My Love of Lingerie

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I love to see an occasional glimpse of a bra strap bra cup, a seam, or a stocking top. I love the look. And I like how they feel.

When I was eighteen years old, I knew two girls both named Anna. One fancied me and the other was her best friend. They were always together. “Strip Poker” was just about the most daring thing you would try and play back them. The internet didn’t exist. And the rules were made up on the spur of the moment anyway.

During the summer vacation one day, they both volunteered to play. Four of us in Anna’s bedroom. My friend Huw dealt the cards. It was quite innocent really. But myself and the two girls slowly undressed down to our underwear. It was a beautiful sight I’ve never forgotten to this day. Anna (the one who fancied me) had B cup breasts encased in a lacy white Bra. Her pants were silky white. Her friend was slightly bigger chested. She filled her C cups. Her bra was from Benetton and was a shiny light pink colour.

It was a real thrill to be able to unbutton their blouses and undo their jeans. There was a spark in the air as we were all turned on by what was happening. Things went one button at a time as the game played out. I reached my hand inside their blouses to cup each of their breasts. They looked and felt amazing to me. In turn they would nervously lift my white T-Shirt and caress my chest. My jeans were slowly unbuttoned and the stiff zip slowly tugged down. My teenage erection was rock hard to the touch as I was nervously touched and squeezed. Obviously Anna (who liked me) was really keen to play. And we all egged us other on. No-one wanted to be teased for backing out of this sexy game. Both blouses were removed. And I had a good squeeze and cup of their bra-clad teenage breasts. Jeans were tugged down and I nervously explored the outside of their matching knickers. I think there were a couple of nervous kisses on lips. I tugged the waistband of her knickers slowly forward and slipped my hand down. Anna gasped slightly, both in nerves and also in anticipation at my touch. My hand reached the top of her pubic hair before she motioned for me to stop. She then reached forward and squeezed my penis with her right hand, tracing the shape along the front of my underpants. My stomach muscles tensed slightly at her touch. The other Anna let me cup and hold her breasts and then spread her legs slightly as I put my hand inside her knickers too. The game continued for an hour or so before we were disturbed by parents coming home unexpectedly.

This sexy situation was replayed again later on that Summer. I had begun to date Anna, and although inexperienced, she was very passionate and willing. One weekend my parents were away. Both girls came to my house. Our spare room had a sofa bed which unfolded. It was quite late. In a darkened room myself and Anna enjoyed making the most of being able to kiss and touch without being disturbed. The other Anna felt asleep on the bed alongside us. I think this added to the naughty atmosphere. Anna wore a thin strappy top and a short flimsy blue skirt. I had soon lifted her top over her head and she had unzipped my jeans. Her light skirt rode well up around her waist. She said astride me grinding hard against me. Frottage is quite important when you’re a teenager and I remember coming hard in my jeans with Anna on top of me. It got quite late and they both had to leave. I woke the other Anna up. She was quite sleepy. As my Anna got dressed, I reached in to kiss her friend. To my surprise she responded and for a few moments enjoyed a lovely kissing session during which she allowed me to slip my hand under her polo shirt and caress her breasts. Neither of them minded. And it was never sort of mentioned ever again.

I had some good dates in my teenage years where I discovered to my delight my date was wearing stockings along with a slip. The colour was rarely black though, mostly white.

Anna became my first serious girlfriend. For her 19th birthday my Mum helped me buy underwear for her (it was her suggestion). It was a silky camisole, bra and French knickers. All of her family were with her when I gave her the present. It was a grown up moment when they realised I had bought lingerie from a French company for her birthday. Her Mother and Grandmother were shocked I know, but quickly changed the subject. I knew that she had often borrowed a camisole from her Mother from time to time. I used to love seeing her silky bra cups down the camisole top. And I used to love feeling them both together.

I worked in a menswear shop at the time. I had some smart clothes for my age. That night I took Anna out for food and drinks. She wore her strawberry blonde hair up, and a blue floral patterned dress. I think it was Laura Ashley. I wore a suit, shirt, ties and my best shoes. We returned to her parents house quite late. They had a large lounge, and we knew we would not be disturbed. She had a lot of brothers and sisters and this was sort of an unwritten family rule.

We Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort were both yearning for the touch of each other. Anna took control and made me keep my hands by my side as long as I could. She unbuttoned her dress down the side and stepped out it. She was wearing my favourite silky bra, her new camisole, and the French knickers. She brushed herself up against me tightly, and slowly began to undress me. With my erection ready to burst through my trousers, it felt like sheer torture almost. First she slipped off my jacket and threw it onto a chair. Then she slowly eased my tie from around my neck. With each touch I could feel her rub her silky underwear against my body. Then it was my sleeves, undoing each button. She knelt at my feet and unlaced my shoes. All the time I was transfixed by her bra-clad breasts straining against the silk of the camisole top. The thin spaghetti strap contrasting with the shine of the thicker bra strap. One shoe off, then another. She kissed me, thrusting her mouth against mine as she reached for my belt. I could feel the slight towards-me motion she made pulling me towards her to pop the belt buckle. I knew she could feel my erection as she popped the button of my suit trousers and tugged down the zip. I was down to my T-Shirt and boxer shorts.

Anna gave incredible hand jobs. She peeled my shorts forward and took my cock into her mouth. She alternated between slowly sucking me and then wanking me hard with both of her hands. It felt amazing and it wasn’t long before I came in her mouth. She then laid down on her parents big sofa and opened her legs for me.

She has recently admitted she had let another boy lick her pussy before me but wasn’t sure if she had climaxed or not. This was typical Anna really. On one hand, she was very randy and sexy and desperate to try anything and everything. But then her other side would be worried about what others might think of her.

Although she said she really enjoyed it and was moving her hips rhythmically up and down. At this news I was very turned on and very motivated to lick her pussy. I remember getting her totally naked except for her silky bra. I used my fingers and tongue together and she squirted quite a lot of fluid. As a trainee Doctor she was amazed and fascinated by this.

It was a really good night. We stayed together until dawn broke. I had to push my car a good way down the road when I left so I would not wake her parents up. We didn’t want them to know what we had been up to all night.

But it wasn’t until later on when I had the confidence to ask my girlfriends at the time if they would wear stockings for me. Some were shocked to be asked, others delighted in it.

I love the slow reveal that lingerie often provides. Probably because they remind me all of all these experiences in my life.

I briefly dated a girl called Lisa. She always used to wear skirts when we went out. And always light blue or black tights or pale grey stockings. She was busty and curvy with lovely legs. We would often end up in a passionate clinch. I think she knew I enjoyed touching her legs. She always wore short skirts. Kissing her ears would drive her wild. She was inexperienced and I think I was only the second boy she had kissed. Often she would drape her leg over my knee and hug closely into me. This meant we were nearly touching in all the right places and added to the passion. I caressed her thighs all the way up to her bum.

One night we ventured into her living room to cuddle on the sofa. My Mini was a tad too small to get up close and personal at times. She wore a short sleeve blouse, black skirt and black tights. I could see she was wearing a lacy white bra beneath her shirt. We rolled around on the sofa. Me on top of her, and then her on top of me. She was a little nervous and embarrassed but she allowed me to undo her top buttons, kiss her neck and squeeze her breasts through her bra. I could tell this was a first for her. She rode me quite well, pressing down into my throbbing erection. I mentioned earlier that frottage is really important when you’re a teenager. Her skirt rode up her waist completely. This shy girl was now in the throes of passion, and unconcerned about me getting an eyeful of her sexy black knickers underneath her tights. Her hair was tousled, face red, breathing was heavy, top few buttons undone, skirt up and legs spread. I’m not sure if she came or not but I think she got very, very close.

