My new roommate

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My new roommateMy life is pretty normal. I don’t get into trouble. I keep to my self. In all honesty up until this past weekend I never really even had much to say.It started when I had a new room mate move into my place.He seemed pretty normal at first. But after a few days things got weird. He would just stare at me, and his laptop was always on my Facebook page. I was a little worried to say the least.From what I know he is 34, works in an office and lives at the gym lol. The guy looks like Arnold did in his prime. He could squash me like a big.Things just kept getting stranger and stranger. He would send me porn links. All of it was blowjob videos. And to be honest I watched most of them.Now everything spun wildly out of control 2 nights ago when he offered me a drink.I had a stressful day at work so I gladly accepted. He handed me a glass of whiskey. As I say in my chair sipping on my drink I started to feel groggy. The last thing I remembered was placing the bahis firmaları empty glass down on the side table.I came to in my bed. As I woke up I noticed that something was in my mouth. I tried to pull it out but my hands where cuffed to the bed. I looked over at the mirror only to discover I was bound and gagged. Butt naked and rock hard. I tried to free my self but I could not break lose.15 minutes. What? I replied.You where out for 15 minutes.What do you mean I asked?Well I needed that time to set this up. So I put a little something in your drink.Why? And why am I naked? I askedBecause I am going to suck every last drop out of you tonight. The roommate stated.I could see him standing closer and in the light now. I had never seen anything like it. Truly the most muscular person I have ever seen.Sorry dude I am not gay. I told him.I was expecting that. He said with a laugh. That’s why your tied up. And that’s also why I put 200 mg of Viagra in that drink as kaçak iddaa well. There is not a damn thing you could do about it.He got on the bed and tightened my gag. Now I could not even make a sound. He placed his hand on my throat to hold me down and began stroking my penis. You may as well enjoy your self. I know I’m having fun. The roommate said.I was not ok with any of this. I was trying everything possible to break free but both the chains and my assaulter where far to strong for me.While I fought he slid down my body. And as soon as he placed his toung on my shaft I was a changed man. The way I see it. No one knows. My 9 inch cock was throbbing. Might as well let him do it.I laid back and got ready. He took his hand off my throat and let me relax.He began to take my cock in his mouth a little bit more each time he worked his way up and down the shaft. Working me over until I was balls deep in side his throat. I did not know what to do. I began to moan as he kaçak bahis worked over my cock. He began working faster and faster. Shaking me like a rag doll. He stopped and looked at me placing his hand on my throat again. He began to choke me. As I was gasping for air. My attacker began to slap me across the face. Your my little slut now. He said as he slapped me over and over.With one hand still on my throat he started stroking my cock again. I had never been this hard before.I could not handle much more of it. The lights where beginning go fade. Just then he let my throat go and I gasped. As I tilted my head up so I could catch my breath, I came. It was like a fountain. This was hands down the hardest I have ever came. As if it where in slow motion I watched it fly straight up and blast my own face. I had cover my own face in my own cum. I never thought about that but good lord it was amazing.He teased me for a bit longer before he got up and left the room.I must have laid there for 2 hours before falling asleep chained to my bed and covered in my own load. Part of me wants to get the hell out of this place. But the rest wants to see if he does it again.Ill let you know.

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