My Life II

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My Life IIMy Life IIOn the final days of my 14th birthday I got aware of my sexuality (see My Life I). It was the first time I got to look at a porn magazine too. This brought my life in a new perspective. I started to look at girls with even more interest. I was imagening how boobs would be looking like under the blouses and shirts. And of course what would be under the skirts and jeans…A few weeks later I had my birthday. I invited some friends of mine to the local indoor swimming pool. In the changing room I noticed that my dick was bigger and thicker than of my friends. But so be it and we went swimming. We were fooling around and looking at girls, like all boys of that age do. In my swimming trucks appeared a bulch, which could not hide the size of my dick. But for me that was normal and I did not take notice of that. We played and fooled around and swam Harold a bit. We Weir jumping and diving into the water. During the time I was out of the water, ready to dive in the water again I saw a woman looking at my bulch in my swimming trunks. She was really staring at it. But I was too innocent to think further. I dived in the water and swam with my friend. A bit later I saw the woman swimming close to me. She was looking at me. I thought, why is she looking at me? But ok…I swam further. She got out of the water and I had a chance to look at her. She was around 35 years old. As she Walker out of the water I saw that she had a beautiful round ass, not too big, not too small. She went away. One hour later we were ready to go home. I have forgotten about the woman and we went to the changing rooms. We changed and went to the exit. The woman in question was also still in the exit door. I was the last of the group and she came to me and handed me a little peace of paper with here address and telephone number. Nobody noticed. We all went home.The next morning, it was on a saturday I called the number and I got the woman on the phone. She had a nice voice, very kind indeed. She invited me to come to her house later in the afternoon. I did my things that afternoon, I was excited… In the afternoon I took my bike and went to her house. She lived in a beautiful modern big house… I rang the bell and she opened the door. Hello!! How are you, and she kissed me on the cheek. She introduced herself as Melissa and she let me in. She wore a short skirt which showed her beautiful legs. Furthermore she wore a blouse with some buttons left open so I could see some of her big boobs… I looked strait into them… She guided me to the living room which had a marvelous view over the garden. She offered me a soft drink and we started talking about all kind of things. She was a very nice lady. In that conversation she explained that her husband was a Navy Commander and was often away. She was looking for a lover, when her husband was gone. I was stunned. She asked if I have ever Kiss Ed a girl before? I nodded no. She asked if I had ever seen a naked women. I nodded again… She asked me how old I was and I responded 18. I wanted to be older, to not scare her off. But she halkalı escort did not cope that… She asked again….how old are you? I replied, I am 15, just turned a few days ago… She replied, you are tall for your age. She told me that her dream was to teach a young boy how to make love to a woman. She asked, are you interested? I said sure, I never have had sex before… She sat next to me and we started kissing… Come on let us go to my bedroom. She stood up and took me by the hand and let me up the stairs and we entered a beautiful bedroom. You are going to see a naked woman now, ok? I want to take a shower. Do you want to follow me? Sure I Said. She led me into a very nice modern bathroom. She asked me to sit down in a chair in one of the corners. I Sat down and she started unbuttoning her blouse… Button by Button she opened her blouse… Her big boobs appeared more and more… I gazed at her boobs… She laughed at me… Whislt opening her blouse. She took it off…I stared at beautiful big boobs… I asked… Wow what size breasts do you have? She answered 75C. Would you mind helping me undo my bra? She turned her back to me and I opened with some difficulty her bra… Her boobs were loose and she turned around. My mouth fell open. I saw tits for the first. I could not get my eyes of them. She asked, do you want to touch them? I nodded sure… I put my hands on them na sqeezed them softly… I saw the nipples getting bigger… I Said…your nipples are getting bigger and harder…how come? She said you may suck… I put my month onto the nipple and I sucked….Hmmm grouned Melissa, that feels good… And I sucked more… She pulled me of her tits and took of her skirt… She stood in her lingerie., which covered her ass beautifully. I felt the blood filling my penis. She turned her ass to me and slowly took off her panty. She had a beautiful ass. Big round and a bit curved to the back. She turned around and she saw I was stunned with what was happening to me. I saw her beautiful shaved but hairy pussy. Come on, you get undressed too.. I took of my shirt and my jeans. I stood in my shorts and a big bulch appeared. Thanks god I stood with my back to her so she was not able so see the half stiff cock in my boxers. She asked to turn around. Slowly I did… She saw right away that I had a big bulch in my boxers. A big roll of sausage was showing. She came to me and kneeled in front of me…. She took the edge of my boxers and pulled it over my half stiff boner. My boner got liberated and jumped a bit forward. She mumbled “wow, beautiful!” I have always had a big penis. It measures 21 cm by 5 cm (8”). (See My Life I) But even in these days it was big. She took my penis in her hand and and pulled back my foreskin. I was so excited that a drop of precum appeared… Hmmm she mourned, this boy is excited! She licked the transpiram liquid of my glans. Wow what a sensacional feeling that was… The rough tong on my glans. Hmmm she mourned…. Tastes good…She put my whole taksim escort half stiff penis in her mouth and sucked it…. She pulled back whilst sucking… I was shaking on my legs.. My cock