My New Fetish Part 3

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My New Fetish Part 3It was Friday and I still had not experienced the a*****ion scene Lorenzo had promised me. My anticipation had reached to a point of thinking non stop about it.I had to run some more errands and I began parking places to make it easy for the two guys he had said he lined up, alleys…spots behind tall vegetation…ect.My pussy was tingling as I’d walk to and from my car…but nothing happened.I pulled into the garage after my errands were done and began unloading the groceries and dry cleaning. As I entered our bedroom to hang the clothing up a large man grabbed me from behind shoving me face down on the bed.He duct taped my hands behind my back and roughly pulled my pants and panties off. Shoving my panties in my mouth he ran a strip of duct tape across, muffling my half hearted objections.Then putting a hood over my head he removed the rest of my clothes. He stood me up and again shoved my face down on the bed with my ass up.He said no words as he spread my legs wide, and then I heard a zipper and belt being undone.A big Cock began rubbing between my ass cheeks getting harder and harder and then filled my pussy immediately pounding away. I wasn’t as wet as I like for it and it hurt a bit but after he gave my ass a few hard swats I was dripping.His fingers began rubbing my asshole as he continued fucking me hard and rough. Just as I was about to cumm he pulled out and swapped holes,again roughly pounding my my unlubed ass to my muffled screams of pain and pleasure.More hard swats to the ass continued as he had his way with my asshole, and I came hard, squirting all over. I felt his Cock spasm and explode soon after. Spurt after spurt of Cock juice filled my ass as he grunted like an a****l.I heard him zip up and he then pulled me up roughly walking me out of the bedroom. He took me to the garage and I heard the trunk open. Pushing me in he then duct taped my ankles together and spoke his first words.He told me that was just the beginning, you are going to meet some friends of mine and be used like dirty whore.It was terribly uncomfortable being nude, laying on things in the trunk as he slammed it shut laughing.The engine started and off he drove.After what seemed like an hour the car stopped and I heard voices talking. I heard a garage door being raised and the car start fethiye escort again, and then the sound of the door being closed.More voices, laughter and then nothing.I lay there in my confined space in darkness, miserable from the uncomfortableness of my situation. I felt cumm leaking out of my ass and began wondering if this was what I really wanted.Time went by and by, seemed like hours.I heard loud voices again, finally I thought, get me out of here.The trunk was opened and what sounded like a group of men began talking on what a nice piece of ass I was, and who should use me first.Hands were groping me all over, my hair being pulled, ass and face slapped, and fuck holes penetrated by fingers.I was pulled out of the trunk and my head pushed back in as I was bent over still standing, duct tape still restraining my wrists and ankles. I heard pants drop and zippers unzipped as the first Cock entered my pussy, then my ass.Cock after Cock took turns as I screamed thru my gag amidst laughter and insults.Soon the Cocks were filling both my holes with their cumm and I felt streams of it leaking out. I was cumming over and over as they called me a dirty slut feeling my orgasms.Then it stopped, and I heard beers being opened and more laughter.I was left there dripping as they drank beer and talked about me.After a while I was roughly picked up by two of them and laid on a cement floor.I was told that my hood and gag were to be removed if I were to be quiet and obey all commands.I nodded yes, the duct tape was pulled off and panties pulled out of my mouth.I was greeted by a group of 5 half dressed men, big cocks swinging, and each Cock took a turn on my aching mouth.I had little saliva from being gagged, so beer and whiskey were being poured in it. It was some sort of work shop, a work bench had been cleared off and placed in the middle and I was placed on it.The Duct tape was removed and ropes were tied around each ankle and wrist to the legs of the dirty bench.I was on my back with my head just hanging off the edge, my legs spread wide and a old seat cushion placed under my ass to raise my fuck holes up for easy access.The beer and whiskey had made me a lil drunk which gets me real nasty.As they surrounded me I told them to fuck all my holes over and over, I wanted to be full of and covered in escort fethiye their Cock juice, I’m a slut whore use me like one. Before I