My Mom Pregnant Again By Me!.

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My Mom Pregnant Again By Me!.This story is about me & my mother. My name is Rajesh, 27 years old living in Mumbai with my wife Sangeeta who is also my mother. Yes, I am married to my mother. The story starts when I finished my college and got a job in Mumbai. We belong to a small town in west Bengal in India. My father died of an illness when I had just finished school and my mother has been working as a school teacher. I moved out to complete my education and when I got a job in Mumbai I got my mother to the city to stay with me. She was more than happy with this arrangement as there was nobody except me who she can call family. We had a two bedroom flat and we occupied one room each. My mother Sangeeta then was 44 years old and I was 24. She is on a shorter side 5’2″ with right amount of meat at her curves. She prefers wearing Silk sarees which makes her body look really sensuous. Her long black hair goes up to her waist and she prefers them open. She is exactly what an Indian male would want in bed. The relationship between me and sangeeta was like a normal mother and son. Both of us never had thought about what is eventually going to happen. Although I had started realising that it had been really a lot of years that someone had used her body for love and she would be having her desires within. I had heard my mother moaning on the bed at nights through the door. I realised that she used to masturbate for sexual pleasure. I had started getting attracted to my mother sexually and sometimes even masturbated thinking about her. But never had I tried to get near to her or to indicate my sexual desireness. In my mind I knew by now, that given a chance I would love to jump in the bed with her and take her to the peaks of sexual pleasure. Sometimes this used to be frustrating. Imagine you have a curvaceous beauty in your home and you can’t even touch her. My mother’s younger sister, Madhu lived in Delhi. She was ten years younger to my mother and had a loving husband and a young son. Madhu’s husband died and after an year her husband’s family was pressurising her to marry her husband’s younger brother. Madhu was undecided, actually against the idea. She came to our house to find some space from her in laws. One night I was wahtching TV and and madhu & Sangeeta were talking in the room. I happened to pass by the door and my mother called me in to join the conversation. Madhu: you wont understand. He is more like a son to me rather than my brother in law. Sangeeta: So what madhu. He is ready to marry you. You are young! He will love you. And your son will get a father. Madhu: But I have never looked at him that way. It is very difficult to change my feelings now. Sangeeta: you have a long life ahead of you. Every woman needs a man. Think of the years that lie ahead of you. He is a good man. You should not hesitate on this. Madhu: You have managed without a man. So can I! Sangeeta: I did not have a choice. You are being foolish in this decision. Madhu: And what do I do with my feelings. I have looked at him like a mother. Sangeeta: Oh don’t give me this bull shit. It is not that difficult! Madhu got really angry in this conversation… she retorted angrily by saying that it feels like marrying my own son. Sangeeta was also angry by now and she said, if that seems the right thing to do then why not! Madhu retorted by saying you are preaching something that you cannot do yourself. Both were very angry by now and in this rage Madhu challenged Sangeeta that If this seems so right, why don’t you marry your own son. If you do that, I will marry my brother in law. Sangeeta was already angry and she said in rage, “fine I will marry rajesh. But keep your end of promise!” Madhu went to the dressing table in the room and brought “sindoor” from there saying, do it now and I will believe you!. I realised things were getting out of hand. Before I could react, my mother who was still in rage said, “Rajesh, put this sindoor in my hair.” I was not sure what was happening. I tried to reason out by saying something which made my mother more angry. She just ordered me again to do it and i just did it. I picked up the sindoor and put it in my mother’s hair. Sangeeta now turned to madhu & said, “there you have it. Now take tomorrow morning’s flight to delhi and arrange your marriage.” We went silent for some time. I went to my room and slept. Madhu left next morning. I went to drop her to the airport and we didn’t talk much. I went to office from the airport and came back home at night. It was awkward to enter the home. Me and mom were alone now. To my surprise she was still wearing the sindoor. I opened the conversation by: Mom, lets talk about what happened yesterday. I understand that you were in a fit of rage and nothing needs to change between us. You don’t need to feel upset or awkward about it. Lets go back to the way we were.Mom: Rajesh, I am not upset about it. Neithr am I feeling awkward. Me: Fine, it settled then. Please wipe off this sindoor from your hair. Mom: Rajesh, this is not a colour which can be wiped off like that. We are married by hindu customs now. I am not upset about it but I believe you are. If that is the case I will not ask you to treat me like your wife. But you are my husband in my mind from now on. Me: It’s not that mom. I am just thinking from society’s point of view. Mom: Rajesh: do you like me as a women. I have seen you staring at me at times. Tell me I am wrong! Me: I really like you mom. I have been really attracted to you, but… Mom: then how does it matter. No one know us here. And from now on call me sangeeta. She went in the kitchen to arrange dinner. We both sat in silence and had our dinner. She asked me if I would like to watch TV, which I refused and said I would like to go to bed. I started going towards my room when she called out and said’ “Rajesh from today we live in the same room. Its our first night. Let me get ready. You freshen up in the other room and I will call you when I am ready.” I went in my room to freshen up. My heart was pounding with excitement. I was going to fuck my mother tonight. Not just a simple fuck. We are going to have a wedding night of passion. I changed my clothes and in some time I heard a knock. I opened and sangeeta was standing there. She was wearing a black transparent negligee with her hair open. She was wearing slight makeup which made her look even younger. She held my hand and took me to her room. There was dim light in the room which made the ambience even sexier. We were standing in front of each her and watching each other intently. Her boobs were glowing in that light. They were round and erect. Her negligee was showing half of the big boobs. I could feel that my penis was bulging with excitement. She hugged me tightly and we stood like that for few minutes. Then she whispered in my ear. Don’t you want to take your wife. This was enough for me. I picked he up in my arms and brought here really close to me. Before I realised we were kissing like mad dogs. Both of our lips were locked and tongues were playing. I took her to bed and spread her out. It took me few seconds to take off my clothes and undo her nightie. I went on top of her and started feeling her body. My hands were all over her. I could feel excitement in her breath. Her eyes were closed and she was completely enjoying the moment. While here hands were caressing my body, she took them down and held my penis. An instant scream of pleasure came out of her mouth. Mom: Rajesh. Yours is really big. I don’t think I will be able to take it inside me. Me: Don’t worry honey, this thing will now go inside you every night! You will get such pleasures that you have never imagined. I touched her vagina and she was really wet. Mom: Rajesh it has been really long since I had a man inside me. Please put out lund inside me and fuck me. I can’t wait any longer. You can have the pleasure of touching and sucking me for whole night, but for now please let me have it. I looked teasingly at sangeeta for a few seconds. My penis was already at the gate of heaven. I gave one hard push and all of it entered in one stroke all the way. She screamed hard… Ahhhhhh. I love it. Yes my son. Fuck it. I started moving my ass in motions and every time my penis went inside her screams got louder. Oh, it wonderful. Its better than I imagined. God bless Madhu for letting me have this. I am your women from now on. Take me hard. Fuck me the way you please. Harder, harder, yesss, yesss… She continued screaming. I was also in heaven. The warmth of her pussy was enveloping me completely. I wanted this to continue for ever. My rhythms got faster and faster. I realised I was about to climax. I thought I would pull out but it was too late. With sudden burst of volcano I came inside my mother’s vagina. It felt like my whole life was waste till now. This was ecstasy. We both were exhausted. We lied there in silence in each other’s juices for long. I and my mother Sangeeta had just made love. We married yesterday under pressure and we had just consummated our marriage. We were lying on the bed, silently hugging each other. She had her back towards me and my hands were around her. Her long hair was dishevelled, telling the story of how she was used by me. We didn’t speak a word and kept on enjoying these moments of bliss. The dim light of the side table lamp made the ambience even sexier. It may have been a couple of hours like that. Sangeeta turned in bed towards me and now was facing me. We were both watching each other now. She leaned further and kissed me. It was a passionate kiss which must have lasted a few minutes. She asked coyly “My son was your new wife good enough for you in bed?” “Mom, I don’t have words to describe how much I loved it. To be honest, I have wanted to make love to you for really long. I don’t think I have ever seen any other women sexier than you.” “Now someone is trying to flatter his just married wife. I can’t be that sexy at my age!” she said rather flirtingly. “Mom, I mean it. I wanted to be your husband and have you in my bed, night after night. You really are the one I have been craving for. I like everything about you” I replied. Sangeeta looked in my eyes and said “so why don’t you describe what do you like about me and what do you want to do with me!” I started after a pause, “Mom, everything about you is amazing. Your lips… they are so sensuous. Your hair… they are a real turn on. I have often watched your long hair touching your hips and swaying either side when your walk.” Sangeeta asked “And…?” “And your boobs… the way they are still round and firm. I have always wanted to suck them. Your cunt was so warm! It felt like I have entered Garden of Eden!” I started fondling her boobs at this point. She closed her eyes. I could make out that she was deeply enjoying it. I started sucking her nipples. My one hand started playing with her cunt. She was wet again and that immediately got my dick hard. Sangeeta was now moving her hands, searching for my penis. We both were now playing with each other. Suddenly she moved away and pushed me to lie down, with my back on the bed. She went down on me and took my penis in her mouth. Next she was stroking it with her tongue and hand together. This was my first blow job experience and I was flying in my mind. This would have continued for about 7-8 minutes when I pushed her back. I was completely aroused by now and needed a hard fuck. I got hold of her hips and made