My Mom, my first experience (Heini’s story/2)

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My Mom, my first experience (Heini’s story/2)Written by aweiawa on Dec. 18th 2003 at 12:18 translated by jack4fun on Jan. 12th 2012, 04:08Heini’s story part 2 Just the next evening I wanted to try it. I already went to bed at 9 p.m., read a bit in my porn magazines and then went, as nude as I was, witha semi erect willy, to the living room where mom sat in front of the TV. “The porn magazines are not longer so interesting, they are even somewhat boring,I like it much more if you are helping me.” I said wholly innocent.At once she lifted, switched off the TV and followed me into my room.”So, how can I help you, shall I do you a hand job or do you prefer to jerk offyourself and I watch ? But I still have got another idea, instead of peeping inyour porn magazines you can also have a living porn pic. I sit down here and giveyou a little showtime.” And without further hesitation she sat down onto the hive seat vice versa to me and started to open her blouse. At once I took my willy and started to work it out withendeavor. Man, that was awesome. Already mom was sitting there in her bra and wasgrasping with both hands behind her back to open the clip. Hardly opened this, her heavy boobs already fell down, and halkalı escort in this horny momentmy cock discharged his load. In long streaks the cum juice came shooting out ofmy balls and spread onto my body. “Go ahead mom, I just start over again.” I begged her, and she willingly fullfilledmy wish. Now she raised her skirt, lifted gently her behind and, without muchto be seen for me, she held her slip in her hand. Graciously she let it fall to the ground, then pulled upward her skirt and began slowlyto open her legs. My prick was sporting record dimensions by now and I stroked as fast as I could, my eyes fixed magically onto her body center. Her pubes were shaved to a small triangle from which the cunt lips were peeping outcunningly. I had yet seen my mother naked alredy a couple of times, but this partialshaving was brand new. That she probably had done for me, at least I supposedthis to be so. The more she spread her legs the more I could peep at that pale pink inside.A suspicous wetness showed me that she enjoyed the situation too. Already soonI was ready again for orgasm. “But we don’t repeat such a spoil as before.” my mom taksim escort said, came quickly over to meand closed her mouth over my just squirting cock. I was totally shocked, but thefeeling of her now sucking mouth at my sensitive cock head brought me the best orgasm of my live. When she even licked away the rest of my first ejaculation from my bellyand my chest I was completely and finally hooked on my mom.”Mmhh, that was fine, that I missed since months.” was her comment. “I believethat we two will have a lot of pleasure in the future.” This was my suspicion too.I was never doing so fine in my previous living. I hadn’t any open wishes anymore, all my dreams and longings came true. A noteable change went on with my mother. Her shape still was super inspite of her35 years. Ok, her bosom was big, but it used to be ever and I’m hooked on big boobs.Already the very next day, when I came home from school, I noticed, that she hadbought herself new clothes. She wore a body slim T-shirt and no bra, as well asa quite short skirt. Mom worked as a nurse in a hospital and changed clothes every time she came home.So she had dressed those clothes especially for me. This look excited şişli escort me unusually and my boner was standing all the afternoon in my pants.At supper a small piece of cloth was laying beside my dish, and when I had a closerlook at it I recognized a tiny slip which looked and smelled worn somehow.She said nothing but I knew that she was nude now under her skirt. After supper we usually looked the news at the telly, but today I couldn’tconcentrate on that knowing that she sat beside me almost naked. I definitely wantedto peep under her skirt, but how? I decided to try my fortune at full risk, stood upund sat down one meter in front of her onto the floor, the face directed not to thetelly but to her. “Just look the news but let me look something different.” I pleaded. She pleased mydesire at once and opened slowly her legs. I couldn’t see all that clearly in thebluish shine of the TV, but this didn’t matter, the situation itself was extremelyhorny. I took out my willy and started stroking it. “But not onto the carpet, give me a notice just before.” she ordered. I did it the slow way and when the weather forecast came I said “Notice”. At once she came over to me, took it into her hand and pushed the glans into the mouth. Whole streams of sperm flowed into her throat, but she seemed to know the trick, becauseno single drop escaped from the corner of her mouth, she smacked down the wholeload covetously. Incredible that my own mother was drinking me out and even enjoyed it so much. [Edited by aweiawa on Dec. 18th 2003 at 12:22]

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