could say another word two Cocks were shoved in my mouth and another guy got on the bench and took turns on my other holes. I was being throat fucked mercilessly and gagging to the point of puking, as my pussy and ass were getting tag teamed.I was cumming like a dirty whore and screaming for more.Cocks were cumming in me and on me.Cumm was now dripping out of my mouth as well as my other holes.I needed a bathroom break so bad and begged for one, and was instead given more doses of beer and whiskey in my mouth.I begged some more telling them all I could be a better whore if not restrained and allowed to pee.Amid laughter I was released and taken roughly to the dirty bathroom.As I sat on the toilet peeing two guys watched and took turns fucking my mouth.Then I was pulled back near the bench , ordered to my knees on the cold concrete, and told to suck all of them off as they surrounded me.Five big Cocks were all over my face, in my mouth, in my hands, and slapping me.I was now drunk and behaving like a real Cock starved whore,moaning in pleasure as I swallowed Cocks to the balls and stroking two others.I worked those Cocks over big time until one after the other sprayed my face and open mouth with hot tasty cumm. They now were getting more friendly and we all took a break.I wiped cumm from my face to my fingers,licked them clean eying each one of them and purring on how good it was. I was offered a cigarette which I wanted so bad and given some more beer and whiskey.I was so damn horny now I would of fucked a football team.My a*****ors were having trouble getting hard again so I went to each of them and talked filthy whore talk, stroking, licking, and sucking their Cocks until hard.I told them all I needed to be airtight…all my holes filled at once.They liked that idea and a dirty old sleeping bag was laid on the concrete.I grabbed a guy by the Cock and laid him on the sleeping bag, getting on it, fucking it with my dripping pussy.Looking back at the rest I begged for a Cock in my mouth and ass.Two guys took turns on my mouth, two others took turns on my ass as I rode the one in my pussy squirting my juices all over him.I asked for them all to cumm in my ass fethiye escort bayan so I could be the total whore I wanted to be. So as they got close each one waited to fill my ass with hot cumm. One after another throbbing Cock exploded in my ass as I screamed in pleasure. I wanted more, and more but my Cocks were all spent.They all shook their heads in amazement as I continued trying to get them hard to no avail.Cumm was all over me drying, I looked the whore as I looked in the mirror when I used the bathroom. I was still having orgasms from the fucking I had taken by my conquerors.But it was real late…it was over they said, the sun was soon to rise.I was loaded in the back seat of my car, still nude, and two of them, one driving, the other in the back with me, with his Cock in my mouth took off from my place of rapture.I sucked away as I thought I was being taken home.Another tasty load filled my mouth as the car stopped.I looked up and saw I was in a dark alley somewhere I was unfamiliar with.Before I knew what was happening I was pulled out and left behind as they drove off in my car.I screamed for them to stop as the tail lights disappeared and shivering from being cold began sobbing.I found an old dirty blanket in a trash can to wrap myself in as I began to slowly walk barefooted, unsure of what to do.As I left the dark alley way to a residential street I noticed a little park with a car parked and the inside lights on.I struggled over to it and a couple of young guys got out.The smell of bud filled the air as they gazed with open mouths at me.I asked if they had a phone I could use, with one replying what a whore.The other said who are you gonna call your pimp daddy? I begged them to just let me use it and I’d be so grateful.I was told just like I charge a fee they had a fee.They said to get out to the picnic table on the lawn and service them and I could call my pimp after.I wasn’t in the mood but wasn’t in the position to argue.I went out to the table and they bent me over it, taking turns fucking my ass and pussy finally each cumming in my mouth. Then not letting me use their phone they dialed up my husband telling him his whore was at a park with directions there.I sat on the table shivering with the fresh taste of cumm in my mouth as they drove off.My husband soon showed up and rushed to me asking if I was all right.I told him I was more than fine except the guys he set me up with dumped me and took off with my car. He paused and said …the two guys I set you up with are getting you tomorrow…….The End

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