her ready for a doggy style. She was surprised at this. “Shall we do it the normal way lying in bed” she asked. ” Sangeeta darling, I need to hump you hard. Doggy is the best position for that.” “Yeah, but it will hurt more. Plus yours is so big. It may really bang me up. Can be painful.” “Fun lies in pain honey” I said seductively. With that I wasted no more time and held her bums tight. I placed my erect penis on her vagina and gave one hard thrust. Sangeeta was already very wet and the hard shaft went deep inside her. “Oooh, this will kill me. FUUUCCK” she screamed. I was not listening to her and started with my humping. All I cared now was a good long release. “Go slow honey. Not so fast. Oh it hurts. Oh my god. You are so big. Your father was much smaller than this. Go slow pleeease.” I thundered back, “you are my sex slave now. I will do it the way it pleases me. Take it you slut. Enjoy it.” Sangeeta pleaded, “Oh, this will tear my cunt. Oh! Please go slow. Wow, you are a real man. No one has ever been able to fuck me so hard. You are like a horse.” I continued humping her and my strokes kept on going faster and faster. By now, she was also in full heat and was enjoying it totally. “Yes, keep going honey, Don’t Stop, Don’t stop please. Yes, Yesss. Treat me like your slut. Give to me. More, more… Harder!” I held her hair at the back of her head and was pulling it by one hand. My other hand was on her hips. My dick was busy ravaging her cunt. I was on the verge of cuming second time in the night. I came with a hot load of cum in her vagina. We both let out a scream when this happened. We were both spent completely and exhausted, lying in each other’s arms, all sweaty. Sangeeta whispered, “I am blessed to have a man like you. You are really gifted. I can’t believe what pleasures you just took me to. I would love to have your manhood inside me every night. Fuck me whenever you want to. I am your wife! You may use your wife for your pleasure and to your full satisfaction. ” We made love one more time that night before we finally slept off. That week, every night was a night of passion. We used to make love till morning. I was thinking of planning a honeymoon and asked Sangeeta’s opinion about it. She loved the idea. She had not been on a honeymoon in her previous marriage and was really excited on hearing this. I booked a beach resort in Goa and took a week off from my office. Sangeeta was all excited about this trip. She was packing her saris for the trip, when I reminded her that we are going to Goa & that too for honeymoon. There was no need for saris. Only some bikinis with some tops and shorts would do. She was embarrassed on her hearing this and her face turned red. I realised that she doesn’t have any such clothes in her wardrobe. We went out shopping and bought some sexy clothes for both of us. Instead of booking a flight, I got train tickets for us. I had booked a first class coupe (which has only two seats). Sangeeta insisted on wearing a saree to the station. She said that she had never worn western clothes in public before. I was adamant that she wears a jeans and a sexy top. However, we agreed that she will wear western clothes once we reach Goa. We boarded the train from Mumbai in the night. The ticket examiner came after half an hour and went after checking our tickets. I knew that we were not going to be disturbed till morning now. I locked the door from inside and turned the light to night mode. I came close to Sangeeta and started kissing her. She was startled and said, we should not do this in train as it was a public place. I told her that the only reason I didn’t go by flight was to experience this kinky sex in a train coupe. I sat down on the berth and pulled her into my lap. I held her saree and removed it from the upper half of her body. I was now playing with her boobs, over her blouse. She was whispering in my ear, resisting all this and pleading that we should wait till we reach our hotel in Goa. I was not to be reasoned and continued opening her blouse. I kept on kissing her bare back and threw open her blouse. My hands were on her naked boobs and were kneading them hard. We could hear people walking outside the coupe and that was increasing my kinkiness. I made her stand, and started flirting with her petticoat (skirt like garment worn by women under the sari). Despite her resistance I pulled down the petticoat. She stood there in that night light in just her panties. Her hands were folded on her chest trying to cover her bare boobs. I was taking off my clothes now. Looking at her at that moment, it felt like I was about to **** a very beautiful women. I felt that somewhere inside, she also wanted this to happen, but was not sure about it. I held her close and pulled her panty down. Next I pulled her towards me and she was now sitting in my lap. My hard erect penis was in the crack of her butt. I took my hand to the back of her head and pulled open her hair, which was till now tied up in a bun. Here was a beautiful goddess in my lap, fully nude, her back to my chest, hair open, my penis in her butt crack, my one hand on her boobs and the other on her vagina. I started rubbing her vagina slowly and she immediately started enjoying it. To provide herself more pleasure she started swaying her hips to the rhythm of my finger. This swaying made my penis even harder. It felt like she was giving me a lap dance. She brought her head back to my right shoulder and gave me a deep kiss. Her hands started exploring my body. We would have been playing like this for 15-20 minutes now. She shifted her weight to her feet and stood up slightly. Suddenly my penis was free and standing like a tall tower. She held it with her hand and sat back on it, slowly. With slight effort it slid into her wet vagina. For a few moments she sat still, enjoying my dick in her wet pussy. Now she started moving on my dick in slight circular motion. I stayed in that position enjoying every moment of it. Her motion got faster. I wanted more by now. I held her at the waist and gestured her to start jumping on me. She understood and started doing the same in quick motions. I held her tight at the waist, and was now helping her with the motions. I closed my eyes and was feeling the warmth of her vagina. With every motion the heat was rising. The feeling of ecstasy was all over me. I had truly made my mother, my slut. Here she was sitting in my lap, jumping on my hard dick, giving a soft moan on every hump. The motions had become faster by now. Her boobs were jumping up and down freely as she kept on it. We started moving very fast in the rhythm and soon my load was down in her cunt. We both moaned in passion. She got up and sat by my side and we both kissed. We lied down in the same bed. I whispered “this was better than my imaginations.” She replied “I don’t know what to say honey. I don’t think many women experience what I just have. I came thrice during this session. Let’s make our return journey also by train!” We reached Goa next day morning. Our hotel was a five star beach resort. It was on the outskirts of Goa with a secluded beach adjacent to it. Most of the people around were Russians and Europeans, with very few Indians. This made me actually feel relieved, because I knew that mom would be always conscious with too many Indians around. Our room was a luxury suite which overlooked the sea. The whole setting was extremely romantic. We freshened up and I insisted that Sangeeta wears her shorts and top. With some hesitation she agreed. She was really looking sexy in that outfit. I now truly realised how beautiful her body was. Her figure was maintained over the years and her ass was really sexy. We spent some time cuddling and kissing in the balcony, enjoying the view. We decided to spend the rest of the day sightseeing.We came back late in the evening and went for dinner to one of the restaurants in the hotel. After dinner we went to the sea side bar for some post dinner drinks. I could see only couples there. They were all carelessly enjoying each other. We took a table in the corner. After one round of drinks, I saw mom’s inhibitions lowering down. She was now sitting very close to me and her one hand was on my crotch. I was hugging her sideways with my hand toying with her chest. We were both physically flirting with each other. We were about to finish our second drink when Sangeeta said “Honey, I am heading to the room. You come after 10 minutes. I will keep a surprise for you.” I left the bar after 10 minutes for the room. On entering the room I found that only the side lights were on, making it very sexy. Sangeeta was on the bed in a sizzling red nightie. She was looking very hot and was pointing her finger in a sexy way to call me towards her. I was standing there transfixed looking at her. She was wearing a very hot negligee, which had net material on the chest. I could see her hot breasts and the nipples through them. Her nightie came down just upto her thighs and her fair legs were accentuating the look. I went on the bed close to her and kissed her. I was hot by now and tried to push her down under me. She pushed me back and whispered “Darling, let me do this my way. Why don’t you lie back and enjoy!” She started to open the buttons of my shirt. She was playing with my chest hair with one hand. We were kissing passionately while she was undoing my clothes. Quickly I was down to my boxers. I was so hot then that I had a tent like situation in my briefs. She looked at it and smiled at me. “Someone seems to be in need of cunt! What if I refuse tonight?” She said in a teasing tone. “You can’t do this to me darling. Look at me down there. My balls will burst in some time, if I don’t get a release” I pleaded. “Don’t worry son. You are in good hands.” She slid her hand into my undies and started playing with my massive hard dick. She was lying next to me with half her body over me. Our tongues were busy exploring each other’s mouths. I slid the straps of her nightie off her shoulders and my hands got busy with her big round boobs. Little later she moved up and put one of her nipples in my mouth. All this while I was not being allowed to move from my position. She kept giving me both her nipples by turn and I was happy sucking them.She broke away from that position and took some moisturiser from the side table. She started using both her hands to apply that moisturiser on my dick. My already erect dick was getting even bigger. She started stroking it madly and even started using her mouth. I was lying down with my eyes closed and enjoying the act. She went on her knees now and took off her skimpy garment. We both were now in our birthday suits. She came on top of me and sat on my tummy with her back towards me. She went down and put her boobs around my dick. Soon, she was going up and down with her boobs holding my member between them. He ass was really close to my mouth and I started licking her cunt. I could sense from her moans that she was enjoying this position. We kept on giving pleasure to each other for quite some time. I realised that I would cum and I stopped her. I wanted to last longer and enjoy this moment. I pulled her towards me and we were now lying together in spooning position. I was kissing her neck, ears and back. I whispered “Mom, you were having it your way. Now it’s my turn to do it the way I want.” Sangeeta (smiling mischievously) “would you tell me what’s on your mind? “Mom, I want a new hole tonight”. With this I brought my hand on her ass and tried pushing my