was completely stiff in a moment… Now she could not take it completely in her mouth..she tried…gagged… She could not take it all… She pulled back…. Come on let ´s take a shower… We went in the shower and warm water fell on us… I still had the hugh hardon. It rested on her flat belly. She took the soap and started washing my body… She started from above and went her way down… When she came to my big standing cock, she took back the foreskin and soaped it well… And she went down to the bottem… In the meanwhile I picked a soap bar and on her way down, I went to her beautiful big round ass and washed it with great intention. I washed her globes and she put my hand right between her cheeks…. I felt the lips of her pussy… I put my fingers between her lips… Which was slightly apart. On my way to her pussy I came across het asshole… Which got washed too… She got up and I started giving attention to her big boobs. I squeezed her balls with my fingers and my cock grew even bigger. It shook a bit. It jumped up and down against the belly of Melissa Who took my cock in her hand again. She Said, shall we go to my bed? Hmmm, yes I nodded! We dried ourselfes and Melissa guided me to her bedroom, which was next to the bathroom. It was a big room, I remember , with a place to sit. A bar was even there. At the window was a big round bed. She Walker to the bed and lied down… And pointing to me to come…. I went to the bed and layed beside her… We started kissing. She took my hands and guided them to her tits. I grabed them and I asked if I could kiss them, as I saw in the porn mags. Sure she replied and I put my month around her nipple. She leaned back with her head…she Molné,,,right boy, you do that right… And I sucked … She Said….bite softly… I put the stiff nipple between my teeth and very gently I bit her nipple…..hmmmm she grouwned….GO on… She leaned back while I caressed her other tits with my hand. She tosts her vingers in my hair… After a few minutes of sucking the pulled my head away… I want to show you something. This is a result of what happens IF you suck my nepalês… Have you ever seen a pussy? Sure, in a porn magazine. She moved a aside and spread her legs and she demonstrated her shaved pussy. It was total shaved. May I touched I asked… Sure she said… I started touching her lips… I moved my vingers up and down.. I did not go inside. I found the place where the lips meet on the topside very interesting. When I touched it, she moaned. I asked, does this feel so good when I touch it? Hmmm Yes, Melissa replied, that is my please centre… My clitoris… Hmm ok, I did not knob what that was. I asked. She replied, that it is the centre of where girls get their orgasm. I touched it and she shiffered. Hmmm you make me horny she Said. You like to learn I believe… Yes I do, I replied. şişli escort Well let me first have a look at you.. Please stand up and let me have a look at you… I stud up from the bed. She looked at me from top to bottom and Said, you are very beautiful. She looked at my half erected cock and said, that is a big cock you have, you know that? I replied, I have the biggest of my friends. That I saw at the swimming pool. I believe so she replied. May I touch that, she asked? Sure… She moved to the edge of the round bed and took my cock in her hand. With the other hand she took my balls and weight them. She moaned… Looks good!! You are a big boy… She pulled my foreskin back and licked the tip of my glance… She Said, I am going to make it real hard now ok? And she shoved her mouth around the glans. I moaned, hmmm, and she took my cock deeper in her mouth, her tongue moving on the big glans. I started shaking my hips. She sucked and moved her head up and down my long shaft. I loved that feeling of a woman sucking my big cock. She moved her head up and down my chat and her tong played its own game. Deep in my stomach I felt an orgasm approaching. She felt it as my cock grew in her mouth. My balls started to itch and she took my cock out of her mouth. Hmmm that was good ne, she asked? I replied that I never felt such a thing before in my life…. Now boy, she Said, I want you to fuck me. She layed down on her back with her legs widely spread. I could see her pussy with the lips slightly apart. I kneeled between her legs and layed on top of her… I felt her hand touching my big cock and let it to her pussy. She shuffed the glans between her lips and moved her ass. I felt my cock entering her pussy… It was warm, wet and tight. I was so excited that I started to move my cock deeper in her sucking pussy… Centimeter by centímetro I felt the warm and wet environment getting ahold of my big dick. Now I was totally in her pussy. She said stay here for a moment. Don´t move. Let your cock get used to the environment otherwise you come in a second. So I stayed for a few moments… It was a sensational feeling. It was tight, warm and moisty in her pussy. And it was sucking my dick, as I could feel it as my balls started itching again. Even without moving and fucking her. I could not help it…the feeling became worse, it was a fantastic feeling… I started moving my cock. This I should not have done… Witten a few seconds the way of no return arrived. My balls started to Cram and I could feel the sperm entering my cock…. I kept on fucking her and I moaned……Huuugghhhh, I am cumming, she felt my cock swelling and she said, cum boy cum…. And I could feel my cock unloading a hugh amount of sperm…it kept coming, kept coming. She felt it too and she was real surprised with the amount of seamen I shot in her… I layed myself for rest on her… My cock loosenend up. She Said, that is a hugh amount of sperm, it is leaking out of my pussy… Very nice!! I love sperm. Let me see… I rolled of her and she put her hand at her pussy to wipe of some of the sperm that soaked out of her dripping pussy. Under her appeared a pool of sperm… She licked the sperm of her hand and said , hmmm tastes good. Some moments later we showered again and drank a softdrink and I left the houseWe met after that for several years. She taught me a lot, which I tell you later in later parts of My Life

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