My Mother Is My Bitch

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My Mother Is My BitchThis Story Was Originally By: Jessica18 And Was Posted: 6th November 2007. I Asked Her Permission To Rewrite And Try And Add To It, Because I Think It’s A Great Story And Has Lots Of Potential. So I’d Like To Thank Jessica18, For The Use Of Her Story.It was a fine morning, the sun was out and the birds were singing. Alex woke up and went to have a shower and get ready for school. After having a shower he got ready and went downstairs to have his breakfast. Alex’s mom Nikita had already got breakfast and was waiting downstairs for him. Alex came down and wished his mom a good morning and she kissed him on the cheek. Alex finished his breakfast and went off to school.Nikita is a very beautiful woman; she has been a single parent for the last 15 years, ever since her husband John left the family home, after his affair with another woman. This happened when Alex was just a 1 year old. Nikita worked as a erotic dancer to make ends meet, she had been working as a dancer ever since Alex’s dad had left. But Nikita’s love life had suffered because of this, with working late and unsociable hours as well as looking after Alex. She hasn’t had a physical relationship since John left. Every time she sees Alex who turned 16 recently, her whole body starts to get excited. She keeps telling her self that she should just control her urges, but she just can’t control them anymore. She Alex found her attractive; she had watched him many times jerking his cock whilst looking through her underwear draw, whilst he thought she was sleeping. So Nikita güngören escort decided that today was the day she was going to use her 38 years of experience to teach Alex how to sleep with a woman.The next morning was Saturday, the first say of the weekend. Nikita decided that it was a nice enough day to go out into the garden and make the most of the sun. They lived in a spacious housing estate, with none of the houses over looking one another. Nikita decided to sunbath, so she got changed into a black bikini. The top hugged her firm 34Cs and made her cleavage look even bigger than normal and her panties made her bum look even better than normal. Alex came out to use the pool at the end of the garden.After his long swim Alex got out of the pool and started to dry off. He couldn’t help but notice how hot his mom looked in her bikini, just the site of her made his cock twinge. The bikini was even tighter than what Alex thought it had been earlier, emphasizing the size of her tits. Nikita noticed that Alex was looking at her boobs and decided to let him now she knew that he was looking. She called over to Alex and said “Like what you see?”. Alex was surprised to hear her say that that, so much so that he didn’t know how to respond, so he just stood there and starred.Nikita told her son Alex that she had noticed the way he looked at her and realised she thought the same about him and felt it was stupid not to act on these feelings besides he would know?” she told him. Alex didn’t know what to say, but noticed that a bulge had appeared in his escort güngören shorts and was confident that was all he needed to do to let his mom know how he felt.Forgetting that they were mother and son, they started to caress each others bodies. Nikita slowly opened Alex’s shorts and then held his cock gently in her hand. Alex moaned gently expressing his pleasure at his moms touch. Nikita stroked his cock more vigorously until it was hard. She dropped down onto her knees and took Alex’s Cock into her mouth and began to suck it viciously. Alex cried, “Uhhh it feels great, mom don’t stop, take it all in your mouth”. Nikita began to suck his cock in a way so that he was almost fucking her mouth. At that time Alex unclipped Nikita’s bikini top and began to press her boobs against each other and rubbing them franticly. After a while Nikita stopped sucking and asked Alex to lick her Pussy. Alex wasted no time in trying to please her, sexually and began to lick his mom’s pussy. It was all Nikita could do not to scream the house down. She was surprised at Alex’s skill with his tongue and wondered if he had been with a girl before. After Nikita was satisfied with the tonguing Alex had given her she left him suck on her breasts. Nikita remembered when Alex was a c***d and that she use to breasts feed him milk and now he was sucking her tits to give them both sexually pleasure. She couldn’t help but laugh at how times had changed.After sucking and licking his mom’s juicy boobs, Alex inserted his cock into his mom’s pussy and began to fuck her, güngören escort bayan using the full force of his powerful hips. Nikita cried, “Fuck me, fuck me really hard. Make mommy pregnant”. Alex fucked her harder, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them together, this only making Nikita more of a sex crazed a****l. She screamed out louder than what Alex thought was possible. Alex was so involved in the moment that he almost didn’t notice his cum pouring into his mom’s pussy. Just the site alone made him feel amazing. After a good fuck Alex took his cock out of Nikita’s wet and cum filled pussy. Nikita asked, “Cum in mom’s mouth honey”. Alex was a bit surprised that his mom thought he’d be able to cum straight away, especially after such a big load. But even more to his surprise he cock soon went rigid again and was pumping cum into Nikita’s waiting mouth. Nikita swallowed all the cum Alex had to offer and then finished up by sucking his cock dry.Two days later Nikita went into Alex’s room and suggested that they start sharing the same room instead of Alex having to go back to his own room. Alex of course said yes and by the end of the day he had moved all of his stuff into his mom’s room.That night, their first night of sharing the same room and after more sex. They lay there sweating and panting, Nikita rolled over and lay her head on Alex’s chest and decided it was time to discuss the future. They both agreed that they should make there relationship more solid and also make it so it wasn’t just about sex. They started going on trips together and acting like partners outside of the house as well as in the bedroom.9 months latter they had their first c***d together, Vanessa. Soon after that they moved away from their home town and moved to the city and began their new life with each.

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