finger in her ass hole. She pushed çorum escort my hand back and gave me a stern look. “Honey, I won’t allow this. It hurts a lot and additionally it’s unnatural.” I replied “Darling, lot of couples do it. There is nothing to be scared of. Also, I will use lubricant which will reduce the pain.” “But son, I have never had it there before. Even your father never demanded it. I am really scared. My remaining two holes are open for you. Can I request you to leave this one? I tried to persuade her “Don’t be scared honey. I promise that you will enjoy it. Ass fuck will make you a real woman. Haven’t you seen so many women gaining fat on their asses after marriage. It is because of the husbands using those butt holes the right way. I am really surprised that you have never done it before.” She replied firmly “son, I am sorry but I can’t allow you this.” “Sangeeta, I am your husband now and I have a right to your body. If you will not agree I will do it forcefully. Please don’t let me do it that way.” She was silent but still hesitant. To make her comfortable, I told her “mom, don’t worry, let me start with it. If you feel that the pain is too much to bear, I will stop. Sangeeta said “Honey, if this makes you happy, I will allow you on this. But remember your promise that you just made.” I hugged her tightly and started kissing her. She took more moisturiser and started lubricating my dick. I also took some moisturiser and started applying it on her butt hole. After a while I made her lay on the bed with face down. I was on my knees with my dick on her ass. I spread the ass cheeks and got my dick on the coveted hole. Slowly, I slid my organ insider her ass. Although I had really lubricated it inside, I could still sense the tightness. It was much tighter than the vagina and I could feel the pressure on my dick. Mom gave a loud moan as I entered her. Sangeeta screamed “Slowly… Gently… Please slowly.” I could sense that she is feeling the pain. I had got my dick half inside that she screamed not to go further inside. I slowly pulled out slightly and pushed back. She gave a loud scream “Rajesh, it’s hurting. Don’t think will be able to take it.” I asked he to be patient for two minutes and pain will come down. I started moving in and out, though very slowly. The pressure inside was really awesome and I was thoroughly enjoying it. I would have given 8 – 10 pushes when she started resisting. “Rajesh, please stop. I am hurting.” “Honey, nothing can stop me now. I have come too far on this road. Take it for few minutes and I will cum” I said. “Rajesh I will die by then. Have mercy. Please don’t go back on your promise.” I was in no mood to listen and continued humping her ass. After a couple of minutes her protests went down and she started giving soft moans. I realised that her pain has subsided and she is enjoying it now. I was now lying on top of her back, and was fucking faster. Her one hand was on her cunt and she was fingering herself while I was pounding her ass. She was lying with her back up and I was on top of her with my both hands below her breasts cupping them. She was now giving me approving noises “Yes, go on… fuck me… you fucking bastard… you have fucked your own mother in all three holes. Don’t stop… keep going. Fuck your slut. Harder baby. Show me all you have.” I was now at full speed and loving the dirty talk. “You bitch, I will fill your holes with my cum. You whore, take my dick. Your holes are made for my dick.” I was now near climax and my speed had really gone up. Finally, I came with a big load inside her. I pulled out and lay next to her. I could see my semen seeping out of her butt cheeks. She looked exhausted and completely taken. She was lying there just looking at me, smiling, and not saying a word. Little later we were taking in the bed. Sangeeta said “I never thought that I would ever allow this to happen to me. What is more surprising is that I actually enjoyed it.” “So would you be game to do it again in future?” Sangeeta replied “yes, but only occasionally. Do you realise that it’s still hurting!” We kept hugging each other, talking and eventually sleeping off. Goa turned out to be really exciting for us. We used to hang around the beach, flirting with each other. It was amazing that we could leave all inhibitions behind and be like a couple out in the open. We used to openly kiss and cuddle each other. We were like two dogs in heat. We made love every night for that week. Ofcourse on some days there was wake up sex, and post lunch fuck session as well. We were really experimental and tried a lot of positions. Our favourite was lovemaking in shower, where she would bend towards the wall and I would enter her from behind. Goa really got us closer and any remains of mother son relationship had vanished. We were now a truly married couple and were mad about sex. After that amazing week in Goa we came back to Mumbai. Sangeeta missed her periods and we knew that we knew that our love c***d is on its way. We both loved this news and continued our passionate love making. Sometimes I get surprised by Sangeeta’s appetite for sex and wonder how she managed all these years. I really thank my stars that I have such a sexy wife. We still live in Mumbai. We are like any other couple who fight at times. But our nights take care, that our love never fades. I was overjoyed with the news of Sangeeta’s pregnancy. My happiness could not be contained. Sangeeta was initially worried about my reaction. “I hope you are not upset. Is this too early for you?” she asked hesitatingly. “Mom, you have got it wrong. I can’t explain my happiness. I have been waiting for this. This is our c***d. Proof of our pure love! Our love is incomplete without this c***d.” “Oh Rajesh, I am so relieved to hear this” Sangeeta replied. Our sexual activity increased after the pregnancy. I was turned on by the thought that I knocked up my own mother. It seemed that my hunger for sex had increased. I had found a new kind of vigour. I would come early from office, and head straight to bedroom for a long sex session with Sangeeta. I started waking up early for another round of passionate sex in the morning. Even when we would be sitting idle, I would play with her breasts or kiss her. Sangeeta has more than happy to oblige. She was also enjoying all of this heightened sexual energy from me. Three months into the pregnancy, our doctor advised us to refrain from sex, till the delivery. Sangeeta was on the higher side of age, and the doctor feared that sex may add complication. This brought an abrupt pause to our lustful life, which had been going on in full fury since that fateful day of our accidental marriage. I was fine with this arrangement initially. I was getting regular sex only since last few months. If I could manage without sex before that, then I would very well manage now. However, my assumptions were wrong. Once a man starts getting sex, it becomes extremely difficult for him to remain without it. Two months had gone without any action. I started feeling very frustrated. All I could think was when I would get a nice fuck. I even harboured the idea of visiting a paid sex worker. But I was in love with Sangeeta and did not want anyone else. Things were moving along, when one day Sangeeta told me that her sister Madhu was visiting us the next day. She wanted me to pick her up from the airport. Post her return to Delhi, after her last Mumbai visit, Madhu had married her brother in law. It was a closed small ceremony and only the family members were present. This was Madhu’s first visit after her remarriage.Next day, I was at airport to receive my aunt. I waited for some time till I saw Madhu emerging from the arrival gate. We waved at each other. I could not help checking out Madhu’s figure, as she was walking towards me. She was taller than Sangeeta. Her skin had a glow. Her curves were round and sexy. She was wearing a colourful saree. Her hair was open and she had given a nice style to it. I suddenly felt a sense of guilt about what I was doing. Madhu was my aunt and I was looking at her sexually. Maybe this is because of the lack of sex, I thought. My thoughts were broken by a tight hug from Madhu. “How are you Aunty?” I asked. “I am doing fine. How are you my dear nephew? Or should I call you Jijaji? (Hindi term for addressing brother in law)” she asked playfully. “Aunty, you know the circumstances of that marriage. I guess our relationship will continue to be of aunt and nephew” I replied. “But you are my brother in law now. I guess I will switch between the relationships depending on my mood” she continued in her playful way. Soon we were in the car, with Madhu sitting next to me in the front seat. I continued to check her out through side glances. Madhu was wearing a blue coloured blouse under her saree. Her breasts were large, and were peeking out from either side of the saree. I could not help myself admiring the size and shape of those breasts. They were at least two sizes bigger than my mother. As Madhu was ten years younger than Sangeeta, her breasts seemed more firm and tight. We reached home where Sangeeta was waiting for us. We all sat down in the living room, and after a little casual talk both ladies went to the room to rest. I was now curious to hear the chat between them. I knew that Madhu would want to talk about Sangeeta’s new married life. I was excited to hear what she had to say. I also wanted to know about Madhu’s new marriage. However, since I had no way to hear it, I sat on my computer to check mail. While I was on my computer, I got an idea. There was a laptop in the room. Both these computers were connected on a network, and if I could switch on the webcam of the bedroom computer, I could see them in the next room. I went in their room on pretext of checking something on the laptop. They were both lying on the bed. I fiddled with the laptop for two minutes and left after switching the webcam on. I hurried to the next room and a moment later, I was watching them live on my other computer. They both were talking softly. “So how is my new Jijaji treating you? Well he seems to be doing a good job! In just three months he has proved his manhood” Madhu said smilingly. “Madhu, you have always been naughty. Stop such talk. I am feeling shy” replied mom. Madhu continued “Sister, I have to know all the details. Come on, you have to tell me. I will not let you sleep till you let out the stories. My sister married to her son! It’s such a turn on. Ok tell me, how many times in week you guys do it?” “Stop it. I am not replying to any of these questions” mom replied shyly. “Sis there is no one here. Don’t be so prude. Tell me please. So what’s the count?” “I never counted but it must be 6-8 times a week. However after pregnancy, something happened to him. It went up to 12-14 times” Sangeeta opened up. “Oh my God! That is unbelievable. He is a real man. Are you able to take that much sex?” “Actually I love it. I missed it all these years. And now, when I am getting it, I can’t have enough. I am lucky that Rajesh has such an appetite for sex. I guess we both complement each other.” Sangeeta was really opening up now. “And how is he in bed? Is he rough or gentle?” Madhu asked excitedly. As I was watching them on webcam, I noticed that Madhu was playing with her breasts now. All this talk was really turning her on. “He is a usually a gentle lover, but can get really rough at times. I guess it depends on his mood. He is very good at foreplay. And he can last long” Sangeeta continued. “Was it weird