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My Mother

When I was growing up I thought about fucking my mother a lot. I do mean a lot. I must have jerked off every single night thinking about fucking her. I would look for her underwear every morning and sniff them. I was in love with my mother’s womanly odors.

When I graduated from high school and went off to college I was sure that it would never be the same again. I really missed smelling mom’s used panties and watching her body move around the house as she cleaned up.

At the very first chance I rushed home. I didn’t even tell them that I was coming home. I knew that dad would be at work and was hoping to get to stare at mom as she puttered around the house.

I just walked in as usual but apparently more quiet than usual. As I headed up the stairs I heard sounds coming from my mother’s bedroom. Her bedroom is at the end of the hall so I got to my room first. I noticed that none of the doors were closed. That was something new since I had lived here. What was I saying? I had only been at school for two and a half weeks.

As I stood just inside my room I heard my mother’s voice, “Hey! Bring me back a beer too!”

I hid behind my open door and looked through the crack as a naked man walked by.

He said, “Tim you want one too?”

Then Tim answered, “Yeah!”

So mom was in her bedroom with two men and that one was naked. My mind just whirled as I had hundreds of questions running around in my head. I waited until the man came back up from downstairs. He had four beers in his hands and was drinking one of them as he walked by my crack. I wasn’t sure but I thought that it was a man from dad’s construction company. I listened at my doorway then I silently crept down the hall toward mom’s room.

Mom said, “Well are you two still on break or what?”

The nude guy said, “Tim you take care of her! I’m still finishing my second beer.”

Tim said, “How come you got two beers Roy?”

Roy said, “Because I went to get them, that’s why!”

Mom said, “Shut up and fuck me one of you.”

Tim said, “Okay but this is my third time and I’m Escort Ankara worn out.”

Roy said, “Shit man I did her three times already and I’ll be ready for number four real soon.”

Mom said, “Just shut up and fuck me I need another cock. Don’t make call for reinforcements.”

Then mom said, “That’s better lover let me ride that boner. That’s it you just lay there while I fuck myself with your cock.”

After a short while mom said, “Roy why don’t you slip that in my ass. I always wanted to be totally full.”

Roy said, “Then you need another cock in your mouth don’t you?”

Mom said, “Yeah I wish I had another one too!”

With that I got out of my clothes and walked into my mother’s bedroom.

When I looked in they were all looking in the other direction. Mom’s head was near the far edge of the mattress so I went right over and shoved my hard cock to her lips. As she opened her mouth and sucked it in she opened her eyes. As she gasped I pushed it in further. Neither guy seemed to care that I had joined in. God, I was excited. I came quick but apparently as the other two guys did too. The three of us pulled out of her.

Mom said, “Roy, Tim this is my son. He is home from college, early.”

Tim and Roy said, “Hi kid thanks for helping us out with your mother. She is more woman than we could handle all by ourselves.”

So I asked, “How long have you guys been fucking my mother?”

Roy said, “Oh about a year now I’d say.”

Tim said, “About six months, but we started do her together after you went to school.”

Roy said, “Yeah whenever your dad sends us off to do another job somewhere.”

Tim said, “That’s about twice a week, I’d say.”

Roy said, Yeah about that. Well if you’ll take over for us we should be getting back to work.”

Mom kissed me and wrapped her arms around me as the men got dressed. Then she grabbed my cock and pulled it into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my back.

Roy and Tim said, “Goodbye sweetheart and kid don’t let her fuck you to death.” Then they laughed and left.

Mom said, Ankara Escort “Welcome home honey!” Then she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I could taste just a slight flavor of cum in her mouth. My cum!

I started fucking my mother’s pussy for the very first time but I knew that it wouldn’t be the last time either. My mother was a terrific fuck. I was not very experienced but I knew that much.

As I shot the seventh load in mom’s pussy she shouted, “Oh God! Fuck me harder you mother fucker!”

That is when reality set in. I was now a “Mother Fucker” and I loved it. I had spent my whole life wanting this and now I had it.

Mom said, “Thanks I needed that! Well what brings you home?”

I told her, “I missed you and needed to come home for a visit.”

Mom said, “Well I’m glad you did! I’m even glad that you caught me fucking Tim and Roy. Now you can blackmail me into being your sex slave.”

I asked, “What?”

Mom said, “Well I know that you used to smell my panties every morning and I loved it. After you went to school I would Jill off in your underpants too.”

I asked, “You knew?”

Mom said, “Of course honey that’s why I always put them on top of the hamper in the bathroom for you to find.”

I said, “Wow!”

Mom said, “So now you have to blackmail me into doing anything that you want to me.”

I said, “How?”

Mom said, “Get you father’s video camera and come back. I’ll give you all the evidence you need to blackmail me with.”

I got the camera and put a fresh DVD in it. Then I turned it on as mom said to do.

Mom said, “Hi I’m Susan B. Jones, my husband owns Jones Construction, I am thirty-nine years old, and have just fucked two of my husband’s employees. Tim fucked my cunt three times. Roy fucked my cunt three times and my ass once. My son fucked my throat and my cunt once each…so far. One time near the end Tim was in my cunt, Roy was in my ass, and my son’s cock was in my mouth and I loved it. Now I’ll have to be his little fuck toy and I’ll have to do everything that he tells me to do.”

Then Ankara Escort Bayan mom said, “Zoom in honey and catch this. Yes that’s it. This is Roy’s cum in my ass and this is all of their cum in my cunt. Come here honey so mommy can suck your cock for the camera. Okay now slip your cock up mommy’s cunt for the camera. Okay now here slip it in my asshole. I’ll hold my knees up and open my pussy with my fingers so that there is no question that your cock is really in my asshole. Here let me take the camera and film you fucking mommy’s ass so that there won’t be any questions that it was you.”

As I filled mom’s asshole she said, “Oh God that feels so good. That makes all three of my sex holes that you have cum in, in an hour. I love a young man’s cock. Do you have any friends at school that you want me to fuck? Oh God I hope so. After all I now belong to you. I’m your sex slave to use in any way you can imagine!”

She turned off the camera and said, “There that should do it!”

I was simple astonished.

In the next two days mom made sure that I filmed her in the bathtub, in the shower, and on the toilet peeing. I filmed her shaving her pussy too. Then she asked Roy and Tim if I could film them fucking her too. They loved the idea and even double penetrated her again for me. Mom even called our neighbor Kathy over and explained to her that I had caught her with two men and had incriminating video. Then she explained that I wanted to film the two of them going at it. Kathy reluctantly agreed to do as mom said.

Afterwards mom told Kathy that she was now my sex slave too. Kathy’s mouth dropped open. I smiled and slipped my cock into Kathy’s very wet pussy while mom filmed us. Kathy didn’t seem all that upset with the outcome.

I returned to school. Mom and Kathy are coming up for an overnight visit. They will have a big hotel room and suggested that I charge about fifty horny college boy’s to fuck them. She knew that I could use the money to get my own apartment. She suggested that I just charge them forty dollars each because they are just kids. However if I had a professor or two and wanted a good grade that I shouldn’t charge them. Hell even if I had a woman professor I could offer her both women too.

I can hardly wait for mom and Kathy to arrive.

The End

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