment.Back on the wedding they were both nervous. Mum was already horny as well. Sometimes she touched her tits, or slide her hand between her legs a little bit. Just a quick moves but too frequently.When we arrived back home I went to take a shower whem mum asked me if I’m going to bed right after bathroom. When I said yes she said she as well, just will go to sleep a few minutes after me.¨Of course you are! You horny slut!¨ I said to myself and slowly jerked of while standing in the shower.When I went out I took my boxers and slowly and quietly sneaked to the living room from where I heard türbanlı ağrı escort bayan parents voices.¨Are you mad? I told you so many times that this is taboo! No way!¨ Mum was arguing with dad about something. ¨OK, but if I will use this? And I promise I’ll be nice. Just please! Let me try it at least!¨ dad begged. Mum was quiet for a while, thinking about it. ¨OK¨ She finally said ¨But you must use a lot of oil and be fucking careful! If I say stop, you will stop. Deal?¨Dad bend her over the couch and rolled her skirt up when she put her bra off and let her tits swing.I loved this look at my mom. Her bare ass up in air with big saggy tits full naked as well.Dad came to her from behind with baby oil in his hand and put some oil on his cock, lot of oil used to her ass and stick one finger into her ass a little bit. Mum moaned but said nothing.¨I think this will be without problem, I’ll slide into you really easy, just relax¨ said dad and put his hard cock right to her anus. Slowly pulled and mum widened her eyes.¨Slowly honey, please slowly.¨ mum almost cry.Dad took cock out and pull back more slowly spreading her ass cheeks.¨Mmmmm that’s türbanlı escort ağrı amazing! Your ass is more tight than pussy.¨ Said dad and pulled his cock further into mums ass. Mum had tears on her face but still didn’t say anything and holding like a nice wife. When he was deep in her, he started to fuck her a little. Mom started to like it ’cause she was breathing heavy and moaning.Dad was fucking her properly and told her to slam against him a little bit.Mom, still crying slammed more and more. That anal fuck changed her into a sexual freak.¨Oh my ….GOD!!! That’s amazing….I feel your cock so deep inside. Uuuugh! Yes. YES! This is what you was waiting for all day. Now fuck my ass harder!¨ mom yelled to dad and he fucked her faster and faster.Pulled her hair and fuck her roughly, he was really brutal to mom and her hole but she loved it.This sex was so aggressive and fast. It looked that dad wanna fuck the shit out of my mom.¨Oh yes! Oh yes! Please cum inside my ass! Wanna feel your hot cum in there.¨Dad shouted a lot I think 4 or 5 times, so 4-5 spurts in mums ass.Then he staied in her for a few secs and pulled out smaller cock all smeared by his cum. Mom embraced dad, quietly crying and thanking him for that amazing sex.¨That was perfect. I think my ass is used to your cock now. But, my pussy still need some attention. Wanna taste?¨ Asked him, sat to couch and spread her legs. Dad didn’t say anything. His fingers and tongue were much better than any answer.That night I realised how wild slut sleeps deep inside my mum.

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