initially? Going to bed with your son! How did he approach it? Or did he just fuck you without any talk? I left you guys in such an awkward position!” said Madhu. “Actually I was the one who approached it. I thought about it the whole day. The marriage had happened last night. Things had changed between us. I had a choice to live awkwardly like a mother with him, or live happily like a wife. I chose to be the wife and get my happiness back. I am so glad I took that decision. That night after he came from office, I broached the subject. I called him in my room. He was still hesitant but I broke the ice. By the way, he is a very good kisser. I still remember that first kiss.” Sangeeta said passionately. “So do you guys experiment in bed? Do you try different positions? What do you like most about him?” Madhu was really getting into details. “I really love when we do it sitting. He sits on a chair and makes me sit on his organ. I really go crazy. Also he makes me feel like a real woman when he goes anal.” “Wow, you let him do that. I am still anal virgin.” Madhu giggled. “Sister, you are really lucky to have him as your man. I am really happy for you.” “Enough about me” said Sangeeta. “Now I want to hear all your stories. So where shall we start?” Madhu gave a long pause before replying. “Actually there is not much to tell. My new husband is not very virile. Initially we used to have sex, but he could last only few seconds. I felt so frustrated. Then he stopped showing any interest. I tried other things like blow job or hand job to make him excited, but that didn’t help. Practically we don’t have sex now. Apparently, his parents knew about this situation and that is why they wanted me to marry him. This way they don’t have to face society pressures. They hid this fact from me.” I was surprised to hear this. This came as a shock. I was now watching this conversation more intently. They both were silent for a few moments. Sangeeta started the conversation again. “I am so sorry to hear this Madhu. How are you coping with this?” “Sis, I was very sad initially. But I have reconciled myself to this situation. I look at the positive side now. My sex life was anyway over after the demise of my first husband. At least I am getting a social security of married life now. My young son has a father figure. In our society, it is important for a woman to have a man. So I am now fine with the situation” replied Madhu. They both slowly went to sleep. I was thinking about Madhu and felt sad for her. Soon my thoughts went on the comments made by mom about our sex life. I was suddenly feeling very horny and wanted to fuck her. However, all I did was have a glass of cold water and went to sleep. Life continued normally. Madhu had come on a long vacation. She was going to stay with us for at least two months. She had come to take care of her sister during pregnancy, and assured her that she will stay as long as she needed her. As my mother preferred to rest most of the time, Madhu had now taken over the household chores. She took care of the kitchen as well as my clothes and other household needs. However, her behaviour towards me was hardly motherly. She used to be playful with me, often teasing me as my sister in law. In the morning, while leaving for office, she would hug me and give a kiss on the cheek. She would sit close beside me while watching TV, and often play with my hair. I started thinking, whether this is harmless affection or more than that. She was my aunt and had been doing these things since I was a k**. It was difficult to make out the difference. We had three bedrooms in the house and each of us had taken one room. Sangeeta was often restless and ill due to the pregnancy, and hence I had moved out of her room. Madhu would often walk in my room to keep the clothes, or to give milk in the night. At times I would be changing but that did not have any effect on her. Once she walked in when I was reading a sexy magazine. I had a hard on which was visible in my pyjamas. She noticed it and laughed. “Someone seems to be really missing my sister!” she quipped. “Don’t worry Jijaji, just a few months more.” I did not know what to make out from these signals. At one side she was affectionate and playful. While on the other side she would remind me of my marital status. I was not sure whether she had any sexual thoughts for me. I have to admit that I checked her out, all the time. When she would be in the kitchen, I would sit on a chair in the living room which looked straight inside. I would stare at her back, sitting there. She had a lovely large ass and it was a treat to see them in motion. I would fantasize that I am holding and pressing them. They were round and firm and had a good crack between them. Any man would love to stand behind that ass and push his dick through them. These were summer months and she used to wear blouses which were back open. Most of her back used to be visible. Her breasts in her blouse could be seen from the sides. She had an amazing figure. She was even better to watch when she would move between kitchen and the dining area, to lay the dinner. Her silky hair would be on her breasts and her ass would sway both sides as she walked. Dinner was a treat every day. We would sit across on the table and her cleavage could be seen clearly. At times, she would notice me watching her, and would give me a plain smile. She was a modern lady and did not mind it much. My mother used to rest most of the time in the bedroom and I would feast myself with this show. Fifteen days had passed by. It was a Friday night and I was relaxed as my weekend had started. Sangeeta had slept off after her dinner. Me and Madhu had just completed dinner and were relaxing in front of TV. She looked a little tired. “Rajesh, it has been two weeks that I came here. And you haven’t taken me out even once. We should go for a party” she said playfully. “Sure aunty. It is late today but let us plan something for tomorrow” I replied. “We can have a little party here itself. Why don’t you get that wine bottle from the fridge?” I smiled and got up to go into the kitchen. She held my hand and said “Call me Madhu. I am your sister in law. And it makes me feel younger as well.” I smiled again and went in the kitchen. There was a lot of sexual energy in the room. It had been months without sex, and I was mad to get a fuck. All my guilt, regarding betrayal to my wife had disappeared. All I could think was how to get this sexy woman, in my bed and fuck her hard. It seemed that tonight may be my lucky night. The signals were all pointing towards it and I was willing to take my chances. I went back with the wine bottle and two glasses. We were sitting next to each other on the sofa, watching a movie and sipping our wine. Soon the movie was over and we both were two glasses down. The night was still young and she started talking. “Rajesh, you and sis are so lucky to find each other. I still feel lonely. I wish I could have found someone like you.” “Madhu, everyone has to look for happiness. You will find it eventually. And you should not feel lonely. You can come here whenever you like. And I am always here for you” I said in a seductive way. “You don’t understand darling. You don’t know a lot of things. And I can’t even share some of these with you.” “Madhu, I know what you are talking about. Every woman needs a man to fulfil her nights. I know the reason of your loneliness.” Madhu was taken by surprise on hearing this. She turned and looked right into my eyes, trying to figure out, do I really know her situation. This was a moment between us. We were sitting next to each other, in an emotional state, face close to each other. I whispered “let me take care of your loneliness Madhu. I will not disappoint you.” And I leaned forward and kissed her. I could feel the warmth of her breath. I was sucking her tender lips. Initially she was not responding but slowly she started responding back. Now I got my arms around her and pulled her closer. My lips got deeper into her and my tongue was searching its way between her lips. She was now hot, and not wanting to let go. We continued kissing for a few minutes. I knew that the barrier was broken and I am getting her in my bed. I moved my one hand and started rubbing her back. We were still in an embrace, very close to each other. My other hand now came to her chest and started fondling her left breast. At this moment, she broke away from the embrace. It seemed that she had woken up from a trance. “No Rajesh. We can’t do this. This is wrong. I am sorry if I led you to this in any way. But I am sorry. I can’t allow myself to do this” she said softly. “But Madhu, I thought you want this. I know about your husband. And I thought you like me” I tried to reason. “I really like you. And I want this. But not with you! You are my nephew and my sister’s husband. What will I tell her when she comes to know about this? I am sorry Rajesh but we have to stop right here.” “Madhu, please listen to me.” “No Rajesh. I think the wine got better of me. Let’s forget about what happened and move on.” She walked off to her room. I sat there trying to take in what just happened. Two minutes back, I was going to fuck my maternal aunt. Now I was sitting alone, and my relationship with her practically spoiled. I sat there for ten minutes thinking what to do next. Should I let go of what happened and try to get things back to normal in the morning? Somehow, my heart was not willing to give in. I was too far down the road to go back. All I wanted to do was to lift her in my arms, put her in my bed, tear all her clothes, and dive into that deep moist hole between her legs. She had really awakened my sexual a****l. I tried to calm myself down. I knew that fucking her forcefully was a very stupid idea. I could not figure out what to do next. I just walked to her room without thinking anything. The door was not bolted from inside and I gently pushed it open. A dim light was on, but she was not in the room. I figured that she was standing in the balcony. I closed the door and walked up to her. I went and stood right behind her but she did not turn around to face me. All I could say was “I am really sorry Madhu. I think we both got carried away. I hope all will remain fine between us.” She turned around and I could see tears on her cheeks. “Please, don’t cry. I did not realise that I have hurt you so much” I pleaded. Madhu replied “It’s not your fault Rajesh. I guess you misinterpreted my playfulness. I am not crying because of that. I have been thinking here for last few minutes. You are right that I like you. In fact I really like you. And I know that you also love me. All I am missing in my life is, love from a man. Here are you, who can give me all of that. But I am unfortunate that I cannot accept it. I am crying on my fate.” “But why can’t you accept my love Madhu? What stops you? Don’t you trust me?” I asked. “I cannot because you are my nephew. We all have to follow certain rules of society. How can we do this?” “Madhu, why do we care so much about society? Does society allow a son to marry his mother? But I am married to Sangeeta and look how happy she is. Even you are happy with this marriage. If you did not care about society at that time, why do you care now?” I tried to persuade her. “Your marriage is a secret. No one knows here that she is your mother” she retorted. “So we will keep this a secret as well. No one needs to know. escort çorum Even Sangeeta won’t know. And we all will be happy” I replied. “But