That week I left for University. After a month or so I returned home and took LIsa out on the Saturday night. It was clear that she missed me, but we both knew we wouldn’t be seeing much more of each other. I took her to a deserted country lane and parked near a motorway bridge. I moved into the passenger seat so she could straddle me. She had above average sized breasts. She wore the same short sleeve blouse as the month before. This time the bra was simpler. Her skirt was a checker pattern, quite a scratchy material. And what looked like black tights as before. This time she acted more confidently. As she parted her legs and hiked up her skirt, I discovered she was wearing lace top hold ups. And silky white knickers. She allowed me to unbutton her blouse down to the final button. She lightly squeezed me and unbuttoned my jeans. She touched me nervously yet curiously. Again I could tell this was her first time. She gently ground against me. I could feel her lips slide against the tip of my penis. It was another first as she let me tease her bra straps down around her shoulders and peel the cups away allowing me to kiss and suck on her bare breasts. This time I was sure she came whilst astride me. She was a tad flustered and a bit embarrassed. That was the last time I saw her. We did keep in touch a little, and she did let me know that she lost her virginity a few months later.

In the early 1990’s a good friend was dating a lively and exciting girl called Wanda. She had short strawberry blonde hair, a good figure and a really outgoing and exciting personality. She lived life to the full, and you were never quite sure what was going to happen when you were around her. We were all in our early Twenties. Life was just starting to happen – first jobs, first cars, first sexual relationships.

My friend told me that he first knew that Wanda was attracted to him as she kept flashing him whilst wearing really short skirts. One night she was wearing black seamed stockings and suspenders and made no secret of that fact. They got together that night I think.

Wanda’s best friend Sheree was single and for a short time we went out regularly as a foursome. It would often be to a local pub on a weeknight – and we’d all get slightly drunk. I wasn’t really attracted to Sheree at first. She was a nice enough girl, and dressed well, but I wouldn’t have said there was an instant attraction.

As the months passed, Wanda would keep telling me stories about Sheree, trying to make me interested in her. Sheree was very sexually experienced apparently. The two girls had been friends for a long time, all through their teenage years. They had been on holiday together several times, camping in the UK mostly. Wanda told me how she had accidentally walked in on Sheree with a boy several times and kept reminding me how Sheree didn’t waste time with men. She let slip that Sheree had been asking her what I’d be like in bed. Thinking back, all of these stories did have an effect on me. And I did start to fantasise about Sheree myself.

This went on for several weeks. They would always swop places so I would end up sitting next to her. And I’d always be left alone with her whilst my friends went off to get the next round of drinks. Sheree had medium curly hair, long legs, neat waist and an above average sized bust. She was always quite well dressed, maybe almost conservatively, but never anything I thought was slutty.

One night Wanda hatched a plan to get me blind drunk so that Sheree could “look after me” and then see what happened after that. That plan worked. I was close to passing out in the back seat of my friend’s car. Sheree put her arms around me and our bodies kept touching as the car bounced along the country roads. We drove to a local beauty spot. It was quiet and secluded. When we kissed it was hot and passionate. She was wearing a maroon satin blouse, black skirt, lace top stockings and flat shoes. I enjoyed feeling the soft underwire of her bra through her blouse. Our friends went for a short walk and left us alone. Our kissing was wet and exciting. I enjoyed groping her body and the feeling was mutual. The back seat of the car was very cramped. She straddled me briefly, hiking up her skirt. The light was dim, but I was excited by the sight of both stocking tops in the moonlight. This encounter ended almost as quickly as it began. My friends returned to the car. Wanda boasted that she had just pleasured my friend orally and began asking Sheree had gotten up to. This was both embarrassing and exciting at the same time. I’d not been around two girls openly sharing their sexual experiences. I was pretty drunk by this time and needed to find my bed.

The next night we all went out again. This time, I was driving. I’ve never been much of a drinker. My friends lived good distances away, so I always preferred to drive whenever possible. We visited different pubs, some nice, and some of them were quite rough.

I drove the long way home and dropped my friends off first. I think Wanda winked at Sheree as she got out of the car. I drove Sheree home. She lived on a suburban Avenue about ten minutes from me. It was around 1130 and she invited to come in. I explained that I really couldn’t. I was working an early shift the very next day. I needed all the sleep I could else the following day would really be a struggle. So that was that and I drove home.