what about the other relationship? I am your sister in law.” “In our customs, sister in law is regarded as half wife. So what is wrong in that?” I said with a playful smile. She had no answer and we both went silent. We both were in a trance looking at each other. At this moment I held her hand and said “I really love you. If this gives happiness to both of us, it can’t be wrong.” She came forward and hugged me tightly. Slowly, she leaned upwards and started kissing me. This time I was sure, that it is happening. In one motion I lifted her off her feet and hung her in my arms. I carried her inside the room and spread her on the bed. I climbed on top of her and we were kissing again. I could feel her heavy breathing. Her breasts were now pressed below my chest and they were going up and down with her every breath.I stood up and pulled her along. We were both standing now and I started taking off her saree. She was too excited to speak. I could feel that she was going weak on her knees. I took off the rest of her clothes and she was now in her inners. I took one step back to admire her body. She was a really beautiful woman. She had slender shapely legs and very sexy hips. Her hips were round and firm. She had a thin waist line and flat tummy. Her breasts were covered by pink coloured bra. They were round shaped and were coming out from the sides of the bra. They were easily 36D, if not bigger. She noticed me admiring her body and coyly folded her arms around her chest. Her face was glowing in anticipation. She had full lips but very soft. She was biting her lips softly. Her eyes were looking down on the floor. She had done her hair in a bun. I quickly undid my clothes and was down to my boxers. I went behind her and held her by the waist. In one motion I pulled her hair bun and opened it. Her silky hair fell down like stream of water in a fountain. She had soft silky long black hair, coming down to her hips. I already had a huge hard on. I pushed my hips a little further. She could feel my dick between her bums and she gave a soft scream. I sat down on the foot of the bed and pulled her in my lap. She was now sitting with her back towards me. I opened her bra and both my hands were on her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard. I started pressing them between my fingers and she started moaning slowly. Her nipples were dark pink. I suddenly saw our image in the mirror upfront. I could see a long haired, sexy woman with large boobs sitting in my lap. Her face had ecstasy on it. She was enjoying every moment. This made my hard on even bigger. She was startled on feeling my ever growing dick. “Are you a man or a horse? How much more will it grow? How does my sister take it every night?” she remarked. “Sweetheart, it has grown exceptionally big because of you. I have never felt so horny before in life. You are the sexiest woman I have met. A special woman like you deserves a special dick!” She smiled shyly and closed her eyes. I kept on pressing her silky soft boobs. It was a completely different feeling, to play with such large boobs. Sangeeta’s boobs were nice but relatively smaller. Madhu’s bigger boobs were really turning me on. I moved her hair to one side and started kissing the back of her neck. I was alternating between kissing her earlobes and her neck. Both my hands were busy playing with her boobs. This made her even more hot. It seemed that her body was stiffening. She was taking long hard breaths and giving soft moans. I moved my right hand to her cunt. To my surprise, her panty was wet from her cunt juice. As I touched her vagina, she gave a loud hiss. Her body stiffened further and she kept on giving long moans. She jerked suddenly and then relaxed a bit. I realised that she just went through an orgasm. She was really itching for a fuck now. I pulled down her panties and inserted my finger in her cunt. It was like entering a volcano. I could feel her cunt juices coming down in flow. At this moment, she whispered in my ear “Darling, I have heard that you are good at foreplay. But I had not imagined that you were so good. However, you know that I haven’t had proper sex in years. I can’t take this any longer. Please fuck me.” “Madhu, what is the hurry? We have whole night with us. I have just started. Let’s play with each other for some time. I promise you, I will give you a very good fuck. A fuck of your life!” “Darling, this is not the last time we will do it. I am unable to hold myself any longer. Please have mercy and do it” she pleaded. I agreed to her request. We stood up and I took off my boxers. My penis sprung out like a steel pole. I took her one hand and made her hold it. She was stroking it gently. I sat back and started to get her in position. I wanted to do it sitting, and tried to make her sit on my dick. As soon as she realised this, she went a step back. “No honey, this is our first time. Let’s do it lying down. We will try other positions later.” She lied down on the bed and gestured me to come on top. I climbed on top of her. My one hand was holding her, around her waist. I placed my other hand behind her head. This way I could hold her tight. I started kissing her passionately. Her breasts were pressing hard against my chest. My dick was touching her vagina lips. We continued like this for few minutes. Madhu whispered in my ear “Honey, please be soft and very gentle with me. I don’t think my unused cunt will be able to take any roughness from your massive dick. I am really scared right now. Promise me that you will do it slow.” “Don’t worry aunty. Leave that on me. You just enjoy and let me do all the work” I replied back. “Sweetheart, this woman under you, is your sister in law and not your aunt” she quipped laughingly. I nodded in response. “Honey, now please come inside” Madhu whispered. “Few more minutes darling. Let me play. You are so sexy.” I said teasingly. Madhu was going mad in heat. My dick was already at the vagina gates. She placed her hands on my hips. In one quick motion she pushed her thighs upwards, while pushing my hips downwards. My dick went straight inside her wet vagina, all the way down. Madhu gave a loud scream. I also let out a soft moan. This came unexpected. Her cunt was hot and completely wet. Her juices were flowing continuously and I could feel its warmth on my entire dick. “If you don’t start humping me right now, I will kill you” she thundered. I also did not want to wait. My hard dick wanted to go for it. I had not had sex for months. And now I was having it with a super sexy woman. My mom’s sister was under me and I was about to hump her. This thought made me even hornier and it was now impossible to hold. I started moving in and out of her. Every time I pushed inside, I could hear her give a long moan. I was holding her tight in the same position as earlier. Now that I had started humping, our bodies were rubbing against each other vigorously. I continued kissing her. I pushed her breasts slightly higher and was sucking them now. We were both sweating. Our bodies had a golden glow in the dim yellow light. She was tight in my arms and my long dick was ravaging her cunt. Her moans were gone and she was now speaking words on every push. “Yes, Yess, more, slower, please, never stop, keep going, yesss, I love you, yes. Fuck me like a whore. Go full deep inside me. Keep going. Yess baby” I kept on with the fucking. My speed was now increasing. I was humping her at much faster pace. She seemed to be enjoying every bit of it. Her cunt juices were now making a slurpy sound on every drill. She kept on making noises. Now I was nearing my climax. I had also stated giving soft moans. I was fucking so fast, that our banging was making loud noise, every time I pushed in. She went silent, as if to ready herself for my load. After another 5-6 pushes my cock started unloading inside her. I gave a loud scream at his point and she also screamed with me. I continued my movements for another 30 seconds till my entire load was down inside her. This was a lot of cum, which had pent up inside me over last few months. All of it was out inside her cunt now. She seemed to be enjoying the warm cum dripping off my dick inside her. We both stayed in that position for next 5 minutes trying to catch our breaths. I pulled out and lied down next to her. I could see my cum seeping out from her vagina. We both kept on looking at each other, smiling, bodies embracing. Either of us didn’t realise when we went to sleep.I woke up with the sound of the doorbell. It was morning already. This must be the milkman. Madhu was lying next to me sleeping intently. I admired her nude image for a moment. She had certain contentment on her face. Her long hair was spread out in all directions. Her beautiful boobs looked loose and were hanging towards either side of her chest. Her nipples had now gone back to being soft. Her hands were spread out and I could see her vagina. She had a small bush of hair which seemed moist from our sexual juices. She was sleeping so peacefully that it almost felt like a crime to wake her up. I reminded myself of the doorbell and quickly tried to wake her up. “Honey, you need to get up. It’s the milkman on the door.” Madhu got up in an instant, almost startled. “Oh God, I need to get to the door before sister wakes up.” She grabbed a night gown and quickly d****d it over herself. Next she was rushing to the main door for the milkman. I was still in the bed when she returned back to the room. “Rajesh, you should rush to your room. What if Sangeeta wakes up and see you here. I thought you would have already gone by now.”Madhu remarked. I suddenly realised the risk and started to wear my clothes quickly. Within the next two minutes I was inside my room. Thankfully, my mother was still asleep and our secret was safe. I was still sleepy and went for another nap. It was around 10am when I felt Madhu’s hands, trying to wake me up. “Rajesh, wake up. We have been waiting for you, for breakfast” Madhu was speaking softly standing next to me. “Oh, I didn’t realise how long I slept. I was a little tired. I will just be with you both, in ten minutes” I replied. “What happened Jijaji? So tired after just one session! I had heard better things about you” She was giggling playfully. “Sweetie pie, wait for the next. You will be surprised!” I said seductively. Madhu smiled and caressed my face. She walked out of the room after gesturing me to come out soon. Little later, I was at the dining table. Madhu and I were sitting on one side and Sangeeta was on the opposite side. We were having our breakfast over casual talk. I was observing Sangeeta and she seemed completely normal. It was clear that she had no inkling about the events between me and Madhu last night. I was feeling horny again and wanted another session with Madhu. Of course, this was not possible till the bedtime, after Sangeeta had slept. I held Madhu’s left hand below the dining table and placed it on my crotch. She tried to move it away but I was not letting it go. My penis was already hard and I could notice a little smirk on Madhu’s face. She did well to hide her expression. She was now giving me side glances, gesturing to let off her hand. I was holding her hand tight and making her feel my hard crotch. She started caressing it, very slowly and gently. I was getting a strange kind of pleasure. It was kind of kinky. This was happening below the table and Sangeeta had no clue about it. My mother, also my wife, was sitting in front of me, looking at me fondly. I guess she was thinking, when she will get me back in her bed. My aunt was sitting next to me, fondling my dick, and waiting for first possible moment to take it inside her. As a man, I cannot get a sexier situation than this! We continued our breakfast, slow and relaxed. It was a lazy Saturday morning and no one was in a hurry. After breakfast, Sangeeta was resting in the living room, watching television. Madhu got busy in completing the pending household work. I was given the shopping list, which I had to get from the grocery shop. I left for the market and returned post noon. Madhu opened the door and we both sat in the living room. Sangeeta was not there. Madhu told me that she was feeling a little dizzy and went to her room a short while back. Madhu picked up the grocery and went to the kitchen. I went to my room to freshen up. I came out an hour later and realised that both the women were in their respective rooms. I silently peeked in Sangeeta’s room and saw her sleeping. Closing her door behind me; I slowly slipped into Madhu’s room. Her door was unlocked and I quietly went in. She was sitting in front of her dressing table admiring herself in the mirror. She turned around and gave me a warm smile. “You should not be here Rajesh. Sister can wake up any moment. We should not take such risks” she said sitting there. “I just checked on her. She is sleeping right now” I replied and went close to her. I held her hand and pulled her up. She was now standing in front of me. There was certain coyness in her appearance. She looked splendid in her saree. She had washed her hair and they were still a little wet. I could smell the freshness oozing out of her. I turned her around and pulled her in my embrace. We were now standing with my arms around her, her back towards me. I softly moved her hair from the back of her neck and started kissing there. “Rajesh, this is a bad idea. Don’t be reckless. Let’s wait for the night. What is the hurry? If Sangeeta comes to know about us, all hell may break loose. And I don’t want to be loveless again” she said in a little frightened tone. “Don’t worry darling. I came just to hug you. It is extremely difficult for me to stay away from you now. I want to have you in my arms as long as I can” I replied. “Sweetheart, same is the situation with me. I can’t describe what I felt last night. I felt that a dam which has been building up inside me, suddenly opened up and let all the water flow. When you picked me up in your arms, I felt like I was floating. During the act, it seemed that I would pass out from the pleasure. I can’t wait to be with you again” Madhu whispered. I pulled out one small packet from my trouser pocket and gave it to Madhu. I was still holding her in my arms and she was standing with her back pressed on my chest. She took the packet and inquired what is inside it. “Darling, I went to the chemist. This is an after sex pill. I don’t want to risk a pregnancy” I told her. “Oh good that you got it! I was worried about the same. Last night you filled me with so much of your cum, that I was certain to be knocked up. Do you even realize how much you filled me with? It was as if my entire hole has been filled up with the warm thick liquid. It kept on seeping out for an hour or so!” I reached out to my pocket again and pulled another packet. Madhu was now really surprised with this. “What is this now?” she asked. These are your daily pills that you need to take every night after dinner” I replied. “But what are they for?” she asked a little emphatically. I pulled her a little more close. With my one hand around her waist, I placed my other hand on her left cheek and whispered in her ear “This is to take care of what we are going to do in the night. Every night!” She gave a shy smile. Her face turned red and she transfixed her eyes on the ground. She was silent, as if imagining the events which would unfold. I stood there holding her for a few minutes. She turned around and gave me a nice kiss. We played with each other’s lips for a few minutes. She stepped back and broke out from the embrace. “You should go now Rajesh. Let’s behave like before. I will be your women in the night. But let’s be like normal aunt and nephew otherwise. Ok go now” she said rather persistently. I went out in the living room and started watching television. The day went by quite normally. Sangeeta came out for some hours. We all sat in the living room having our casual talk. Sangeeta sat next to me on the sofa, just like a loving wife. She was playing with my hands and chest. Madhu was sitting opposite noticing all this. I and Sangeeta were married and hence all this was normal. I was wondering though, what is Madhu thinking about all this. Madhu was behaving very normally around us, but I could notice how her eyes were fixed on us. The day finally passed by. Dinner was over and Sangeeta went in her room to sleep. We continued in the living room. Both were eyeing each other seductively. Both wanted each other badly, but it was wise to wait for some time till mom had slept off. After about an hour Madhu got up and without saying anything, walked to her room slowly. I watched her walking away. Her hips swayed on either side and her long hair touched them on every step. She stood at her door and turned around to give me a look. Her eyes were hot enough to give life to my cock. She smiled and went inside the room. This was enough for me. I got up to shut down the television. It took me around five minutes to check on the main door, close the windows and switch off the lights. I went to Madhu’s room and quietly slipped in. I shut the door behind me and bolted it. Madhu had kept the room very dim with only the night yellow light. She was standing in front of the dressing table combing her hair. She had already changed, and was wearing a long cream coloured night dress. It was a one piece garment with strings on the shoulder. The dress started from her chest and went up to her thighs. The upper half of her breasts was out of the dress. The breasts looked really large with a round firm shape. There was not a single hint of sagging and they seemed like two large balls, placed on her chest. It was a body hugging dress and I could see her entire figure. Her hips were jutting out seductively. They were just the right size. Big enough to entice a man to grab them! I could see her panty line through the dress. The red colour of the panty, below the cream dress was giving a pink shade to the area. She turned around and looked at me seductively. I was standing there transfixed admiring this sex goddess. “Don’t you want to come near your aunt?” She whispered in a seductive tone. I replied while walking towards her “I thought you did not want to be so close to your nephew. It was your brother in law who took care of you, right?” “Well I have changed my mind. I saw how a son was getting a ‘hard on’ for his mother today. So I decided to show him, what his aunt is capable of! I have always been way hotter than my sister. And my nephew should feel no different. He will get so much pleasure tonight, from his aunt, that he will forget his mom.” She said in a rather challenging tone. I was now standing in front of her. She came very close to me and put her one hand on my shoulder. Her other hand was on my chest. She unbuttoned my shirt and was playing with my chest hair. I bent down to kiss her and she immediately responded. We were locked up in that kiss. Tongues were moving in and out and hands were clasping on to each other. I started playing with her hair. Her breasts were pressed on my chest and I could feel her nipples. Her breathing grew heavier and I could now even hear her breaths. I placed my one hand on her hips and started groping them. I pulled up her dress above her bums and was now holding naked flesh. My fingers were touching her ass hole over her panty. I could sense a twitch in her body whenever my fingers brushed either of her bottom holes. I held her by her hair and pushed her against the wall. My other hand was playing with her hips. We were still kissing each other like mad a****ls. I broke away from the kiss and pulled her boobs outside her dress. It was time to suck those large melons. My both hands got busy holding them. I was sucking each of her tits alternatively. My crotch was pushed between her thighs and she was pressed hard against the wall. Her both hands were over my shoulders. Her eyes were closed and she was standing silently, enjoying every bit of this moment. My lips went back to her face and I started kissing her all over. Cheeks, neck, shoulder, chin, I was kissing her all over. My hands were now below her thighs and I pulled her up, slightly above the ground. I was biting her at places and she gave a small scream whenever it hurt. She wrapped both her legs around me and her hands held me tight around my shoulders, for support. We continued this for some time before she pushed me a little back. I stepped back giving her some space. She stepped away from the wall and pushed me against it. Madhu took my shirt off the shoulders. Next she was unhooking my trouser, pulling them down. I was now just in my underwear. My cock was quite hard by now and was stretching my underwear. She touched my cock and stroked it gently. She went down on her knees and started licking it over the underwear. A little later she slowly pulled down the last piece of garment on me. My hard dick was standing straight above my large hanging balls. She cupped the balls with one hand, and felt the length of the cock with other. At this moment she looked up and smiled at me. We stared at each other for few seconds before she said “Honey, are you ready for this?” “I can’t wait Aunty. Please go for it” I said in a pleading voice. She gave a large smile and went for my dick. Her lips started kissing the head of the cock. She was licking it slowly. Between the licks and the kisses, she would take the head in her mouth and suck it. This continued for quite some time. I was going mad with pleasure. I tried holding her head but she pushed my hands off. “You relax and enjoy, dear nephew. Let your aunt do the work” she said with a wink. I could not help but smile, noticing how she was teasing me the same way I did last night. She now started taking bigger lengths of my cock inside her mouth. Her right hand was holding the base of the cock and her lips were going in and out. Her left hand was cupping my balls gently. Her head was giving gentle motions on my cock which were getting faster with time. I was flying with pleasure. I didn’t realise when I started making sexual noises. I was moaning loudly on her each stroke. “Ah, ah, aah, Yess, ah, faster, faster. Please go faster. Don’t slow down. Yes aunty. You are the best. Go on. Please.” Madhu continued with her strokes. I could not wait for a fuck now. “Madhu, I am really on the verge and cannot hold any longer. Please let me fuck you.” Madhu pulled out and replied “What is the hurry darling. The night is still young. Let us play a little. I promise I will give you a good fuck. A fuck of your life!” We both let out a laugh on this. I used my strength to pull her up and made her stand. She hugged me tight and kissed me on the side of my neck. Next she whispered in my ear “Rajesh, let me handle this. I have promised you a great night. You will not regret it. Don’t hurry. I will show you real lovemaking tonight. Let me do çorum escort bayan it my way.” She went back on her knees and got busy with my cock and balls. It was very difficult to control myself. My hands were itching to hold