Wanda called me the next morning. She knew all the details. I’d been such an idiot she told me. She made fun of me for not entering Sheree’s house. She said she knew what would have been in store for me. Sheree would have had my trousers down the moment I’d entered the hallway. She said she knew Sheree well and understood how frustrated she must have felt. She said Sheree had told her she didn’t think I was that interested in her after all. Looking back I was pretty clueless about all of this. But I did struggle with the amount of forwardness shown by these two girls. I remember being quite shocked by it all.

At that age, I just come out of my first serious and sexual relationship. I’d lost my virginity to my long term girlfriend. But sex was seen as something very serious. We were all afraid of unwanted pregnancy.

A week or so later we all went out again. It was an early Summer evening. Sheree looked great in a lacy white flowery dress. Very summery with white stockings and strappy white shoes. This was a first for me. Her legs looked fantastic and she was really dressed up for the night. Our friends had to collect a package from a nearby address. Me and Sheree were locked in a passionate embrace whilst waiting in the car. She looked lovely and smelt incredible. I was so turned on. I ran my hand along her legs. She raised the hem of the skirt to show me the lacy white tops. This was such a turn on and an amazing sight. I knew that this was going to be a good night.

It was the usual night in the pub, but I couldn’t wait for it to be over and to be alone with Sheree. I dropped off my friends and set off to take Sheree home. This time I would accept her invitation to go inside. But instead she told me that she didn’t want to go home yet. It was too early. And with that, she began to stroke my arm whilst I was driving. She put her other hand in my lap and gently squeezed my bulge through my trousers. This was another erotic first for me. I was doing everything I could to concentrate on the darkened country lanes. I’d more than warmed up to the idea of being with a confident girl who knew what she wanted. I occasionally reached out and squeezed the fullness of her right breast. Her chest was above average and she was full to the touch. I think she knew that I loved seeing her stockinged leg, so she lifted her skirt to show me. I caught of glimpse of her white satin knickers too.

I drove to a ‘lovers lane’ that I knew. It was deserted and hidden in the middle of a long country lane. I drove a Mini at that time. It was very good for close encounters, though I did pose a few problems. I think we switched seats. Whilst she continued to rub and squeeze me, I unbuttoned the front of her dress. She wore an uplifting silky bra with a pearl embroidery around the underwire. She also wore a vest top over it, presumably to stop her nipples poking through as the bra was quite thin. With my trousers unbuttoned, she straddled me. This was really exciting and sexy. Her skirt was hiked up, her legs looked amazing.

Sheree became my second lover that night. Although younger than me, I was definitely the inexperienced one. I think I was shocked at how quickly this was all happening. I remember struggling to get her bra off. And not managing to. The vest got in the way. It was quite delicate and she was worried about it tearing. In the end, she left it on. But I still think about her breasts from time to time. And about how free and thrilling the whole encounter was.

For some reason, we were both quite embarrassed afterwards. I had found myself going along with everything, and wasn’t quite sure why. I was also terrified that she would be pregnant, despite reassuring me. But we never became boyfriend and girlfriend.

I guess it was a sort of one night stand. We only saw each other a few times after that.

I lived in the USA for a short time as a student. I met a girl called Carrie -she was from Oregon. She had long curly hair, and was a very curvy girl. She was the President of the student dormitories. She had huge boobs but always covered herself up wearing baggy sweatshirts. Shortly before the Christmas holidays we ended up sharing a bed together. We were both fully clothed. I had a really early start at 5am to catch a Greyhound bus. She had an early flight home to catch. There was a frisson of excitement between us but nothing happened. Her breasts kept knocking against me, and I made a few jokes about them saying they were probably fake. She rolled onto her back and grabbed my hands, placing them atop her chest. “Nope, they’re all real” she said. They were huge, easily a natural D or DD cup. They were the biggest breasts I’d ever touched. She was an all-American girl and I found that really attractive. We kissed briefly and excitedly, but the sun was coming up and we both had to leave.

Over the holidays, the friend I was staying with decided it would be fun to take a huge roadtrip and go and visit Carrie. She had a huge house so we were welcome to visit. I was excited to see her again, and I fantasised about being with her some more and what that would entail. It was a really long drive to her house. It was enormous and had many bedrooms.

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