her head and start pushing it over my dick. To control my hands I placed them behind, between my hips and the wall. Madhu was now sucking my cock really hard. She would pause in between and spit on it to moist it. She would then lick it all around and start sucking. I have had blow jobs before but nothing was comparable to this. In fact Sangeeta would often go down on me, but this was something else! Madhu continued for another few minutes, when I realised that I was going to cum. I forced her off and started stroking my cock. She applied all her strength and stopped me. “What happened honey? Why did you stop me?” she asked surprisingly. “Madhu, I was about to cum and would have deposited inside your mouth. You would have not liked it.” “Why would I not like it? In fact I want to taste your cum” she replied. “Oh. Sangeeta never liked it, so I always pulled out before the moment. I thought you might also not like it” I said explaining my action. “Rajesh, I told you that I will provide you such pleasures that you will forget my sister. Now relax and let me complete the job” she said before getting on with it again. In a few minutes I was again ready to cum. She sensed it with the stiffness in my body. She had another trick up her sleeve. Suddenly she changed the rhythm of the motion over my cock. She became lot slower and started rolling her tongue over the head. Her one hand now was pressing the base of my balls. I felt like screaming. I was about to explode in her mouth but this sudden change of rhythm slowed it down. I could now feel my semen travelling slowly from the base of my dick outwards. My eyes were closed tight and my body went completely stiff. In a few seconds my thick cum came out exploding in her mouth. I gave a loud scream and my brains went in a tizzy. My orgasm must have lasted for a minute. I could feel gushes of semen exploding out of my dick. Madhu kept on sucking me till the last drop of semen was available. She licked my cock dry of my cum before she broke away. She stood up and I pulled her close, holding her around the waist. I could see some white semen on one side of her lips. I wiped it away. She was silent as if enjoying my cum in her mouth. I was surprised that she did not spit it but swallowed it in. She said mischievously “You have very thick cum. Now I know how you knocked up my sister so quickly. I really enjoyed your load. You can knock up any woman.” I was so tired that even standing straight was now difficult. She sensed it and walked towards the bed, holding my hand. We both were spread out on bed next to each other. After a long silence, she asked “So how was it darling? Are you liking it my way?” “Don’t you know the answer? I never knew that blow jobs can be so pleasurable. I feel like completely spent. I thought we would do it multiple times tonight. But I am not sure now. You are truly a sex goddess” I remarked. “Oh don’t worry sweetheart. I know my ways. In no time you will want it again. Just relax now” she said confidently. I kept on lying there looking at Madhu in admiration. She was lying next to me with our faces close to each other. My thoughts were fixated on what I had just experienced. This woman really knew her ways in bed. I was really lucky to have her. We spent another half an hour just lying there, touching each other and enjoying the moment. A little while later, she turned around and sat up. She looked at my lifeless cock and gave a smile. “It’s time to bring our little Johnny back to life!” she said teasingly. Before I realised, she was down on my cock licking it again. Soon, we were in 69 position. She was on top of me with her cunt on my mouth. Her mouth and hands were working full time on my dick. My lips and tongue were playing with her vagina. I could sense the heat rising in her cunt, which was becoming increasingly wet. Every time I sucked her vaginal lips, she would give a soft scream. The sexual heat was rising again and my manhood was back in its glory. We now changed our positions. I made her lay on top of me. I was holding her around her waist. With one hand I pulled her face above mine and started kissing her. My other hand was pressing her hips. She was thrusting her thighs on mine and her cunt was rubbing my dick. Madhu was a curvaceous woman and holding her in this position was really turning me on. She kept on moving slowly over my dick, lying on top of me. I was playing with her hair and her boobs. We both were really enjoying. I suddenly turned and rolled over in the bed. Our positions were now swapped and I was on top of her. I kissed her deep and hard. She closed her eyes and let go of herself. I continued kissing while my hands were kneading her breasts. Then in one quick motion I inserted my cock inside her. Her eyes suddenly opened in a surprise, as if she was not expecting it. Our faces were practically touching, and we were looking each other in the eye. Slowly, I started the motions. I wanted this to last long, so I kept it really slow. She just lay there looking in my eyes, enjoying every push. It would have been a few minutes, when she asked me to stop.”This is my night. I want to be in charge” she remarked before rolling me over and sitting on my thighs. Her back was facing me. She went on her knees with her hands on both my legs. Slowly, she sat on my cock. She went slow about it and it took some seconds before she could take it in completely. Slowly she started moving her thighs up and down. This was a reverse cowgirl sex position. She was on her knees with her hands on my legs. I was facing her back and could see my dick coming out of her hole each time she went up and down. Watching my dick go in and out of my aunt’s cunt was intoxicating. I was really hot by now. It was a very pleasurable position as she was taking the entire length of my pole. I could feel touching the base of her cunt in each thrust. She was giving a small scream, every time she came down. I held her at the waist and was helping her with the motions. We were enjoying it to the full. Both of us were now moaning on each thrust. She continued in the rhythmic motions before I made her stop. She got off me. I gestured her to come off the bed with me. I pulled a chair and sat on it. She was standing next to me touching my chest. I pulled her in front with both legs on either side of the chair. With one hand I held my cock, and with other I pulled her down to sit on it. She went down on it slowly. We sat facing each other, for some time. She was kissing me with her arms around my neck. My cock which was resting inside her cunt, was very hard by now. I could feel the inner walls of her cunt pulsing on my cock. I wrapped my hands around her, caressing her back and playing with her hair. She continued kissing as if that she did not want to let it go. I placed my palms below her hips and started moving them up and down. Every jump would make her boobs move on my chest. I continued the motions and she was really enjoying it now. She curved her body backwards and her head was bent back. Her open long hair was hanging loose touching my knees. She had stopped making efforts to move and left it entirely on me. I was using my strength to push her up and down. She closed her eyes and said “Go on Rajesh, make me happy. I am really enjoying this. You are going right up to my base. Keep on, don’t stop. I also loved it. We kept on moving in that position. Her breasts were hanging loose, jumping vigorously, close to my face. I was licking her tits and she was rubbing my chest. Her sexy screams were filling the room. Her eyes were shut tight and her head bent back. She leaned forward again to kiss me. She took my hands away from her hips and placed them on her breasts. Madhu seemed to be really horny now. She stated moving on my cock faster. I started kneading her breasts and licking her tits. “Yes suck them, press them harder. Please. I want you to squeeze them hard. Go on play with them” she started talking while jumping on my dick. Her hands were moving around my chest and back. I now took control and held her again on her waist. The heat was rising inside me and I wanted the motions to be faster. I started helping her in her jumps. She understood what I wanted, and increased the speed. A little later, I was going to cum. I whispered in her ear “darling, I am about to cum”. “My cunt is waiting to welcome your juices honey. Deposit all of it deep inside me.” She continued kissing while increasing the speed even further. I came inside her with a long scream. She kept on hugging me tight and did not stop her motions. My orgasm continued for a few seconds. My dick was spurting out my load in multiple splashes. Each time she felt the warmth of my cum spraying on her inner walls, her body would twitch and she would bite my lips. After a few seconds, she stopped moving and sat there with my dick still inside. We continued sitting like that, enjoying it to the maximum. It seemed that she did not want to move. I wrapped my arms tight around her and stood up. I walked to the bed carrying her. We both lied down hugging each other. “So was it a night to remember?” she asked smiling at me. “Truly unforgettable!” I replied. “You took me to new heights of pleasure. Where did you learn all this?” “My dear nephew, you are not the only one in the family who is good at sex. I used to be quite experimental in my young days. But I never found a partner who could match me. I am glad that I have finally got you.” She said holding me in her arms. “Tonight, you fucked made me really well. I could not even count how many times I got orgasms. Every woman dreams of a strong virile man like you. I am fortunate to finally have you.” She continued “Rajesh, I have got this pleasure after waiting for a very long time. And I know that this will not last long. After sister’s delivery, you will be back with her. But I want to make the most of this time. Please take me as much as you want, till I am here. I would cherish these love sessions all my life.” She leaned forward and kissed me. I could feel the love that was emanating from her. We kept on lying, hugging each other before we went into sleep. I slept in Madhu’s room all night, and slipped off to mine before morning. Next morning being a Sunday, was no different than the previous one. After breakfast, Madhu got busy with completing the kitchen chores, and Sangeeta was relaxing in the living room. I decided to take my car to the mechanic for some repairs.Sometime later, Madhu completed her work and joined her sister in the living room. They were seated facing each other. Sangeeta looked at Madhu and started the conversation.”So how was he?” she asked.”I did not get you!” Madhu replied quizzically.”I mean, did you like him?” Sangeeta asked again.”Sangeeta, I am not getting what are you asking.””Oh don’t force me to lay it out for you. You very well know what I am asking. So did you enjoy my son in bed?” she finally let it out. “Sangeeta, are you out of your mind. You don’t realise what you are saying.” Madhu retorted little angrily.”Did you realise what were you doing. Do you think, I don’t know what happened between you two. I woke up last night to get some water and heard the noises through your door.” She snapped back.”You have misunderstood sister. You are truly mistaken about us” Madhu tried to hold her ground.”And these love bites on your neck! Are these also a misunderstanding? Or that milkman gave these to you in the morning?” she got back.”Sangeeta, you need to hold your tongue. You are really going out of the limit.” Madhu replied angrily.”You bitch. You are the one who spreads her legs for every cock that you see. You are the one who can’t keep your clothes on around other men. Your cunt starts itching on the sight of a crotch. And I am the one going out of limit!” Sangeeta shouted at Madhu.”And what are you? Didn’t you open your own slutty cunt for the same guy who came out of that very hole? You are worse than a whore who is sleeping with her own son.” Madhu shouted back at Sangeeta.Sangeeta was taken aback and tears started floating down her cheeks. She started sobbing softly, trying to control herself.Madhu’s temper came down on watching this. They both went silent.Madhu started the conversation again. “Sister, I am really sorry for what happened between me and Rajesh. But it was not me who initiated it. You have to trust me on this.”Sangeeta looked at Madhu with the intent to listen.Madhu continued “I was just being playful with him, like I always have been. At times I would tease him like any sister in law would do. There was nothing more to it from my side. But the boy had not had sex in months. He was hungry for love. He misunderstood my playfulness.””And you didn’t stop him! How could you let him go ahead with it? You should have thought that he is my husband now” Sangeeta said in a terse tone.”No, I did not let him. In fact I stopped him a lot. But he kept on persuading me. He was pleading very hard. I was still adamant not to give in. But at one stage I could not resist. I have been living a loveless life for years. It was a moment of weakness. Please forgive me sister. I did not do it intentionally. It just happened. I am really very sorry.” Madhu was choking now.Sangeeta walked up to Madhu and hugged her gently. They both stayed in an embrace for a few moments till things calmed down. Now they were talking again.Sangeeta said in a sad voice “Madhu I believe you. But I hope you realise, that you have taken away my love from me. I have lost my husband second time in life now.””Sangeeta, you are getting it all wrong. Rajesh loves you from the bottom of his heart. He is not going away from you. He is a young man who was in need of sex. Imagine a man of his age, who is hungry for sex and finds his sister in law around him. It was natural for him to get attracted sexually. You know how sex makes people do things which they regret later” Madhu replied in a reassuring tone.”I am glad to hear this Madhu. I don’t want to lose him. I really love him. I understand now; how this would happened. In fact, I feel for him now. Poor guy, sitting with a raging hard on watching his sexy aunt walking around the house. Who would not get swayed! I can understand your situation as well. I know how difficult it would had been for you, when my horny son would have approached you” Sangeeta was now talking from the heart.”Sister, I am glad that you are so understanding” Madhu looked relieved.”But how do we move forward from here. We are in a very awkward situation Madhu.” Sangeeta sounded worried.”Sister, there are only two options. First, that I go back to Delhi tomorrow and this would be over. If I stay back, he would not stop himself. And honestly, I would also not be able to stop myself. Only way to stop this is that I go back.””What is the other option?” asked Sangeeta.”Well, you have to listen to this with calmness. The other option is to continue here for another two months as per the original plan. Me and Rajesh continue what we have started. There are a lot of positives in it. The boy needs sex and if I won’t be around, he will look for it outside. And what if he ends up with a wrong woman? This way he remains in the house. Also, my loveless life becomes colourful for a few weeks. You know that I will never take your man away from you. You can be peaceful without any worries. After your delivery, he will be back with you in your bed. This way, everything turns out fine. But this has to be your decision. You decide what you think is the best.” Madhu completed and watched Sangeeta intently.There was a long silence before Sangeeta started. “Madhu, I think what you said makes a lot of sense. What if he finds a beautiful young woman outside and leaves me. This way he is hooked on to you. And I know you will not hurt me. And you will also get some pleasure that you are devoid of. I hope he satisfied you last night!” She said with a smile. The mood had lightened up now.Madhu relaxed herself in the sofa and replied “Sister, it was the best night of my life. He is a total delight in bed. Any woman who tastes her, will be addicted to him. He has grown up to be so big and strong. And he is so fat and long between those legs! You must be missing him in the nights!””Oh, I miss him all the time. I can’t wait to be done with this delivery. He has made me a complete woman. But Madhu you have to promise me that you will never allow him in your bed again, once my delivery is over.” Sangeeta said looking at Madhu.Madhu held Sangeeta’s hands and said “Sister, I promise that I will not make love to him after your delivery. Do I have you permission now to have him till then?””Yes my sister, you have my blessings. You both may have as much pleasure as you want.” Sangeeta said smilingly and they both hugged.I returned from garage around four in the evening, without any clue of what went by, behind me. Both women were in the living room, chatting normally. They offered me a snack, post which I went to my room to relax. I took a shower and was sitting on a chair, when Madhu entered the room. She was wearing her night robe. I found it odd that she had changed so early. She came up to me and sat in my lap. “So how was your day darling?” she asked fondling my face.I was surprised at her move since Sangeeta was out in the living room. I thought that mom must have gone to sleep and Madhu is here just to tease me.”It was fine my love. Little tiring though” I replied.”Let me relax my you sweetheart.” She said softly and kissed me. We stayed locked in that warm moist kiss. We both were fondling each other, romantically. Madhu sitting in my lap, kissing me sensually was good enough to turn me on. My cock started twitching and she immediately felt the signal below her bums.”I asked you to relax. You seem to be doing the opposite. It seems I will have to do something more to relax you” she said smiling mischievously.”What are you up to?” I asked. “Isn’t mom in the next room?” “Don’t worry Jijaji, Your wife knows. And she has allowed her sister to take care of her husband till she is back in action. You can take me to bed freely without any worries. You can fuck me whenever you want.”I was shocked on hearing this. Madhu told me the whole story. She told me how Sangeeta finally agreed for Madhu and him to be lovers. They now need not fear about her, and were free to do it whenever they wanted. I was delighted to hear all this. I could now be in bed with Madhu without any fear or guilt. I was feeling a certain sense of liberation. Madhu was still sitting in my lap and we were holding each other lovingly. I suddenly felt very aroused, thinking that my aunt was with me in my bedroom with full knowledge and consent of my mother. I wanted to make love to Madhu right then.I started kissing her passionately. We both stood up and started exploring our bodies. In no time, we were in our birthday suits. Madhu was gently stroking my hard long penis and I was squeezing her boobs, licking them. I was feeling so horny that I did not even want to wait for the foreplay. I held Madhu by waist and turned her towards the wall. I forced her to bend and placed my pole on her vagina lips. She was standing with her upper half bent from the waist. Her both hands were on the wall to support her frame. I was standing straight behind her, ready to push my pole. Her sexy hips were inviting me to force my rod between them. “Are you ready my love?” I asked rubbing the head of my dick on her vagina.”Always ready for you honey. Come in whenever you want. My gates are always open for you.” She replied.I slowly slid my cock inside her. Her cunt was wet inside and my dick moved in smoothly. I slowly kept on moving till my entire length disappeared, my balls touching her vaginal lips. “Aaaaaah. Yesssss” she gave a long but soft moan. I stood still with my dick inside her, enjoying the tightness of her hole. I started my movements slowly. It was easier to move my entire dick, in and out of her, in this position. Soon I got my rhythm. I was slowly pulling out and then pushing the entire cock in a quick thrust. Sound of human skin banging was filling the room. My thrusts were on in full swing. She was giving a loud groan on my each trust. I guess, she was free in her mind now, and was freely making noises. I was also giving moans.As I continued my humping, I held her shoulder and pulled her towards me. We were both now standing straight up, with my dick inside her. I was holding her at her boobs. Her upper half was curved, pushing her bottom backwards. I was really enjoying this rough sex. She seemed to be enjoying it too. She was making loud groans. I could feel that she was trying to match my thrusts by pushing her hips backwards. I was nearing my orgasm. I held her chest by both hands and started humping vigorously. She understood that I was going to cum.She started saying loudly “Come honey. Come inside me. Discharge your cream in my cunt. Go on.”I was already about to cum. Hearing this talk made me immediately reach my orgasm. With loud groan I deposited my creamy discharge inside her.For the next two months, Madhu and I were like a newly married couple. We were now completely free to love each other and made the most of this opportunity. Madhu shifted in my room and we started living like a couple. We never indulged in any sexual activity in front of Sangeeta, but were always free to walk inside the room. It felt like I and Madhu were married, and Sangeeta, my mother was living with us. We both had a very high sexual appetite and we would have hardly let a day go by, without sex. Madhu would dress up every evening and wait for me to come back from office. We would wrap up the dinner quickly and rush to the room. Sometimes, when I felt really horny, I would straight head for a sex session after returning from office. Weekends were of course like a fuck fest. Wake up sex, post lunch sessions, long horny nights, we used to have it all. I and Madhu would often step out for dinners or movies at night, just like a normal couple. Madhu was an attractive woman and I could see other men noticing her. She loved showing affection to me in public. I used to get a real ‘hard on’ when I saw other men admiring her. Sex in those particular nights used to be really raunchy.We both were enjoying each other without any boundaries. Madhu had never felt so happy before. She was getting both the romance as well as sex from me. Madhu talked to her husband and continued her stay with us till the delivery. After six months, Sangeeta delivered a baby boy.It was time for Madhu to return. She looked a little sad but seemed prepared for this. We were in our bedroom and it was our last night together. She wanted me to fuck her all night. We made love till morning. I noticed how Madhu was enjoying her last sexual moments with me.Madhu is gone now and I am back with Sangeeta. We enjoy a fulfilling sexual life. However, I miss Madhu a lot. Hopefully, I would be able to get her again.Readers Comment are welcome, Any Unsatisfied Girls And Aunts Write to

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